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Modernizing Schools

Author : Graham Butt
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This book draws together research which looks at the challenge of the modernisation of education and considers underpinning concepts and policies. >

Modernizing Our Schools

Author : Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
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Modernizing the Little Red Schoolhouse

Author : Edward J. Willett
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Modernizing Our Schools

Author : National Education Association of the United States. Research Division
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Modernising School Governance

Author : Andrew Wilkins
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Modernising School Governance examines the impact of recent market-based reforms on the role of governors in the English state education system. A focus of the book concerns how government and non-government demands for ‘strong governance’ have been translated to mean improved performance management of senior school leaders and greater monitoring and disciplining of governors. This book addresses fundamental questions about the neoliberal logic underpinning these reforms and how governors are being trained and responsibilised in new ways to enhance the integrity of these developments. Drawing on large-scale research conducted over three years, the book examines the impact of these reforms on the day to day practices of governors and the diminished role of democracy in these contexts. Wilkins also captures the economic and political rationalities shaping the conduct of governors at this time and traces these expressions to wider structural developments linked to depoliticisation, decentralisation and disintermediation. This book addresses timely and original issues concerning the role of corporate planning and expert handling to state education at a time of increased school autonomy, shrinking local government support/oversight, and tight, centralised accountability. It will appeal to researchers and postgraduate students in disciplines of education, sociology, political science, public policy and management. It will also be of interest to researchers and policy makers from countries with similar or emerging quasi-market education systems.

Modernizing Islam

Author : John L. Esposito
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In recent years, Islam has become a more visible force, not only in North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, but also in Western Europe and the United States. Greater attention to religious observance (prayer, fasting, dress, pilgrimage) has accompanied the creation of new institutions (mosques, finance houses, insurance companies, schools, clinics, and hospitals). Religiously inspired social and political movements have proliferated. Only a few decades ago, Muslims were virtually invisible in Europe and America. Today, increased immigration has changed the religious landscape of the West. Mosques and Islamic centers are found in European and American cities and towns. Muslims are visible in nearly every area of social and political life. A list of major Islamic cities and populations today must include not only Cairo, Tunis, Damascus, and Islamabad, but also Paris, London, New York, and Detroit. This demographic and cultural shift requires that we speak not only of the relationship between the traditional Islamic world and the West, but also about Islam in the West. It has also meant that Islam has been obliged to modernize, to grapple with its status as a minority religion in some parts of the world and a majority one in others. Modernizing Islam speaks to the significance, origins, influences, and implications of Islam's changes, and thus to the various ways in which this religion is becoming a truly global force, shaping such realms as law, politics, education, and ethics, among many others

Modernizing Marriage

Author : Kenneth M. Cuno
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In 1910, when Khedive Abbas II married a second wife surreptitiously, the contrast with his openly polygamous grandfather, Ismail, whose multiple wives and concubines signified his grandeur and masculinity, could not have been greater. That contrast reflected the spread of new ideals of family life that accompanied the development of Egypt’s modern marriage system. Modernizing Marriage explores the evolution of marriage and marital relations, shedding new light on the social and cultural history of Egypt. Family is central to modern Egyptian history and in the ruling court did the "political work." Indeed, the modern state began as a household government in which members of the ruler’s household served in the military and civil service. Cuno discusses political and sociodemographic changes that affected marriage and family life and the production of a family ideology by modernist intellectuals, who identified the family as a site crucial to social improvement, and for whom the reform and codification of Muslim family law was a principal aim. Throughout Modernizing Marriage, Cuno examines Egyptian family history in a comparative and transnational context, addressing issues of colonial modernity and colonial knowledge, Islamic law and legal reform, social history, and the history of women and gender.

Modernizing Jewish Education in Nineteenth Century Eastern Europe

Author : Mordechai Zalkin
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In Modernizing Jewish Education in Nineteenth Century Eastern Europe Mordechai Zalkin portrays the impact of the modern Enlightened private Jewish schools on the the cultural transformation of the traditional Jewish society.

Modernizing Minds in El Salvador

Author : Héctor Lindo-Fuentes
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In the 1960s and 1970s, El Salvador's reigning military regime instituted a series of reforms that sought to modernize the country and undermine ideological radicalism, the most ambitious of which was an education initiative. It was multifaceted, but its most controversial component was the use of televisions in classrooms. Launched in 1968 and lasting until the eve of civil war in the late 1970s, the reform resulted in students receiving instruction through programs broadcast from the capital city of San Salvador. The Salvadoran teachers' union opposed the content and the method of the reform and launched two massive strikes. The military regime answered with repressive violence, further alienating educators and pushing many of them into guerrilla fronts. In this thoughtful collaborative study, the authors examine the processes by which education reform became entwined in debates over theories of modernization and the politics of anticommunism. Further analysis examines how the movement pushed the country into the type of brutal infighting that was taking place throughout the third world as the U.S. and U.S.S.R. struggled to impose their political philosophies on developing countries.

Modernizing Effects of University Education

Author : Satgur Lal Sharma
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Modernizing Legal Services in Common Law Countries

Author : Laura Snyder
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Most people understand that regulations have a direct bearing on their access to things such as clean air and water and safe working environments. However, in the United States, few people make the connection between how legal services are regulated and how difficult it is for them to access legal services. Indeed, on the question of affordable and accessible civil justice, the World Justice Project ranks the US 94th out of 113 countries, behind Albania, Belarus, Myanmar, and Russia. For decades academics and others have debated whether the legal profession is self-regulated and, if it is, whether it should be. But is it the right debate? Self-regulation—or not—does not obviate the need for effective regulation. Independent, accountable, and transparent regulatory bodies, effective oversight of those bodies, the genuine engagement of citizens in the regulatory process, evidence-based research to fully assess the impact of regulation, and an approach to regulation that is proportionate and targeted to actual risks are essential for effective regulation. Through the lens of the adoption of alternative structures, this book explains how England, Wales, and Australia have, by embracing these essential elements, successfully modernized their regulatory environments for legal services, and how Canada has taken firm steps down its own path to the same. In contrast, by rejecting these elements, the United States remains paralyzed in an unproductive regulatory environment for legal services. This book provides a blueprint for how the US can take inspiration from its common law sisters to breathe new life into its regulatory environment for legal services. Ultimately, modernization will require more—and better—regulation that is financed publicly through equitable, progressive revenue sources.

Modernizing School Governance for Educational Equality and Diversity

Author : Paul West Cook
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...Analysis of current conditions, recommendations for reorganization of the system of administration of the public schools...

Community Update

Author :
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Modernizing the Public Sector

Author : Irvine Lapsley
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As policymakers and scholars evaluate possible ways forward in the reform and renewal of public services by governments caught up in a recessionary environment, this book aims to offer something different – a comprehensive analysis of the development of the ‘Scandinavian’ way of modernizing public-sector management. No book has yet provided an inside view of the development and character of New Public Management (NPM) in Scandinavia. Although there is a general perception that there is a clear-cut ‘Scandinavian’ model of public policy and management, this book offers a more nuanced interpretation, illuminating subtle distinctions in political, social and economic context which are significant in identifying receptive contexts for the adoption of modernization policies. Organized into three main themes in the modernization of the welfare state – management, governance and marketization – the contents revolve around unique empirical accounts, revealing distinctive Scandinavian characteristics of reform initiatives. The received wisdom may be a hesitant follower of the UK and the USA. But this book offers an alternative interpretation, revealing an edginess in certain Scandinavian settings, particularly in Sweden, which is a largely unrecognized. Without compromising the welfare state, it may be a bold frontrunner in the development of New Public Management.

Modernizing Legal Education

Author : Catrina Denvir
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Discusses the skills required by future lawyers, and explores innovative and technology-driven approaches to modernising legal education.

School Construction 1965

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Education and Labor. General Subcommittee on Education
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Considers H.R. 9948 and related H.R. 10080 and H.R. 10105, to amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to establish grant programs for educational facilities construction.

Challenge Our Students and They Will Soar

Author :
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Modernizing the Mind

Author : Steven C. Ward
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Ward examines how American psychology established itself as the central purveyor of truth about the mind and self in the 20th century.

Modernizing Educational Practice

Author : Katarzyna Papaja
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Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is an innovative approach referring to educational settings where a language different from the learners’ mother tongue is used as a medium of instruction. This other language is found to be used from kindergarten to the tertiary level, and the extent of its use may range from occasional foreign language texts in individual subjects to covering the whole curriculum. The changes in the technological, economic and social realities of the modern world have led, and still lead, to more frequent contact between people of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Globalisation has made the world interconnected; the world is rapidly becoming a mixed global village where the role of languages is extremely important. In such an integrated world, integrated learning is viewed as a modern form of educational delivery. CLIL represents an increasingly popular approach to language teaching and learning not only in Europe, but also in other countries such as Japan, Malaysia, China, and the United Arab Emirates. Even though CLIL is not of a uniform nature and varies across the world, one of the main arguments for its introduction is that it creates conditions for naturalistic language learning. This book represents selected presentations given at the Ustroń CLIL 2013 conference, which brought together academicians, researchers, teachers and educational authorities from all over the world, and provided them with the opportunity to exchange an interdisciplinary dialogue on CLIL methodologies, as well as the purely practical consequences of implementing such pedagogies in institutional educational practices at the primary, secondary or tertiary level. As such, collection embraces original contributions across a range of areas of CLIL.

Fixing Our Schools from the Bottom Up

Author : John R. Kasich
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Witnesses: Jeb Bush, Governor of the State of Florida; Richard W. Riley, Secretary, Department of Education; George V. Voinovich, U.S. Senator from the State of Ohio; Dwight Evans, a State Representative from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; Virginia Markell, President, National PTA; John T. Walton, Co-Chairman of the Children's Scholarship Fund; and Rose Blassingame and Vermont White, Washington Scholarship Fund.