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Mommy Please Don t Cry

Author : Linda DeYmaz
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Be encouraged by a child's tender description of heaven, surrounded by peaceful illustrations. Written by a mother who experienced the loss of her child, every page is a poignant gift of hope and healing.

Children s Phonetic Disorders

Author : Paul R. Hoffman
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Catalog of Copyright Entries

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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Mommy Please Don t Listen To Them

Author : Denise F. Loewen
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Little Trina had health challenges from the start and over the course of her 27 short years their source seemed to mystify professionals from all branches of medicine. In Mommy, Please Don’t Listen to Them we are taken on a roller coaster ride that traverses the emotional ups and downs that shaped the lives of little Trina and her devoted family. Through Trina the author learned that when she listened to her own intuition about her daughter’s needs that is where she found the real answers. Trina defied all statistics for health and longevity with regard to an extremely rare chromosomal syndrome that she was born with (3p minus syndrome). In fact, tests often showed that her systems functioned at higher than average levels. Even so, infections, nutritional deficiencies, and Trina’s inability to communicate pain led to ongoing setbacks and ensuing medical testing. Various pharmaceuticals were tried, but they often brought nightmarish side effects along with them. Alternative therapies were explored extensively with some successes. In Mommy, Please Don’t Listen to Them readers will discover new levels of parental devotion and human struggle. It is at times touching, at times infuriating. It is the story of a mother who dedicates her every breath to giving her daughter what she needs to reach her full potential. No matter what the doctors say.

Mommy Please Marry My Ceo Daddy

Author : Nan Xi
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"Uncle, seeing how handsome you are, why don't you sell my mommy to you for your wife?"In one chance encounter at the airport, Boss Li, whom everyone revered, took the path of his beloved wife, the Berserk Demons.Someone was bullying her?Slap her face!Someone dared to scheme against her?To make the other party suffer ten times more!Chasing her?Director Li: "..." He was furious!However, when it came to the matter of marriage, Ning Xia expressed her disagreement:"Mr. Li, I'm really not familiar with you.""I've already received the 5 billion that you stole. If you want to repudiate the debt, then hand it over to me first!"Ning Xia expressed her sadness. She originally only wanted to come back and find father for her son, but how did she get into so much trouble?


Author : John Benton
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A Glass Half Full

Author : Felix Dennis
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Felix Dennis, better known as the enfant terrible of magazine publishing and one of Britain's richest men, hasastonishinglybecome Britain's best-selling poet with A Glass Half Full. American novelist and critic, Tom Wolfe, calls Dennis "a twenty-first century Kipling" and says that his poetry 'rollicks and rolls with rhyme, meter, and melody.' Now, gathered together with an American audience in mind, together with a spoken-word CD, comes a selection of Dennis's poems. Whether reflecting ruefully on getting older, celebrating Bob Dylan, serenading the United States or sending up the cliches and stereotypes of our times, Felix Dennis reveals himself as a poet with an eye for the tender telling detail, and a powerful gift for communication. Funny, touching, frank, and uncompromising, A Glass Half Full is a woonderful and inspiring collection.


Author : Trish Berg
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It's a whole new world when you're a mom. Relax - your doubts and challenges are normal. Rejoice - practical, biblical guidance is here! And relish the simple joy and privilege of motherhood.

Jessie and Jesus And Cousin Claire

Author : Raymond Andrews
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Presents two novellas that describe the lives of Jessie and Claire, African American cousins who use different types of manipulation to survive in the male-dominated rural South

Stoking the Fire

Author : Jaime L. An Lim
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The Inner Path from where You are to where You Want to be

Author : Terry Cole-Whittaker
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The well-known spiritual leader provides her latest insights on such topics as love, giving, and fulfillment, drawing on many of our most treasured sources of wisdom to clarify her points

God s Grace

Author : Christian Grace Publishing
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The Stepkin Stories

Author : Peggy Lumpkin
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The Stepkin stories are designed for young children and are to be read by a parent, teacher, counselor, therapist, grandparent, librarian, or any other concerned adult. Each of the stories covers a particular aspect of divorce and can be read aloud in app

Catch the Light

Author : Douglas Worth
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Weaving together humankind and nature, these poems contain a plea for the human race to attend to the damage of technological advancement that is making the future a literal wasteland. Moving through changing seasons and the incursions of people on the earth, these observations show how we must step back and reassess humanity's assault against the very natural world that created it.

The Blood Tattoo

Author : Ebi Gabor
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The Bats

Author : Richard Mandell
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The Dreamer Who Unlocked the Secrets of the Universe

Author : Manuel Martinez
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Victoria at Nine

Author : Don Robertson
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Books That Change Lives

Author : Parable Group, The
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Christian Library of Lancaster Collection.

Weep No More My Lady

Author : Mary Higgins Clark
File Size : 41.97 MB
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Elizabeth Lange is haunted by the tragic death of her sister Leila, who plunged from the balcony of her New York penthouse under mysterious circumstances. While visiting the Cypress Point Spa, Elizabeth decides to find out exactly what happened. Also includes Stillwatch and A Cry in The NIght.