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Murder in Grub Street

Author : Bruce Alexander
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Eighteenth-century London judge Sir John Fielding and his assistant, thirteen-year-old Jeremy Proctor, investigate the murders of a publisher and his family

Grub Street Routledge Revivals

Author : Pat Rogers
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First published in 1972, this is the first detailed study of the milieu of the eighteenth-century literary hack and its significance in Augustan literature. Although the modern term ‘Grub Street’ has declined into vague metaphor, for the Augustan satirists it embodied not only an actual place but an emphatic lifestyle. Pat Rogers shows that the major satirists – Pope, Swift and Fielding – built a potent fiction surrounding the real circumstances in which the scribblers lived, and the importance of this aspect of their writing. The author first locates the original Grub Street, in what is now the Barbican, and then presents a detailed topographical tour of the surrounding area. With studies of a number of key authors, as well as the modern and metaphorical development of the term ‘Grub Street’, this book offers comprehensive insight into the nature of Augustan literature and the social conditions and concerns that inspired it.


Author : Janet Husband
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A guide to series fiction lists popular series, identifies novels by character, and offers guidance on the order in which to read unnumbered series.

The Detective as Historian

Author : Ray B. Browne
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Readers of detective stories are turning more toward historical crime fiction to learn both what everyday life was like in past societies and how society coped with those who broke the laws and restrictions of the times. The crime fiction treated here ranges from ancient Egypt through classical Greece and Rome; from medieval and renaissance China and Europe through nineteenth-century England and America. Topics include: Ellis Peter’s Brother Cadfael; Umberto Eco’s Name of the Rose; Susanna Gregory’s Doctor Matthew Bartholomew; Peter Heck’s Mark Twain as detective; Anne Perry and her Victorian-era world; Caleb Carr’s works; and Elizabeth Peter’s Egyptologist-adventurer tales.

Murder on the Reservation

Author : Ray B. Browne
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In Murder on the Reservation, Ray B. Browne surveys the work of several of the best-known writers of crime fiction involving Indian characters and references virtually every book that qualifies as an Indian-related mystery. Browne believes that within the genre of crime fiction all people are equal, and the increasing role of Indian characters in criminal fiction proves what an important role this genre plays as a powerful democratizing force in American society. He endeavors to both analyze and evaluate the individual work of the authors, and at the same time, provide a commentary on the various attitudes towards race relations in the United States that each author presents. Some Indian fiction is intended to right the wrongs the authors feel have been leveled against Indians. Other authors use Indian lore and Indian locales as exotic elements and locations for the entertaining and commercially successful stories they want to write. Browne’s analysis includes authors and works of all backgrounds, with mysteries of first-class murder both on and off the reservation.

Crime Writers A Research Guide

Author : Elizabeth Haynes
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This invaluable resource provides information about and sources for researching 50 of the top crime genre writers, including websites and other online resources. • A timeline of major authors and events in the development of the crime fiction genre • Read-alike sections listing other authors whose works are similar in style or theme to those of ten major authors included in the book • Lists of major organizations and awards in the field of crime literature • A bibliography of online and print sources for biographical and critical information about crime genre authors

Justice Denoted

Author : Terry White
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White provides the most comprehensive scholarly compilation of fictional work of legal suspense in existence. Almost 2,000 annotations and biographical synopses of major American, British, and European authors make this a unique reference work and essential acquisition for both the scholar of popular culture and the general reader. In addition, its appendices--such as Series Characters, References, and Craft Notes by novelists and trial lawyers--are certain to make this the definitive source of reference for courtroom drama in English or translation.

World Historical Fiction

Author : Lynda G. Adamson
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An annotated bibliography covering the best in historical fiction set all around the world

The Price of Murder

Author : Bruce Alexander
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Experience the dangerous intrigue of Georgian England in this novel in Bruce Alexander's acclaimed historical mystery series featuring Sir John Fielding. When the body of a young girl is pulled from the Thames, blind magistrate Sir John Fielding’s investigation leads his protégé, Jeremy Proctor, into the notorious Seven Dials section of London. There the sordid inclinations of both the working class and aristocracy may be found—and there, Jeremy learns that the girl’s mother has disappeared near the racetrack. As he delves further into the mystery, he will begin to realize just how high the stakes are, and—when an acquaintance of his own suddenly vanishes—just how terribly steep the odds really are.

Death Ride from Fenchurch Street and Other Victorian Railway Murders

Author : Arthur V. Sellwood
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A Victorian invention, the railways of Britain were the scene of some of the most gruesome murders of the 19th Century. In their gory detail, here are some of the worst.