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Going on Faith

Author : William Zinsser
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In this deeply felt book, nine American writers and thinkers from different points of the religious compass discuss how their work is nourished by spiritual concerns. Diana Ackerman explains why she calls herself a "messenger of wonder" and how, in her observations of the natural world, "there is a form of beholding that is a kind of prayer." David Bradley recalls how his inheritance as the son, grandson and great-grandson of black preachers has enabled him, at considerable pain, to be "touched by the word." Frederick Buechner makes an intensely personal journey to his roots as a novelist: "In fiction, as in faith, something outside ourselves is breathed into us if we're open enough to inhale it." Allen Ginsberg describes how his poetry is grounded in the Buddhist idea of renunciation of "hand-me-down conceptions" and the meditative practice of "letting go of thoughts." Mary Gordon retraces an odyssey in which the religious beliefs and forms of a Catholic girlhood turned out to be "as useful as a wiretap" to the grown-up novelist. Patricia Hampl describes how the writing of Virgin Time took her on a series of pilgrimages to explore the contemplative life. Hillel Levine tells of his search for the mystery of goodness, exemplified by a Japanese diplomat in Lithuania who saved thousands of Jews on the eve of World War II. Hugh Nissenson explains how his work as a Jewish writer has been animated by "a sense of the holy" and shaped by the "poetry, drama and narrative" of the King James Bible. Jaroslav Pelikan revisits three religious writers--Augustine, Newman, and Boethius--whose influence on other religious writers over the centuries has never gone out of fashion. Together, as William Zinsser notes in his introduction, these writers are on a "pilgrimage to find the source of their faith as individuals and their strength as artists."


Author : Don Reiman
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Garland's magnificent facsimile series of the manuscripts of Percy Bysshe Shelley and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley in the Bodleian Library, Oxford ( The Bodleian Shelley Manuscripts , 22 volumes, 1986-1997) is now made complete by the publication of its Index-volume. Volume XXIII provides the key to the contents of the Shelleyan notebooks and papers in all their complexity: poems, prose, translations, fragments, calculations, drawing and doodles, addresses and other miscellaneous jottings. The accumulated findings provide a treasure-trove of information about the Shelley's lives: their writings and readings, and echoes of classical and later authors; the people they met, corresponded with, rented houses from, or saw perform; the towns they visited, the very houses in which they lived, the lakes and rivers they sailed and the mountains they climbed. The intellectual and physical data of these manuscripts will help open new vistas for students of their lives, thought and creative writing.

The Miscellaneous Prose Works

Author : Walter Scott
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Essays Critical and Miscellaneous New and revised edition With a portrait

Author : Thomas Babington Macaulay Baron Macaulay
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The Miscellaneous Prose Works of Sir Walter Scott Bart Index With illustrations

Author : Sir Walter Scott
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The Works of Alexander Pope Esq in Six Volumes Complete Miscellaneous pieces in verse and prose

Author : Alexander Pope
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The Works of Alexander Pope in Six sic Volumes Complete Miscellaneous pieces in verse and prose

Author : Alexander Pope
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Encyclopaedia Metropolitana Miscellaneous and lexicographical

Author : Edward Smedley
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Miscellaneous Poems

Author : Alexander Pope
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Miscellaneous prose works

Author : Lord Edward Lytton Bulwer
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