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Animal Biotechnology

Author : Ashish S. Verma
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Animal Biotechnology: Models in Discovery and Translation, Second Edition, provides a helpful guide to anyone seeking a thorough review of animal biotechnology and its application to human disease and welfare. This updated edition covers vital fundamentals, including animal cell cultures, genome sequencing analysis, epigenetics and animal models, gene expression, and ethics and safety concerns, along with in-depth examples of implications for human health and prospects for the future. New chapters cover animal biotechnology as applied to various disease types and research areas, including in vitro fertilization, human embryonic stem cell research, biosensors, enteric diseases, biopharming, organ transplantation, tuberculosis, neurodegenerative disorders, and more. Highlights the latest biomedical applications of genetically modified and cloned animals, with a focus on cancer and infectious diseases Offers first-hand accounts of the use of biotechnology tools, including molecular markers, stem cells, animal cultures, tissue engineering, ADME and CAM Assay Includes case studies that illustrate safety assessment issues, ethical considerations, and intellectual property rights associated with the translation of animal biotechnology studies

The Nanotechnology Revolution

Author : Dale A. Stirling
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Nanotechnology is changing the world in a very big way, but at the atomic and sub-atomic level. Although the roots of nanotechnology can be traced back to more than a century ago, the last three decades have witnessed an explosion of nano-based technologies and products. This reference work examines the history, current status, and future directions of nanotechnology through an exhaustive search of the technical and scientific literature. The more than 4000 bibliographic citations it includes are carefully organized into core subject areas, and a geographic and subject index allows readers to quickly locate documents of interest. Although a sense of the global reach and interest in nanotechnology can be gleaned from the reference sections of countless journal articles, conference papers, and books, this is the only reference work providing an in-depth global perspective that is ready-made for nanotechnology professionals and those interested in learning more about all things nanotechnology. Despite the abundance of online resources, there is still an urgent need for well-researched, well-presented, concise, and thematically organized reference works. Instead of relying on wiki pages, citation aggregators, and related websites, the author searched the databases and databanks of scholarly literature search providers such as EBSCO, ProQuest, PUBMED, STN International, and Thomson Reuters. In addition, he used select serials-related databases to account for pertinent documents from countries in which English is not the primary national language (i.e., China Online Journals, e-periodica, J-STAGE, and SciELO Brazil among others).


Author : Susai Rajendran
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Nanotoxicity: Prevention, and Antibacterial Applications of Nanomaterials focuses on the fundamental concepts for cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of nanomaterials. It sheds more light on the underlying phenomena and fundamental mechanisms through which nanomaterials interact with organisms and physiological media. The book provides good guidance for toxic prevention methods and management in the manufacture/application/disposal. The book also discusses the potential applications of nanomaterials-based antibiotics. The potential toxic effects of nanomaterials result not only from the type of base materials, but also from their size/ ligands/surface chemical modifications. This book discusses why different classes of nanomaterials display toxic properties, and what can be done to mitigate this toxicity. It also explores how nanomaterials are being used as antimicrobial agents, being used to purify air and water, and counteract a range of infectious diseases. This is an important reference for materials scientists, environmental scientists and biomedical scientists, who are seeking to gain a greater understanding of how nanomaterials can be used to combat toxic agents, and how the toxicity of nanomaterials themselves can best be mitigated. Explains the underlying phenomena and fundamental mechanisms through which nanomaterials interact with organisms and physiological media Outlines major methods for mitigating and prevention of nanotoxicity Discusses the applications of nanomaterials-based antibiotics

Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

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Nanotechnology Theranostics in Livestock Diseases and Management

Author : LLR University of Veterinary and Animal
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This book reviews various applications of nanotechnology in the prophylactic, diagnostic, and therapeutic management of livestock diseases. The initial section discusses the strategies for the synthesis of nanomaterials and characterization of different nanomaterials. The subsequent chapters explore the role of nanoparticles in the diagnosis of diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi. The book also examines the nanosensors that are used for point-of-care diagnosis of various livestock diseases. Additionally, it highlights nanoparticles-based vaccines and vaccine delivery systems to combat bacterial livestock diseases. Lastly, the book entails the strategies for developing nanotherapeutics for the treatment of bacterial, viral, fungal diseases, metabolic disorders, and cancer in livestock animals. The content of this book is useful for researchers and practitioners interested in understanding the applications of nanotechnology in diagnostics and therapeutics of livestock diseases. ​

Multifunctional Hybrid Nanomaterials for Sustainable Agri food and Ecosystems

Author : Kamel A. Abd-Elsalam
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Multifunctional Hybrid Nanomaterials for Sustainable Agrifood and Ecosystems shows how hybrid nanomaterials (HNMs) are being used to enhance agriculture, food and environmental science. The book discusses the synthesis and characterization of HNMs before exploring agrifoods and environmental functions. It shows how novel HNMs are being used for the detection and separation of heavy metal ions, for destroying and sensing of insecticides, in managed release fertilizer and pesticide formulations, plant protection, plant promotions, purification, detection, and to control mycotoxins. Further, the book describes the use of silica-based total nanosystems, carbon nanotubes, nanocellulose-based, and polymer nanohybrids for agricultural and biological applications. This book is an important reference source for materials scientists, engineers and food scientists who want to gain a greater understanding on how multifunctional nanomaterials are being used for a range of agricultural and environmental applications. Outlines the major nanomaterial types that are being used in agriculture Explains why the properties of multifunctional nanomaterials are particularly efficient for use in agriculture Assesses the major challenges of using multifunctional nanomaterials on an industrial scale

Animal production and animal science worldwide

Author : A. Rosati
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Commercialisation of Microsystems and Nanotechnology

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Louisiana Agriculture

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Food Protection Trends

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Author : John Michels
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Indian Science Abstracts

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White Paper on Education Culture Sports Science and Technology

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McGraw Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science Technology

Author : Mcgraw-Hill
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Features more than seven thousand entries covering topics, terms, and concepts in math, science, and technology.

Agriculture and Nanoscale Science and Engineering

Author : Amelia Louise Greiner
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Yearbook of Science and the Future

Author : David Calhoun
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Photodynamic Therapy in Veterinary Medicine From Basics to Clinical Practice

Author : Fábio Parra Sellera
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This pioneering book offers an introduction to photodynamic therapy, a promising new approach in the treatment of complex diseases like cancer and microbial infections in animals. Addressing all aspects, ranging from basics to clinical practice, it presents the history and fundamentals of photodynamic therapy for non-experts. It includes a collection of basic and clinical studies in cancer and infectious diseases, as well as illustrations of successful treatment procedures and future perspectives and innovative applications involving nanotechnology and advanced drug delivery. This valuable resource offers readers insights into how the therapy works and how to apply it effectively in daily practice.

New Scientist

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McGraw Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science and Technology Sixth Edition

Author : McGraw-Hill Education
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Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. A major revision of this classic encyclopedia covering all areas of science and technology, the McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, Sixth Edition, is prepared for students, professionals, and general readers seeking concise yet authoritative overviews of topics in all major fields in science and technology. The McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, Sixth Edition, satisfies the needs of readers for an authoritative, comprehensive reference work in a relatively compact format that provides the breadth of coverage of the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology, 10th Edition. Written in clear, nonspecialist language understandable to students and general readers, yet with sufficient depth for scientists, educators, and researchers, this definitive resource provides: 7100 concise articles covering disciplines of science and technology from acoustics to zoology Extensively revised content with new and rewritten articles Current and critical advances in fast-developing fields such as biomedical science, chemistry, computing and information technology, cosmology, environmental science, nanotechnology, telecommunications, and physics More than 1600 two-color illustrations 75 full-color plates Hundreds of tables and charts 1300 biographical sketches of famous scientists Index containing 30,000 entries Cross references to related articles Appendices including bibliographies and useful data McGraw-Hill Professional science reference products are supported by, a website offering updates to articles, periodic special features on important scientific topics, multimedia content, and other features enriching the reader's experience. We encourage readers to visit the site often. Fields Covered Include: Acoustics Aeronautics Agriculture Anthropology Archeology Astronomy Biochemistry Biology Chemistry Computers Cosmology Earth Science Engineering Environmental Science Forensic Science Forestry Genetics Geography Immunology Information Science Materials Science Mathematics Medicine and Pathology Meteorology and Climate Science Microbiology Nanotechnology Navigation Neuroscience Oceanography Paleontology Physics Physiology Psychiatry Psychology Telecommunications Theoretical Physics Thermodynamics Veterinary Medicine Virology Zoology

Animal Biodiversity and Emerging Diseases

Author : Society for Tropical Veterinary Medicine. Meeting
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This volume covers scientific topics from cellular pathogenesis to global pandemics to promote discussion and update researchers, academics, governmental and NGOs representatives, technicians, veterinarians and other professionals from the industry sector interested in tropical veterinary medicine. NOTE: Annals volumes are available for sale as individual books or as a journal. For information on institutional journal subscriptions, please visit ACADEMY MEMBERS: Please contact the New York Academy of Sciences directly to place your order ( Members of the New York Academy of Science receive full-text access to the Annals online and discounts on print volumes. Please visit for more information about becoming a member.