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Natural History Of Hidden Animals

Author : Heuvelmans
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First published in 2007. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Illustrated Natural History

Author : John George Wood
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Zoology in Early Modern Culture

Author : Karl A. E. Enenkel
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This volume tries to map out the intriguing amalgam of different, partly conflicting approaches that shaped early modern zoology. It demonstrates that theology and philology played a pivotal role in the complex formation of this new science.

Illustrated Natural History of the Animal Kingdon

Author : Samuel Griswold Goodrich
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Anthropology and Cryptozoology

Author : Samantha Hurn
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Cryptozoology is best understood as the study of animals which, in the eyes of Western science, are extinct, unclassified or unrecognised. In consequence, and in part because of its selective methods and lack of epistemological rigour, cryptozoology is often dismissed as a pseudo-science. However, there is a growing recognition that social science can benefit from engaging with it, for as as social scientists are very well aware, ’scientific’ categorisation and explanation represents just one of a myriad of systems used by humans to enable them to classify and make sense of the world around them. In many cultural contexts, myth, folk classification and lived experience challenge the ’truth’ expounded by scientists. With a reflexive, anthropological approach and drawing on rich empirical and ethnographic studies from around the world, this volume engages with the theoretical and methodological issues raised by reported sightings of unrecognised animals. Bringing into sharp focus the anthropological value and challenges for methodology posed by beliefs about unclassified creatures, Anthropology and Cryptozoology: Exploring encounters with mysterious creatures will be of interest to anthropologists, sociologists and geographers working in the fields of research methods, anthrozoology, mythology and folklore and human-animal interaction.

Of Books and Beasts

Author : Matt Bille
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In the controversial field of cryptozoology, plagued by long-lost accounts and internet fantasies, the essential core of usable information is largely maintained in books. Science writer and cryptozoology researcher Matt Bille offers 400 reviews of significant books in cryptozoology, supporting sciences like biology, and cryptozoological fiction. Matt’s selections, based on 45 years of reading and writing on zoology and cryptozoology, favor reliable science and history, providing an essential foundation for enthusiasts and skeptics alike. The search for unknown animals starts here. "Looking for a concise but reliable survey of the most noteworthy cryptozoological books past and present? Look no further - here it is!" - Dr. Karl P. N. Shuker, Zoologist

Fantastic Creatures in Mythology and Folklore

Author : Juliette Wood
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Drawing on historical sources, myth and folklore, Fantastic Creatures in Mythology and Folklore explores the roles of fantastical beasts - particularly the unicorn, the mermaid, and the dragon - in a series of thematic chapters organised according to their legendary dwelling place, be this land, sea, or air. Through this original approach, Juliette Wood provides the first study of mythical beasts in history from the medieval period to the present day, providing new insights into the ways these creatures continue to define our constantly changing relationship to both real and imagined worlds. It places particular emphasis on the role of the internet, computer games, and the cyberspace community, and in doing so, demonstrates that the core medieval myth surrounding these creatures remains static within the ever-increasing arena of mass marketing and the internet. This is a vital resource for undergraduates studying fantastic creatures in history, literature and media studies.

Religion Culture and the Monstrous

Author : Joseph P Laycock
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Religion, Culture, and the Monstrous explores the intersection of monster theory and religious studies. Within these chapters lurk a gamut of strange and demonic creatures from the Bronze Age to contemporary popular culture, illuminating how monsters reflect cultural ways of seeing the world and exist in surplus of named categories.

Cognitive Foundations of Natural History

Author : Scott Atran
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Inspired by a debate between Noam Chomsky and Jean Piaget, this work traces the development of natural history from Aristotle to Darwin, and demonstrates how the science of plants and animals has emerged from the common conceptions of folkbiology.


Author : Mark A. Hall
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In this compelling compilation of evidence, researcher Mark Hall presents the case for terrifying, monstrous bird that has roamed our continents since the days of the ancient legends of the Thunderbird. Some very large birds are being sighted in the skies over North America. Described as an enormous black bird with a white ring around its long neck and a wingspan of up to 20 feet and more, this giant bird of prey has been sighted from Alaska, Canada, and the Pacific Northwest, and into the Midwest, Appalachia, and Pennsylvania. The accounts are puzzling and hard to believe yet eyewitnesses swear by what they saw. Evidence from around the world indicates that our ancestors knew and feared the bird, which can carry away small children and animals.