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A View to a Kill

Author : Gerrit Leendert Dusseldorp
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The sophistication of Neanderthal behavioural strategies have been the subject of debate from the moment of their recognition as a separate species of hominin in 1856. This book presents a study on Neanderthal foraging prowess. Novel ethnographic and primatological insights, suggest that increasing dependence on high quality foods, such as meat, caused the brain to evolve to a large size and thus led to highly intelligent hominins. From this baseline, the author studies the Neanderthal archaeological record in order to gain insight into the knowledge-intensity of Neanderthal hunting behaviour. In this research, an optimal foraging perspective is applied to Pleistocene bone assemblages. According to this perspective, foraging success is an important factor in an individuals evolutionary fitness. Therefore foraging is organised as efficiently as possible. The prey species that were selected and hunted by Neanderthals are analysed. The author investigates economic considerations that influenced Neanderthal prey choice. These considerations are based on estimates of the population densities of the available prey species and on estimates of the relative difficulty of hunting those species. The results demonstrate that when Neanderthals operated within poor environments, their prey choice was constrained: they were not able to hunt species living in large herds. In these environments, solitary species were the preferred prey. It is striking that Neanderthals successfully focussed on the largest and most dangerous species in poor environments. However, in richer environments, these constraints were lifted and species living in herds were successfully exploited. In order to assess the accuracy of this approach, bone assemblages formed by cave hyenas are also analysed. The combined results of the Neanderthal and hyena analyses show that an optimal foraging perspective provides a powerful tool to increase our understanding of Pleistocene ecology. The niches of two social carnivores of similar size, which were seemingly similar, are successfully distinguished. This result lends extra credence to the conclusions regarding Neanderthal foraging strategies. This book contributes to the debate surrounding Neanderthal competence and ability. It combines an up-to-date review of current knowledge on Neanderthal biology and archaeology, with novel approaches to the archaeological record. It is thus an important contribution to the current knowledge of this enigmatic species.

Neanderthal Language

Author : Rudolf Botha
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Did Neanderthals have language, and if so, what was it like? Scientists agree overall that the behaviour and cognition of Neanderthals resemble that of early modern humans in important ways. However, the existence and nature of Neanderthal language remains a controversial topic. The first in-depth treatment of this intriguing subject, this book comes to the unique conclusion that, collective hunting is a better window on Neanderthal language than other behaviours. It argues that Neanderthal hunters employed linguistic signs akin to those of modern language, but lacked complex grammar. Rudolf Botha unpacks and appraises important inferences drawn by researchers working in relevant branches of archaeology and other prehistorical fields, and uses a large range of multidisciplinary literature to bolster his arguments. An important contribution to this lively field, this book will become a landmark book for students and scholars alike, in essence, illuminating Neanderthals' linguistic powers.

Superior The Return of Race Science

Author : Angela Saini
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Financial Times Book of the Year Telegraph Top 50 Books of the Year Guardian Book of the Year New Statesman Book of the Year ‘Roundly debunks racism’s core lie – that inequality is to do with genetics, rather than political power’ Reni Eddo-Lodge

Brain Arrest or Doomsday Countdown

Author : Leonard Wittine
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It is inevitable that humankind will become extinct. Nowadays, the advance of technology has overtaken the human capacity to control the possible consequences of any kind of progress. Extinction is always multifactorial. Double-faced Janus Meerkater, a reborn Neanderthal and leading nanotechnologist, has created EMULATOR, an unexcelled thinking machine and technological singularity. Thus Murphy’s law and the Dürrenmatt principle are put in motion. Leo Lobeck the Trojan, Jason Stardust and Xixi Bruneau are fighting the technocalypse. Brain emulation in combination with wormhole physics could create an escape route for mankind. That way reality is broken and reveals itself as an illusion in the empirical dimensions of human experience. The world events turn out to be pure satire. In the end all human minds will be uploaded to EMULATOR and Friedrich Nietzsche, the great but unfortunately insane philosopher, will be God. “Perhaps we are all part of an experiment. Maybe to be human is just a test of what animate creatures would do given by nature limited intelligence and maximum ignorance.”

Bring Back the King

Author : Helen Pilcher
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If you could bring back just one animal from the past, what would you choose? It can be anyone or anything from history, from the King of the Dinosaurs, T. rex, to the King of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley, and beyond. De-extinction – the ability to bring extinct species back to life – is fast becoming reality. Around the globe, scientists are trying to de-extinct all manner of animals, including the woolly mammoth, the passenger pigeon and a bizarre species of flatulent frog. But de-extinction is more than just bringing back the dead. It's a science that can be used to save species, shape evolution and sculpt the future of life on our planet. In Bring Back the King, scientist and comedy writer Helen Pilcher goes on a quest to identify the perfect de-extinction candidate. Along the way, she asks if Elvis could be recreated from the DNA inside a pickled wart, investigates whether it's possible to raise a pet dodo, and considers the odds of a 21st century Neanderthal turning heads on public transport. Pondering the practicalities and the point of de-extinction, Bring Back the King is a witty and wry exploration of what is bound to become one of the hottest topics in conservation – if not in science as a whole – in the years to come. READ THIS BOOK – the King commands it.

Prehistoric Humans in Film and Television

Author : Michael Klossner
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From the early days of the movies, "cavemen" have been a popular subject for filmmakers--not surprisingly, since the birth of cinema occurred only a few decades after the earliest scientific studies of prehistoric man. Filmmakers, however, were not constrained by the emerging science; instead they most often took a comedic look at prehistory, a trend that continued throughout the 20th century. Prehistoric humans also populated adventure-fantasy films, with the original One Million B.C. (1940) leading the charge. Documentaries were also made, but it was not until the 1970s that accurate film accounts of prehistoric humans finally emerged. This exhaustive work provides detailed accounts of 581 film and television productions that feature depictions of human prehistory. Included are dramas and comedies set in human prehistory; documentaries; and films and television shows in which prehistoric people somehow exist in historical periods--from the advent of civilization up to the present--or in extraterrestrial settings. Each entry includes full filmographic data, including year of release, running time, production personnel, cast information, and format. A description of each film provides background on the prehistoric elements. Contemporary critical commentary is included for many of the works.

Doctor Who and History

Author : Carey Fleiner
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When Sydney Newman conceived the idea for Doctor Who in 1963, he envisioned a show in which the Doctor and his companions would visit and observe, but not interfere with, events in history. That plan was dropped early on and the Doctor has happily meddled with historical events for decades. This collection of new essays examines how the Doctor’s engagement with history relates to Britain’s colonial past, nostalgia for village life, Norse myths, alternate history, and the impact of historical decisions on the present.

Red and Yellow Black and Brown

Author : Joanne L. Rondilla
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Red and Yellow, Black and Brown gathers together life stories and analysis by twelve contributors who express and seek to understand the often very different dynamics that exist for mixed race people who are not part white. The chapters focus on the social, psychological, and political situations of mixed race people who have links to two or more peoples of color— Chinese and Mexican, Asian and Black, Native American and African American, South Asian and Filipino, Black and Latino/a and so on. Red and Yellow, Black and Brown addresses questions surrounding the meanings and communication of racial identities in dual or multiple minority situations and the editors highlight the theoretical implications of this fresh approach to racial studies.

Proceed with Caution

Author : Sandra Alex
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A heartbroken heartthrob. A fugitive fiance. Sparks fly when Julia flees...right into Colton. He had me at hello. Months later, I’m fleeing the state with an engagement ring on my finger. John isn’t the one. What looks good on paper is ugly behind closed doors. My sister Liz doesn’t know about John, but she takes me in, with problems of her own. The night I help tend bar with Liz is when I meet Colton. Liz warns me about him. Says that he’s a hardened man. And he looks it, too. With his smouldering eyes and square shoulders, he’s a force to be reckoned with. But he notices me looking over my shoulder and teaches me a thing or two about men like John, and not in a way that I would expect. *** Afghanistan changes a man in a way that nothing else can. Betrayal does the same. Mix the two and you get me. It’s like I wear a badge, marking my military background, and then they find out that I’m a Ford boy and suddenly I’m a piece of meat with dollar signs. But they can all drop dead, because a woman is the last thing that I want. I bounce at a bar strictly to protect my little brother. He plays in a band in this seedy joint, and I’m here to keep his nose clean in more ways than one. But then Liz brings her little sister Julia in one night to cover, and I realize that I’m not the only one with a sibling looking over their shoulder. A suspenseful, steamy romance, with loads of family drama, 'Proceed with Caution' has feel-good elements with heart-stopping, page-turning twists and angst. HEA (Happily Ever After) Second chance romance Military romance Graphic, descriptive sex Course language Mild violence Mild cliffhanger ending First book in a complete 5 book standalone series "Proceed with Caution was a compelling page turner that I was unable to put down, with a wonderful storyline from beginning to end. I can’t wait to read the next novel." - 5 Stars from Pennie Beecroft, Goodreads reviewer "Great characters that will keep your interest extremely well. I'm not going to go into detail, no spoilers, just read the book if you are even mildly intrigued by the blurb. You'll thank me later! The chemistry, sweetness, and twists in plot kept things interesting. Add in drama and passion and you have a good read." - 5 Stars from Sleep Reader, Amazon reviewer "This book is the love story of Julia and Colton. The plot had a lot of different twists that were definitely entertaining. I couldn't put it down and finished the book in one day. I definitely recommend this book." - 5 Stars from Rae Talbot, Goodreads reviewer "Where can I find my Colton Ford? There is fun, laughter, danger, quite a surprise, and some steamy and very sweet love. I've read 2 of the Ford brothers books and am really excited to read the next 3 brothers as well! You won't be disappointed!" - 5 Stars from Shari, Voracious Readers Only reviewer "I really liked the different perspectives from the characters. It had a nice flow of things from start to end. So much so I am going to have to pick up the rest of the series. Wonderfully written and believable characters to the situation. I ended up taking a day to read it as I could not put it down." - 5 Stars from Sherrie Worden, Amazon reviewer

Human Evolution

Author : Jon Schiller
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Your author decided to write this book about Human Evolution after seeing a Science Program about Evolution on KCET, the Public Service TV Station in the Los Angeles area. I was impressed with the amount of research going on in this area trying to find out where we, Homosapiens, came from. I decided to use the Google and Yahoo search engines to find out the latest probes which I used for this book. I have included the many reference sources so the reader can visit these Internet accounts to keep up with what is happening after this book is published. In other words, this is a snapshot-in-time report of what is happening research-wise at the end of the first decade of the 21st Century.