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New Ceramic Design

Author : Edmund De Waal
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Presents the best works of 70 exceptional contemporary artists.

New Wave Clay

Author : Tom Morris
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New Wave Clay unpicks the zeitgeist and aesthetic of an exciting discipline with intelligence, insight and indulgence. Against the backdrop of the digital age and shiny screens, a whole new generation of craftspeople, designers and artists are realizing the pleasure of working with clay and bringing a fresh perspective to the material. Today, there is a lively crossover between craft, design, sculpture and technology that is rethinking ceramics: what you can make with it, what it looks like and who makes it. New Wave Clay is a global survey of 55 imaginative ceramicists that are leading this craft revival. They include classically trained potters who create design-led pieces, product designers who use clay as a means of creative expression, as well as fine artists, architects, decorators, illustrators, sculptors and graphic designers. Their collective output goes far beyond pots into ceramic furniture, sculpture, murals, wall reliefs, small-scale architecture and 3D printing. The book is divided into four thematic sections and features special contributions from Edmund de Waal, Hella Jongerius, Grayson Perry, Martin Brudnizki and Sarah Griffin discussing craft, industry, ornament, decorating and collecting. New Wave Clay is an image-led, dynamic study of the exciting new generation jumpstarting this age-old art. Features - A 296-page survey of 55 international ceramicists who bridge the worlds of product design, interiors, fine art and luxury craftsmanship. - Four thematic chapters are accompanied by interviews and written contributions on the subject from designers, decorators and collectors. - Richly illustrated, New Wave Clay is an image-led, dynamic book that aims to demonstrate the contemporary condition of this age-old art. - Instead of focusing on traditional craft ware and functional pieces, this title focuses on the community of ceramicists who create design-led works.

New Ceramic Surface Design

Author : Molly Hatch
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Take your ceramic surface design to the next level with these awesome ideas and projects for drawing, printing, painting and stenciling on clay. New Ceramic Surface Design introduces a wide range of surface decoration techniques in an approachable and accessible way for everyone. Ceramic design expert Molly Hatch guides beginners and more advanced artists through various methods of creating designs on clay. Readers will be introduced to several different and new ways to create their own imagery and content for the ceramic â?¿surface. Techniques include Mishima, tape resists, rubber stamping, and doodling to create line art, stamping, nature resists, found objects, and shellac resists to create textures, and sticker resists, contact paper stencils, paper resists, and Sgrafitto to create shaped designs. Detailed step photography and hand-drawn illustrations document the processes and show beautiful completed samples. Templates and stencils are supplied for convenience in re-creating the surfaces outlined in the crafter's projects. With so many ways to decorate clay surfaces in New Ceramic Surface Design, you'll create endless, gorgeous pottery designs!

Ceramic design from 1860

Author : Bonhams (Firm : 2001)
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New Design in Ceramics

Author : Donald J. Willcox
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Modern Ceramic Engineering

Author : David Richerson
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Ceramic materials have proven increasingly important in industry and in the fields of electronics, communications, optics, transportation, medicine, energy conversion and pollution control, aerospace, construction, and recreation. Professionals in these fields often require an improved understanding of the specific ceramics materials they are using. Modern Ceramic Engineering, Third Edition helps provide this by introducing the interrelationships between the structure, properties, processing, design concepts, and applications of advanced ceramics. This student-friendly textbook effectively links fundamentals and fabrication requirements to a wide range of interesting engineering application examples. A follow-up to our best-selling second edition, the new edition now includes the latest and most important technological advances in the field. The author emphasizes how ceramics differ from metals and organics and encourages the application of this knowledge for optimal materials selection and design. New topics discuss the definition of ceramics, the combinations of properties fulfilled by ceramics, the evolution of ceramics applications, and their importance in modern civilization. A new chapter provides a well-illustrated review of the latest applications using ceramics and discusses the design requirements that the ceramics must satisfy for each application. The book also updates its chapter on ceramic matrix composites and adds a new section on statistical process control to the chapter on quality assurance. Modern Ceramic Engineering, Third Edition offers a complete and authoritative introduction and reference to the definition, history, structure, processing, and design of ceramics for students and engineers using ceramics in a wide array of industries.

Ceramic Design Course

Author : Anthony Quinn
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(back cover) This is a complete course in designing ceramics with confidence. Focusing on the design process and principles of shape, form, surface, and function, it also includes practical instruction in studio techniques for rendering your ideas into reality. A complete range of practical advice is offered, organized into units covering each stage of the design process, from working out a brief and seeking inspiration to drawing up technical plans and developing the design. Design concepts with both practical and esthetic considerations are explored in detail, and real-life case studies give valuable insights into the world of practicing ceramic designers. Whether you want to create functional, hard-wearing pots or decorative fine art pieces, this book will demystify the design process and provide the inspiration and skills you need to design with flair. Anthony Quinn is a freelance designer for the tableware industry. Among his clients are Wedgewood, Royal Worcester, and Denby Pottery. He is a senior lecturer in ceramic design at the renowned Central Saint Martin's College in London and is a visiting tutor at the Royal College of Art. Anthony has recently launched a range of pierced oven and tableware with Hartley Greens pottery, designed in conjunction with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. He has also recently designed the in-flight dining experience for British Airways First Class and Club World. He lives and works in London.

Information Computer and Application Engineering

Author : Hsiang-Chuan Liu
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This proceedings volume brings together peer-reviewed papers presented at the International Conference on Information Technology and Computer Application Engineering, held 10-11 December 2014, in Hong Kong, China. Specific topics under consideration include Computational Intelligence, Computer Science and its Applications, Intelligent Information Processing and Knowledge Engineering, Intelligent Networks and Instruments, Multimedia Signal Processing and Analysis, Intelligent Computer-Aided Design Systems and other related topics. This book provides readers a state-of-the-art survey of recent innovations and research worldwide in Information Technology and Computer Application Engineering, in so-doing furthering the development and growth of these research fields, strengthening international academic cooperation and communication, and promoting the fruitful exchange of research ideas. This volume will be of interest to professionals and academics alike, serving as a broad overview of the latest advances in the dynamic field of Information Technology and Computer Application Engineering.

Modern Ceramic Engineering

Author : David W. Richerson
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Ceramic materials have proven increasingly important in industry and in the fields of electronics, communications, optics, transportation, medicine, energy conversion and pollution control, aerospace, construction, and recreation. Professionals in these fields often require an improved understanding of the specific ceramics materials they are using.

Mechanical Testing Methodology for Ceramic Design and Reliability

Author : David C. Cranmer
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Describing the theoretical aspects of chemistry and microstructure that affect mechanical properties, this work offers coverage of ceramic mechanical property measurement techniques for use in component design as well as lifetime and reliability predictions. It presents procedures from both room- and elevated-temperature applications.


Author : Edmund De Waal
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From abstract vessels to domestic tableware and sculptural pieces in earthenware, stoneware and porcelain, this volume presents ceramic design from all over the world. It features the work of ceramic artists who use a wide range of clays and decorative and firing techniques to produce pieces.

The Ceramic Design Book

Author : Val M. Cushing
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This book is a fascinating tour through the world of contemporary claywork.


Author : Leon I. Nigrosh
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A description and instructional catalogue of representative and outstanding examples of claywork produced by various forming methods, illustrating the principles and techniques of ceramic design, creation, decorating, and firing

Surface Design for Ceramics

Author : Maureen Mills
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This studio reference captures all the popular techniques available for embellishing clay, as well as a wealth of practical information and detailed images that lead readers through every phase of the design and decorating process.

The Art of Ceramics

Author : Howard Coutts
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The great age of European ceramic design began around 1500 and ended in the early 19th century with the introduction of large-scale production of ceramics. In this illustrated history, with nearly 300 color and black and white photos and reproductions, curator Howard Coutts considers the main stylistic trends�Renaissance, Mannerism, Oriental, Rococo, and Neoclassicism�as they were represented in such products as Italian Majolica, Dutch Delftware, Meissen and S�vres porcelain, Staffordshire, and Wedgwood pottery. He pays close attention to changes in eating habits over the period, particularly the layout of a formal dinner, and discusses the development of ceramics as room decoration, the transmission of images via prints, marketing of ceramics and other luxury goods, and the intellectual background to Neoclassicism.

The Persistence of Craft

Author : Paul Greenhalgh
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In The Persistence of Craft, contributors discuss the development of not only six specific crafts--glass, ceramics, jewelry, wood, textiles, and metal--but also the trends and movements that have helped shape their developments. Includes 180 full-color illustrations.

Design for Manufacturability of Ceramic Components

Author : American Ceramic Society. Meeting
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Papers from the symposium deal with concepts, applications, and grinding and machining aspects in ceramic component design for manufacturability (DFM). Topics include probabalistic DFM, processing technology for advanced structural ceramics, rapid prototyping applied to industrial design of ceramics


Author :
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Author : Chris Lefteri
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This book explores and illustrates a range of modern ceramic materials. It is an essential practical companion and sourcebook for artists, technicians, architects, designers and students. The book covers the vast range of contemporary ceramic materials, including building, industrial and tableware products. Each page features a material, process or object. Information is broken down into digestible compartments, with contact details for more information resources.