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New Creativity Paradigms

Author : Kylie A. Peppler
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Commissioned by the Wallace Foundation, this book explores research indicating that youth are learning new ways to engage in the arts on their own time and according to their own interests. Digital technologies, such as production tools and social media, allow youth to create and share their art. Kylie Peppler urges educators and policy makers to take advantage of -arts learning opportunities and imagine a school setting where young people are driven by their own interests, using tablets, computers, and other devices to produce visual arts, music composition, dance, and design. This book gives educators an understanding of what is happening with current digital technologies and the opportunities that exist to connect to youth practice, and raises questions about why we don't use these opportunities more frequently."

New Creativity Paradigms

Author : Kylie A. Peppler
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Creativity and Innovation in the Music Industry

Author : Peter Tschmuck
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This book charts the effects of new communication technologies and the Internet on the creation of music in the early 21st century. It examines how the music industry will be altered by the Internet, music online services and MP3-technology. This is done through an integrated model based on an international history of the industry since the phonograph’s invention in 1877, and thus, the history of the music industry is described in full detail for the first time.

Design Paradigms

Author : Warren K. Wake
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A versatile toolbox of ideas for creative design solutions. How do things bend? How are things joined? How do things get larger or smaller? When you work creatively in design or architecture, these are the sort of questions that come up again and again-and how you choose to answer them can play a pivotal role in determining the final form of a design project. This book offers a powerful new approach to design and creative visualization, helping you address these key design questions with flexibility and imagination by equipping you with a vital repertoire of design paradigms: basic conceptual and visual ideas that can be applied to all types of design problems. Beginning with fundamental design paradigm concepts, Design Paradigms: * Introduces simple shapes and then explores how more complex forms can accommodate enclosure, attachment, and other common functions * Examines how multiple objects relate to each other and how they can be linked or connected * Looks at multiple functions of a single object, using models that range from a claw hammer to a convertible sofa Bridging the gap between theory and practice, the book discusses how design paradigms can work as conceptual blockbusters in solving design problems. Complete with over 300 illustrations, examples from both natural and man-made environments, and much more, Design Paradigms is a powerful springboard for design exploration-a must-own sourcebook of inspiration for students and professionals in all areas of design, product development, and architecture.

Conference Proceedings

Author : Counselling Association of Nigeria. Conference
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T rsadalom s Gazdas g K z p s Kelet Eur p ban

Author :
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Creation and Creativity

Author : Liza Beaulieu
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Dynamic Perspectives on Creativity

Author : Ronald A. Beghetto
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This edited volume provides a venue for scholars whose work challenges the typical, static conceptions, and methods of studying creativity. More specifically, the book will serve as an effort to introduce more dynamic definitions, conceptions, and approaches for studying creativity in the context of educational practice. By doing so, it feeds the strong contemporary need for more dynamic conceptions of creativity in educational settings. This is particularly important given the fast evolution of modern society and the widespread consensus that efforts to develop creative potential should be democratized -- extending well beyond the boundaries of the gifted subset and the walls of the classroom. This work recognizes that more dynamic perspectives on creativity are necessary for understanding its complexity, value, and meaning in educational contexts.

Dimensions of Moral Creativity

Author : Antonio S. Cua
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New Literacies and Teacher Learning

Author : Michele Knobel
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New Literacies and Teacher Learning examines the complexities of teacher professional development today in relation to new literacies and digital technologies, set within the wider context of strong demands for teachers to be innovative and to improve students’ learning outcomes. Contributors hail from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Finland, Mexico, Norway, and the U.S., and work in a broad range of situations, grade levels, activities, scales, and even national contexts. Projects include early year education through to adult literacy education and university contexts, describing a range of approaches to taking up new literacies and digital technologies within diverse learning practices. While the authors present detailed descriptions of using various digital resources like movie editing software, wikis, video conferencing, Twitter, and YouTube, they all agree that digital «stuff» – while important – is not the central concern. Instead, what they foreground in their discussions are theory-informed pedagogical orientations, collaborative learning theories, the complexities of teachers’ workplaces, and young people’s interests. Thus, a key premise in this collection is that teaching and learning are about deep engagement, representing meanings in a range of ways. These include acknowledging relationships and knowledge; thinking critically about events, phenomena, and processes; and participating in valued social and cultural activities. The book shows how this kind of learning doesn’t simply occur in a one-off session, but takes time, commitment, and multiple opportunities to interact with others, to explore, play, make mistakes, and get it right.

The Creative Paradigm

Author : Colin Peile
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Reconciling Copyright with Cumulative Creativity

Author : Giancarlo Frosio
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Reconciling Copyright with Cumulative Creativity: The Third Paradigm examines the long history of creativity, from cave art to digital remix, in order to demonstrate a consistent disparity between the traditional cumulative mechanics of creativity and modern copyright policies. Giancarlo Frosio calls for the return of creativity to an inclusive process, so that the first (pre-modern imitative and collaborative model) and second (post-Romantic copyright model) creative paradigms can be reconciled into an emerging third paradigm which would be seen as a networked peer and user-based collaborative model.

Youth Media Matters

Author : Korina M. Jocson
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In an information age of youth social movements, Youth Media Matters examines how young people are using new media technologies to tell stories about themselves and their social worlds. They do so through joint efforts in a range of educational settings and media environments, including high school classrooms, youth media organizations, and social media sites. Korina M. Jocson draws on various theories to show how educators can harness the power of youth media to provide new opportunities for meaningful learning and “do-it-together production.” Describing the impact that youth media can have on the broader culture, Jocson demonstrates how it supports expansive literacy practices and promotes civic engagement, particularly among historically marginalized youth. In Youth Media Matters, Jocson offers a connective analysis of content area classrooms, career and technical education, literary and media arts organizations, community television stations, and colleges and universities. She provides examples of youth media work—including videos, television broadcasts, websites, and blogs—produced in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, and St. Louis. At a time when educators are increasingly attentive to participatory cultures yet constrained by top-down pedagogical requirements, Jocson highlights the knowledge production and transformative potential of youth media with import both in and out of the classroom.

Shifting Safety and Health Paradigms

Author : F. David Pierce
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Safety visionary and Total Quality Management expert F. David Pierce explores how today's safety and health system was developed, what works, what doesn't, and how the practice of safety can and must change to better protect workers and to contribute to corporate goals. Pierce examines workers' compensation, safety regulations and regulatory agencies, professional organizations, organized labor, and traditional corporate structure and suggests strategies for fixing the 'broken' aspects of corporate safety practices.

Creativity in Human Development

Author : J. O. Akinboye
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Creative Problem Solving and Opportunity Finding

Author : J. Daniel Couger
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Educational research reveals that most people demonstrate a great deal of creativity at age 5. Unfortunately, their creative output diminishes as they mature, due to the factors that stifle creativity in the educational process. All of us, therefore, need assistance in resurfacing our innate creativity. Creative Problem Solving and Opportunity Finding discusses the process necessary for facilitating creativity and explains approaches we can use to resurface our own creativity. The book also contains key principles and concepts of creativity, approaches to removing blocks to creativity, and 22 techniques for generating ideas. It provides the framework of the Creative Problem Solving methodology to organize the creative process. It includes a wide variety of examples and contains a rich blend of theory and practice.

The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide

Author : Chris Gore
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Chris Gore reveals to filmmakers how to successfully market and sell their films at over 700 film festivals worldwide, how get a film accepted and what to do after acceptance. Completely updated and revised. Photos.

The Pacific Rim Almanac

Author : Alexander Besher
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Provides information on the history, culture, and social customs of the countries along the Pacific Rim

Global Program Management

Author : Paula Wagner
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An in-depth guide to global program management This practical resource offers proven strategies for directing the design, development, delivery, and monitoring of major, long-term business or agency programs in global markets. Global Program Management reflects the movement of the field to a broader, more global, and enterprise-wide perspective. Covering the new Project Management Institute (PMI) Standard for Program Management, the book explains the ways in which program management differs from project management and reveals how to master strong leadership, organization, communication, technical, managerial, and agility skills along with a comprehensive understanding of foreign markets and cultures. Discover how to: Review organizational and global settings for program management Adhere to the new PMI Standard for Program Management Develop strategies, programs, and candidate projects into a strategic portfolio Align strategies and programs to ensure success, profitability, and program benefits Assess, monitor, and mitigate risk on a program scale Hone global program management leadership competencies Find and secure partners to provide program support Apply program management concepts to federal sector reforms

Christianity Culture and the Contemporary World Challenges and New Paradigms

Author : Edward Joseph Alam
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