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New Tactical Games with Dice and Cards

Author : Reiner Knizia
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World-renowned game designer Reiner Knizia offers 50 new easy-to-play games featuring cards and dice. These fun and novel games can be played with easily available items like standard playing cards, dice and a few counters. This book is perfect for everyone from casual game players to dedicated game designers.

Pleasure and Leisure in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Age

Author : Albrecht Classen
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Jan Huizinga and Roger Caillois have already taught us to realize how important games and play have been for pre-modern civilization. Recent research has begun to acknowledge the fundamental importance of these aspects in cultural, religious, philosophical, and literary terms. This volume expands on the traditional approach still very much focused on the materiality of game (toys, cards, dice, falcons, dolls, etc.) and acknowledges that game constituted also a form of coming to terms with human existence in an unstable and volatile world determined by universal randomness and fortune. Whether considering blessings or horse fighting, falconry or card games, playing with dice or dolls, we can gain a much deeper understanding of medieval and early modern society when we consider how people pursued pleasure and how they structured their leisure time. The contributions examine a wide gamut of approaches to pleasure, considering health issues, eroticism, tournaments, playing music, reading and listening, drinking alcohol, gambling and throwing dice. This large issue was also relevant, of course, in non-Christian societies, and constitutes a critical concern both for the past and the present because we are all homines ludentes.

War Games

Author : Philipp Von Hilgers
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The convergence of military strategy and mathematics in war games, from medieval to modern times. For centuries, both mathematical and military thinkers have used game-like scenarios to test their visions of mastering a complex world through symbolic operations. By the end of World War I, mathematical and military discourse in Germany simultaneously discovered the game as a productive concept. Mathematics and military strategy converged in World War II when mathematicians designed fields of operation. In this book, Philipp von Hilgers examines the theory and practice of war games through history, from the medieval game boards, captured on parchment, to the paper map exercises of the Third Reich. Von Hilgers considers how and why war games came to exist: why mathematical and military thinkers created simulations of one of the most unpredictable human activities on earth. Von Hilgers begins with the medieval rythmomachia, or Battle of Numbers, then reconstructs the ideas about war and games in the baroque period. He investigates the role of George Leopold von Reiswitz's tactical war game in nineteenth-century Prussia and describes the artifact itself: a game board–topped table with drawers for game implements. He explains Clausewitz's emphasis on the “fog of war” and the accompanying element of incalculability, examines the contributions of such thinkers as Clausewitz, Leibniz, Wittgenstein, and von Neumann, and investigates the war games of the German military between the two World Wars. Baudrillard declared this to be the age of simulacra; war games stand contrariwise as simulations that have not been subsumed in absolute virtuality.

Pattern Language for Game Design

Author : Christopher Barney
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Chris Barney’s Pattern Language for Game Design builds on the revolutionary work of architect Christopher Alexander to show students, teachers, and game development professionals how to derive best practices in all aspects of game design. Using a series of practical, rigorous exercises, designers can observe and analyze the failures and successes of the games they know and love to find the deep patterns that underlie good design. From an in-depth look at Alexander’s work, to a critique of pattern theory in various fields, to a new approach that will challenge your knowledge and put it to work, this book seeks to transform how we look at building the interactive experiences that shape us. Key Features: Background on the architectural concepts of patterns and a Pattern Language as defined in the work of Christopher Alexander, including his later work on the Fifteen Properties of Wholeness and Generative Codes. Analysis of other uses of Alexander’s work in computer science and game design, and the limitations of those efforts. A comprehensive set of example exercises to help the reader develop their own patterns that can be used in practical day-to-day game design tasks. Exercises that are useful to designers at all levels of experience and can be completed in any order, allowing students to select exercises that match their coursework and allowing professionals to select exercises that address their real-world challenges. Discussion of common pitfalls and difficulties with the pattern derivation process. A guide for game design teachers, studio leaders, and university departments for curating and maintaining institutional Pattern Languages. An Interactive Pattern Language website where you can share patterns with developers throughout the world ( Comprehensive games reference for all games discussed in this book. Author Chris Barney is an industry veteran with more than a decade of experience designing and engineering games such as Poptropica and teaching at Northeastern University. He has spoken at conferences, including GDC, DevCom, and PAX, on topics from core game design to social justice. Seeking degrees in game design before formal game design programs existed, Barney built his own undergraduate and graduate curricula out of offerings in sociology, computer science, and independent study. In pursuit of a broad understanding of games, he has worked on projects spanning interactive theater, live-action role-playing game (LARP) design, board games, and tabletop role-playing games (RPGs). An extensive collection of his essays of game design topics can be found on his development blog at

Game Preview

Author : Nicolae Sfetcu
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A guide for game preview and rules: history, definitions, classification, theory, video game consoles, cheating, links, etc. While many different subdivisions have been proposed, anthropologists classify games under three major headings, and have drawn some conclusions as to the social bases that each sort of game requires. They divide games broadly into, games of pure skill, such as hopscotch and target shooting; games of pure strategy, such as checkers, go, or tic-tac-toe; and games of chance, such as craps and snakes and ladders. A guide for game preview and rules: history, definitions, classification, theory, video game consoles, cheating, links, etc.

iPhone Game Blueprints

Author : Igor Uduslivii
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iPhone Game Blueprints is a practical, hands-on guide with step-by-step instructions leading you through a number of different projects, providing you with the essentials for creating your own iPhone games.This book is for graphic designers, developers, illustrators, and simple enthusiasts, who dream about the creation of mobile games or who have already worked in that domain, but need some additional inspiration and knowledge. This book can be considered as an illustrated handbook, worth having in your game development studio. It can work as a “paper art-director” for your project.


Author : Stewart Woods
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"This book chronicles the evolution of tabletop hobby gaming, explores why hobbyists play eurogames, how players balance the structure of competitive play with the demands of an intimate social gathering, and to what extent the social context of the gameencounter shapes the playing experience. This innovative work highlights a popular alternative trend in the gaming community"--

Zones of Control

Author : Pat Harrigan
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Examinations of wargaming for entertainment, education, and military planning, in terms of design, critical analysis, and historical contexts. Games with military themes date back to antiquity, and yet they are curiously neglected in much of the academic and trade literature on games and game history. This volume fills that gap, providing a diverse set of perspectives on wargaming's past, present, and future. In Zones of Control, contributors consider wargames played for entertainment, education, and military planning, in terms of design, critical analysis, and historical contexts. They consider both digital and especially tabletop games, most of which cover specific historical conflicts or are grounded in recognizable real-world geopolitics. Game designers and players will find the historical and critical contexts often missing from design and hobby literature; military analysts will find connections to game design and the humanities; and academics will find documentation and critique of a sophisticated body of cultural work in which the complexity of military conflict is represented in ludic systems and procedures. Each section begins with a long anchoring chapter by an established authority, which is followed by a variety of shorter pieces both analytic and anecdotal. Topics include the history of playing at war; operations research and systems design; wargaming and military history; wargaming's ethics and politics; gaming irregular and non-kinetic warfare; and wargames as artistic practice. Contributors Jeremy Antley, Richard Barbrook, Elizabeth M. Bartels, Ed Beach, Larry Bond, Larry Brom, Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, Rex Brynen, Matthew B. Caffrey, Jr., Luke Caldwell, Catherine Cavagnaro, Robert M. Citino, Laurent Closier, Stephen V. Cole, Brian Conley, Greg Costikyan, Patrick Crogan, John Curry, James F. Dunnigan, Robert J. Elder, Lisa Faden, Mary Flanagan, John A. Foley, Alexander R. Galloway, Sharon Ghamari-Tabrizi, Don R. Gilman, A. Scott Glancy, Troy Goodfellow, Jack Greene, Mark Herman, Kacper Kwiatkowski, Tim Lenoir, David Levinthal, Alexander H. Levis, Henry Lowood, Elizabeth Losh, Esther MacCallum-Stewart, Rob MacDougall, Mark Mahaffey, Bill McDonald, Brien J. Miller, Joseph Miranda, Soraya Murray, Tetsuya Nakamura, Michael Peck, Peter P. Perla, Jon Peterson, John Prados, Ted S. Raicer, Volko Ruhnke, Philip Sabin, Thomas C. Schelling, Marcus Schulzke, Miguel Sicart, Rachel Simmons, Ian Sturrock, Jenny Thompson, John Tiller, J. R. Tracy, Brian Train, Russell Vane, Charles Vasey, Andrew Wackerfuss, James Wallis, James Wallman, Yuna Huh Wong

Dice Cards Wheels

Author : Thomas M. Kavanagh
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Gambling has been a practice central to many cultures throughout history. In Dice, Cards, Wheels, Thomas M. Kavanagh scrutinizes the changing face of the gambler in France over a period of eight centuries, using gambling and its representations in literature as a lens through which to observe French culture. Kavanagh argues that the way people gamble tells us something otherwise unrecognized about the values, conflicts, and cultures that define a period or class. To gamble is to enter a world traced out by the rules and protocols of the game the gambler plays. That world may be an alternative to the established order, but the shape and structure of the game reveal indirectly hidden tensions, fears, and prohibitions. Drawing on literature from the Middle Ages to the present, Kavanagh reconstructs the figure of the gambler and his evolving personae. He examines, among other examples, Bodel's dicing in a twelfth-century tavern for the conversion of the Muslim world; Pascal's post-Reformation redefinition of salvation as the gambler's prize; the aristocratic libertine's celebration of the bluff; and Balzac's, Barbey d'Aurevilly's, and Bourget's nineteenth-century revisions of the gambler. Dice, Cards, Wheels embraces the tremendous breadth of French history and emerges as a broad-ranging study of the different forms of gambling, from the dice games of the Middle Ages to the digital slot machines of the twenty-first century, and what those games tell us about French culture and history.

Game Design

Author : Lewis Pulsipher
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Many aspiring game designers have crippling misconceptions about the process involved in creating a game from scratch, believing a “big idea” is all that is needed to get started. But game design requires action as well as thought, and proper training and practice to do so skillfully. In this indispensible guide, a published commercial game designer and longtime teacher offers practical instruction in the art of video and tabletop game design. The topics explored include the varying types of games, vital preliminaries of making a game, the nuts and bolts of devising a game, creating a prototype, testing, designing levels, technical aspects, and assessing nature of the audience. With practice challenges, a list of resources for further exploration, and a glossary of industry terms, this manual is essential for the nascent game designer and offers food for thought for even the most experienced professional.

Playing War

Author : John M. Lillard
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Between the First and Second World Wars, the U.S. Navy used the experience it had gained in battle to prepare for future wars through simulated conflicts, or war games, at the Naval War College. In Playing War John M. Lillard analyzes individual war games in detail, showing how players tested new tactics and doctrines, experimented with advanced technology, and transformed their approaches through these war games, learning lessons that would prepare them to make critical decisions in the years to come. Recent histories of the interwar period explore how the U.S. Navy digested the impact of World War I and prepared itself for World War II. However, most of these works overlook or dismiss the transformational quality of the War College war games and the central role they played in preparing the navy for war. To address that gap, Playing War details how the interwar navy projected itself into the future through simulated conflicts. Playing War recasts the reputation of the interwar War College as an agent of preparation and innovation and the war games as the instruments of that agency.

Game Wizards

Author : Jon Peterson
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The story of the arcane table-top game that became a pop culture phenomenon and the long-running legal battle waged by its cocreators. When Dungeons & Dragons was first released to a small hobby community, it hardly seemed destined for mainstream success--and yet this arcane tabletop role-playing game became an unlikely pop culture phenomenon. In Game Wizards, Jon Peterson chronicles the rise of Dungeons & Dragons from hobbyist pastime to mass market sensation, from the initial collaboration to the later feud of its creators, Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. As the game's fiftieth anniversary approaches, Peterson--a noted authority on role-playing games--explains how D&D and its creators navigated their successes, setbacks, and controversies. Peterson describes Gygax and Arneson's first meeting and their work toward the 1974 release of the game; the founding of TSR and its growth as a company; and Arneson's acrimonious departure and subsequent challenges to TSR. He recounts the "Satanic Panic" accusations that D&D was sacrilegious and dangerous, and how they made the game famous. And he chronicles TSR's reckless expansion and near-fatal corporate infighting, which culminated with the company in debt and overextended and the end of Gygax's losing battle to retain control over TSR and D&D. With Game Wizards, Peterson restores historical particulars long obscured by competing narratives spun by the one-time partners. That record amply demonstrates how the turbulent experience of creating something as momentous as Dungeons & Dragons can make people remember things a bit differently from the way they actually happened.

Soccer Board Game

Author : York Herpers
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This soccer board game lets 2 players experience exciting games. As with the original, short pass play, shots on goal and goalkeeper parades up to the goal determine the decisive role. The duel for the ball possession is discharged by simple dice game. The rules are easily explained and implemented quickly. Tactics and dice luck on both sides ensure fast results and exciting gameplay. The foul play can also be used as a tactical measure. However, with hard consequences: Each foul is punished immediately with a yellow card. 24 pages in color. Includes two A2-sized playing surfaces, playing pieces and dice cards for cutting out. The use of commercial cubes and game pieces is possible.

Haram Wealth in Contemporary Muamalah

Author : Dr. Erwandi Tarmizi, Lc, MA
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The original versions titled “Harta Haram Muamalat Kontemporer (HHMK)” by Dr. Erwandi Tarmizi, Lc MA has been printed for up to 15 times (March 2017) that produce over than 60.000 copies. Currently this book became a reference in many Islamic studies like radios and television talk show (Indonesia and Malaysia), academia, government, financial institutions and various business communities. This book is the most comprehensive compilation of Indonesia's contemporary fiqh (Islamic Law) that regularly updated with any new business issues. This book is intended to give solutions to maaliyah problems. It provides explanations about forbidden transaction (haram) which are commonly occurred in financial and nonfinancial institutions. Case related to home loan, leasing, pawn shops, credit card, L/C, cheque, stock, bond, short selling, buy on margin, murabahah, mudharabah, loan for pilgrimage purpose, bribery and corruption. Author explores more about forbidden marketing schema such as: MLM (multi level marketing), online trading, promotion, discount, advertisement, and selling the haram products with such as: gelatine, alcohol, formalin, etc. All Those maaliyah problems are resolved scientifically based on Al Qur'an and As Sunnah in this book. Statements (fatwa) from national and international Islamic fiqh council and opinions from scholars that are relevant to the problems are also exposed in order to allow the readers to make comparison. In addition, this book offers Islamic means to make an forbidden (haram) transaction to become permissible. Finally, through chapters in this book, author of this book encourages moslems to purify their wealth from haram transaction.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Board Games Studies

Author :
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Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Author :
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The South African Dictionary of Sport

Author : J. Alswang
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This title is a collection of information on probably every sport that has been played in South Africa. It brings us the rules, the method of play, the specifications and layout of playing area of a multitude of sport.

Top of Your Game

Author : Jonathan Albin
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Format : PDF
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The Game Market Guru, Jonathan Albin, has made it possible for you to learn the tactics, tips, and techniques designed to make you a winner at everything. This is part two of his Game Changer Challenge, and will introduce you to the exciting, challenging, and thought-provoking world of all kinds of games and gamers, and offers the secrets to developing the skills of a winner.

Games Most Wanted

Author : Ben H. Rome
File Size : 35.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Ever thought about capturing a queen, amassing real estate gold, or striking down a zombie or two? For centuries, games have stimulated the imagination. They have divided, and they have united. They have driven our competitive spirit and indulged our fancy. Live an entire lifetime in a few rolls of the dice. Push a few buttons and sustain perfect health. Essentially, games have and will continue to provide people worldwide a break from the everyday grind. With more than forty chapters, GamesÆ Most WantedÖ whisks readers away into the fantasyland of games. Learn more about board games that have.

How to Host a Game Night

Author : Erik Arneson
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From party games to legacy games, setting up to hosting a crowd, tabletop game expert Erik Arneson gives you the strategies you need to host an epic game night. Break out the chips and grab a drink! With enthusiasm for tabletop games at an all-time high and exciting new board games and card games hitting Kickstarter every week, game night is more popular than ever. But there’s more to the perfect game night than choosing between classics like Scrabble and Catan or introducing friends and family to games like Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, and Codenames. Tabletop gaming expert and experienced game night host Erik Arneson is here to help. Organizing his advice by group size, Arneson walks you through everything from selecting the right venue and snacks to managing a game library and bad attitudes, answering questions like: -How can I make the most of a small space? -Am I explaining the rules right? -What should I do if guests show up late? -How do I keep my dog from eating the pieces? -Do I have to invite Sean? Marrying the practicality of Emily Post with curated lists of games perfect for every occasion, Arneson’s humorous, down-to-earth approach will help readers everywhere navigate these fun and rewarding gatherings. Ideal for novice hosts and seasoned players alike, How to Host a Game Night is the perfect book for anyone wanting to up the ante on their hosting game.