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God s Seduction Plan

Author : Thomas Ramadhani SJ
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What happens when a familiar passage in the Bible begins to sound like your own life and those verses want to shape a new story only you can tell? Confronted by that question when his life was disrupted, Father Ramadhani turned to writing as his tool to search into the depths. In this spiritual monograph on Hosea 2:4-25 and 3:1-5, he offers a narrative of a homecoming journey through eight metaphors—Prostituting, Stripping, Caging, Unveiling, Seducing, Purging, Owning, and Sitting. This is the second book in his ‘Trilogy of Redemption’. When everything is gone, the only option is to walk into the unknown in the wilderness. Utter loss can be the only way to rediscover God and reinvent life. This leads to a bigger grace, a better gain, and a more liberating path. God’s seduction plan will bring every sinner home.

Redefining Rape

Author : Estelle B. Freedman
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The uproar over "legitimate rape" during the 2012 U.S. elections confirms that rape remains a word in flux, subject to political power and social privilege. Redefining Rape describes the forces that have shaped the meaning of sexual violence in the U.S., through the experiences of accusers, assailants, and advocates for change.

The Oxford Handbook of American Women s and Gender History

Author : Ellen Hartigan-O'Connor
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From the first European encounters with Native American women to today's crisis of sexual assault, The Oxford Handbook of American Women's and Gender History boldly interprets the diverse history of women and how ideas about gender shaped their access to political and cultural power in North America. Over twenty-nine chapters, this handbook illustrates how women's and gender history can shape how we view the past, looking at how gender influenced people's lives as they participated in migration, colonialism, trade, warfare, artistic production, and community building. Theoretically cutting edge, each chapter is alive with colorful historical characters, from young Chicanas transforming urban culture, to free women of color forging abolitionist doctrines, Asian migrant women defending the legitimacy of their marriages, and transwomen fleeing incarceration. Together, their lives constitute the history of a continent. Leading scholars across multiple generations demonstrate the power of innovative research to excavate a history hidden in plain sight. Scrutinizing silences in the historical record, from the inattention to enslaved women's opinions to the suppression of Indian women's involvement in border diplomacy, the authors challenge the nature of historical evidence and remap what counts in our interpretation of the past. Together and separately, these essays offer readers a deep understanding of the variety and centrality of women's lives to all dimensions of the American past, even as they show that the boundaries of "women," "American," and "history" have shifted across the centuries.

Pacific Coast Pilot

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Sex and Sexuality in Early America

Author : Merril D. Smith
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Sex and sexuality have always been the subject of much attention, both scholarly and popular. Yet, accounts of the early years of the United States tend to overlook the importance of their influence on the shaping of American culture. This book addresses this neglected topic with original research covering a wide spectrum, from sexual behavior to sexual perceptions and imagery, and more.

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Author : Edward BARRY (D.D.)
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Bulletin of the United States Geological Survey

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The Seductions of Pilgrimage

Author : Dr Michael A Di Giovine
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The Seductions of Pilgrimage focuses on the varied discursive, imaginative, and practical mechanisms of seduction that draw individual pilgrims to a pilgrimage site; the objects, places, and paradigms that pilgrims leave behind as they embark on their hyper-meaningful travel experience, and the often unforeseen elements that lead pilgrims off their desired course. Presenting the first comprehensive study of the role of seduction on individual pilgrims in the study of pilgrimage and tourism, it will appeal to scholars of anthropology, cultural geography, tourism, heritage, and religious studies.

Bulletin of the United States Geological Survey

Author : Geological Survey (U.S.)
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