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The Time is Noon

Author : Hiram Collins Haydn
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"Six young people come to maturity in the late 1920's. The setting is Florida and North Carolina." Cf. Hanna, A. Mirror for the nation.


Author : Costakis Evangelou
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In search of a brother who mysteriously disappeared, left with questions unanswered, Sebastian has never stopped believing that somewhere out there, passed all hope and fear, within the strange occurring anomaly known as, 'The Devil's Triangle,' is where he'll find his answers. For it is, Sebastian Origan, a young aspiring scientist, assigned to a government organisation to investigate this phenomenon, Sebastian and a group of highly skilled individuals must dare to explore beyond the boundaries of their expectations and journey forth to a place that remains shielded against the sight of all mankind. There, boldly daring to find the answers he seeks, Sebastian must test his courage and confront an ancient evil that threatens the light of all existence, in a place mystically known to him as, Aquarttus...

Left but Not Alone

Author : De'Monica N. Cooper
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Life isn’t easy for Brooklyn Rideaux. Growing up in “the ward” in Houston, Texas, Brooklyn feels like her family is always evolving. First, her mother, Mama Betty, takes in a newborn whose mother couldn’t care for her anymore, and then Brooklyn’s three cousins come to live with her. And to top it off, Brooklyn’s sister, Pearl, just had a baby of her own. Add in Brooklyn’s elderly live in grandmother, and Brooklyn feels like she’s lost in the shuffle. After Brooklyn’s father, Tommy Boy, is sent to prison, Mama Betty does what she can to keep the family together. But the more Brooklyn feels pushed to the side and unwanted, the more she feels pressured to look for love in other places—often resulting in harsh consequences and a life full of drama. It’s not until after a failed suicide attempt that Brooklyn realizes she needs to change and then accepts the Lord into her life as her Savior. It is only through God’s help and love that Brooklyn will be able to overcome life’s obstacles and seek His ultimate plan for her. Will she rely on God’s help to free herself from the obstacles keeping her from His plan for her life?

A Purple Winter

Author : Mel Bossa
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Derek O'Reilly was never good at reality. After twenty years of adulthood, he's disenchanted with his life but his husband, Chef Nick Lund, is still chasing success. Then a near-fatal motorcycle accident brings everything to a halt and opens a door to a time Derek thought he'd never experience again. As Derek sinks into a coma, his mind returns to the winter he first fell for Nick, the bad boy with arctic blue eyes. But in this coma-fantasy, Derek isn't a helpless child anymore. No -- this time, he's older and making Nick Lund stutter and swoon for a change. While Derek slips away, Nick sits by him in the hospital, devastated. To pull his lover back from the land of dreams, he must say what he's never said before. Derek has a choice -- remain lost in his imagined world, or return to Nick in the here and now where forever truly exists.

Like A Chinese Tattoo

Author :
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Twelve Inscrutably Twisted Tales... Unusual, weird and wonderful, herein are twelve stories from the minds of four supremely talented — and twisted — authors. From the curse of the living dead to vengeance from beyond the grave, from the darkest corner of Africa to the bowels of the local cemetery, these tales are as unique and as mysterious as... well, a Chinese Tattoo! For fans of JA Konrath's Jack Daniels mystery series, this collection includes a Harry McGlade novella, "The Necro Files." In addition to the hysterical "Necro Files," the book offers Rick R. Reed's dark revenge tale "Moving Toward the Light," David Thomas Lord's deceptively creepy "The White Room" and Cullen Bunn's darkly horrifying "Tomorrow, When The Demons Come" (as well as "Granny Kisses," one of Cullen's insanely twisted World Horror Convention Gross-Out stories!) And those are just a few of the 12 offerings!

Midwinter Anthology

Author : Phil Bettinson
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Jara23 Publishing's Midwinter Anthology 2016. Welcome the 2016 Midwinter Anthology. This anthology is perhaps a little different from those that have gone before. It is bigger, better, and some stories may not be suitable for younger readers. Some of you who have been following the work of Jara23 Publishing may have noticed that we missed our anthology in 2015. This was because one of our authors, and a close personal friend, passed away that year. Jon Scholes, known as Big Bad Jon to pretty much everyone has been a regular contributor to this anthology since it began. It is with some sorrow that this anthology carries his last ever story 'Unforgivable Sin'. As ever, this anthology is full of a broad variety of stories, ranging from thrillers, to horror, to sci-fi, and back again. Phil Bettinson offers us a creeping thriller in the science-fiction Beep and explores a dystopian future without stories in 'Hello Citizen'. John Dodd thrills us with his Brave New World then takes us on a different take of what it would be like with super-powered humans in The Bottom Drawer. Christian Klose offers us an exploration on love in Comtessa and another in their poem Love Never Dies, or so they say. Michael Greenwell shows us how a company offering a new start may not be all they appear in Demonshcrift. Kim Hosking tells us tales of a river in Pennies for the Dead, and tales of struggle in The Cave. Lumde Nopem explores the difficult question of who truly is a monster in Monster. Not for the faint-hearted. Katherine Burton wonders what hell truly looks like in Hell on Earth Jon Scholes takes us on a tale of death, asks if there is such a thing as forgiveness in Unforgivable Sin We here at Jara23 Publishing hope that you enjoy our offerings for this midwinter. Now it's time to find yourselves a nice warm fire to curl up infront of, and enjoy.

Out Here at the Front

Author : Nora Saltonstall
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Publishes for the first time the World War I letters of Nora Saltonstall, a young woman from a prominent New England family who left her comfortable circumstances to volunteer for service on the Western Front.

Tales from Ancient and Future Times

Author : Kate MacLeod
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"Tales from Ancient and Future Times" collects five stories from fantasy and science fiction writer Kate MacLeod: the science fiction story "Taren and Keui", tale of two alien beings finding a way out of a zero sum game; the dark fantasy tale "The Story for the Letters", about a little girl and an ancient evil; the science fiction story "AI: Aesir Intelligence", where the sole survivor of a shuttle crash stays alive on a hostile world with the guidance of some unconventional babysitters; the science fiction story "Upon the Lonesome Wild" about a woman meant to be the matriarch of a far reaching clan on a newly discovered world who instead finds herself alone on a dying one; and the science fiction novelette "The Inscrutable Visages of the Sowmyatha" where a young officer finds it easier to communicate with a rocklike alien race than her human teammates.

Upon the Lonesome Wild

Author : Kate MacLeod
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They travelled for generations to reach this planet, to turn it into a bread basket for the universe. Rich soil, abundant sun and rain, a perfect site for agricultural colonization. But nothing grows, and no one knows why. A generation raised to become the forefathers of millions now ages alone, their children forced to move on to better prospects. Enid's husband thinks she imagines things, things that move through the corn that surrounds their farm. He blames her long hours alone and gives her a puppy to be her companion, guard and protector. But the puppy senses things lurking just outside their farm too. "Upon the Lonesome Wild", a science fiction short story about the cost of family moving away from each other at relativistic speeds.

Tales of Old Gods and New

Author : Kate MacLeod
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"Tales of Old Gods and New" collects ten stories from fantasy and science fiction writer Kate MacLeod: the high fantasy murder mystery "Impostor Apparition", the western weird tale "Unsafe, Unsound", the pseudo-Egyptian fantasy "Tear of a Sphinx", the early Bronze Age fantasy "Changing Tides", "In the Waste Places", the sequel to "Oil Fire"; the science fiction story "Taren and Keui", tale of two alien beings finding a way out of a zero sum game; the dark fantasy tale "The Story for the Letters", about a little girl and an ancient evil; the science fiction story "AI: Aesir Intelligence", where the sole survivor of a shuttle crash stays alive on a hostile world with the guidance of some unconventional babysitters; the science fiction story "Upon the Lonesome Wild" about a woman meant to be the matriarch of a far reaching clan on a newly discovered world who instead finds herself alone on a dying one; and the science fiction novelette "The Inscrutable Visages of the Sowmyatha" where a young officer finds it easier to communicate with a rocklike alien race than her human teammates.

Fire Fight One Man s Story

Author : JW Orchard
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Her Daughter s Dream

Author : Francine Rivers
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Book two in the bestselling series that has captivated millions of readers around the world! A NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, and PUBLISHERS WEEKLY bestseller In the dramatic conclusion to the Marta's Legacy series, the beloved author of Redeeming Love and The Masterpiece delivers a rich and deeply moving story about the silent sorrows that can tear a family apart and the grace and forgiveness that can heal even the deepest wounds. Marta's granddaughter, Carolyn, comes of age during the turbulent sixties, struggling to navigate a tense family life. Though college offers a taste of freedom, tragedy shatters her confidence and she disappears into the heady counterculture of San Francisco. When she reemerges, more lost than ever, she reluctantly turns to her family to help her rebuild a life for herself and her own daughter, May Flower Dawn. But familiar tensions emerge when Dawn develops a closer bond with her grandmother than her own mother. As she seeks to avoid the mistakes of those who went before her, Dawn determines to become a bridge between the women in her family. Her Daughter's Dream is the emotional final chapter of an unforgettable saga about the sacrifices mothers make for their daughters and the very nature of unconditional love. "Rivers has written another page-turner. . . . This heartfelt and sweeping saga is as ambitious as its central matriarch." Publishers Weekly "Engrossing and stunning. . . . The prose is elegant and life changing. . . . This sweeping family saga will touch both the heart and soul." Romantic Times

Shadow of the Blue Ring

Author : Jerome Kelly
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It has been six years since the final battle of the revolution. James Tavarez is now a captain in the Earth Nations Fleet but he has found that it is not quite the life that he had imagined it would be. Instead of excitement and adventure, he is now confined to endless routine patrol and escort missions. While taking some much needed time off from the fleet, James finds himself unexpectedly summoned by the leaders of the alliance council who have some disturbing news for him. Alliance ships have started going missing on the borders of the uncharted Blue Ring sector and the leaders of the alliance council have chosen him to undertake a mission to discover the truth behind it. After having reassembled his old team from six years ago, James journeys out into the uncharted reaches of space in a search for answers but what he discovers when he arrives is beyond anything he could have expected and he and his crew quickly find themselves in a desperate fight for their lives against a mysterious and deadly enemy. It soon becomes apparent that there are some secrets in the galaxy that should have remained buried forever

Promoting the Best Interests of Children

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Governmental Affairs. Subcommittee on Oversight of Government Management, Restructuring, and the District of Columbia
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The KingBee

Author : George S. Haines
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In August 1948, a daring bank robbery occurs at the First Express Bank in Marion, Indiana. At the same precise time, three inmates are sprung from the local jail by a stranger dubbed the Mayor. As special deputies, Sam and Howie are directed by Sheriff Neverfine to track down the culprits. The trail leads to a secret chemical laboratory located in a deserted coal mine deep inside an obscure mountain in Southern Indiana. Captured and shackled inside the mine, Sam and Howie notice a faded Bible verse on the stone wall. Who scratched the verse on the wall? Why does the verse appear in such an odd location? Does the verse have any special meaning or message for people who entered the room in past years? The deputies then discover that the devious criminals are developing a secret chemical called BrainX. When this substance is absorbed into the brain cells of subjects they become as zombies, responding only to the directives of the scheming experimenters. When Sam and Howie learn that they are destined to be the first human subjects to be infused with BrainX, their future existence as normal persons is in jeopardy. Will they ever be able to escape from the ongoing tortuous nightmare? And how about the Kingbee? Why does he suddenly show up? How does this character fit into the ongoing mysterious saga? Is he a friend or a foe? You will have to read every chapter in this novel, the sixth in the Sam and Howie series, to find the answers to all these intriguing questions.

War and Peace

Author : John Wilker
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Sometimes the jobs are simple, deliver a crate. Sometimes the crate is full of space bees and Bennie opens it. Gabe is back from his mission of leading a droid civil rights movement and seems to have been more or less successful. A new client approaches the crew, escort and protection detail for a summit. That sounds easy, and the pay is good. Turns out the Galactic Commonwealth is only partly run by the governing council… Things, as they do, turn sideways and now the Ghost is hiding from a super-advanced warship that shouldn’t exist. Turns out one of their previous clients is far more evil than they ever imagined, and someone they thought worthless turns out to be a valuable ally. Who doesn’t like learning new things?!


Author : Demelza Carlton
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A Find Your Fate science fiction tale...where YOU are the main character, and YOU choose the story! Forced to flee your home world, now you're a pilot, fighting in a war for a new home. In the heat of battle, will you live or die? Discover an alien city, or be captured as a spy? It's up to YOU! (And if you don't like the can always go back to the beginning and choose a different fate!)

War of Angels

Author : Joe McSweeney
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Is it his imagination or does there seem to be a clearing of the stale breath blowing from below? Its breeze, somehow, suddenly comes clean without the sound of its wheezing. Without sight he can only speculate, can only wrestle with the growing fear of what might be going on about him. A restless anger gnaws at him and his hand tightens upon the blade.There is that which has slumbered deep in the heart of this world called Thrae-and for more than five thousand years, it has dreamt. Of all that was, only the barest portion has survived in the ashes of a thousand wars fought amongst the races of men for dominion over her lands. Yet there still remain those who remember the day the ancient city of Urn fell, when the hordes of the Aunsidhlien first came into being in the aftermath of Delserite's war. Those powers, hidden yet silent, await the day when they can return.Now, as the great worm Oborean is roused from the mountain's heart, the long plains shiver again with emerging life. Meanwhile, from the river fold lands to the forests of Ty, the hordes of the Aunsidhlien gather for war. Once more, the ancient feud is stirring.

Love s Labours Box Set Books 1 3

Author : Erin McRae
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Summer. Shakespeare. Skulls. When longtime theater professional John heads to Virginia to play Oberon in the Theater in the Woods's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, the last thing he expects is to become captivated by Michael, the actor playing Puck. Despite reeling from a personal loss - and being inexperienced with men - John rushes headlong into a steamy relationship. But the fling may be doomed by secrets and a sinister discovery neither man is prepared for and John has to decide what to do in the face of mounting evidence his boyfriend might actually be a changeling. This anthology contains all three books in the Love's Labours series: Midsummer, Twelfth Night, and Tempest.

Trumpet s Song

Author : DP Fitzsimons
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He awoke in total darkness. Alone in a world of cannibalistic beasts and four-legged fiends with jet black eyes, Trumpet prefers to travel alone. Friends turn. Friends die. Friends find their destiny at the end of his blade. He prefers his music, both the music he sometimes plays with his trumpet and the other music he hears in his head walking the abandoned streets of the dead cities. When the girl comes into his life he is forced to choose. A simple life alone living by his father’s rules or a perilous journey destined for a bloody end.