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NOT Just Friends

Author : Shirley Glass
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One of the world’s leading experts on infidelity provides a step-by-step guide through the process of infidelity—from suspicion and revelation to healing, and provides profound, practical guidance to prevent infidelity and, if it happens, recover and heal from it. You’re right to be cautious when you hear these words: “I’m telling you, we’re just friends.” Good people in good marriages are having affairs. The workplace and the Internet have become fertile breeding grounds for “friendships” that can slowly and insidiously turn into love affairs. Yet you can protect your relationship from emotional or sexual betrayal by recognizing the red flags that mark the stages of slipping into an improper, dangerous intimacy that can threaten your marriage.

Not Just Friends

Author : Kate Hoffmann
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Come to Camp Winnehatchee! For new experiences. (With boys!) For the great outdoors. (Where you can find yourself in nature. With boys!) For adults-only activities. (Best shared with men!) For venture capitalist Adam Sutherland, attending Camp Winnehatchee's reopening was a no-brainer. He's even reuniting with former camp counselors to chip in and help revive the camp. What he isn't expecting is to find a girl sleeping in his bunk. Or that the girl is none other than Julia McKee, who went from shy and awkward Good Girl to scorching-hot babe.... But the good girl is all gone...and she's headed off to Paris! But before she goes, Julia intends to show her bad-boy childhood crush just how to put the "wild" back into the wilderness! And this time, he'll be the one left wanting more....

Not Just Friends

Author : Jay Northcote
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Is it worth risking a friendship for a chance at love?Leaving home to go to university is an exciting phase in anyone

Nothing More Than Just Friends

Author : Ted Brooks
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Tim Jenkins and Angela Gagliardi meet one day in college. They have different perspective regarding their friendship. He wants to marry her, but she has other ideas. Only time will tell if they can become more than friends.

The Just Friends Syndrome

Author : Johnny L. Williams
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If I had been alone, I may have kept up my hopes after what she said. She did say a lot of nice things about me. She said she liked being with me, said how sweet I was, said she liked that I was so patient with her. But he shook me back into reality. He said that while he was sure she meant all those things, she was just letting me down gently. Fact was, I'd heard it all before. History was repeating itself. It was, as Yogi Berra put it so eloquently, 'dj vu all over again'. Rarely has a book explored so intimately the deep feelings and emotions experienced by a guy looking for love. Based on a true story, this serious comedy highlights the author's Charlie Brown-like experiences with life and relationships. Through his interactions with nine different girls-eight of whom give him the dreaded "just friends" speech-Williams learns the ups and downs of love. Visit for more information and links to buy this book.

Just Friends

Author : Laura Peyton Roberts
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Nicole struggles to get Jesse to take her to the homecoming dance, Jenna worries her best friend Peter likes someone else, and Ben hits on a scheme to become popular.

Just Friends to Just Married

Author : Renee Roszel
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Kimberly Albert has always yearned for stability. Her boyfriend's just walked out and she's craving the one man who's always been there for her: her best friend, Jaxon Gideon. Jax has loved her forever yet he's had to stand by and watch her live her life without him. Now he has decided that if he can't have Kim in his life, he wants her out of it! But Kim is starting to see a new side to Jax…a much more irresistibly sexy side…and she likes what she sees! Kim just has to prove to Jax that their friendship could be so much more.…

Just Friends

Author : Jennifer Sucevic
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From USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Sucevic comes a sexy, new standalone novel. Can a guy and girl ever be just friends? I used to think so but now, I’m not so sure. Emerson and I met freshman year of high school and we’ve been tight ever since. I’ve been pretty good about keeping her locked in the girls I don’t think about having sex with part of my brain. Which is no easy feat because, let’s face it, unless we’re related, you’re potential spank bank material. Luckily for me, Southern University has an overabundance of Red Devils hockey groupies, which means there are always plenty of puck bunnies for me to choose from. I’m just careful to make sure they look nothing like Em. So, it should be all good in the hood, right? Wrong. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but lately, I can’t seem to get it up. Unless an image of Em pops into my head. Then it’s all systems go. It’s a messed-up situation. One Emerson is blissfully unaware of. And that’s exactly the way it needs to stay. What I’ve learned is that friendship is a hell of a lot harder to come by than hookups. Ready for a complication? It turns out that Em is a virgin. And she wants me to be the one to, well…take care of business. You better believe I shot down the idea before it could gain traction in my brain. Maybe Em doesn’t realize it, but remaining friends after you’ve slept with someone happens about as often as spotting a tie-dye colored unicorn that craps sprinkles. If it weren’t rare, everyone would be doing it, right? Exactly. As far as I’m concerned, Emerson has remained a virgin for this long, she can damn well wait to do the deed until after we part ways next year. Unfortunately, my best friend has other ideas. Which pretty much means I’m screwed. And not in a good way. *Just Friends is a New Adult Novel intended for mature audiences*

Not Just for Kicks

Author : Lee Reynolds
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Two eleven year olds, Beth and Suzy become soul mates, through their passion for dancing. In the hedonistic days of the mid-sixties, they bring chaos and laughter to the harsh world of show business. Time passes, and 20 years on Beth reaches a crisis in her life, and realising she needs her dearest friend, the search for Suzy begins.

Just Friends

Author : Sumrit Shahi
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He knows everything about her, right from her favourite books to her favourite bra. She knows everything about him, right from his favourite soccer club to his favourite x rated websites. He will complete her English homework, even at three in the night. She will arrange an Armani suit for him, even if it calls for flirting with ugly guys. He has her picture in his wallet.She has his number on speedial. They talk to each other all the time.They talk about each other when they don't talk to each other. They discuss everything from periods to playstation. They have tasted alcohol and then thrown up...together. They have bunked countless tuitions... together. They can't live without each other. YET They don't love each other. They are JUST FRIENDS...

Not Just a Cowboy

Author : Caro Carson
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A HURRICANE BROUGHT THEM TOGETHER Heiress Patricia Cargill was out to prove she was more than just a big bank account. Running Texas Rescue and Relief gives her the greatest satisfaction she could imagine. Until she meets volunteer Luke Waterson. He's a little younger, a little brasher and a lot more dangerous than anyone she's dated. He could be everything she needs. A STORM OF EMOTIONS COULD TEAR THEM APART An unexpected change of fortune, however, reveals Luke is more than just a nomadic cowboy. Falling for a millionaire rancher, especially one who keeps secrets, was not in her plans. But committing to a man who sees her as a desirable woman, not dollar signs, could be worth making an exception to this rule.

Smilee Company Operation Intro Welcome to Tuckernuck

Author : Sean Thomas
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Meet the whole Smilee & Company crew. Visit their awesome headquarters and learn exactly what it is that they do. Then, become part of the crew, read their secret files and prepare yourself to join them on their next adventure.

Not Just a Fairy Tale

Author : Stefanus Mantik, Ph.D.
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Are you happily married? Are you disappointed with your spouse? Are you thinking of giving up your marriage? Do you want to have a better understanding of your marriage? Do you want to improve your marriage? Dr. Stefanus Mantik and his wife, Priscilla, had gone through a period where their marriage seemed to be dying. However, by God’s grace, their marriage was restored. In Not Just a Fairy Tale, Dr. Mantik shares some biblical principles that have helped their marriage. Based on God’s Word, you will learn the original design of marriage and how to re-ignite romance and a love life that may have become stale. Your marriage may not be a fairy tale, but you could have a blessed marriage that is better than a fairy tale.

I Am the Vine Ye Are the Branches

Author : Wisdom Emamuzo Peter
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Lessons that Transform the Human Soul provides important truths and principles, which we all need to live effectively in the Kingdom of God. As the branches of the vine, we are peculiar set of beings that are divinely position on the earth to express the beauty of divinity. In this second series, Pastor Wisdom teaches that the fruit of the vine . . . is the expression of the hidden pleasure, beauty and nature of the Father embodied in Christ. God greatly desire that we get transformed and conformed to the image of His dear Son. Learn from this series: Your chief purpose on earth which is revealing the nature of Christ, The nature of Christ producing your desires, The real Image of God You have overcome and triumphed over the wickedness of the world through the work of the Cross, The conformity of prayers and the will of God, and many more. No doubt, the revelation in this book will transform you to who God wants you to be.

I Am Not Just a Teacher

Author : Robert J. Denise
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This book is one that relates real-life stories and moves a person through an emotional roller-coaster of laughter, thought, and tears. The writings make you think of what is possible. It is an upbeat, enjoyable, and thoroughly entertaining read for the person who is looking for something different to challenge themselves about people and life in general. The emphasis is on the reader to conceptualize answers that challenge their thought processes, and social morals. The book is light, in-depth, it bridges politics and social issues, it encourages the reader analyze the material on a different level, it makes you look at your values and your goals and reassess both.. The book is a well written, and thought provoking work of art by the author in his first publication at the age of 70.

Real Love Real Issues Real Solutions

Author : Johnnie Newkirk Jr.
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The truth hurts and no one is spared. This is the overriding theme of the new book from Johnnie Newkirk Jr. Brutally honest and thought provoking, Real Love. Real Issues. Real Solutions. strikes at the heart of humanity, a fierce reflection on reality, and a challenge to open our eyes and to cross all barriers all this from one Renaissance man who spares no one as he takes on the minority community, the church, and the politicians. Newkirk speaks from experience and tackles current issues such as terrorism, gay issues, pedophilia and many others with acerbic wit and leaves lasting profundities for the reader to contemplate. This contemporary book of vicious commentaries is a must read. And a lot of what he states can, and is, fairly, substantiated. THE TRUTH BE TOLD Religion is a subject that I dislike to address. But I feel I must do so in the name of fairness. Religion has become a big business, and a profitable one at that. This is not a theory, but indeed a fact. In theory, there is separation of church and state. But in reality, it's a marriage that becomes stronger each and every day. It's not about promoting the message of God. It's about promoting the message, of the messenger, who claims to speak on behalf of God. Oh, what fools we mortals must be, when we lose all sense and rationality. Many priests are, and always have been, sleeping with boys. These priests were/are not only engaging in homosexual and pedophile acts, but were/are also committing statutory rape, by the mere fact that they were/are sexually involved with these under-aged boys. Yet the authorities gave them a pass. Because they're a religious organization. And that was, and still is, their rationalization. But it's all right for the pope, who is the most powerful religious leader in the world, to speak out against marriage between gays, but will not speak out, or take a stand against the immorality and illegality that many of his priests and other church officials are committing from day to day. We are a part of God and God is a part of us. And only in God should we place our trust. Church leaders and politicians are one and the same. It's all about power and money, and that's the name of the game. Deep down inside we all know right from wrong. Anyone who tells you different is only stringing you along. For God lives within each of us, so call on Him in your hour of need. He will never let you down; this I guarantee. The church and religion are institutions that society greatly needs as long as they remain fair and balanced and divorce themselves from politics, power, and greed. When one does not look at things rationally, logically, or ask questions when something doesn't make sense, this is not living by faith, it's living by pure ignorance. God supplied us with a brain to assess things with. When one becomes obsessed with religion and will not question it that person has become fanatical about it. And you will find a lot of these said fanatics sitting right in church. Because, to them, the church is more than just their home, it is also their turf. Fanatics aren't good for the church, religion, or society. They're a threat to all of humanity. The Bible, is a wonderful book, this I totally agree. And I advise everyone to read it, and I do so open-heartedly. There are many different versions of the Bible as you well know. A lot of books were lost or deliberately destroyed. Why? Only God knows. Men said that the words in the Bible came to them directly from God. Who took the dictation and where are the written logs? If no one wrote it down then it's all hearsay. Considering the many different translations that it has undergone and so many books that have been deliberately destroyed, or hidden, what does your common-sense say? The Bible is a wonderful

The Intimacy Maelstrom

Author : Linda Leven
File Size : 45.31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This is a story about relationshipsbonds of passion between men and women. The drama revolves around six individuals, their amorous intimacies, and the unperceived wounds and psychological mutilation they sustain as they plummet into the Intimacy Maelstrom. Dmitri is a self-absorbed, young Russian intent on achieving the American dream, and thinks little of marriage and fatherhood. In contrast, unattractive Irina desperately fears becoming an old-maid. Her work colleague, Caroline, older, sophisticated, despite having a soul-mate, is bored and seeking breathtaking romance. In his twilight years, Dr. Ramirez is dispirited in his burned-out marriage, but believes he is too old to alter his life, until meeting sexy Claire, a patient. Unfortunately Nina, his wife, is an old-fashioned woman who believes only marriage, children, and family bring fulfillment. Into this mlange comes Ronny, her sonhandsome, sexy, a sensualistwho adores women, but in his own aberrant, warped manner. The author paints, in vivid colors, a picture of tormented lives entangled in passionate but toxic, perverted, unhealthy relationships. Although the lovers may strip themselves of their lacerating liaisons, do they walk away unscathed and unscarred? The novel illumines the imperceptible damage and mayhem sustained when our lives and happiness depend upon fickle, unreliable love from others. The bold, flaming, shattering scenes portrayed may have one gasping for fresh air and sunshine.

The Witching Hour

Author : Katrina Burbridge
File Size : 23.87 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A special agent from the F.B.I., goes to Maine to solve cases Intel she becomes one her self by someone she trusted, and now needs help her self...

Just Friends

Author : Delaney Diamond
File Size : 60.63 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Should they risk their friendship for a chance at love? Alannah Bailey is tired of being the boring best friend of Trenton Johnson and decides on a makeover. After the changes, she starts dating, but instead of being happy, Trenton acts like he wants to keep her under lock and key. Trenton is used to partying and having his pick of women. Such an advantage comes with the Johnson name, their money, and his own good looks. When he needs downtime, he depends on his best buddy, Alannah. But he doesn’t like the changes he sees in her lately, and by the time he figures out why, it might be too late.

PUERTO RICO Land of Lost Dreams

Author : T.J. Mihelich
File Size : 64.59 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Based on a true story of one mans journey living over 14 years in Puerto Rico. Details his life, his loves, his struggles with the Puerto Rican government, and the Puerto Rican police, as the society of the island falls into an abyss. He copes with living in an island that is called in the Caribbean, the ''island of enchantment'', but in the end, becomes the ''island of sudden fear'', as his love for the island, and its people turns into his lost dream.