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Notes on Grief

Author : Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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A devastating essay on loss and the people we love from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the bestselling author of Americanah and Half of a Yellow Sun.

Grief and Addiction

Author : Julie Bates-Maves
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Grief and Addiction illuminates the role of grief work in addiction counseling, encouraging counselors to be more comprehensive in their treatment and to increase empathy for what the treatment process is asking of clients. Acknowledging that entering recovery includes a loss of coping skills, and that it requires building a new identity, this book focuses on addiction-specific grief work. Grief and Addiction integrates concepts like complicated grief, nonfinite loss, trauma, family grief responses, and treatment suggestions in one place—all with a focus on the application to addiction work. Featuring appendices with information and examples for clinicians, Grief and Addiction provides treatment strategies drawn from both the addiction and grief world for professionals and counselor educators.

Understanding Loss and Grief

Author : Nanette Burton Mongelluzzo
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Loss and grief are universal experiences and much has been written about both. Understanding Loss and Grief: A Guide Through Life Changing Events is a comprehensive self-help book about the various types of loss we may experience over a lifetime, and the attendant grief we feel, in all its variations, related to those losses. Nanette Burton Mongelluzzo considers the variety of ways we experience loss and grief – whether through the actual death of a loved one, including a beloved pet, or losses experienced through divorce, medical problems, natural disasters (material items) – abd examines what these experiences do to us psychologically, biologically, and emotionally. She offers understanding and the we need tools for moving through the various experiences, both big and small. Everyone is touched by loss. It begins early in our lives and continues through its various ages and stages. Through the use of real-life vignettes, and fascinating facts on loss and grief within the American cultural landscape, the author sheds light on the ways we grieve and how we can move through it and move on. She not only explains the comprehensive array of losses that can occur in a lifetime, but also helps readers garner support for different types of loss, whether it be the loss of a breast through cancer; the loss experienced through stillbirth; or the loss of a child, spouse, or entire community. She offers support, optimism, and encouragement to readers, helping them to own personal experiences, even those that involve loss and grief.

Yoga and Grief

Author : Gloria Drayer; Kathleen Doherty
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After a great loss, the journey toward healing can be a tempestuous one, a fragile balance of light and dark, hope and despair. For many people the practices of yoga can provide a focus on the present moment and a way to restore the balance and energy which we need so urgently in times of stress and sadness. This book teaches gentle yoga techniques and suggestions about breathing, meditation and ritual, all designed to promote calm and comfort. These techniques are appropriate for those of any age and physical ability, and make sense for those already adept as much as for those completely new to yoga practice. The authors share valuable insights drawn from their own life experience as well as from Gloria’s “Yoga and Grief” workshops, which have helped many participants to get in touch with their own inner strength and spiritual resources. For those on the dark pathway between grieving and healing, this book can shed light and ease the burden.

Aggressively Happy

Author : Joy Marie Clarkson
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"A sumptuous feast."--HALEY STEWART, author of Jane Austen's Genius Guide to Life "Her unflappable hope and sense of enchantment radiate through every page."--BOZE HERRINGTON, novelist "Lyrical prose and delightful storytelling."--THE REV. DR. GLENN PACKIAM Discover the Way Toward a Lighter, Braver, and Wiser Life This old world can be exhausting, despairing, and cynical. But you don't have to be. Instead, you can unlock the power to a happy life--an act of defiance that will make you more resilient in times of turmoil, pain, and chaos. Cultivating happiness takes grit, determination, and a good sense of humor. It's not always easy, but it's well worth it. Beloved writer Joy Marie Clarkson leads the way, crafting an audacious case for happiness no matter what you're going through. With her signature humor and lyrical storytelling, Joy offers an irresistible invitation: "If we accept that life will be full of difficulties and sorrows, we then have two options: to resign ourselves to life generally being a bummer, or to seek enjoyment, delight, and hope in the midst of (and in spite of!) life's up and downs. To put it bluntly: You could choose to cultivate happiness, or you could not. . . . I think we should go for it." Go, therefore, and choose an aggressively happy life.

Anger and Indigenous Men

Author : Andrew Day
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This book is for social work and criminal justice practitioners who wish to develop culturally appropriate and effective programs for reducing anger-related violence perpetrated by Indigenous men. It places cultural context at the heart of any intervention, broadening the focus from problematic behaviour to a more holistic notion of well-being. The book is structured in three parts. Part 1 explores Indigenous perspectives on anger and violence, on both sociological and psychological levels. The different views presented show there is no single "cause" but provide contexts for understanding an individual's anger. Part 2 outlines methodologies and processes for collecting meaningful data on anger and Indigenous men. Part 3 presents ideas for developing and delivering anger management programs that meet the needs of Indigenous men: how to adapt existing programs in culturally appropriate ways specific needs of the staff delivering the programs a pedagogical framework and sample session plans, and future directions for program development and evaluationThe contributors include psychologists, counsellors, educationalists and academics from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous backgrounds.

Letters of Note Grief

Author :
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In Letters of Note: Grief, Shaun Usher gathers together some of the most powerful messages about grief, from the heart-wrenching pain of losing a loved one to reliving fond memories of those who have passed on. Includes letters by: Audre Lorde, Robert Frost, Nick Cave, Rainer Maria Rilke, Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, Kahlil Gibran, Edith Wharton, Mary Wortley Montagu, Seungsahn Haengwon & many more

A Complete Word and Phrase Concordance to the Poems and Songs of Robert Burns

Author : Joseph B. Reid
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Grief Without Words

Author : Kate Brizendine Ph.D.
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This is a workbook that can guide you through your own personal stages of grief and loss almost without words. Your subconscious mind thinks in pictures. To move through and beyond the grieving experience most quickly you will need to consciously pay attention to the feelings that come up from your subconscious. Facing the feelings that emerge from your subconscious mind, even if they feel so huge you dont want to face them, is the key to moving through and beyond your grief. These pictures I drew during my deep grief can offer your subconscious mind a pathway to explore your own deepest emotional responses to grief and loss as well as to help you share your feelings with your counselor or a trusted friend. These pictures can help you LOVE YOURSELF THROUGH this amazing and sometimes terrifying passage in your life.

Mourning Child Grief Support Group Curriculum

Author : Ann Gaasch
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Contains lesson plans for 10 sessions that include age-appropriate activities. These fun and engaging activities enable young children to approach highly sensitive and painful topics.