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Jesus Is the Answer

Author : Willie May Arradondo-Powell
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Collection of uplifting Christian poetry for those seeking encouragement or want to cheer up a friend or relative. Collections include poems about overcoming hardships, holiday wishes, love, and praises to our heavenly father.

I We Us

Author : Richard A. Cox, Jr.
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Are you seeking personal growth and development in yourself? Are you looking for creative ways to bring harmony and balance to your life? Join author Richard Cox in I, We, Us as he takes you on a personal journey of self-discovery. I, We, Us explores the three identity dimensions of self. First, the idea of self is viewed in terms as a single individual, then as a partner in a marriage, and finally as a parent in a family unit. Having a solid understanding of self can provide a strong foundation for open and honest communication with others. These fundamental characteristics will enhance your identities as a partner in a marriage and as a parent in a family unit. As you read I, We, Us, you will discover many hidden treasures and gifts about yourself. I, We, Us explains through biblical references, principles, and concepts how to achieve harmony and balance between your three identity dimensions. I, We, Us shares insightful knowledge to stimulate your personal growth and development. Richard Cox is a graduate of Campbell University and the Long Ridge Writer's Group. He also is a freelance writer for,, and He lives with his wife, Lena (Gail), and son, Brent, in Clinton, Maryland, who inspired I, We, Us.

His Blood Speaks

Author : Ginger Ziegler
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Guaranteeing the Devil's Defeat! Unseen forces and hindrances—fear, failure, sickness, trauma, guilt, and more often try to stand in your way. These destructive enemies play keep-away with God's best for your life. Is there a way to permanently overcome? Yes! The Blood of Jesus! In His Blood Speaks, a powerful 31-day devotional, Ginger Ziegler points out that your victory is in the voice of Jesus’ Blood. When Cain killed is brother, Abel, his blood spoke from the ground, crying vengeance. But even today, Jesus’ Blood speaks from heaven, crying forgiveness and mercy. As you digest this devotional’s mini-teachings on a daily basis, the Blood of Jesus will silence your accuser, crying in your behalf: freedom instead of bondage righteousness instead of unrighteousness exoneration instead of condemnation health instead of sickness prosperity instead of poverty acceptance instead of rejection and everything else you will ever need . . . now and throughout eternity! The Blood of Jesus is your major weapon to live victoriously. It’s a change agent that guarantees and enforces the devil’s defeat. Start right now living your life in the freedom Jesus’ Blood purchased for you!

Shameless Grace

Author : Kristen Reel
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Kristen Reel is your all around sister-friend. She is an encourager, faith leader, and your personal guide into Shameless Grace. With experience varying from the beauty industry to Professional Event Production, Kristen has welcomed many grace filled moments with God, of which she is eager to share with you. Spending time with God should be easy, right? But sometimes it just isn’t. Kristen, however, has discovered a grace for relishing in God’s presence. In his presence is where she learned of the beauty in having him shine through her weaknesses. In his presence she has come to the acknowledgment of being nothing without him. Kristen wants to guide you into the same sacred place with daily devotionals that will lead you into shameless grace.

Finding God in the Seasons of Divorce

Author : Richard D. Crooks
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This daily devotional addresses the emotions and difficulties of divorce. While autumn and winter dealt with divorce’s difficult early days, the promise of spring and summer addresses emerging hope and the reordering of life in a new context. This volume deals with the tough questions of priorities and life directions, as well as haunting issues of the past and inevitable future complications. Author Richard Crooks brings Scripture to bear on the issues and helps the reader explore the possibilities of reconciliation, singleness, or remarriage. The seasonal approach of the book allows readers to identify progress in healing from the trauma of divorce or other loss. Readings may either be done daily or at one’s own pace, using the topical index to seek out devotions addressing specific topics and concerns. Writing in warm conversational style, Richard shares his insights and experiences; through them, you can discover that life can move on in healthy and godly ways, while love and joy can be renewed even after a divorce. This book is a powerful resource for those struggling with divorce, and a great tool not only for pastors and counselors, but for any who desire to help a divorcing friend or family member.

By Faith in God Our Success Is a Guarantee

Author : Rigaud Paul
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Husband Magnet

Author : Barba Maulana Koroma Phd
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One of the biggest decisions you will make in life is to pair up in marriage. While this is an important consideration for both men and women, it is an especially important one for women. This is because the number of eligible women surpasses that of eligible men in most communities. Secondly, men tend to take longer to decide on settling down in marriage, which makes test-driving relationships that end nowhere frustrating for women. But, if you have been looking and Mr. Right has yet to come knocking at your door, what do you do? Simply, you don’t leave it all to chance as though you expect him to fall from the sky, you do your homework. As you do, please don’t chase a man, attract him! Are you tired of being played by men who won’t commit? Do you look forward to the day when you are the bride rather than the bridesmaid? Have you had enough of being bumped by less endowed women time and again? Do you believe that it is time for you to be the main show in the arms of your own man? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, for you, a friend, schoolmate, family member, coworker, churchmate, or friend of a friend, then look no further. This is your moment to act and the tool you need. Husband Magnet will not only help a single woman fast-track to success in attracting a worthy man for marriage, it is a handy companion for a married woman who wishes to spice up her marriage. This book will teach you how to be a husband magnet.

Brokenness Becomes New

Author : Marisa Briones
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This is a life of living a lukewarm life knowing the truth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I was born and raised in a Christian church I lived the life of holding hands with the Lord one day and next day with Satan. This is called lukewarm. My life is written in this book how I overcame many things in life thinking there was no way out. I am a single mother my daughter is now 6 years old. I lived an abusive relationship, unloved, discourage, fear, anxiety, gossip, vulgar language, hatred, heartache and many trials in this life, feeling hopeless and never found a purpose until I found myself surrendering to Jesus in 2016 and gave him all my broken piece and told Him to transform and heal my past. He spoke to forgive and follow his steps. I am now walking the life of freedom, a friend of the Holy Spirit, and living victorious with the Lord and training my daughter to grow up to know Jesus is Her king and will never fail her. I found hope in Jesus, I have strength I have overcome the tunnel walking in the light with my head up high with the crown the Lord has given to me and my daughter to fulfill the assignment He has given to us with his guidance. This book will bring freedom and Jesus shall become your best friend and you shall find your identity and find rest in Him. Dance with Jesus till he brings in your prince to dance with you, don’t lose ur hope increase ur faith and the best remedy I recommend is His powerful word. This book will show you how to find yourself again in Christ. Forgive, love, and increase your faith.

Crossing over to Victory

Author : Garrett Mitchell
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Many people fear failure, but failure can fuel your journey to a better future. In Crossing Over to Victory, Garrett Mitchell explores how to use failure to your advantage and overcome almost any obstacle. By positioning yourself to cross over to victory, you will learn: • How to partner with God and win. • What God’s promise and purpose is for your life. • That there is greatness within you. • That you are unstoppable. Joshua1:11, outlines four steps to enter the Promise land, these four “Ps” are your road map to victory—and once you apply them to your life, you will begin to fulfill your God given purpose and destiny. The God of Israel will lead you to victory in the battles you fight— When God is on your side, you can never fail. With Crossing Over to Victory you will discover that you have the will, drive, and tenacity to win your battles and slay your giants. “Garrett has presented a thought provoking yet practical framework for how to overcome obstacles and become successful within the context of everyday life. With its principles deeply rooted in Scriptures, this book is a game changer for the reader who is ready to dust off the ashes of doubt and is now ready, by faith and perseverance, to move into their promised land.” — Corey Johnson Teaching Pastor Shelter Rock Church New York In this life, we will go through a “wilderness experience” of setbacks and disappointments. Garrett Michell’s book, Crossing Over to Victory, gives us the steps to enter our promised land victoriously and achieve all that God has prepared for us. — Georgiana Holder Leadership Coach/Speaker President & CEO of G.I. Holder Initiatives Inc.

Missing Daddy

Author :
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