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Oak Framed Buildings

Author : Rupert Newman
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Oak-framed projects stand the test of time. The longevity of the mighty oak trees that grow for centuries is echoed in Oak-Framed Buildings - they are here to stay and so are these oak-framed buildings! Newly updated, this classic title is ideal for carpenters, builders, aspiring DIYers, and anyone who appreciates beautiful, durable, and environmentally friendly structures. Revised and fully up-to-date. Oak-Framed Buildings has been substantially revised to bring the book completely up-to-date and in compliance with current building technology. It combines traditional building techniques with modern materials and installation methds, resulting in solid buildings with a high standard of energy efficiency. It covers all this and more: Practical information about the history of timber framing Structural qualities of oak How-to get started Techniques of timber-frame construction Designing frames Making and raising frames The building envelope Finishing details and much more Beautifully photographed. The structural details are clearly explained through: 180 stunning full-color photographs of structures in various stages of construction 90 three-dimensional illustrations The best of yesterday and tomorrow. Oak-Framed Buildings is an amazing melding of centuries-old techniques with 21st century environmental and energy-saving standards - an essential resource for pros and non-pros alike.

The Repair of Historic Timber Structures

Author : David T. Yeomans
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This book is intended for a wide audience - including carpenters, architects and structural engineers who deal with the repair and restoration of historic timber structures - and takes a practical approach. It deals with two types of structure: the oak frames of buildings dating from the middle ages, which still survive in some numbers, and the timber elements of masonry buildings from the late seventeenth century.

Charm of oak framed buildings

Author : Ivo Pauwels
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Les constructions de English Heritage Buildings sont tellement belles qu'il est impossible de ne pas les remarquer. Elles relient le passé au présent, la plus noble tradition à la conception moderne des lieux où l'homme d'aujourd'hui habite, travaille et se délasse. Dépendances en chêne présente une série de ces réalisations. Ivo Pauwels, l'auteur, raconte dans son style palpitant habituel, l'histoire de ces constructions et ramène à la surface la connaissance des charpentes, des toits de tuiles ou de chaume, du mélèze et du chêne, profondément ancrée dans les matériaux. Vous imaginerez sans difficulté les premiers charpentiers à l'œuvre. Le grand photographe Jan Verlinde a pu prendre la plupart des photos sur le continent. Il a néanmoins puisé aussi son inspiration en Angleterre.

Discovering Timber framed Buildings

Author : Richard Harris
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This book is not just essential for those interested in the subject, but because of the detail of the drawings, is invaluable for any architect involved in repairing or moving a timber framed building.

Structural Health Assessment of Timber Structures

Author : Maurizio Piazza
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Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2nd International Conference on Structural Health Assessment of Timber Structures (SHATIS 13), September 4-6, 2013, Trento, Italy

Timber Decay in Buildings

Author : Brian Ridout
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This is the first book to tackle all the issues relating to timber decay. It presents the facts and explores timber decay problems through case studies. These are illustrated with clear self-explanatory photographs for the reader to use as a diagnostic aid. Section 1 discusses timber as a living material, Section 2 deals with decay organisms and their habitat requirements. Section 3 moves on to the building as an environment for timber and discusses the ways in which wood responds to moisture change. Section 4 ends with an approach to timber decay which integrates knowledge on the decay organism, its requirements and natural predators with appropriate and targeted chemical treatments.


Author : Alan Brooks
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Previous ed.: Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1968, by Nikolaus Pevsner.

The Ecology of Building Materials

Author : Bjorn Berge
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The Ecology of Building Materials explores key questions surrounding sustainability of building materials. It provides technical data to enable design and building professionals to choose the most appropriate materials for a project: those that are least polluting, most energy efficient, and from sustainable sources. The book also gives information and guidance on a wide range of issues such as recycling, detailing for increased durability and Life Cycle Analysis. Berge’s book, translated from the Norwegian by Chris Butters and Filip Henley, offers safe and environmentally friendly material options. It provides an essential and easy-to-use reference guide to this complex subject for the building industry professional. New to this edition: • Thorough exploration of building materials in relation to climate change issues • Extensive updating of basic data, as well as the introduction of a wide range of new materials • Methods for recycling and reuse of materials • More information on the interaction between materials and the indoor environment, ventilation and energy use • Full colour text and user-friendly larger format Bjørn Berge is a practicing architect, researcher and lecturer. Since the 1970s, he has written several books on building ecology for the Scandinavian public. He is one of the founders of Gaia Architects who have developed a wide range of pioneering techniques in sustainable building.

Timber Home Living

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Timber Home Living introduces and showcases the beauty and efficiency of timber homes to an eager custom home buying audience. The magazine’s inspiring photography, informative editorial, quality advertising and essential resources involves and encourages readers to pursue their dream home.

Practical Building Conservation

Author : Ian McCaig
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Timber deals with wide-ranging use of the material in historic buildings, from vaststructural timber-frames through to high-class joinery and simple fixings. Particular attention is paid to how and why timber decays or faults occur, and the methods of assessing and dealing with this. The bulk of the book covers appropriate methods of repair and maintenance.

Building Surveys and Reports

Author : James Douglas
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This book provides guidance on building survey work for typical residential, commercial and industrial buildings, with advice on how to diagnose a wide range of defects. It considers both modern and older construction methods, together with new and traditional materials. The particular problems of alteration and renovation work are discussed, with guidance on how to carry out measured surveys. A separate chapter covers survey problems after flood and fire damage, and the legal section takes account of recent developments in case law relating to inspections and surveys of properties. This new edition continues to provide a thorough treatment of all the key issues relating to surveying buildings, dealing with the problems that surveyors are likely to encounter when inspecting buildings. Changes for the new edition include: Examples and references have been updated Evaluation of condition rating systems for domestic and commercial buildings A new section on the home condition reports More information on slate defects Bibliography revised and expanded, to make it more comprehensive Additional appendix showing the home condition report format

Country Life

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Galls of North West Europe

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Timber Framing for the Rest of Us

Author : Rob Roy
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A manual for all without traditional skills who want to build with timber framing.

Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Author :
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Author : Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society
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Transactions and Proceedings

Author : Birmingham Archaeological Society, Birmingham, Eng
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Transactions and Proceedings

Author : Birmingham Archaeological Society (Birmingham, England)
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The Building News and Engineering Journal

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Vernacular Building Conservation

Author : Jack Bowyer
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