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Of Gods Strangers

Author : Tina Chang
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"A dangerous thunder, living is."

Strangers Gods and Monsters

Author : Richard Kearney
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First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Strangers to Family

Author : Shively T. J. Smith
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In Strangers to Family Shively Smith reads the Letter of 1 Peter through a new model of diaspora. Smith illuminates this peculiarly Petrine understanding of diaspora by situating it among three other select perspectives from extant Hellenist Jewish writings: the Daniel court tales, the Letter of Aristeas, and Philo's works. While 1 Peter tends to be taken as representative of how diaspora was understood in Hellenistic Jewish and early Christian circles, Smith demonstrates that 1 Peter actually reverses the most fundamental meaning of diaspora as conceived by its literary peers. Instead of connoting the scattering of a people with a common territorial origin, for 1 Peter, diaspora constitutes an "already-scattered-people" who share a common, communal, celestial destination. Smith's discovery of a distinctive instantiation of diaspora in 1 Peter capitalizes on her careful comparative historical, literary, and theological analysis of diaspora constructions found in Hellenistic Jewish writings. Her reading of 1 Peter thus challenges the use of the exile and wandering as master concepts to read 1 Peter, reconsiders the conceptual significance of diaspora in 1 Peter and in the entire New Testament canon, and liberates 1 Peter from being interpreted solely through the rubrics of either the stranger-homelessness model or household codes. First Peter does not recycle standard diasporic identity, but is, as Strangers to Family demonstrates, an epistle that represents the earliest Christian construction of diaspora as a way of life.

Strangers in the House of God

Author : Kathryn S. Koo
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The Saviour s Intercession and the Stranger s Prayer A Sermon on 1 Kings Viii 41 43

Author : Septimus SEARS
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Stranger Gods

Author : Roger Y. Clark
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A study of Salman Rushdie's seven published novels, with a special focus on his earliest, "Grimus", and his most provocative, "Midnight's Children", "Shame" and "The Satanic Verses". It shows how Rushdie employs cosmology, mythology and mysticism to structure otherworldly dramas.

Why is God a Stranger in the Churches A Tract for the Times

Author : Rev. Samuel EASTMAN (of Latimer Chapel, Mile-End.)
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This Flowing Toward Me

Author : Marilyn Lacey
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What began in 1979 as a response to a random bulletin board posting would ultimately change Sister Marilyn Lacey's life--and the lives of countless refugees. In vivid prose, Sister Lacey narrates her twenty-five year spiritual journey of work with those displaced by conflict and disaster. In the spirit of "Dead Man Walking," she invites us to solidarity with some of the world's most vulnerable. Timely and engaging, "This Flowing Toward Me" offers fresh, personal insights into the world of refugees and international immigrants. More importantly, it stirs our hearts to remember the gospel mandate to welcome the stranger.

Strangers 3

Author : Jean-Marc Lofficier
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In this third volume of Strangers, which completes the second season of the series, the Strangers at long last confront the supremely powerful galactic entities known as the Towers. Meanwhile, Futura faces up to the deadly Zorr-Ko and the god Coyote, while Jaleb is hunted by the Galactic Federation.

Friends in the Bedroom But Strangers in Church

Author : Kim
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This is a true story about a woman who struggled through an adulterous relationship with a man for six years. What began as unexplained teenager attraction and youthful curiosity, carried into her adult life where it resurfaced again, only to consume her and eventually spiral out of control. This candid story exposes an underlying dilemma that exists within the Church. It reveals the life experience of a professed Christian woman who convinced herself that a unique friendship outside of God's marital design was her destined path. Over time, the intrinsic connection became intimate. Both parties acknowledged the relationship was based on curiosity and infatuation; yet, despite her Christian upbringing and foundation, their negotiation and illicit justification spanned beyond two decades. What begins as lust of the eye can lead to negative complex ramifications when we allow ourselves to bargain with the enemy as this couple did. Still, her story is not unique. It is a revelation to readers who identify with her battle. Hers is a testimony of God's forgiveness, yet, a reminder that His transformation rarely comes without struggle. Despite disillusionment, this woman's life had reached rock bottom. Fortunately, she was introduced to therapeutic healing. Through professional intervention, she was guided toward completeness and righteousness according to God's Word.

The Other Face of God When the Stranger Calls us Home

Author : Mary Jo Leddy
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The Stranger s Guide to Dublin and Its Vicinity

Author :
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A Church of Strangers

Author : Ilana Van Wyk
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God Is Stranger

Author : Krish Kandiah
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What happens when God turns up? 'Has God become as familiar and forgettable as a fridge magnet? That's the danger Krish Kandiah faces up to in this wonderfully readable and very challenging book. Bible stories come to life as Krish tells them afresh, richly illustrated with personal experience and social relevance, and in each case the living God turns up - strange, dangerous, and, like Aslan, not safe but good.' CHRIS WRIGHT, LANGHAM PARTNERSHIP In an age of social and political uncertainty, Krish Kandiah turns to less familiar and more uncomfortable parts of the Bible to discover the true character of God - but be warned: he may be stranger than you think. Building on the challenges he explored in PARADOXOLOGY, Krish strips us of our comfortable assumptions and invites us to look afresh at God's character. When Abraham welcomes three men for dinner, he ends up pleading for the life of a city. When Jacob meets God by the river, they end up in a fight. And when two forlorn disciples meet a stranger on the road, their lives are turned upside down. GOD IS STRANGER challenges us to lay down our expectations of God and delight in the power that is proven by his very strangeness. 'Be warned: this book could seriously affect your view of yourself, of the world and of God - I highly recommend it to you!' PAULA GOODER, BIBLE SOCIETY 'An important and timely book from someone who lives out its message.' PETE GREIG, 24-7 PRAYER INTERNATIONAL

The Stranger in the Church

Author : George Burgess
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Christ s Second Coming will it be pre millennial

Author : David BROWN (Principal of the Free Church College, Aberdeen.)
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Untamed Hospitality

Author : Elizabeth Newman
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Untamed Hospitality digs into the important biblical theme of hospitality, providing a profound initiation into this important but often misunderstood practice.

Plato s Best Thoughts

Author : Plato
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A Stranger in the House of God

Author : John Koessler
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Growing up the son of agnostics, John Koessler saw a Catholic church on one end of the street and a Baptist on the other. In the no-man’s land between the two, this curious outside wondered about the God they worshipped—and began a lifelong search to comprehend the grace and mystery of God. A Stranger in the House of God addresses fundamental questions and struggles faced by spiritual seekers and mature believers. Like a contemporary Pilgrim’s Progress, it traces the author’s journey and explores his experiences with both charismatic and evangelical Christianity. It also describes his transformation from religious outsider to ordained pastor. John Koessler provides a poignant and often humorous window into the interior of the soul as he describes his journey from doubt and struggle with the church to personal faith

The Supreme God as Stranger in Igbo Religious Thought

Author : Donatus Ibe Nwoga
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