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Teaching and Learning

Author : Alex Moore
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"Teaching and Learning: Pedagogy, Curriculum and Culture is designed to share important theory with readers in an accessible but sophisticated way. It offers an overview of the key issues and dominant theories of teaching and learning as they impact upon the practice of education professionals in the classroom. This second edition has been updated to take account of significant changes in the field; young people's use of digital technologies, the increasing involvement of world of business in state education, and ongoing high-profile debates about assessment, to name but a few. It examines the global move from traditional subject-and-knowledge based curricula towards skills and problem-solving and discusses how the emphasis on education for citizenship has forced us to reconsider the social functions of education. Central topics also covered include: - An assessment of the most influential theorists of learning and teaching - The ways in which public educational policy impinges on local practice - The nature and role of language and culture in formal educational settings - An assessment of different models of 'good teaching' - Alternative models of curriculum and pedagogy. With questions, points for consideration and ideas for further reading and research throughout, this book delivers discussion and analysis designed to support understanding of classroom interactions and to contribute to improved practice. It will be essential reading for all student teachers, those engaged in professional development and Education Studies students"--

Teaching and Learning

Author :
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Contextual Teaching and Learning

Author : Elaine B. Johnson
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Elaine Johnson demonstrates how implementing contextual teaching and learning can change students' lives and help them achieve academic excellence.

Thinking about Teaching and Learning

Author : Robert N. Leamnson
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Here is a compelling read for every teacher in higher education who wants to refresh or reexamine his or her classroom practice. Building on the insights offered by recent discoveries about the biological basis of learning, and on his own thought-provoking definitions of teaching, learning and education, the author proceeds to the practical details of instruction that teachers are most interested in - the things that make or break teaching. Practical and thoughtful, and based on forty years of teaching, wide reading and much reflection, Robert Leamnson provides teachers with a map to develop their own teaching philosophy, and effective nuts-and-bolts advice. His approach is particularly useful for those facing a cohort of first year students less prepared for college and university. He is concerned to develop in his students habits and skills that will equip them for a lifetime of learning. He is especially alert to the psychology of students. He also understands, and has experienced, the typical frustration and exasperation teachers feel when students ingeniously elude their teachers' loftiest goals and strategies. Most important, he has good advice about how to cope with the challenge. This guide will appeal to college teachers in all disciplines.

Understanding Teaching and Learning in Primary Education

Author : Mike Carroll
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This textbook supports your initial teacher education by providing guidance and insight into the professional knowledge and understanding, skills and abilities, and values and commitments necessary in order to succeed in the primary classroom. Coverage includes: View from practice boxes in every chapter exploring real-life examples of intelligent and engaging teaching in schools Thinking points and reflective questions challenging you to engage critically with what you have read and apply it to your own teaching Links to further reading connecting you to specialised literature on every chapter topic Clear discussion of education policy differences across the UK. Mike Carroll is the PGDE (Primary and Secondary) Programme Leader and Director of the MEd Professional Learning and Enquiry programme in the School of Education, University of Glasgow. Margaret McCulloch is a University Teacher within the School of Education, University of Glasgow.

Teaching and Learning with Technology

Author : Judy Lever-Duffy
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Written by teachers for teachers, this text offers a clear and current look at the range of educational technologies and how teachers can effectively use technology to enhance learning. Written by Teachers for Teachers, this text provides readers with a clear understanding of educational media and how it can be used effectively to enhance learning. The text explores the current and emerging technologies and multimedia available to teachers while consistently maintaining an instructional focus.Pre-service and in-service teachers.

Teaching and Learning in the Health Sciences

Author :
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Learning to Teach in Higher Education

Author : Paul Ramsden
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This classic text combines practical advice with sound theory to provide a comprehensive introduction to the practice of university teaching. It argues that to be a good teacher, you must first understand the experience of learning from the perspective of the student.

Teaching and Learning

Author : McGill University. Centre for Learning and Development
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Teaching and Learning with Technology Proceedings of the 2016 Global Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology Ctlt 2016

Author : Wilton Fok
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This is the conference proceedings for the 2016 Global Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology (CTLT 2016), hosted by Aventis School of Management, Singapore. It includes papers by a group of international academics and researchers. It covers the most interesting ideas and applications related to the innovative use of technology within different learning environments.

What Works in Teaching and Learning

Author :
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Teaching and learning Language and culture

Author : Michael Byram
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Offers some theoretical innovations in teaching foreign languages and reports how they have been applied to curriculum development and experimental courses at the upper secondary and college levels. Approaches language learning as comprising several dimensions, including grammatical competence, change in attitudes, learning about another culture, and reflecting on one's own. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Teaching and Learning in Physical Therapy

Author : Margaret M. Plack
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Teaching and Learning in Physical Therapy: From Classroom to Clinic is a text seeking to guide the development of effective teaching strategies for use in both the classroom and the clinical setting. Margaret Plack and Maryanne Driscoll have developed this text with over 35 years of experience in teaching, research and clinical work. This experience has given them to opportunity to discover the best ways to students learn at different ages and stages of development. Teaching and Learning in Physical Therapy is grounded in current literature and has a theoretical basis in reflective practice, active learning strategies, and brain compatible instruction. Also included is practical information that allows students, educators, and clinicians, working with both students and patients, to develop instructional strategies that will work best in a variety of settings. Features included: • A user-friendly approach integrating theory and practical application throughout • References and suggested reading at the end of each chapter • Classroom and clinical vignettes to help reinforce concepts • Integrative problem solving activities and reflective questions Teaching and Learning in Physical Therapy: From Classroom to Clinic is applicable in both the classroom and clinical setting, making it ideal for physical therapy students, educators, and clinicians as well as other health care practitioners and educators.

Modern Elementary Education

Author : Calhoun Crofford Collier
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Teaching and Learning in a Diverse World

Author : Patricia G. Ramsey
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This classic text continues to define what multicultural education means in all kinds of settings. The Third Edition includes activities to challenge children's assumptions on: Racial Bias, Social Class and Consumerism, Perspecctives on Cultures and the Natural World, Gender and Sexual Orientation, and Abilities and Disabilities.

Overseas Students in Higher Education

Author : Robert Harris
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Higher education institutions are increasingly concerned with the quality of their teaching and learning experiences they provide for students, including the increasing number from overseas. In this text, some of the leading authorities in the field bring together current research and sound practical advice on the provision of quality teaching and learning for overseas students. The text represents a wide range of overseas students' experiences from the Pacific Rim, China and the European Community.

Teaching and Learning Materials and the Internet

Author : Ian Forsyth
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An exploration of the teaching and learning material available on the Internet. It provides information on the appropriate way to handle and use the Internet as a delivery tool in education, and considers the implications this will have on the role and relationship of the teacher and learner.

Handbook on Teaching and Learning in Political Science and International Relations

Author : John Ishiyama
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With a focus on providing concrete teaching strategies for scholars, the Handbook on Teaching and Learning in Political Science and International Relations blends both theory and practice in an accessible and clear manner. In an effort to help faculty

On Teaching and Learning

Author : Jane Vella
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On Teaching and Learning takes the ideas explored in renowned educator Jane Vella’s best-selling book Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach to the next level and explores how dialogue education has been applied in educational settings around the world. Throughout the book, she shows how to put the principles and practices of dialogue education into action and uses illustrative stories and examples from her extensive travels. Dialogue education values inquiry, integrity, and commitment to equity—values that are also central to democracy. Learners are treated as beings worthy of respect, recognized for the knowledge and experience they bring to the learning experience. Dialogue education emphasizes the importance of safety and belonging. It is an approach that welcomes one’s certainties and one’s questions.

The Kinesthetic Classroom

Author : Traci Lengel
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Discover the link between physical activity and academic success! Research shows that regular physical activity helps children perform better in school. This inspiring book illustrates how to integrate movement within classroom instruction, ranging from short activity breaks to curriculum-enhancing games. Readers will find: User-friendly, research-based information on how physical activity affects the brain Hundreds of movement activities that can be easily implemented in the classroom, including many requiring two minutes or less Discussion of how movement can contribute to classroom management and community Case studies showing how combining physical activity and academics contributes to successful learning