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Higher Education in the 21st Century Challenges and Opportunities

Author : Prof. Dr. S. Jeelani
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Higher Education In The 21St Century

Author : D.B. Rao
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Contents: Higher education is the 21st Century; Vision and Action is the result of the World Conference on Higher Education organised by the UNESCO, where the representatives of 182 countries agreed on the higher education we need for the 21st century; for whom, with home, and why for what kind of society and what kind of world. The declarations adopted and the summaries of the themes will give us all direction in higher education.

Goals and Purposes of Higher Education in the 21st Century

Author : Arnold Burgen
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"Based on a workshop held by the Academia Europaea, this collection draws together essays by a number of prominent writers in the field of higher education research." "Taking as its central theme the direction in which national (and international) higher education systems are moving as we approach the 21st century, the book contains both assessments of specific higher education systems and analyses of cross-national trends. It tackles such issues as higher education training, quality assessment and university autonomy, unified/binary higher education systems, confronting changes in the socioeconomic structure, and higher education in an ageing society. The book will be of interest to all those who are concerned with the future of higher education in times of rapid change."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Leadership for 21st Century Learning

Author : Colin Latchem
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The challenge of managing education effectively is formidable. Written by two education managers, this text explores the issues associated with good leadership in educational and training institutions. It is based on their own work and on a series of detailed interviews with eminent leaders.

A University for the 21st Century

Author : James J. Duderstadt
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DIVFrom the former president of one of America's leading universities comes a comprehensive analysis of the challenges and opportunities facing higher education in America as we enter the twenty-first century. In A University for the Twenty-first Century, James J. Duderstadt discusses the array of powerful economic, social, and technological forces that are driving the rapid and profound change in American social institutions and universities in particular. /divDIVChange has always characterized the university as it has sought to preserve and propagate the intellectual achievements, the cultures, and the values of our civilization. However, the capacity of the university to change, through a process characterized by reflection, reaction, and consensus, simply may not be sufficient to allow the university to control its own destiny. Not only will social and technical change be a challenge to the American university, Duderstadt says, it will be the watchword for the years ahead. And with change will come unprecedented opportunities for those universities with the vision, the wisdom, and the courage to lead in the twenty-first century. The real question raised by this book is not whether higher education will be transformed, but rather how . . . and by whom. /divDIVJames J. Duderstadt is President Emeritus and University Professor of Science and Engineering, University of Michigan. /div

Higher Education and Policy making in Twentieth century England

Author : Harold Silver
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This book explores the changing patterns of higher education in England in the twentieth century, the types of institutions and the emergence of a 'system' of education. At the same time it traces the relationship between the writer-advocates of higher education and the changing world of higher education and its contexts. There is therefore an interrelated story of higher education, the writers, their messages, their backgrounds and ideologies, the audiences they intend to address, and the impacts of the state and other external forces. It is likely to appeal to higher education academics and administrators, politicians and other policy makers, staff and students on higher degree and professional programmes. It should be read by anyone who cares about English Universities and their future.

Dimensions of Marketisation in Higher Education

Author : Peter John
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Dimensions of Marketisation in Higher Education is a critical analysis of the various dimensions of marketisation in a global context, exploring governance, policy, financial, ethical and pedagogical aspects. Bringing together a selection of influential authors who draw on the work of Roger Brown, the book is a timely examination of the impact that policies regulating cost, entry and practices in higher education can have on universities, students and academics. This book explores the tensions and dilemmas marketisation brings into the educational environment for academic leaders, managers and students, arguing that they can be managed through rebalancing the relation between the market and the educational dimensions. Key topics include: The economics of higher education Students in a marketised environment Regulating a marketised sector Marketisation and higher education pedagogies Universities’ futures. Unveiling nuanced and multifaceted perspectives and providing readers with collective and forward-thinking critical analyses, Dimensions of Marketisation in Higher Education will be an authoritative reference book on policy and practice, appealing to higher education leaders, managers and scholars worldwide.

Preparing 21st Century Teachers for Teach Less Learn More TLLM Pedagogies

Author : Kumar, Pradeep
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The current trend of learner centeredness in education has been challenging many of the current ways of working, especially in higher education institutions. This rapid change in educational institutions demands educators acquire new sets of skills via continuous reflective practices. Hence, educators in higher education institutions are actively involved in research-driven teaching and learning practices. This change of role from mere content delivery to learning facilitators could be better achieved through a strong research-driven community of practice. Preparing 21st Century Teachers for Teach Less, Learn More (TLLM) Pedagogies is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on the application of practice-based learning techniques in higher education institutions. This publication establishes a platform for academics to share their best practices to promote teach less, learn more pedagogies and learn reciprocally from the community of practice. While highlighting topics such as interactive learning, experiential technology, and logical thinking skills, this book is ideally designed for teachers, instructional designers, higher education faculty, deans, researchers, professionals, universities, academicians, and students seeking current research on transformative learning and future teaching practices.

Higher Education and National Development

Author : David Bridges
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Universities and societies around the world are involved in significant transition. Universities are now invited to expand their central aims and purposes in order to embrace a role in relation to the development of the societies in which they are located. This change of focus has major implications for curricula, modes of teaching and the student body. International contributors to this wideranging text discuss different aspects of the phenomenon of globalisation in relation to higher education, but also in relation to moves by nation states to devolve government to regional and subregional bodies and the implications this has for educational systems.

Technology Driven Curriculum for 21st Century Higher Education Students in Africa

Author : Lawrence Meda
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The book consists of novel and empirical research in broad areas of technology and curriculum in selected African countries. The central theme of the book is technology and the higher education curriculum. The book consists of case studies from selected African countries, namely, Lesotho; Namibia; Kenya; South Africa; Zimbabwe; Tanzania and Nigeria. These studies confirm that in this contemporary digital era, educational technology is playing an increasingly important role. It has become so ubiquitous and fundamental in the teaching and learning. Higher education sectors across the continent are increasingly compelled to use educational technology to keep up with needs of 21st century students who want to be afforded opportunities to be able to learn in real time, anytime, and on their own terms using opportunities for creative innovation made possible by new information and communication technologies.