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Origami Inspirations

Author : Meenakshi Mukerji
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This handsome book is aimed towards those with an intermediate skill level, but the origami basics included at the start of the book make it accessible to beginners. A number of beautiful models are offered, ranging from cubes to prisms to dodecahedra. As with the author’s two previous books, Origami Inspirations provides step-by-step instructions and color distribution suggestions to create the more than 30 intricate designs presented. The book also includes a chapter featuring designs by origami artists from around the world, and these projects provide a happy complement to the author’s own exciting inspirations in the rest of the book.

Wondrous One Sheet Origami

Author : Meenakshi Mukerji
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Wondrous One Sheet Origami is a how-to book full of beautiful origami designs covering a wide range of folding levels from simple to high intermediate, with more emphasis on the latter. The book is meant for audiences 12 years of age and above, and children folding at higher than age level. Most of the designs are flat and suitable for mounting on cards or framing as gifts. Features • Richly illustrated full-color book with clear, crisp diagrams following international standard, and an abundance of photographs of finished models • Select designs hand-picked by the author based on social media responses • Most of the designs incorporate color-change, a technique showing both sides of paper for enhanced beauty "Meenakshi Mukerji's work is both intricate and lovely. She's greatly respected in the origami world, one of the well-known world leaders in modular origami. Her books offer a nice exposition of the mathematical elements, but you're not being hit over the head with math lessons. You learn things without even realizing that you have." –Dr. Robert J. Lang "Meenakshi Mukerji is one of today's masters of modular origami, designs comprised of multiple pieces of paper. She also brings her ingenuity and creativity to designs made from a single piece of paper. Among the most appealing aspects of her single sheet work is the way she subtly manipulates a purely geometric form to fold a flower, a leaf, a butterfly, or card suits." –Peter Engel

Handbook of Research on Methodologies for Design and Production Practices in Interior Architecture

Author : Garip, Ervin
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Studio environments can be defined as multi-dimensional integrated production spaces where basic design trainings take place and where design issues including theoretical notions such as sociological, political, phenomenological, and other dimensions are discussed. Present approaches within the literature and social media on this topic gives cause for students to evaluate their future professions over finished and pictorial products rather than ontological and processual means. While there are many resources available on the present approaches of aesthetics and visuality of interior spaces, there is not much research available on new design methodologies, related design processes, and new applied methods in interior arcitecture. Based on different contexts, these methods of design practice have the potential to enrich design processes and create multiple discussion platforms within project studios as well as other design media. These different representations and narration methods for research in the context of interior architecture can be effectively used in design processes. The Handbook of Research on Methodologies for Design and Production Practices in Interior Architecture proposes new design methodologies and related design processes and introduces new applied method approaches while presenting alternative methods that have been used within design studios in the field of interior architecture. The chapters deal with four major sections: the design process and interdiciplinary approaches; then scenario development and content; followed by material, texture, and atmosphere; and concluding with new approaches to design. While highlighting topics such as spatial perception, design strategies, architectural atmosphere, and design-thinking, this book is of interest to architects, interior designers, practitioners, stakeholders, researchers, academicians, and students looking for advanced research on the new design metholodologies and processes for interior architecture.

Origami Sculptures

Author : John Montroll
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Contains a collection of Montroll's best paper folding with the modern advances of computer graphics.

Ornamental Origami

Author : Meenakshi Mukerji
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This book is a great resource for people who enjoy polyhedra, symmetry, geometry, mathematics and origami. The types of models presented are similar in nature to the models in Mukerji's Marvelous Modular Origami, but some of the chapters are more advanced and all of the designs are new. The reader can learn about polyhedra while making these models and is left with the ability to design one's own models. Step-by-step folding instructions for over 40 models are presented. Although the book is for intermediate folders, beginners are encouraged to try because origami basics are explained. The diagrams are easy to follow and each model is accompanied by breathtaking finished model photographs.

Origami Art

Author : Michael G. Lafosse
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Fold advanced origami projects with this beautiful origami book. From the Origamido Studio, world renowned origami artists Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander introduce a unique collection of origami paper craft projects. Origami Art features folding instructions for complex 3D origami models. These featured origami projects will amaze and astound paper folders with their intricate and lifelike qualities. Also featured within this origami book are articles on paper selection and preparation for each project, advanced techniques, such as "wetfolding" and compound origami plant design and construction. LaFosse and Alexander embrace every aspect of this fascinating art form and present it brilliantly for advanced paper folders and the artist in us all. While knowledge of some basic folds are needed, the clear, expert instructions allow readers to learn origami at a very high level, without requiring a great deal of previous origami knowledge or experience. This origami book contains: 144 pages of full-color Advanced origami folding techniques and tips Clear, step-by-step instructions 15 signature origami projects If you're eager to dive into a premium collection of challenging origami designs, then this exciting paper folding guide is for you! LaFosse's expert instructions will step you through the creation of origami masterpieces that are beautiful to behold and make wonderful gifts. Origami art projects include: American Alligator Pond Turtles Monk Seal Malaysian Birdwing Butterfly Munich Orchid And many more…

Marvelous Modular Origami

Author : Meenakshi Mukerji
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This richly illustrated book provides step-by-step instructions for the construction of over 30 different modular origami structures. The author describes basic folding techniques required to construct the “modules” that are used as building blocks to construct complex ornamental models. The diagrams are clear, crisp, and easy to follow, and are accompanied by inspiring color photographs. Additional tips encourage the reader to design their own original creations. Advance Praise for Marvelous Modular Origami "A must-have for any modular origami polyhedra enthusiast." -Rona Gurkewitz, co-author of Multimodular Origami Polyhedra "The models are paper folding in its purest form. They range from simple Sonobe to floral and geometrical constructions. All are eye-catching and satisfying to fold, and the finished constructions are pleasing to behold. Also included are short sections on the mathematics behind the shapes and optimum color choices." -David Petty, author of Origami A-B-C "In this colorful book, you'll find wonderful original origami modular creations. Meenakshi's clear instructions and helpful hints will have you zipping through these modules as well as improvising your own." -Rachel Katz, co-author of FUN FOLDS: Language Learning Through Paper Folding "Marvelous Modular Origami is a colorful addition to the literature of mathematical origami." -Florence Temko, author of many origami and other craft books

The Daily Climb 31 Days of Inspiration To Help You Climb Your Ladder To Success

Author : Denar Ralph
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Being a winner is not about being the best, the first, or the greatest. Being a winner is about accomplishing things. Winners get it done. Someone who makes their dreams come true is a true winner. The Daily Climb by Denar Ralph contains 31 days of inspiration to help you climb your ladder of success.

Making Memories

Author : Amy Tangerine
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In a world where children are increasingly attached to their screens, and their memories often are only held digitally, this ebook offers a creative analogue solution. It is a fun how-to e-guide to engaging with the world around us through mindfulness activities and journaling tips. Little ones are taken through activities, from physical and mental exercises to crafting and writing tasks, which teach them to value the little things in their lives. They learn crafts to calm a busy mind, discover Buddhist meditation, and explore the outdoors mindfully. Some activities encourage kids to create something physical to remember special events, friends, or holidays, so memories aren't restricted to pictures on a screen. Each activity and thought encourages a sense of calm or wellbeing, which helps children to live in the moment and make memories in the real world. The ebook features an environmental awareness, too, with activities encouraging sustainability and recycling. Beautiful, soothing colours and a fun scrapbook aesthetic combine to make a how-to e-guide to cherish.

Designer Origami

Author : Matthew Gardiner
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Designer Origami is the latest book by Matthew Gardiner, the author of the highly successful Everything Origami. Discover the stylish, creative and innovative world of origami design with this stunning new title. Subject areas include: Origami Design (an introduction to the world of origami) Jewellery Decoration and art Lighting (folding thin plastics to make real lights for your home) Fashion (fabric art that you can really wear) Displays (how to mount origami models)