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Outback Stations

Author : Evan McHugh
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'From the helicopter I could see the property's waterholes surrounded by paperbark trees, its red-stone cliffs lit by the rising sun. And grass, endless seas of grass. Here was the vision splendid: Nat Buchanan's grass castle. Gurindji country. And my country, Australia.' This is big country, the outback, home to the largest cattle and sheep stations in the world. Yet as these properties are closed to visitors, few of us know what goes on behind the farm gate. So what's life really like when next door is 500 kilometres away, and mustering livestock in their tens of thousands, backbreaking physical labour, and dealing with extreme heat and long hours is all in a day's work? And why would these tough stockmen and women not have it any other way? Bestselling author Evan McHugh gets behind the wheel of his four-wheel drive to find out. Given special access to these properties, Evan goes behind the scenes at Adria Downs in the dead heart of Central Australia, helps drove cattle from the air at Wave Hill and gets a lesson in trapping dingoes at the remote Commonwealth Hill station. Following in the footsteps of the pioneering greats, Evan reveals the fascinating history of these outback stations, and what it takes to work on one today.

An Outback Life

Author : Mary Groves
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An outback tale of a woman who spent the prime of her life in the Northern Territory, often struggling to put a meal on the table, told in simple, straightforward language, the narrative zipping along at a lively pace, with one cracking yarn after another.

Outback Constable Jack

Author : Shirley Richards
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Outback Constable Jack By: Shirley Richards Starting a new chapter in his life, Outback Constable Jack has a deep empathy for the locals, a commitment to justice, and a longing for companionship. His world revolves around solving crimes, helping people, and finding lost folks in Bullocky Hole. Although he feels his duties are pretty straightforward, he is constantly being asked to grow beyond these responsibilities and immerse himself in the locals’ culture. Jack quickly finds himself a regular at the secondary school, teaching the children through his original ditties, captivating stories, and dashing personality. As Outback Constable Jack solves squabbles and finds lost loved ones (some human, some not) he begins to feel himself put down roots in Bullocky Hole. He becomes a respected member of the local community, determined to help all those in need. After solving the problems of the locals, he begins to do some searching of his own: for a loyal dog and a good woman to keep him company. With the stars aligned and a teacher who is brand new in town, Jack might just be able to find the woman for whom he’s always been searching...

Horsemen of the Outback

Author : Don Corcoran
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This is an extremely well researched work which will be treasured by all horse riders. It is a very thorough account of Australian spurs and the bush blacksmiths like Fred Gutte who designed his on Wave Hill Station, but is much more that. If offers a romantic folklore of the horsemen who used the spurs in their sometimes dangerous and often lonely rides on the cattle stations between outback Queensland and the Kimberley.

Life in the Australian Outback

Author : Jann Einfeld
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Describes the variety of people, careers, and lifestyles found in Australia's Outback.

King of the Outback

Author :
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The life of the legendary pioneer of outback travel - the man who opened up Australia to adventure travel. A modern - day explorer who took everyday Australians along for the ride. Bill King is the pioneer who put the Australian outback on the map for both local and international tourists. Through an enterprise founded on hope and grit - now operating as AAT Kings - he opened up a completely new branch of Australian tourism. Thousands of Australians have experienced the adventure of a lifetime in Bill's capable hands, often walking in the footsteps of explorers such as Burke and Wills, Leichhardt, Sturt and Stuart. Eccentric drivers, mad passengers and sticky situations abound against the backdrop of the glorious Australian outback. Bill and his tour groups sometimes got lost, bogged or stranded - sometimes even scared out of their wits - but there was always a fierce determination to bring the show back home. Bill never lost a passenger or brought one to harm, though by heck they did sometimes try his monumental patience.

Outback Ghettos

Author : Peggy Brock
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Focusing on three communities in South Australia, this book looks at the institutionalisation of Aboriginal people and the consequences of this for both Aborigines and Australian society in general.

QBD Outback Stations

Author : Evan McHugh
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Her Outback Commander

Author : Margaret Way
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Stepping off the plane into the outback, Sienna Fleury feels like she's come home. The dramatic and vibrant landscape tantalizes her artistic senses, but the most potent pull is the man who commands it all, Blaine Kilcullen. A wealthy cattle baron, Blaine has plenty of eligible women clamoring for his attention, but none have ever held his interest like Sienna. With amber eyes and auburn hair, she's the most striking woman he's ever seen! Still, he cannot forget why she's here: to represent his late brother's wife and lay claim to the Kilcullen fortune.…

Pacific Telecommunications Conference

Author :
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Travels with Bertha

Author : Paul Martin
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The Queensland drug dealer-turned-miner who had blown off all his fingers in repeated work accidents; the Adelaide Aborigine whose Irish uncle, in revenge for Captain Cook, claimed the territory of Britain for Australia from the top of Big Ben; the ex-alcoholic in Tasmania relieved that his bi-polar condition could be traced back to his direct ancestor, King George III; the dying man in the Kimberleys who had witnessed a haunting aboriginal dance gathering in 1925.... Paul Martin arrived in Sydney on a one-year working holiday visa with a backpack and a hefty bank loan. Over the next two and a half years, he shared four flats in Sydney and travelled 30,000kms through both territories and all five states of Australia. In Bertha, his trusty 1978 Ford Falcon station wagon, he picked up over a dozen nationalities and encountered many funny and intriguing individuals along the way. Travels with Bertha is for anyone whose friends, loved ones, or who themselves have travelled to Australia, and for those interested in the dark history, the colourful characters or the startling beauty of this most fascinating of continents.

Outback Australia

Author : Ron Moon
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Details the history, sights, and activities of each region of the outback and includes information on Aboriginal history and culture, major routes and tracks through the area, and planning a trip and obtaining necessary equipment

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Author : Sandy Tasker
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Introduces through a range of educational information sheets and activities an insight into the unique images and icons that are typically Australian. Provides factual and historical information, lesson ideas and photocopiable activity sheets so that students can discuss, design, write and investigate. Ages 10+.


Author : Barbara Gunn
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Kirrama, Life on an Australian Cattle Station is real and as far removed from comfort and safety as anything you could find in the best fiction adventure novels. It is the true-life story of an average Texas ranching family who took a giant step across the boundary that lies between normal to extra-ordinary adventure and sacrifice. The Gunn family migrated from a small two-thousand acre Central Texas ranch in Williamson County, Texas, to a beautiful one hundred and six thousand acre (166 sq. mile) cattle station (ranch) in Queensland, Australia. The family in this book is living proof of the true strength and courage we all possess when faced with a challenge. How do we learn to live without modern comforts and the advanced technology that has become very much a part of our everyday existence? Little did we realize at the beginning of our journey that we had seen the last of automatic washers, dryers, hot water heaters and electricity for many years. Now, we would experience the use of concrete rub boards graduating to gas powered wringer type washers. The children would be home schooled. Outpost radio was the only means of communication with the outside world, as well as the Royal Flying Doctor Service for verbal diagnosis and treatment of all medical conditions. There was no landing strip on this property located on a rough, remote mountain range, therefore, the doctor could only be used to instruct in a verbal capacity. Kirrama (aboriginal meaning for lots of water) will take you through camping experiences on rivers infested with saltwater crocodiles, deadly snakes, sharks, wild hogs, and dingoes. You will enjoy the wild life of the graceful yet awkward looking kangaroos, curious emus, and beautiful colored parrots as well as the sad times of having to prepare a loved one for burial, while experiencing aboriginal life in the Great Outback of The Land Down Under. Sold on Reality? Time Magazine September 27, 2001, reported Reality TV such as Survivor II, The Australian Outback, was watched by hundreds of millions of people in more than forty countries by people fascinated with excitement, adventure, and reality far removed from the everyday routine of their lives. Reality none the less, being experienced by ordinary people like themselves, it creates an awakening within them that each and everyone of us possess; the basic human as well as spiritual strength to survive in situations outside the safety and comforts of our own normal lives. Oprahs last show in Australia was a tremendous success. People are in awe of the huge cattle stations, the Great Barrier Reef, the unusual animals, and the whole of Australia in general. The stories in Kirrama will take you from our long forty-two hour travel time from Austin, Texas, U.S.A., to Cairns, Queensland, Australia; including the feelings and trials of moving to a new country on to the many moves to various cattle stations in very remote outback areas and finally to our new home with many more adventures and trials. People Weekly magazine in their February 5, 2001, addition covered the complete story of the arrival of the Survivor II crew to Goshen, which was the adjoining station to Kirrma Station. The faux Stone Age Tribal Council was actually built on the rocky edge above the Herbert River where Blenco Falls cascades for 500 feet into the Herbert River Gorge on Kirrama Station. Kirrama was purchased by the Gunn family from Doug and Ruth Farquhar, the Australian family who then purchased Goshen Station. Much of Kirrama is written about this area, as well as the very remote cattle stations in the Cape York Peninsula.

Outback Australia

Author : Denis O'Byrne
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Providing coverage of the Australian outback, from the central deserts to tropical Cape York, this guide includes: notes on track and road conditions; travelling facilities and supplies; tips on driving and camping; and checklists for planning and packing.

A Willy willy Called Doctor Muckeye

Author : Joe Rollstone
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A delightful romance set in Queensland in the 1980s.

Great Australian Outback Police Stories

Author : Bill Marsh
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Yarns and memories that capture the experience of policing in the bush, gathered by the inimitable Bill 'Swampy' Marsh, bestselling author of GREAT AUSTRALIAN FLYING DOCTOR STORIES and GREAT AUSTRALIAN CWA STORIES. 'I tell you, you meet some strange characters in this game ...' Boasting the biggest beats in the world -- some as large as France -- Australia's outback police have seen it all: natural disasters, incredible acts of selflessness, unspeakable crimes and daring rescues, just to name a few. And they've met some unforgettable characters along the way: from the murderer who stuffed his victims' bodies down wombat holes; to the policeman who arrested his own wife; to the prisoner who risked his life to rescue his own captor from certain death. Master storyteller Bill 'Swampy' Marsh has travelled the length and breadth of the country to gather their tales of adventure and misadventure, drama and mayhem, and larrikinism and laughter, to create this memorable collection of real-life stories about those on the front-line in the heart of Australia.

Breaking the Playboy s Rules

Author : Emily Forbes
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The emptiness of the Outback couldn’t be more different to London, yet isolation and solitude is just what heartbroken nurse Emma Matheson needs from her Australian escape. But flying medic (and notorious ladies’ man!) Harry Connor can’t put his undeniable attraction to Emma on autopilot. The chemistry between them is hotter than the Australian sun, and as their feelings grow stronger, Harry finds that he’s not following procedures….

A Sailor on Horseback

Author : Captain Robert T. Bush
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A Sailor on Horseback is a memoir of a life spent on and around the sea. Beginning with a recollection of rural life in pre-war England, with World War 2 seen through the eyes of a schoolboy during the Occupation, the book spans eighty years and all the worlds oceans. The many strands of the memoir include nautical nostalgia, recalling seafaring in the immediate post-war era before the decline of the former colonial powers and the traditional shipping companies trading around the Indian Ocean coasts, and in Burmese waters before the military government became established Iran before Mossadeq and after Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf in boom times and war times happy days ashore and afloat in Australia, Canada, Mexico and the Seychelles adventurous and exciting times working for the worlds richest man yachting deluxe on a superyacht, meeting many remarkable people in some beautiful places good and not so good times in the shipping industry around the world.

Outback Australia at Cost

Author : Malcolm Gordon
File Size : 55.40 MB
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Revised and expanded second edition of a comprehensive guide to touring in the outback which was awarded a Judges Award in the 1990 Brolga Awards. Advice is given on preparing for the trip, clothing, travel and safety, and details on climate, landscape, geology, flora, fauna, conservation, driving, and road conditions are included. Contains detailed maps; listings of accommodation, services and local attractions; and an index.