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Outsider in the White House

Author : Bernard Sanders
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Sanders tells the story of his remarkable career as a progressive socialist and outspoken dissident, using his experience to expose the bias and injustice within one of the worlds most powerful political systems. From his fight for a livable minimum wage, to campaigning on behalf of fair electoral politics, Sanders makes much-needed suggestions for tackling contemporary issues, an uplifting take on the potential for democracy to deliver political and social justice. The revised edition will include a new introduction from Sanders explaining what led to his run for the presidency and a substantial afterword written by John Nichols, the Washington Correspondent of The Nation, bringing Sanders's story forward from the late 1990s to the present.

An Outsider in the White House

Author : Betty Glad
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Jimmy Carter entered the White House with a desire for a collegial staff that would aid his foreign-policy decision making. He wound up with a team of rivals who contended for influence and who fought over his every move regarding relations with the USSR, the Peoples' Republic of China, arms control, and other crucial foreign-policy issues.In two areas--the Camp David Accords and the return of the Canal to Panama--Carter's successes were attributable to his particular political skills and the assistance of Secretary of State Cyrus Vance and other professional diplomats. The ultimate victor in the other battles was Carter's national security advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, a motivated tactician. Carter, the outsider who had sought to change the political culture of the executive office, found himself dependent on the very insiders of the political and diplomatic establishment against whom he had campaigned.Based on recently declassified documents in the Carter Library, materials not previously noted in the Vance papers, and a wide variety of interviews, Betty Glad's An Outsider in the White House is a rich and nuanced depiction of the relationship between policy and character. It is also a poignant history of damaged ideals. Carter's absolute commitment to human rights foundered on what were seen as national security interests.New data from the archives reveal how Carter's government sought the aid of Pope John Paul II to undercut the human-rights efforts of the El Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero. A moralistic approach toward the Soviet Union undermined Carter's early desire to reduce East-West conflicts and cut nuclear arms. As a result, by 1980 the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT) was in limbo, and a nuclear counterforce doctrine had been adopted. Near the end of Carter's single term in office Vance stepped down as secretary of state, in part because Brzezinski's muscular diplomacy had come to dominate Carter's foreign policy. When Vance's successor, Edmund Muskie, took over, the State Department was reduced to implementing policies made by Brzezinski and his allies. For Carter, the rivalry for influence in the White House was concluded and the results, as Glad shows, were a mixed record and an uncertain presidential legacy. --J. Garry Clifford, University of Connecticut and co, author of American Foreign Relations: A History, Seventh Edition "Political Science Quarterly"

Outsider in the White House

Author : Bernie Sanders
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Progressive socialist Sanders continues to make political history as he embarks on a campaign to win the Democratic nomination for president in 2016, and this revised edition with new material captures his optimistic hopes for democracy to deliver political and social justice.

Outsider in the Senate

Author : Clinton Presba Anderson
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Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author : Library of Congress
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Reagan s Victory

Author : Andrew Busch
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Ronald Reagan's defeat of President Jimmy Carter in 1980 and how the campaign both reflected the politics of its time and foreshadowed the nation's political future are examined in the first comprehensive study of this contest. Simultaneous.

National Journal

Author :
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In Pursuit of the White House 2000

Author : William G. Mayer
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In this guide to the major aspects of the US presidential nominating system, a team of experts looks at the background and evolution of the process and the new rules for 2000. It presents non-technical discussion of such topics as: the New Hampshire primary; the role of women in the nomination process; televised candidate debates; the role of consultants; the challenge of maintaining interparty unity; and the role of the vice-presidency.

Victorian Outsider

Author : Roy McMullen
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The legend of James Whistler is that of both a brilliantly eccentric butterfly whose wit pulverized every philistine within range and a painter whose stance and work were examples of sophistication and modernism triumphing over the dullards of his time. Yet even without the legend Whistler's life was a remarkable one. Using Whistler's own letters and other primary sources, Roy McMullen brings to life Whistler's years as a Bohemian on the Paris Left Bank, his affairs with his Irish and English mistresses, his encounters with men like Carlyle, Ruskin, Beardsley and Wilde, his immediate and violent passions for oriental art, for travel to mysterious places, his marriage at the age of fifty-four, the growth of his international reputation and the sad last years as a sardonic, eccentric celebrity and lonely widower. -- From publisher's description.

The Reluctant Welfare State

Author : Bruce S. Jansson
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How can an understanding of historical events breathe new life into the study of current social welfare policies and the profession of social work? Why is the American welfare state more "reluctant" that most European ones? How have various outgroups used creative survival strategies in the face of adversity? How has social welfare policy been affected by the conflict among Newt Gingrich, "New Democrats", and Democratic Congressional liberals? You'll find discussion of these issues and more in this comprehensive, scholarly introduction to social welfare policy in the United States. This book will challenge you to think critically about issues, developments, and policies both in past eras and in contemporary society. Throughout the book, Jansson invites you to become a policy practitioner and advocate and to develop your own "policy identity".

Naive and Outsider Painting from Germany and Paintings by Gabriele M nter

Author : Gabriele Münter
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Author : John Rockwell
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"This compilation by the longtime New York Times music, dance, and arts critic John Rockwell features the renowned journalist's own selection of his finest criticism and commentary from 1967 to the present. Taken mostly from the Times, the reviews and essays also include pieces from seventeen other sources, such as the Los Angeles Times, The New Republic, Musical Quarterly, Opera, Opera News, and The Village Voice." "These writings epitomize Rockwell's unique vision of the arts scene over the past forty years, with commentary on classical music (including the full breadth of contemporary composition), rock, dance, art, film, theater, books, general arts topics, and reports from abroad."--BOOK JACKET.

The Presidents Men White House Assistants of Franklin D Roosevelt Harry S Truman Dwight D Eisenhower John F Kennedy and Lyndon B Johnson

Author : Patrick Anderson
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A Treasury of White House Cooking

Author : François Rysavy
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"A Treasury of White House Cooking is a truly unique and authentic cookbook which presents a collection of more than 100 menus and more than 500 recipes that enable the home cook to duplicate the dishes served in the White House on formal state occasions and at intimate meals shared by the Presidents, their families, and their friends." -

The American Presidency

Author : James W. Davis
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The Invisible Presidency

Author : Louis William Koenig
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Dialogues on American Politics

Author : Irving Louis Horowitz
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Outsiders USA Original Essays on 24 Outgroups in American Society

Author : Don Spiegel
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The purpose of this book is to bring together, in a single volume, a discussion of some two dozen different social categories whose members can be labeled "outsiders," using our broad definition of the term. The reader of this volume can gain insight into the major similarities and differences of the various outsider categories presented. Each of the chapters was written especially for this book. The authors were selected for their expertise in the area of their chapter content, which more often than not includes involvement in innovative or action-oriented approaches to solving complex social problems. Most chapters follow a similar format: a description of the social category, a presentation of the dilemmas their members face, explorations of traditional as well as recent approaches to resolving their dilemmas, and a brief look at their prospects for more satisfying life situations and potentials. Although comprehensive solutions to the problems outsiders face have yet to be evolved and implemented, we hope that by imparting a more basic understanding of people in outsider categories we will have contributed to that end. For not until outsiders are more fully understood from their own perspective by society-at-large can truly positive changes in our society emerge.

An Introduction to Public Policy

Author : Louis William Koenig
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I F Magazine

Author :
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