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Pale Kings and Princes A Spenser Mystery

Author : Robert B. Parker
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Classic Boston noir thriller from global bestseller Robert B. Parker - one of contemporary crime fiction's most popular and acclaimed authors. When a young journalist researching the cocaine trade in a small Massachusetts town is found murdered, private detective Spenser is called in to find out who is responsible. Wheaton isn't just any small town though - Spenser soon discovers it's one of the biggest cocaine distribution centres in the Northeast. But the local drugs cartel are not the only suspects - did the journalist get too close to the truth, or too close to the wife of a very jealous man? 'One of the great series in the history of the American detective story' New York Times

Pale Kings and Princes

Author : Robert B. Parker
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“Ebullient entertainment.”—Time A hotshot reporter is dead. He'd gone to take a look-see at “Miami North”—little Wheaton, Massachusetts—the biggest cocaine distribution center above the Mason-Dixon line. Did the kid die for getting too close to the truth . . . or to a sweet lady with a jealous husband? Spenser will stop at nothing to find out. Praise for Robert B. Parker's Spenser novels “Like Philip Marlowe, Spenser is a man of honor in a dishonorable world. When he says he will do something, it is done. The dialogues zings, and there is plenty of action . . . but it is the moral element that sets them above most detective fiction.”—Newsweek “Crackling dialogue, plenty of action and expert writing . . . Unexpectedly literate—[Spenser is] in many respects the very exemplar of the species.”—The New York Times “They just don’t make private eyes tougher or funnier.”—People “Parker has a recorder’s ear for dialogue, an agile wit . . . and, strangely enough, a soupçon of compassion hidden under that sardonic, flip exterior.”—Los Angeles Times “A deft storyteller, a master of pace.”—The Philadelphia Inquirer “Spenser probably had more to do with changing the private eye from a coffin-chaser to a full-bodied human being than any other detective hero.”—The Chicago Sun-Times “[Spenser is] tough, intelligent, wisecracking, principled, and brave.”—The New Yorker

The Politics of Language in Romantic Literature

Author : Richard Marggraf Turley
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This innovative study examines a range of canonical and non-canonical materials to open a new narrative on the mutually illuminating interchange between Romantic literature and philological theory in the late-eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Arguing that philology can no longer be treated as something that did not happen to Romantic authors, this book undertakes a substantial revision of our understanding of the intellectual and political contexts that helped determine the Romantic consciousness

John Keats and the Loss of Romantic Innocence

Author : Keith D. White
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John Keats and the Loss of Romantic Innocence traces Keats's use of an Appolonian metaphor. Of the nearly 150 works listed in Jack Stillinger's standard edition, approximately half contain references to the god of nature and of art. What emerges are three distinct phases in Keats's aesthetic development. From his initial fondness for bower imagery and the pastoral voices of Spenser and Hunt, to the Neo-Platonism of his poems about art and imagination, to his ultimate rejection of romantic idealism, Keats and his Apollonian metaphor are rarely separated. The poet's dismissal of romantic idealism is ultimately a rejection of Blake's God, Coleridge's of Germanism, Wordsworth's Nature, Byron's Hellenism, and Shelley's Supernaturalism. The young poet dies aware of the excesses of his empirically oriented pleasant smotherings and idealistic realms of gold. He accepts a world without Apollo and his entourage, a world unembellished by art and other gilded cheats.

Die Neueren Sprachen

Author :
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The Television Studies Reader

Author : Professor of Ophthalmology and Pharmacology and Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology Robert C Allen, M D
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A discussion of a truly international range of television programs, this title covers alternative modes of television such as digital and satellite.

The Robert B Parker Companion

Author : Dean James
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Even before he was named Grand Master for Lifetime Achievement by the Mystery Writers of America, Edgar® Award-winning author Robert B. Parker had assumed the mantle of dean of American crime fiction. “Taking his place beside Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, and Ross MacDonald” (The Boston Globe), Parker has transcended the conventions of the crime genre. As one of the most popular and prolific writers in the world, he has reinvented crime writing with his inimitable style and unforgettable characters. Now discover everything about everything that is Robert B. Parker: • Comprehensive biography of Robert B. Parker • Inside the Spenser novels • All about the Jesse Stone and Sunny Randall novels • Parker’s stand-alone fiction • Complete cast of characters • Spenser on film • Robert B. Parker’s Boston—locales, crime scenes, and maps • Memorable quotes • Inclusive bibliography Plus, an exclusive and insightful new interview with Robert B. Parker.


Author : Toby Miller
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Bringing together the most important writings on television in theoretical, historical, empirical and political terms, from the USA and Europe, with significant coverage of other international works, this collection demonstrates television's global significance, as a field of study, to disciplines across both the humanities and social sciences.

Language Discourse Style

Author : Sonia Zyngier
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For the first time, the works on stylistics by one of the most brilliant linguists of our times are collected in a single volume. This book highlights the evolution of John Sinclair’s theories and insights from studies on language teaching through detailed analyses of text and discourse, and into his later works on corpus stylistics. More specifically, Part I focuses on how theory can inform teaching practice. Part II is more directed towards linguistic analyses of specific texts and provides practical bases for stylistic approaches. In Part III, Sinclair’s contributions to discourse analysis shed light on ways of looking and understanding literature. Written in his crisp clear, straightforward style, this book demonstrates Sinclair’s explicit concern for more systematic approaches to the integration of language and literature and shows why his works on stylistics have been both reference and inspiration to students, language and literature teachers and researchers over many decades.

The Cambridge Introduction to British Romantic Poetry

Author : Michael Ferber
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An engaging guide to reading, understanding and enjoying Romantic verse, designed for students approaching the period for the first time.