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Social Justice Parenting

Author : Dr. Traci Baxley
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“Social Justice Parenting offers guidance and grace for parents who want to teach their children how to create a fair and inclusive world.”—Diane Debrovner, deputy editor of Parents magazine “Replete with excellent examples and advice that can help parents raise children with a healthy self-image and regard for the welfare of others."—Jane E. Brody, New York Times An empowering, timely guide to raising anti-racist, compassionate, and socially conscious children, from a diversity and inclusion educator with more than thirty years of experience. As a global pandemic shuttered schools across the country in 2020, parents found themselves thrust into the role of teacher—in more ways than one. Not only did they take on remote school supervision, but after the murder of George Floyd and the ensuing Black Lives Matter protests, many also grappled with the responsibility to teach their kids about social justice—with few resources to guide them. Now, in Social Justice Parenting, Dr. Traci Baxley—a professor of education who has spent 30 years teaching diversity and inclusion—will offer the essential guidance and curriculum parents have been searching for. Dr. Baxley, a mother of five herself, suggests that parenting is a form of activism, and encourages parents to acknowledge their influence in developing compassionate, socially-conscious kids. Importantly, Dr. Baxley also guides parents to do the work of recognizing and reconciling their own biases. So often, she suggests, parents make choices based on what’s best for their children, versus what’s best for all children in their community. Dr. Baxley helps readers take inventory of their actions and beliefs, develop self-awareness and accountability, and become role models. Poised to become essential reading for all parents committed to social change, Social Justice Parenting will offer parents everywhere the opportunity to nurture a future generation of humane, compassionate individuals.

Social Justice and Parent Partnerships in Multicultural Education Contexts

Author : Norris, Katherine E.L.
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Despite the ever-changing demographics of the United States and decisions made by the Supreme Court, racial tensions and turmoil continue to affect daily life in a multitude of environments. In educational environments, advancements in teaching technologies, in conjunction with these tensions, require a cooperation between parents and school personnel to promote student success. Social Justice and Parent Partnerships in Multicultural Education Contexts is a critical scholarly resource that explores the importance of cooperation between parents, teachers, and administrators to create valuable support systems that will promote student success through strategies using social justice. Featuring coverage on a wide range of topics, such as parent collaboration, bilingualism, and community-based partnerships, this book is geared toward academicians, researchers, and teachers seeking current research on the importance of cooperation between parents and education professionals in encouraging positive student outcomes in multicultural learning environments.

Parenting for Social Change

Author : Teresa Graham Brett
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...isn't about children, but about the harmful cultural messages we, as parents, perpetuate in our relationships with children. ...addresses the work we as parents must do to free ourselves, the children who share our lives, and our world from those harmful messages. ...uses current research to debunk the myth that controlling children is necessary to ensure they grow up to be healthy and responsible adults. ...demonstrates how changing our parent-child relationships plays a critical role in creating social change. parents strategies and tools for letting go of harmful control of children. Book jacket.

Educational Research for Social Justice

Author : Alistair Ross
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This book presents a series of analyses of educational policies – largely in the UK, but some also in Europe – researched by a team of social scientists who share a commitment to social justice and equity in education. We explore what social justice means, in educational policy and practice, and how it impacts on our understanding of both ‘educational science’ and ‘the public good’. Using a social constructivist approach, the book argues that social justice requires a particular and critical analysis of the meaning of meritocracy, and of the way this term turns educational policies towards treating learning as a competition, in which many young people are constructed as ‘losers’. We discuss how many terms in education are essentialised and have specific, and different, meanings for particular social groups, and how this may create issues in both quantitative survey methods and in determining what is ‘the public good’. We discuss social justice across a range of intersecting social characteristics, including social class, ethnicity and gender, as they are applied across the educational policy spectrum, from early years to postgraduate education. We examine the ways that young people construct their identities, and the implications of this for understanding the ‘public good’ in educational practice. We consider the responsibilities of educational researchers to acknowledge these issues, and offer examples of researching with such a commitment. We conclude by considering how educational policy might contribute to a socially just, equitable and inclusive public good.

Social Justice and Public Policy

Author : Craig, Gary
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Social justice is a contested term, incorporated into the language of widely differing political positions. Those on the left argue that it requires intervention from the state to ensure equality, at least of opportunity; those on the right believe that it can be underpinned by the economics of the market place with little or no state intervention. To date, political philosophers have made relatively few serious attempts to explain how a theory of social justice translates into public policy. This important book, drawing on international experience and a distinguished panel of political philosophers and social scientists, addresses what the meaning of social justice is, and how it translates into the everyday concerns of public and social policy, in the context of both multiculturalism and globalisation.

Social Justice and Communication Scholarship

Author : Omar Swartz
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Social Justice and Communication Scholarship explores the role of communication in framing and contributing to issues of social justice. This collection, a first on the subject of communication and social justice, investigates the theoretical and practical ways in which communication scholarship can enable inclusive and equitable communities within American society. It analyzes ways in which to construct communities that protect individual freedom while ensuring equality and dignity to everyone. In this unique anthology, Swartz brings together both senior scholars and junior colleagues to represent diverse applications of communication to issues of social justice. He supports partisan scholarship in order to revitalize intellectual activity and social commitment toward creating a progressive society. As a result; the volume serves the heuristic function of posing new research questions. In addition to its relevance within the field of communication, Social Justice and Communication Scholarship will be of interest in many of the humanities and social sciences, as research on the theme of social justice transcends disciplinary boundaries. The volume is particularly well suited for use in undergraduate and graduate courses in communication, rhetoric and composition, journalism, American studies, and cultural studies.

Parenting 4 Social Justice

Author : Angela Berkfield
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Looking for support in talking with kids about topics like immigration, racism, homelessness, and gender identity? This heart-centered book provides tips and tools, including plain-language conversation starters, to use with children ages 0-10. Stories from diverse parents across the U.S. are woven into chapters on race, class, gender, disability, healing justice, and collective liberation. Whether in your family or your wider community, the time has never been better to introduce kids to the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they need to show up for social justice.

Community Counseling A Multicultural Social Justice Perspective

Author : Judith A. Lewis
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Thoroughly revised and updated, COMMUNITY COUNSELING: A MULTICULTURAL-SOCIAL JUSTICE PERSPECTIVE 4e now more than ever clearly describes and illustrates the practice of community counseling by discussing the most current issues and practices for community work in the 21st century. The Fourth Edition gives special emphasis to the practices of diversity, ethics, and the role of the counselor as a change agent and advocate. Focusing on how to promote change and growth, the text delivers proven guidelines for planning and implementing productive community counseling programs. It also provides readers with a basic understanding of the role of the community counselor, the services offered by community agencies, and the settings in which they are offered. Packed with practical, relevant, and timely examples, the text examines four vital facets of counseling: direct community counseling, direct client services (outreach), indirect community services (influencing public policy), and indirect client services (client advocacy). Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Critical Perspectives on Social Justice

Author : Jennifer Peters
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In order for citizens to have true equality, they must be able to have equal access to social, political, and economic rights and opportunities. But what does that mean for students today? Readers will explore what social justice means in modern society and will be challenged to look at the areas in their own lives where they see a need for social justice through essays, reports, and discussions on equality, privilege and opportunity in the twenty-first century.

Parenting for a Better World

Author : Susanna Snyder
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Living faithfully isn’t about attending church. Being Christian is about living in right, just relationships with other people and the rest of creation. How can Christian parents avoid being overcome with the pressure to be a perfect parent and make a difference in the world? Parenting for a Better World shows there are all sorts of ways we can make a real difference from within our own homes. Even busy parents can work with their families for global justice. Without pressing you to do it all, this book offers spiritual resources for reflecting on the relationship between your faith, your calling for justice, and your commitment to parenting. Find encouragement from fellow parents who weave together stories of caregiving, activism, and scripture that affirm your sense of calling. Plus, it offers practical strategies to help committed (and over-committed) people integrate caregiving and justice work into their daily lives.