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Patriarchal Lineages in 21st Century Christian Courtship

Author : Elizabeth L. Shively
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Drawing from a study of courtship media and ethnographic work at purity retreats and home-school conventions across the Midwest, this is the first inquiry into modern Christian courtship, an alternative to dating that asks young people to avoid both romance and sex until they are ready to be married. Bridging sociological and historical studies of American Christianity with youth and girlhood studies literatures, Elizabeth Shively finds that the courtship system is designed to shore up the patriarchal nuclear family structure at the center of conservative Christianity and ensure predictability in the face of emerging adulthood: single young women work to embody ideals of “luminous femininity” and model themselves after archetypes such as the “Proverbs 31 woman,” the “stay-at-home-daughter,” and the “mission-minded girl,” and courting couples strive to “guard their hearts” against premature emotional intimacy. Nonetheless, participants report that courtship, like other relationships, inevitably carries an element of risk, and it ultimately fails to offer a substantial challenge to the to the sexist realities of youth dating culture.

The Kin Who Count

Author : Margaret L. Meriwether
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The history of the Middle Eastern family presents as many questions as there are currently answers. Who lived together in the household? Who married whom and for how long? Who got a piece of the patrimonial pie? These are the questions that Margaret Meriwether investigates in this groundbreaking study of family life among the upper classes of the Ottoman Empire in the pre-modern and early modern period. Meriwether recreates Aleppo family life over time from records kept by the Islamic religious courts that held jurisdiction over all matters of family law and property transactions. From this research, she asserts that the stereotype of the large, patriarchal patrilineal family rarely existed in reality. Instead, Aleppo's notables organized their families in a great diversity of ways, despite the fact that they were all members of the same social class with widely shared cultural values, acting under the same system of family law. She concludes that this had important implications for gender relations and demonstrates that it gave women more authority and greater autonomy than is usually acknowledged.

The Imam of the Christians

Author : Philip Wood
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"This book considers how Christians adopted the governmental practices and political thought of their Muslim rulers. It explores how this encounter produced an Islamicate Christianity, that differed from the Christianities of Byzantium and western Europe in far more than just theology. It focuses on the history of the Jacobite patriarch of Antioch, Dionysius of Tel-Mahre, and examines the Jazira in the century after the Abbasid Revolution (750-850). It argues that the Abbasid period saw the higher clergy able to command increased powers over their co-religionists, such as issuing canons to regulate the lives of laymen, gathering tithes and arresting Christian opponents. Dionysius' historical writing advertises the patriarch's savoir-faire as he interacts with the court of Abdallah in Raqqa or the caliph al-Ma'mun in Baghdad. It presents him as an effective advocate for the interests of his co-religionists through his knowledge of Arabic and his ability to redeploy Islamic ideas to his own advantage. Strikingly, he observes that both he and al-Ma'mun are imams, since they lead their people in prayer and rule by popular consensus. On this basis, he claims, the caliph should support his leadership in order to guarantee the social order of the caliphate. The Imam of the Christians offers Dionysius' history as a window into the world of early Islam, and as an example more generally of how a powerful worldview can set the parameters by which other worldviews operate"--

A Christian Exploration of Women s Bodies and Rebirth in Shin Buddhism

Author : Kristin Johnston Largen
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Jōdo Shinshū Buddhism inherited many negative doctrines around women’s bodies, which in some early Buddhist texts were presented as an obstacle to rebirth, and a hindrance to awakening in general. Beginning with an examination of these doctrines, the book explores Shin teachings and texts, as well as the Japanese context in which they developed, with a focus on women and rebirth in Amida’s Pure Land. These doctrines are then compared to similar doctrines in Christianity and used to suggestion fruitful avenues of Christian theological reflection.

From the Highlands to Hollywood

Author : Siegfried Gruber
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This volume is dedicated to the academic achievements of Karl Kaser and to the 50th anniversary of Southeast European History and Anthropology (SEEHA) at the University of Graz. Its editors are collaborators of SEEHA and experts in various fields of Southeast European Studies: Siegfried Gruber, Dominik Gutmeyr, Sabine Jesner, Elife Krasniqi, Robert Pichler, and Christian Promitzer. The Festschrift covers diverse approaches toward the study of societies and cultures in Southeastern Europe, both with respect to history and current affairs, and brings together contributions from several of Kaser's former doctoral students, colleagues, collaborators and friends from across Europe.

Edinburgh Companion to the Bible and the Arts

Author : Prickett Stephen Prickett
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An authoritative assessment of the changing relationship between the Bible and the artsIn this unique Companion, 35 scholars, from world-famous to just beginning, explore the role of the Bible in art and of artistic motifs in the Bible. The specially commissioned chapters demonstrate that just as the arts have portrayed biblical stories in a variety of ways and media over the centuries, so what we call 'the' Bible is not actually a single entity but has been composed of fiercely contested translations of texts in many languages, whose selection has depended historically on a variety of cultural pressures, theological, social, and, not least, aesthetic. Key Features:* Divided into 3 sections, Inspiration and Theory, Art and Architecture, and Literature* Generously illustrated * Covers aesthetic interpretations of specific biblical books; of the Hebrew and Christian Bibles as a whole; the transmission of biblical texts; various bindings and illustrations of Bibles - in response to pressures as diverse as Islamic craftsmanship and the English Reformation* Includes pieces on biblical influences on poetry, painting, church architecture, decoration, and stained glass; on poetry, hymns, novels, plays, and fantasy literature* Spans the earliest days of the Christian era to the present

Multicultural America

Author : Ronald H. Bayor
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Profiles fifty of the most numerous immigrant groups in the United States, providing information on the history of their immigration to the U.S., how well they have adapted to life in America, and their impact on American society.

Constructing Early Christian Families

Author : Halvor Moxnes
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The family is a topical issue for studies of the Ancient world. Family, household and kinship have different connotations in antiquity from their modern ones. This volume expands that discussion to investigate the early Christian family structures within the larger Graeco-Roman context. Particular emphasis is given to how family metaphors, such as 'brotherhood' function to describe relations in early Christian communities. Asceticism and the rejection of sexuality are considered in the context of Christian constructions of the family. Moxnes' volume presents a comprehensive and timely addition to the study of familial and social structures in the Early Christian world, which will certainly stimulate further debate.

On the Issues

Author :
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Race Color and Religion Matter

Author : Carl L. Sweat Jr. D.Min M.Div MS BS
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The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law” (Deuteronomy 29:29 NIV). As we ponder the question, “Do race, color, and religion matter?”, we find that the initial response of many is “No.” If in fact, the reader accepts that everything the Creator has made was good, then one can acknowledge without reservation that race, color, and religion have a beneficial existence. If the reader can recognize that there is a plan and purpose for all things, then without exception one must admit that race, color, and religion have a purpose on this earth and are ideal instruments of God. Race, color and religion are deeply intertwined within the life of mankind as well as with the Creator. They exist as gifts dispersed among humanity for the purpose of diversified beautification. They were destined by the Creator to be used in the fulfillment of His plan for the population of the earth and His plan of salvation. Race, color, and religion serve as indicators of chronological time and are useful in the study of eschatology. They serve as indicators of the three phases of human development: the “Physical Phase, the “Spiritual Phase,” and the “Intellectual Phase.” They are also preordained factors of life for various reasons. Some of these reasons have been revealed to humanity; the others may not be known until the return of Christ. If you are a person who believes that these three factors do not matter, you must read this book. If you are a person who believes the Christian Bible can be studied without consideration for race, color, and religion, your understanding of the Holy Scriptures is both incomprehensive and inconclusive. Through this book, your eyes will be opened to a new awareness of the glorious and magnificent works the Creator has done and is doing. This book provides a better understanding of the proclamations declared throughout biblical history. Also, you will be presented with an anthological survey designed to enhance the study of the Christian Bible with a focused consciousness of the topic. Let this book serve as a sobering experience and a lesson that race, color, and religion truly matter."