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Performance and Community

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Performance practice in community settings is an established part of the cultural landscape. However, this practice is frequently viewed as functional: an intervention that seeks to solve, educate or heal. Performance and Community presents an alternative vision, focussing, instead, on the aesthetic and political ambitions of artists, organisations and cultural producers committed to this area. Through case studies, this edited collection gives unprecedented access to some of the leading organisations in the field, examining their creative processes and placing them in their historical context. In parallel, a series of interviews with individual artists explores their approaches and how they are re-shaped by the communities that they encounter. Case studies include: the Grassmarket Project, the Lawnmowers Independent Theatre Company, London Bubble, Magic Me and the partnership between the artist, Mark Storor and producer, Anna Ledgard; while interviews in this collection include: Mojisola Adebayo, Bobby Baker, Sue Emmas, Tony Fegan, Paul Heritage, Rosemary Lee and Lois Weaver. An invaluable resource for students of applied, social, community and contemporary theatre practices, Performance and Community provides vivid evidence of the complex negotiations between artist and community that lie at the heart of this delicate work.

Disability Culture and Community Performance

Author : P. Kuppers
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Performances in hospices and on beaches; cross-cultural myth making in Wales, New Zealand and the US; communal poetry among mental health system survivors: this book, now in paperback, presents a senior practitioner/critic's exploration of arts-based research processes sustained over more than a decade - a subtle engagement with disability culture.

Developing Parent and Community Understanding of Performance Based Assessment

Author : Kathryn Alvestad
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This book takes the reader step-by-step through the process of helping parents understand the role of performance-based assessment in student learning. Included are suggestions about what to emphasize during one-to-one meetings with parents, speeches and presentations you can deliver at PTSA meetings and school board sessions, transparency masters and handouts to enhance your presentations.

Performance accountability and reforms at the Corporation for National and Community Service

Author : United States
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Archaeology of Performance

Author : Takeshi Inomata
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Collection of original articles exploring theatricality in the ancient world and how it affected social life and politics.

Public and Community Health Nursing Practice

Author : Demetrius James Porche
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Public health practice focuses on the prevention of disease and disability as a means of promoting the health of individuals and their communities. Achieving this is dependent on nurses and public health practitioners implementing the core functions of practice—assessment, assurance, and policy development. Because the public health workforce is composed of individuals from a number of disciplines with varying areas of expertise, there is a clear need for a thorough examination of the core competencies necessary for successful public health based on community needs. Developed as an advanced text for students in public and community health nursing, Public and Community Health Nursing Practice presents a comprehensive summary of the core functions of population-based practice. This practice is the cornerstone of the Healthy People 2010 national objectives, and the foundation upon which the health of a given community may be ensured. The book's population-based approach, theoretical content, and emphasis on evidence-based research are perfectly suited for faculty and students in nursing, public health, and behavioral medicine. Author Demetrius James Porche also includes current public health and nursing practice, making this a unique and indispensable reference for public and community health nurses and nursing administrators, as well as practitioners in other specialties, such as family or primary care nursing. The book also includes appendices, illustrations, tables, and chapter summaries that reiterate important public and community population-based health nursing content.

Using Performance Monitoring to Improve Community Health

Author : Institute of Medicine
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This report summarizes the proceedings of a May 1995 workshop, which reviewed a variety of public and private activities in health-related performance monitoring. An opening presentation focused on the experiences in conducting and using an assessment of health status in New York City's Washington Heights/Inwood neighborhood. The subsequent presentation explored characteristics and limitations of health plan performance indicators and how they might be applied in a broader community context. The final presentation in this portion of the workshop reviewed the development of measures of public health practice for assessing the performance of local health departments and Illinois' application of such assessments in certification of its local health departments.

Text and Tradition in Performance and Writing

Author : Richard A. Horsley
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Embedded in modern print culture, biblical scholars have been projecting the assumptions and concepts of print culture onto the texts they interpret. In the ancient world from which those texts originate, however, literacy was confined to only a small number of educated scribes. And, as recent research has shown, even the literate scribes learned texts by repeated recitation, while the nonliterate ordinary people had little if any direct contact with written scrolls. The texts that had taken distinctive form, moreover, were embedded in a broader and deeper cultural repertoire cultivated orally in village communities as well as in scribal circles. Only recently have some scholars struggled to appreciate texts that later became "biblical" in their own historical context of oral communication. Exploration of texts in oral performance--whether as scribal teachers' instruction to their proteges or as prophetic speeches of Jesus of Nazareth or as the performance of a whole Gospel story in a community of Jesus-loyalists--requires interpreters to relinquish their print-cultural assumptions. Widening exploration of texts in oral performance in other fields offers exciting new possibilities for allowing those texts to come alive again in their community contexts as they resonated with the cultural tradition in which they were embedded.

Community Performance An Introduction

Author : Petra Kuppers
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Community Performance: An Introduction is a comprehensive and accessible practice-based primer for students and practitioners of community arts, dance and theatre. It is both a classroom-friendly textbook and a handbook for the practitioner, perfectly answering the needs of a field where teaching is orientated around practice. Offering a toolkit for students interested in running community arts groups, this book includes: international case-studies and first person stories by practitioners and participants sample exercises, both practical and reflective study questions excerpts of illustrative material from theorists and practitioners. This book can be used as a standalone text or together with its companion volume, The Community Performance Reader, to provide an excellent introduction to the field of community arts practice. Petra Kuppers has drawn on her vast personal experience and a wealth of inspiring case studies to create a book that will engage and help to develop the reflective community arts practitioner.

A Sourcebook of Feminist Theatre and Performance

Author : Rayam Martin
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This outstanding collection includes key texts by theorists such as Elin Diamond, Peggy Phelan and Lynda Hart and interviews with practitioners including Anna Deveare Smith and Robbie McCauley.

A Sourcebook of Feminist Theatre and Performance

Author : Carol Martin
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Divided into the categories of "history," "theory," "interviews," and "text," the materials in this collection allow the reader to consider the developments of feminist theatre through a variety of perspectives.

Work Family and Community

Author : Patricia Voydanoff
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Research in recent decades has proven that the seemingly disparate worlds of family life and the workplace are in fact closely intertwined. Moreover, scholars have begun to recognize the extent to which community life influences the work-family interface, for instance, the lack of fit between school hours and work hours, and assistance provided by community-based child care services. Work, Family, and Community is the first to provide a comprehensive review and analysis of the theoretical and empirical research that has examined the complex interconnections among these domains. This book integrates literature from several disciplines, including sociology, industrial-organizational and occupational health psychology, human development and family studies, management, gender studies, and social work. It documents significant patterns and trends in the economy and looks at the health of communities and neighborhoods, exploring the level of social integration, availability of community services, and the extent to which such services meet the needs of working families. Author Patricia Voydanoff takes an important step in conceptualizing the components and processes that comprise the work-family-community relationship, and provides direction for future theoretical and empirical work on the topic. This volume speaks to scholars, researchers, and students who address the theoretical, empirical, and policy-relevant issues associated with the work-family-community interface.

Virtual Community Practices and Social Interactive Media Technology Lifecycle and Workflow Analysis

Author : Akoumianakis, Demosthenes
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Provides an analysis of virtual communities, explaining their lifecycle in terms of maturity-based models and workflows.

PLA Notes 29 Performance and Participation

Author :
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Local Acts

Author : Jan Cohen-Cruz
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The author surveys community-based performance in the US from its roots to present-day popular culture. She describes performances and processes, and shows how ritualism reinforces community identification while aestheticism enables locals to transgress cultural norms.

Place Culture and Community

Author : Johanne Devlin Trew
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The Ottawa Valley is a region of Canada straddling the Ottawa River in Ontario and Québec that is well known for its rich singing, storytelling, fiddling and step dancing traditions. Settled largely by the Irish, Scots and the French over the past two hundred years, it had largest concentration of people of Irish origin in Canada by the late 19th century. Travelling through the Valley one gets the sense of coming face to face with the past. While its dramatic history is filled with incidents of extreme hardship and tragedy, the overriding impression is of a triumphant survivalism associated with its strong men of the past; the voyageurs, the coureurs du bois and the lumbermen. The legacy of this unique heritage—from fiddling and step dancing to tales of priests, lumberman, and Orange and Green rivalries—is explored in this book through the voices of Valley people themselves. The author reveals the importance of place and history in the transmission of this vibrant regional culture down to the present day.

Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence

Author : Harry S. Hertz
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Health care org. have used these Criteria to address these challenges: focus on core competencies, intro. new technol., reduce costs, commun. and sharing info. electronically, estab. new alliances with health care providers, or maintain market advantage. Whatever the size of your org., the Criteria provides a valuable framework that can help you plan in an uncertain environ. Use the Criteria to assess performance on these indicators: health care outcomes; patient satis.; and operational, staff, and financial indicators. The 2009-2010 Criteria can help you align resources with approaches, such as Plan-Do-Check-Act cycles, a Balanced Scorecard, and Six Sigma; improve commun., productivity, and effectiveness; and achieve strategic goals. Illus.

The Community Performance Reader

Author : Petra Kuppers
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Community Performance: A Reader is the first book to provide comprehensive teaching materials for this significant part of the theatre studies curriculum. It brings together core writings and critical approaches to community performance work, presenting practices in the UK, USA, Australia and beyond. Offering a comprehensive anthology of key writings in the vibrant field of community performance, spanning dance, theatre and visual practices, this Reader uniquely combines classic writings from major theorists and practitioners such as Augusto Boal, Paolo Freire, Dwight Conquergood and Jan Cohen Cruz, with newly commissioned essays that bring the anthology right up to date with current practice. This book can be used as a stand-alone text, or together with its companion volume, Community Performance: An Introduction, to offer an accessible and classroom-friendly introduction to the field of community performance.

Global Community Policing

Author : Arvind Verma
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In nations all over the world, community policing has been found extremely beneficial in improving public confidence in the police. Community-oriented policing and police-citizen cooperation is now the accepted framework for all progressive police departments. Drawn from the proceedings at the 2010 International Police Executive Symposium (IPES) in

Critical Theory and Performance

Author : Janelle G. Reinelt
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The first comprehensive survey of the major critical currents and approaches in the lively field of performance studies