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Performing the Archive

Author : Simone Osthoff
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Instead of smoothing over contemporary art's violent and iconoclastic dimensions, instead of sanitizing and making complex artworks docile in terms of archival possibilities, this book suggests we abandon our fantasy of mastery over representation and respond in kind to the archive-as-artwork, to "living" archives, and to reenactments of history with their seamless connections between fiction and non-fiction. Among the concepts examined are Vilém Flusser's techno-imagination, Lygia Clark's and Hélio Oiticica's participatory aesthetics, and Paulo Bruscky's and Eduardo Kac's literal performances of the archive. They contribute to the erosion of the archive's former boundaries, stability, function, and meaning. Writing alongside the artists as much as about them, Osthoff examines the archive mise-en-abyme, as it grows increasingly recombinant and generative. Simone Osthoff received her Ph.D. from the European Graduate School and is Associate Professor of Critical Studies in the School of Visual Arts at Pennsylvania State University. An art critic and historian of contemporary art, her numerous essays, focusing on media art practices and issues of historiography, have been published internationally and translated into over eight languages.

Performing Archives Archives of Performance

Author : Gunhild Borggreen
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Performing Archives/Archives of Performance contributes to the ongoing critical discussions of performance and its disappearance, of the ephemeral and its reproduction, of archives and mediatized recordings of liveness. The many contributions by excellent scholars and artists from a broad range of interdisciplinary fields as well as from various locations in research geographies demonstrate that despite the extensive discourse on the relationship between performance and the archive, inquiry into the productive tensions between ephemerality and permanence is by no means outdated or exhausted. New ways of understanding archives, history, and memory emerge and address theories of enactment and intervention, while concepts of performance constantly proliferate and enable a critical focus on archival residue. The contributions in Performing Archives/Archives of Performance cover philosophical inquiries as well as discussions of specific art works, performances, and archives.

Contributions by: Heike Roms, Amelia Jones, Julie Louise Bacon, Peter van der Meijden, Emma Willis, Rivka Syd Eisner, Rachel Fensham, Sarah Whatley, Tracy C. Davis, Barnaby King, Laura Luise Schultz, Malene Vest Hansen, Mette Sandbye, Bodil Marie Stavning Thomsen, Margeritha Sprio, Annelis Kuhlmann, Morten Søndergaard, Martha Wilson, Catherine Bagnall, Paul Clarke, Solveig Gade, Gunhild Borggreen, Rune Gade, Louise Wolthers, Mathias Danbolt, Marco Pustianaz.

Gunhild Borggreen is Associate Professor at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen.

Rune Gade is Associate Professor at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen.

Performing an Archive

Author : Suzy Lake
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In Performing an Archive, Suzy Lake, an essential figure in Canadian contemporary art with an international reputation, continues her exploration of questions around identity and social issues. Drawing on history and her own family chronicle, Lake bears witness to the urban, demographic and social development of Detroit, a city marked throughout the twentieth century by economic decline, racial tension and a startling crime rate. In a performative process, she visits the scene of various locations where her ancestors lived. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Suzy Lake has lived in Canada since the late 1960s, where she widely contributed to the emergence of conceptual and feminist art. She was one of the first artists in Canada to use performance, video and photography to explore questions of gender, the body and identity. Her work has been shown in numerous major exhibitions, including WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution (organised by the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, 2007), Suzy Lake: Political Poetics (organised by the University of Toronto Art Centre and the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival, 2011) and Traffic: Conceptual Art in Canada 1965-1980 (organised by the Art Gallery of Alberta, the Justina M Barnicke Gallery at University of Toronto and the Vancouver Art Gallery, in partnership with the Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery at Concordia University and Halifax, INK, 2012), exhibitions which later circulated widely. In 2014, the Art Gallery of Ontario mounted a major retrospective of her work, Introducing Suzy Lake. She has been a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts since 2004.

Performing the Archive

Author : Wolfgang Schneider
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Die Studie «Performing the Archive» dokumentiert die Ergebnisse eines ersten Forschungsprojektes, das sich mit der Archivierung Freien Theaters beschäftigt. Seit mehr als 50 Jahren haben sich in Deutschland die Freien Darstellenden Künste als «zweite Säule» der Theaterlandschaft herausgebildet. Die Überlieferung seiner künstlerischen und kulturpolitischen sowie der organisatorischen und administrativen Praxis ist zwar überwiegend noch vorhanden, befindet sich aber weit verstreut, zumeist an den Orten ihrer Entstehung, ist aber unerschlossen und vom Verfall bedroht. Mit der Studie werden konzeptionelle Grundlagen geschaffen, um einen relevanten Bestandteil des kulturellen Erbes zu sichern und zugänglich zu machen. So wie das Freie Theater aus der kritischen Selbstermächtigung und innovativen Selbstorganisation seiner Künstler*innen entstanden ist, haben sich seine organisierten Akteur*innen aus Kulturpolitik und Wissenschaft zusammengetan und mit Unterstützung des Bundes und einiger Bundesländer einen Forschungsprozess für ein Archiv des Freien Theaters initiiert, dessen umfassende Bestandsaufnahme hier vorgelegt wird. Die Studie mit ihren Erkenntnissen, Expertisen und Handlungsempfehlungen zeichnet aus künstlerischer und wissenschaftlicher sowie technologischer und rechtlicher Sicht die strukturellen Konturen eines Archivs des Freien Theaters, das als dezentrale und digitale Wissensplattform die Voraussetzungen sowohl für ein «Performing the Archive» in der Praxis wie auch für kulturpolitische Diskurse zur Weiterentwicklung der Theaterlandschaft bietet. The study ‘Performing the Archives’ documents the results of one of the first research projects to examine the archiving of the Free Theatre movement. For over 50 years the free performing arts have constituted a ‘second pillar’ of the German theatre world. The records of artistic practice, cultural policy and organisational and administrative practice certainly survive in large part, but are widely dispersed, most being in the place of their origin, have not been properly archived and indexed, and are threatened with deterioration. This study lays the conceptual foundations for securing and making available a relevant part of our cultural heritage. Just as the Free Theatre movement grew out of the critical self-empowerment and innovative self-organisation of its artists, organisers in the fields of cultural policy and academia have come together and, with the support of the German Federal Government and of some German states, initiated a research process to create an Free Theatre archive. Its comprehensive survey is presented here. The study, with its insights, expertise and recommendations for action, describes from artistic and academic as well as technological and legal perspectives the structural contours of an archive which, as a decentralised and digital knowledge platform, provides the basis required both for ‘Performing the archive’ in practice and for cultural-political discourses of the future development of the theatrical landscape.

Performing the Archive Skopje

Author : Damjan Kokalevski
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Performing Digital

Author : David Carlin
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Digital technologies have transformed archives in every area of their form and function, and as technologies mature so does their capacity to change our understanding and experience of material and performative cultural production. There has been an exponential explosion in the production and consumption of video online and yet there is a scarcity of knowledge and cases about video and the digital archive. This book seeks to address that through the lens of the project Circus Oz Living Archive. This project provides the case study foundation for the articulation of the issues, challenges and possibilities that the design and development of digital archives afford. Drawn from eight different disciplines and professions, the authors explore what it means to embrace the possibilities of digital technologies to transform contemporary cultural institutions and their archives into new methods of performance, representation and history.

Re act feminism No 2

Author : Beatrice Ellen Stammer
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re.act.feminism #2: a performing archive is a multi-annual performance and exhibition project that has been travelling through Europe since 2011, and shows at the Akademie der Künste, Berlin, 22 June - 18 August 2013.The core of the exhibition is a mobile archive that contains more than 250 videos, photographs and other documents of gender-orientated, feminist and queer performance art.This transnational and cross-generational project includes works from the 1960s until the early 1980s and more recently from Eastern and Western Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, the USA and several Latin American countries.Featuring over 100 artists including pioneers such as Marina Abramovic, Suzanne Lacy, Yoko Ono, Yvonne Rainer, Carolee Schneemann, Ana Mandieta and Valie Export, and also a new generation such as Tania Bruguera, Paulina Olowska, Klara Lidén and Pussy Riot.English and German text.

The Archive and the Repertoire

Author : Diana Taylor
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In The Archive and the Repertoire preeminent performance studies scholar Diana Taylor provides a new understanding of the vital role of performance in the Americas. From plays to official events to grassroots protests, performance, she argues, must be taken seriously as a means of storing and transmitting knowledge. Taylor reveals how the repertoire of embodied memory—conveyed in gestures, the spoken word, movement, dance, song, and other performances—offers alternative perspectives to those derived from the written archive and is particularly useful to a reconsideration of historical processes of transnational contact. The Archive and the Repertoire invites a remapping of the Americas based on traditions of embodied practice. Examining various genres of performance including demonstrations by the children of the disappeared in Argentina, the Peruvian theatre group Yuyachkani, and televised astrological readings by Univision personality Walter Mercado, Taylor explores how the archive and the repertoire work together to make political claims, transmit traumatic memory, and forge a new sense of cultural identity. Through her consideration of performances such as Coco Fusco and Guillermo Gómez-Peña’s show Two Undiscovered Amerindians Visit . . . , Taylor illuminates how scenarios of discovery and conquest haunt the Americas, trapping even those who attempt to dismantle them. Meditating on events like those of September 11, 2001 and media representations of them, she examines both the crucial role of performance in contemporary culture and her own role as witness to and participant in hemispheric dramas. The Archive and the Repertoire is a compelling demonstration of the many ways that the study of performance enables a deeper understanding of the past and present, of ourselves and others.

Research Methods in Theatre and Performance

Author : Baz Kershaw
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How have theatre and performance research methods and methodologies engaged the expanding diversity of performing arts practices? How can students best combine performance/theatre research approaches in their projects? This book's 29 contributors provide

Why Do Performing Arts Organisations Maintain In house Archive Services

Author : Richard James Wilson
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Reading Historical Fiction

Author : Kate Mitchell
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This collection examines the intersection of historical recollection, strategies of representation, and reading practices in historical fiction from the eighteenth century to today. In shifting focus to the agency of the reader and taking a long historical view, the collection brings a new perspective to the field of historical representation.

Archaeologies of Presence

Author : Gabriella Giannachi
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Archaeologies of Presence is a brilliant exploration of how the performance of presence can be understood through the relationships between performance theory and archaeological thinking. Drawing together carefully commissioned contributions by leading international scholars and artists, this radical new work poses a number of essential questions: What are the principle signifiers of theatrical presence? How is presence achieved through theatrical performance? What makes a memory come alive and live again? How is presence connected with identity? Is presence synonymous with 'being in the moment'? What is the nature of the ‘co-presence’ of audience and performer? Where does performance practice end and its documentation begin? Co-edited by performance specialists Gabriella Giannachi and Nick Kaye, and archaeologist Michael Shanks, Archaeologies of Presence represents an innovative and rewarding feat of interdisciplinary scholarship.

Performing Unification

Author : Matt Cornish
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Considers how performance, plays, and history affect the collective memory of a society and national identity, on and off stage

Performing Arts in Transition

Author : Susanne Foellmer
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Artists especially from dance and performance art as well as opera are involved to an increasing degree in the transfer between different media, not only in their productions but also the events, materials, and documents that surround them. At the same time, the focus on that which remains has become central to any discussion of performance. Performing Arts in Transition explores what takes place in the moments of transition from one medium to another, and from the live performance to that which "survives" it. Case studies from a broad range of interdisciplinary scholars address phenomena such as: The dynamics of transfer between the performing and visual arts. The philosophy and terminologies of transitioning between media. Narratives and counternarratives in historical re-creations. The status of chronology and the document in art scholarship. This is an essential contribution to a vibrant, multidisciplinary and international field of research emerging at the intersections of performance, visual arts, and media studies.

Mining the Media Archive

Author : Dot Tuer
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Mining the Media Archive gathers together an exciting collection of essays by writer and cultural theorist Dot Tuer. Ranging from monographs on new media artists to a history of Canada's most controversial artist-run centre, the CEAC, to testimonial writing on cultural politics and post-colonialism in Canada and Argentina, Tuer's writings address issues of global media and local remembrance through a unique blend of storytelling, archival research and cultural analysis.

Performing Exile Performing Self

Author : Y. Meerzon
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This book examines the life and art of those contemporary artists who by force or by choice find themselves on other shores. It argues that the exilic challenge enables the émigré artist to (re)establish new artistic devices, new laws and a new language of communication in both his everyday life and his artistic work.

Performing the Temporary

Author : Harriet Beex
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Performing European Memories

Author : Milija Gluhovic
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Asking whether a genuinely shared European memory is possible while addressing the dangers of a single, homogenized European memory, Gluhovic examines the contradictions, specificities, continuities and discontinuities in the European shared and unshared pasts as represented in the works of Pinter, Tadeusz Kantor, Heiner Muller and Artur Zmijewski.

Performing Culture

Author : John Tulloch
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Performing Culture presents a detailed and probing account of cultural studies' changing fixations with theory, method, policy, text, production, audience and the micro-politics of the everyday. John Tulloch encourages academics and students to take seriously the need to break down the separation between high and low cultural studies. Tulloch's case studies show that the performance of cultural meanings occurs in forms as diverse as The Royal Shakespeare Company's Shakespeare and Chekhov productions and our everyday work and leisure encounters. Drawing upon anthropological and dramatic studies of performance, the book emphasizes that academic research also performs cultural meaning. A central feature of the book is i

Performing Early Modern Drama Today

Author : Pascale Aebischer
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Recent performances of early modern plays are analysed in essays by practitioners and academics, featuring critical, pedagogical and practical approaches.