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Aerial Photography and Image Interpretation

Author : David P. Paine
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The new, completely updated edition of the aerial photography classic Extensively revised to address today's technological advances, Aerial Photography and Image Interpretation, Third Edition offers a thorough survey of the technology, techniques, processes, and methods used to create and interpret aerial photographs. The new edition also covers other forms of remote sensing with topics that include the most current information on orthophotography (including digital), soft copy photogrammetry, digital image capture and interpretation, GPS, GIS, small format aerial photography, statistical analysis and thematic mapping errors, and more. A basic introduction is also given to nonphotographic and space-based imaging platforms and sensors, including Landsat, lidar, thermal, and multispectral. This new Third Edition features: Additional coverage of the specialized camera equipment used in aerial photography A strong focus on aerial photography and image interpretation, allowing for a much more thorough presentation of the techniques, processes, and methods than is possible in the broader remote sensing texts currently available Straightforward, user-friendly writing style Expanded coverage of digital photography Test questions and summaries for quick review at the end of each chapter Written in a straightforward style supplemented with hundreds of photographs and illustrations, Aerial Photography and Image Interpretation, Third Edition is the most in-depth resource for undergraduate students and professionals in such fields as forestry, geography, environmental science, archaeology, resource management, surveying, civil and environmental engineering, natural resources, and agriculture.

Elements of Photogrammetry with Air Photo Interpretation and Remote Sensing

Author : Paul R. Wolf
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Photogrammetry and Photo Interpretation

Author : Stephen H. Spurr
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This is a new release of the original 1960 edition.

Manual of Photographic Interpretation

Author : American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
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Manual of Photographic Interpretation

Author : American Society of Photogrammetry
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Geographical Applications of Aerial Photography

Author : C. P. Lo
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Handbook of Aerial Photography and Interpretation

Author : Kunwar Krishan Rampal
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Interpretation of Aerial Photographs

Author : Thomas Eugene Avery
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Lærebogen indeholder øvelser og værktøjer til tolkning af luftfotografier.

Small Format Aerial Photography

Author : James S. Aber
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As the need for geographical data rapidly expands in the 21st century, so too do applications of small-format aerial photography for a wide range of scientific, commercial and governmental purposes. Small-format Aerial Photography (SFAP) presents basic and advanced principles and techniques with an emphasis on digital cameras. Unmanned platforms are described in considerable detail, including kites, helium and hot-air blimps, model airplanes, and paragliders. Several case studies, primarily drawn from the geosciences, are presented to demonstrate how SFAP is actually used in various applications. Many of these integrate SFAP with ground-based investigations as well as conventional large-format aerial photography, satellite imagery, and other kinds of geographic information. Full-color photographs throughout Case studies from around the globe Techniques presented allow for image resolution impossible to match via traditional aerial photography or satellite datasets Glossary clarifies key terms

Aerial photo Interpretation in Classifying and Mapping Soils

Author : United States. Soil Conservation Service
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Aerial Photographs in Field Geology

Author : Laurence H. Lattman
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Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports

Author :
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Lists citations with abstracts for aerospace related reports obtained from world wide sources and announces documents that have recently been entered into the NASA Scientific and Technical Information Database.

Photogeology and Regional Mapping

Author : J. A. E. Allum
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Photogeology and Regional Mapping covers the geological interpretation of aerial photographs, the compilation of the interpretations on to maps, the use of aerial photographs in the field, and the use of aerial photography for the production of the final geological map. This book is organized into 10 chapters and starts with an introduction to the aerial photograph. The subsequent chapters deal with the properties of the aerial photograph, including the scale, parallax and their difference. These chapters also survey the process of stereoscopy, the stereoscopic vision, pseudoscopic vision, and setting up the aerial photographs. These topics are followed by discussions on interpretation of the aerial photographs encoded into a map. Other chapters describe the production of the photogeological map and field mapping with the use of aerial photographs. The last chapters consider the compilation of the encoded aerial photographs made into maps and the photogrammetry for geologists that explains the minor control plot, detail plotting, measurement of height differences using a stereometer. This book will be of value to geologists.

Photogrammetric Engineering

Author :
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Includes lists of members of the Society.

Principles and Applications of Photogeology

Author : Shiv N. Pandey
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Examined here are the three major subject areas that fall within photogeology: aerial photography and elementary photogrammetry; fundamentals of aerial photo-interpretation; and applications to the main fields of investigation. Instrumentation, the techniques of map compilation, quantitative determination of geological data, film and filter combinations, vertical exaggeration and radial triangulation are discussed, as well as the newer techniques of photography and remote sensing. Chapters describing geomorphology, lithology, structural geology, drainage, engineering geology, ground-water surveys and mineral and petroleum exploration are detailed and complete.


Author : Gottfried Konecny
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Surveying and mapping has recently undergone a transition: from discipline-oriented technologies, such as geodesy, surveying, photogrammetry and cartography, to the methodology-oriented integrated discipline of geoinformatics based on GPS positioning, remote sensing, digital photography and GIS for data manipulation and data output. This book presents the required basic background for remote sensing, digital photogrammetry and GIS in the new geoinformatics concept in which the different methodologies must be combined. For remote sensing, the basic fundamentals are the properties of electromagnetic radiation and their interaction with matter. This radiation is received by sensors and platforms in analogue or digital form, and is subject to image processing. In photogrammetry, the stereo-concept is used for the location of information in 3D. With the advent of high-resolution satellite systems in stereo, the theory of analytical photogrammetry restituting 2-D image information into 3D is of increasing importance, merging the remote sensing approach with that of photogrammetry. The result of the restitution is a direct input into geographical information systems in vector or in raster form. The fundamentals of these are described in detail, with an emphasis on global, regional and local applications. For data integration, a short introduction into the GPS Satellite positioning system is added. This textbook will appeal to a wide range of readers, from advanced undergraduates to all professionals in the growing field of geoinformation.

Applications of Remote Sensing Aerial Photography and Instrumented Imagery Interpretation to Urban Area Studies

Author : James B. Kracht
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Publications Series B Photo Interpretation

Author : International Training Centre for Aerial Survey
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The Application of Airphoto Interpretation to Watershed Planning and Development with Special Reference to Flood Susceptibiligy and Frequency Determinations

Author : Lawrence Charles Norman Burgess
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Technical Papers of the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Photogrammetry

Author : American Society of Photogrammetry. Meeting
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