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Pioneers in Early Childhood Education

Author : Patricia Giardiello
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Rachel and Margaret McMillan, Maria Montessori and Susan Isaacs have had a major impact on contemporary early years curriculum theory and practice. This new book, introduces students and practitioners to the ideas, philosophies and writings of these key early thinkers in early childhood education and show how they relate to quality early years provision today. The book explores the influences that shaped the ideas, values and beliefs of each pioneer and clearly demonstrates how they have each contributed to our knowledge of young children’s learning and development. It then examines these in the context of current policy to highlight the key ideas that practitioners should consider when reflecting on their own practice. Features include: Summaries of each pioneers‘ ideas and their influence on contemporary practice Practical examples to illustrate key principles Reflective questions to encourage practitioners to develop and improve their own practice Written to support the work of all those in the field of early childhood education, this book will be invaluable to students and practitioners that wish to fully understand the lasting legacies of these four influential women.

Pioneers of Early Childhood Education

Author : Barbara R. Peltzman
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Profiles more than 30 leaders in early childhood education from the 17th century to the present and presents annotated bibliographies of primary and secondary sources.

Interpreting Friedrich Fr bel

Author : Yuwei Liu
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Friedrich Fröbel invented the concept of "Kindergarten." He had his educational ideas and systems set up for early childhood education. My thesis project is going to take a closer look on his original writing books about education and try to understand his great contribution to the field and the significant meaning of his work. His ideas were very progressive back then, but they cast lights to our early childhood education systems nowadays.

Early Years Pioneers in Context

Author : Pam Jarvis
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This accessible text provides an international study of critical educational leaders who established the foundation for Early Childhood Education across continents in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It places each pioneer within the time and culture in which they lived to help the reader understand how theories and knowledge about early years education and care have evolved over time. Early Years Pioneers in Context traces key themes such as play, child-initiated learning, working with parents, scaffolding children’s learning and the environment, enabling students to reflect on the differences and similarities between the pioneers and understand their contribution to practice today. Pioneers covered include: Frederick Froebel; Elizabeth Peabody; Susan Blow; Rudolf Steiner; Margaret McMillan; Maria Montessori Susan Isaacs; Loris Malaguzzi. Featuring student integration tasks to help the reader link key ideas to their own practice, this will be essential reading for early years students on undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses.

Early Childhood Education

Author : Harry Morgan
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Harry Morgan lays the foundations of what early childhood education is by integrating the history of the field with the philosophy and theories behind this discipline. With lucid and engaging prose, Morgan delineates the beginnings of early childhood education and how it has become an important field of study in education today. In this updated edition, a new chapter about critical race theory and its implications on early childhood education has been included.

Early Childhood Education

Author : Cathy Nutbrown
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'This book aims high; its aspiration and rationale are to be welcomed and original and valuable contribution to the literature of early childhood education' - Early Years '"Early Childhood Education" is an extremely valuable and informative book that emphasises the role of history and philosophy in current early childhood practices....this book is accessible, clearly structured and an essential reference for students of Childhood Studies. I would highly recommend this text as an introduction' - ESCalate 'This book makes a refreshing change to a lot of textbooks....It's easy to read, in short chunks, and you don't want to put it down. Well worth investing in this book. I would give this book 9 out of 10' - The National Childminding Association 'This book is an essential, informative read for practitioners and policymakers alike. It encourages reflection, prompts discussion and dialogue and facilitates the building of a common understanding through making us all aware of whose shoulders we are standing on' - Early Years Update 'Every Early Childhood practitioner and policy-maker should keep a copy of this book on their shelves...a thought provoking, and highly informative celebration of the ideas of our field's pioneers. If we are to understand ourselves and our times, and to provide lovingly meaningful experiences for today's young children, we need to understand their web of philosophical legacies and the links with our own' - Professor Tricia David, Emeritus Professor Canterbury Christ Church University and Honorary Emeritus Professor, University of Sheffield This book explores the ideas behind the policies and practices in Early Childhood Education to help give students and practitioners a fuller understanding of the settings in which they work. The authors bring together ideas from the work and writings of major historical figures who have significantly shaped Early Childhood current practices to illustrate the rich history of this ever developing field. Using imaginative tools to bring alive the ideas of past pioneers, the authors show how our understanding of contemporary issues has been influenced by the pioneers. The book also shows how today's practitioners themselves become the pioneers of future development. This book is for all students of Early Childhood Education including those on BA and MA courses, as well as Early Years trainee teachers. It is also relevant to practitioners involved in self - or organisational development.

Sydney Kindergarten Teachers College 1897 1981

Author : Ruth Harrison
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Early Years Education Histories and traditions

Author : Rod Parker-Rees
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This collection of papers provides a useful resource for scholars who need to ground their own study in a wider historical and global discourses concerning the education of children under eight.

Early Childhood Education

Author : N. Amanda Branscombe
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Serving as an orientation to early childhood education (ECE) for ages 0-8, this text' s constructivist approach to learning encourages active involvement by asking students to observe, question, reflect, research, and analyze what early childhood educators do and why they do it.

The Hidden History of Early Childhood Education

Author : Blythe Farb Hinitz
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The Hidden History of Early Childhood Education provides an understandable and manageable exploration of the history of early childhood education in the United States. Covering historical, philosophical, and sociological underpinnings that reach from the 1800s to today, contributors explore groups and topics that have traditionally been marginalized or ignored in early childhood education literature. Chapters include topics such as home-schooling, early childhood education in Japanese-American internment camps, James "Jimmy" Hymes, the Eisenhower legacy, Constance Kamii, and African-American leaders of the field. This engaging book examines a range of new primary sources to be shared with the field for the first time, including personal narratives, interviews, and letters. The Hidden History of Early Childhood Education is a valuable resource for every early childhood education scholar, student, and practitioner.

Developments in Early Childhood Education

Author : Janet Lancaster
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Early Childhood Education

Author : Charles Desforges
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A Practical Guide to Early Childhood Curriculum

Author : Claudia Fuhriman Eliason
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Early Childhood Education 93 94

Author : Karen Menke Paciorek
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History of Early Childhood Education

Author : V. Celia Lascarides
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History of Early Childhood Education presents a thorough and elegant description of the history of early childhood education in the United States. This book of original research is a concise compendium of historical literature, combining history with the prominent and influential theoretical background of the time. Covering historical threads that reach from ancient Greece and Rome to the early childhood education programs of today, this in-depth and well-written volume captures the deep tradition and the creative knowledge base of early care and education. History of Early Childhood Education is an essential resource for every early childhood education scholar, student, and educator.

Bophuthatswana Pioneer

Author :
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Foundations of Early Childhood Education

Author : Bernard Spodek
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Introduction to Early Childhood Education

Author : Francis Wardle
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Provides readers with a comprehensive insight into multiple facets of the early childhood field, from history and philosophy, to technology, diversity, play, and the role of teachers and caregivers. Francis Wardle brings us this comprehensive introduction to the field of early childhood care and education, infants to age 8. This book addresses a wide variety of programs, including global early childhood education, setting up and maintaining indoor and outdoor environments, and strategies teaching literacy, math and science. Early childhood educators, teachers and childcare providers.

History and Theory of Early Childhood Education

Author : Samuel J. Braun
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An Administrator s Guidebook to Early Care and Education Programs

Author : Dorothy W. Hewes
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An Administrator's Guidebook To Early Care And Education Programs.