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Planning the Mobile Metropolis

Author : Luca Bertolini
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Our economic welfare and social well-being depend on our mobility. But our means of travel threaten the planet's sustainability. In this innovative text, Luca Bertolini shows how mobility planning - which takes seriously the demands of both urban and transport planning - offers solutions to transport challenges in the 21st Century.

Planning the Mobile Metropolis

Author : Luca Bertolini
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Our economic welfare and social well-being depend on our mobility. But our means of travel threaten the planet's sustainability. In this innovative text, Luca Bertolini shows how mobility planning - which takes seriously the demands of both urban and transport planning - offers solutions to transport challenges in the 21st Century.

Urban Planning

Author : Chris Couch
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A comprehensive introduction to planning that covers history, theory and practice and shows how planning contributes to more sustainable, efficient and equitable urban areas. Suitable for planning courses around the world, it reflects the increasingly cosmopolitan nature of planning practice and the similarity of issues faced by planners globally.

Planning Theory

Author : Philip Allmendinger
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This popular text provides a wide-ranging and up-to-date analysis of planning theories, how these relate to planning practice, and their significance. The third edition has been revised and updated throughout, and features an increased internationalization of coverage and two additional chapters on post-structuralist approaches.

Environmental Planning in Context

Author : Iain White
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This innovative introduction to environmental planning is designed for an international readership. Each of the book's chapters focuses on a key question in environmental planning and works through principles which are appropriate in any national context. Case studies from around the world show how the principles apply in practice.

GIS for Planning and the Built Environment An Introduction to Spatial Analysis

Author : Ed Ferrari and Alasdair Rae
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Planning the Great Metropolis

Author : D.A. Johnson
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This authoritative and detailed review chronicles the events leading up to the regional plan of New York, 1929 and assesses its significance and influence on subsequent developments of New York. No-one has yet written up this major episode in American planning. It will be of interest to planners, architects and historians.

The Australian Metropolis

Author : Stephen Hamnett
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The Australian Metropolis splendidly fills a huge gap in the literature on Australian cities. It is the definitive account of the history of Australian cities and the crucial role which planning has played in their genesis and growth. Spanning two centuries from the very beginning until the present day, it will instantly become a standard work ' Professor Sir Peter Hall, author of Cities in Civilisation.. The Australian Metropolis provides a single-volume introduction to the development of urban planning. It fills the need for a convenient, initial resource for anyone interested in the broad evolutionary sweep of modern planning. By setting the evolution of Australian planning within its broader societal context, The Australian Metropolis presents a balanced appraisal of the positive, negative and ambivalent legacies resulting from attempts to plan Australia's major cities. This book is the winner of two Royal Australian Planning Institute Awards for Planning Excellence in 2000/2001, including the New South Wales' Division Prize for Planning Scholarship in February 2001.

Makeshift Metropolis

Author : Witold Rybczynski
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In this new work, prizewinning author, professor, and Slate architecture critic Witold Rybczynski returns to the territory he knows best: writing about the way people live, just as he did in the acclaimed bestsellers Home and A Clearing in the Distance. In Makeshift Metropolis, Rybczynski has drawn upon a lifetime of observing cities to craft a concise and insightful book that is at once an intellectual history and a masterful critique. Makeshift Metropolis describes how current ideas about urban planning evolved from the movements that defined the twentieth century, such as City Beautiful, the Garden City, and the seminal ideas of Frank Lloyd Wright and Jane Jacobs. If the twentieth century was the age of planning, we now find ourselves in the age of the market, Rybczynski argues, where entrepreneurial developers are shaping the twenty-first-century city with mixed-use developments, downtown living, heterogeneity, density, and liveliness. He introduces readers to projects like Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Yards in Washington, D.C., and, further afield, to the new city of Modi’in, Israel—sites that, in this age of resource scarcity, economic turmoil, and changing human demands, challenge our notion of the city. Erudite and immensely engaging, Makeshift Metropolis is an affirmation of Rybczynski’s role as one of our most original thinkers on the way we live today.

Planning and Governance of the Asian Metropolis

Author : Basil Van Horen
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The papers in this volume of proceedings represent contributions to the first of three components of research conducted by the Asian Urban Research Network: the study of overall change in metropolitan regions. The papers focus on a number of extended metropolitan regions in Asia, and on how to plan, manage, and govern their growth. Themes of inquiry covered by the papers include integration into international markets and economic systems, social differentiation, resource availability, planning, transportation, urban geographic information systems, housing development, industrial development, and infrastructure requirements. Part one of the volume consists of eight papers which focus on Chinese metropolitan regions, five of which are about Shanghai. Part two consists of three papers on cities in Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Beyond Metropolis

Author : Aprodicio A. Laquian
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Beyond Metropolis builds on studies conducted during the 1990s under the Centre for Human Settlements at the University of British Columbia.


Author : John Brinckerhoff Jackson
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The Emerging Metropolis

Author : William S. Collins
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At the end of the Second World War, Phoenix began a process of growth and development that transformed it from a modest sized city into a great American metropolis. The capital of a state still regarded as close to the frontier, Phoenix began with an economy dominated by agriculture, tourism, and health-seekers. Within a few years, it was a leading competitor in the emerging new economy of electronics and high technology. This book describes how Phoenicians met the challenges of the postwar era and took advantage of both national trends and local opportunities to build a growth machine that has continued until today Phoenix is the fifth largest city in the United States. From 1944 to 1973, Phoenixs political economy was largely under the control of a local business and civic elite. Although not homogeneous, this leadership successfully imposed its growth-oriented vision of the citys future on the larger population. Contrary visions were all too often effectively ignored or suppressed. Touching on nearly all aspects of the citys development, The Emerging Metropolis demonstrates how many seemingly separate strands of growth were vitally interconnected. Political, economic, and social trends and events did not occur in isolation from each other. Each of these sectors compelled change elsewhere while at the same time constraining opportunities. Not merely the story of change and progress, this book also gives due regard to the limitations and failures that prevented the leadership from entirely attaining their envisioned metropolis. Not the least of these was the eventual loss of local control over Phoenixs economy. Still, the achievements of this era included monumental strides in the development of many cultural, educational, social, and economic institutions. Perhaps its greatest legacy, both for good and ill, was an irrepressible momentum towards future developmenta political economy that is a juggernaut of growth.

Planning the Metropolis

Author : Donald N. Rothblatt
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International Architecture Centres

Author : Hannah Ford
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"This is a guide to the network of architecture centres established in the UK, Europe and North America. It features information about the network of centres and serves to define the role of architectural centres in contributing to ongoing debate on urban renaissance"-- Source other than Library of Congress.

Planning the Megacity

Author : Christopher Silver
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In this book, the first on the planning history of Jarkarta, able expert Christopher Silver describes how planning has shaped urban development in Southeast Asia, and in particular how its largest city, Jakarta, Indonesia, was transformed from a colonial capital of approximately 150,000 in 1900 to a megacity of 12–13 million inhabitants in 2000. Placing the city's planning history within local, national and international contexts, exploring not only the formal planning actions, but how planning was shaped by broader political, economic, social and cultural factors in Indonesia’s development, this book is an excellent resource for academics, students and professionals involved in urban planning, history and geography as well as other interested parties.

Magnetic Los Angeles

Author : Greg Hise
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Suburban development is often considered synonymous with enhanced personal mobility, single-family housing, and life cycle homogeneity. According to this view, individual suburbs are residence-only enclaves, isolated commuter-sheds for a managerial and mercantile elite. Magnetic Los Angeles challenges this common vision of the expanding, twentieth-century city as the sprawling product of dispersion without planning, lacking any discernable order.

Repairing the American Metropolis

Author : Doug Kelbaugh
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Repairing the American Metropolis is based on Douglas Kelbaugh's Common Place: Toward Neighborhood and Regional Design, first published in 1997. It is more timely and significant than ever, with new text, charts, and images on architecture, sprawl, and New Urbanism, a movement that he helped pioneer. Theory and policies have been revised, refined, updated, and developed as compelling ways to plan and design the built environment. This is an indispensable book for architects, urban designers and planners, landscape architects, architecture and urban planning students and scholars, government officials, developers, environmentalists, and citizens interested in understanding and shaping the American metropolis.

Environment and Planning

Author :
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Journal of urban planning and design. Publishes research in the application of formal methods, methods models, and theories to spatial problems involving the built environment and the spatial structure of cities and regions. Includes the application of computers to planning and design, in particular the use of shape grammars, artificial intelligence, and morphological methods to buildings and towns, the use of multimedia and GIS in urban and regional planning, and the development of ideas concerning the virtual city.


Author :
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