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Playful Teaching and Learning

Author : Glenda Walsh
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Informed by international research along with contrasting perspectives on different forms of play, this book emphasises the importance of play to children, and the opportunities that play provides for learning and development.

Playful Learning and Teaching

Author : Judith E. Kieff
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Playful Learning, Playful Teaching presents a practical application of theory in preschool, kindergarten, and primary grade programs describing play in the total context of the entire early childhood curriculum. Using a constructivist, developmental approach, the book examines the role of play in the classroom and discusses how children learn through the process of active, social construction of information.The spiral organization helps readers build knowledge with each chapter. Concepts are introduced in early chapters, then revisited for elaboration and refinement throughout the book. It also analyzes the role of the teacher and explores many cultural and special needs issues in early education. Supportive discussions help new teachers prepare to address the frustrations they may face as they try to create playful programs in school systems that obstruct attempts to move beyond traditional teaching. Readers are presented with the latest perspectives regarding Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP) which are tied into suggestions for teaching and advocating for children. The insights and practical suggestions in this book will help empower young teachers to take a strong stance regarding teachers' need to advocate for children's right to play.For anyone interested in early childhood education.

Playful Teaching Learning Games New Tool for Digital Classrooms

Author : Myint Swe Khine
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Educators around the world acknowledge the fact that we live in the knowledge society and ability to think systematically is one of the necessary skills in order to function effectively in the 21st century. In the past two decades, popular culture introduced digital games as part of leisure activities for children and adults. Today playing computer games is routine activity for children of all ages. Many have agreed that interactive computer games enhance concentration, promote thinking, increase motivation and encourage socialisation. Educators found their way in introducing game-based learning in science education to entice the students in teaching difficult concepts. Simulation games provide authentic learning experience and virtual world excites the students to learn new phenomena and enliven their inquisitive mind. This book presents recent studies in game-based learning and reports continuing attempts to use games as new tool in the classrooms.

Global Perspectives on Gameful and Playful Teaching and Learning

Author : Matthew Farber
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"This book explores the interaction between learning outcomes and motivation in games (digital and analog) and promotes best practices for the integration of games in instructional settings"--

Playful Early Childhood Care and Education

Author : Lorayne Excell
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A solid educational foundation in the early years of schooling is essential in order to lay the foundations for future academic success. In South Africa, preschool education is provided through ECE (early childhood education) facilities and programmes that are mostly informal and unregulated, however there has been much recent policy and curriculum activity in the ECE sphere. The National Development Plan (NDP), released in 2012, recognises the key role played by ECE in cognitive, social and physical development and the National Curriculum Framework: For children birth to four years (NCF) is a response to challenges that the ECE sector is facing. The NCF builds on the desired results for children in this age cohort and flows into the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) which is taught in schools from Grade R. Playful Early Childhood Care and Education: from birth to four years supports teachers and caregivers in providing playful teaching and learning guidelines for children from birth to four years of age. It offers a creative and responsive curriculum for early childhood care and education, based on a pedagogy of play, and includes suggestions for involving parents, grandparents, care givers and the broader community. --

The Playful Classroom

Author : Jed Dearybury
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Shows teachers how and why they should bring play into the classroom to make learning meaningful, relevant, and fun. Research studies show that all students—young and old, rich and poor, urban and rural—benefit immensely from classrooms filled with art, creativity, and laughter. Fun, playfulness, creative thinking, and individual expression reinforce positive experiences, which in turn lead to more engaged students, better classroom environments, and successful learning outcomes. Designed for K-12 educators, The Playful Classroom describes how teachers can develop a playful mindset for giving students meaningful, relevant and fun learning experiences. This unique real-world guide provides you with everything you need to incorporate engaging, hands-on lessons and creative activities, regardless of the level and subject you teach. Building on contemporary and seminal works on learning theory and play pedagogy, the authors explain how to inspire your students by bringing play. into your classroom. This clear, user-friendly guide supplies practical strategies and effective solutions for adding the missing ingredients to your classroom culture. Access to the authors’ companion website provides videos, learning experiences, and downloadable teaching and learning resources. Packed with relatable humor, proven methods, and valuable insights, this book enables you to: Provide meaningful experiences that will benefit students both in school and later in life Combine the principles of PLAY with traditional curricula to encourage creative learning Promote trust, collaboration, and growth in students Develop a playful mindset for bringing the arts into every lesson Foster critical thinking in any school community The Playful Classroom: The Power of Play for All Ages is a must-have resource for K-12 educators, higher education professionals, and readers looking for education-based professional development and training resources.

Playful Teaching Practices A Little Book of Leadership Resources Techniques and Activities

Author : Bill Michaelis
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The Power of Play in Higher Education

Author : Alison James
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This book examines the increasing popularity of creativity and play in tertiary learning, and how it can be harnessed to enhance the student experience at university. While play is often misunderstood as something ‘trivial’ and associated with early years education, the editors and contributors argue that play contributes to social and human development and relations at a fundamental level. This volume invalidates the commonly held assumption that play is only for children, drawing together numerous case studies from higher education that demonstrate how researchers, students and managers can benefit from play as a means of liberating thought, overturning obstacles and discovering fresh approaches to persistent challenges. This diverse and wide-ranging edited collection unites play theory and practice to address the gulf in research on this fascinating topic. It will be of interest and value to educators, students and scholars of play and creativity, as well as practitioners and academic leaders looking to incorporate play into the curriculum.

Playful Learning

Author : Nicola Whitton
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Offering an innovative and dynamic approach to adult learning, Playful Learning explores the potential of play in adulthood with the goal of helping educators, corporate trainers and event designers incorporate play-based activities for adults into both educational and work settings. Through a comprehensive overview of the value of play in adulthood, this book responds to the growing popularity of playful events for adults in academic and business settings designed to promote higher levels of engagement. Drawing on the authors’ own decades of experience at the forefront of the field, this helpful reference incorporates strategies and techniques for bringing play into any learning design. Examples and case studies of successful playful design at conferences, training events, and in higher education illustrate what effective playful event design looks like in practice. With a multi-sector appeal that spans business, education and entertainment while bringing together practice and theory in an accessible manner, Playful Learning is a must-have resource for researchers, practitioners, managers and administrators alike.

Playful Preschool Piano Teaching

Author : Nicola Cantan
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Preschoolers need to move, sing and explore. They need to PLAY. We know this, but it can be hard to make piano lessons fun while still being purposeful. I've been there and in this book, I've broken down the most effective teaching strategies for preschool piano as well as how to structure your lessons for maximum success.

The Power of Playful Learning

Author : Joyce Hemphill
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Collection of play activities that support classroom curriculum. Games and activities can be made from common household recyclables. Activities are organized based on applied skills including estimating, measuring, and graphing, planning and development, putting things together, sequencing, making connections, and spatial relations, and developing an understanding of objects in motion.

Play Learning and the Early Childhood Curriculum

Author : Elizabeth Wood
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`An excellent overview of the development in thinking about play, based on research into different aspects of play...This book enables the reader to not only access, and engage with developing theories and ideas, but also provides practical ideas and examples that have been tried and tested in the classroom. This book should be compulsory reading for every teacher of young children who are interested in developing their practice to provide a stimulating, active and playful environment with their children in which effective learning and positive attitudes are developed' - Bernadette Hancock, Headteacher of Christ the King Primary School, Cardiff `One of the major strengths of the book is that it makes some complex theory highly accessible to its audience....This makes it an excellent introductory book for use on inservice and undergraduate programs' - Sue Rogers, Institute of Education `This book aims to improve the quality of play in "educational" settings. It will be valuable for a wide range of practitioners' - Nursery World `In this new and updated edition of an outstanding book, Wood and Attfield once again demonstrate how young children make meaning, and construct knowledge, through play. They combine an informed discussion of the 'ideological tradition' of the early childhood pioneers, which continues to underpin most contemporary provision, with a refreshing openness to the new insights provided by recent research, and the new opportunities offered by the Foundation Stage era. Their unrivalled explanation of the links between theorists, such as Vygotsky, and classroom provision for play, is now expanded through considerations of recent findings in neuroscience, and a renewed awareness of the sociocultural contexts of childhood, as well as by studies which acknowledge the importance of boisterous, rough-and-tumble, play activities for children's development. And throughout, they remind readers and practitioners of the important distinction between play as a spontaneous activity of children ('play as such'), and the play which educators offer as a medium for learning' - Elizabeth Brooker, Course Leader: MA in Childhood Studies, Institute of Education 'This book provides a thorough and up-to-date overview of the topical issue of teaching and learning through play. Chapters cover issues including assessment through play, the role of adults in children's play, the impact of play on social and emotional learning and how to develop a whole-school approach to learning through play. ...This book is theoretical and detailed but extremely interesting and there is certainly practical information to be found in it' - Early Talk This timely Second Edition explores recent developments which strongly endorse play as an integral part of the curriculum. The content has been fully revised to reflect contemporary thinking about the role and value of play in early childhood and beyond. A key focus is the provision of a secure theoretical and practical grounding for developing a pedagogy of play. In the first section, the authors provide an overview of recent developments in education policies, and reviews of research into different aspects of play. In the second section, the emphasis is on classroom practice, specifically: organizing and developing play with particular reference to the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1; establishing progression and continuity with Key Stage 1; assessing children's learning through play; the role of adults in children's play; using the plan-do-review approach to integrate child-initiated and adult-directed play; the importance of socio-dramatic play for children's social and emotional learning; and developing a whole-school play ethos. This book enables practitioners to create unity between play, learning and teaching, and to improve the quality of children's learning. New material provided by practitioners has been added, to show how this unity can be successfully achieved. This is an essential text for students of education. It is highly recommended to those undertaking degrees in Childhood Studies and those on Initial Teacher Training programmes in early years and primary education.

Teaching Young Children

Author : Juhász László
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Teaching and Learning in Preschool

Author : Elizabeth Claire Venn
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This book presents a preschool framework that integrates literacy activities into content area lessons while embedding instruction within adult-child social interactions and realistic, playful activities tailored to each child's individual needs. Chapter 1 of the book delineates the theory and rationale behind the framework, and outlines essential preschool components. Chapter 2 discusses three critical teacher competencies necessary for quality preschool instruction. Chapter 3 outlines a variety of formal and informal assessments and curriculum outcomes as they relate to lesson design and instruction. Chapter 4 addresses children's social and emotional development and includes information on classroom management, self-regulation, risk taking, and dramatic play. Chapter 5 discusses the critical role of oral language development and phonological awareness in early literacy. Chapter 6 explores the different reading components of shared reading, read-alouds, grouping students based on zone of proximal development (ZPD), independent reading, print concepts, and listening comprehension. Chapter 7 focuses on the vital areas of early writing, including language experience and shared, scaffolded, ZPD, and independent writing. The central theme of Chapter 8 is learning about print, including letter knowledge and sound-symbol correspondence. Chapter 9 describes the content areas of mathematics, social studies, and science, and highlights the importance of free exploration, discovery time, literacy links, and thematic integration. Chapter 10 describes music, movement, and the creative arts as they relate to literacy. Chapter 11 covers gross and fine motor development and health and safety topics. Chapter 12 presents information about transitioning families comfortably from the home to the school culture. The book concludes with recommendations for improving early childhood preservice and inservice teacher education. Six appendices supplement the text with lesson plans, outco.

Teaching Geography Creatively

Author : Stephen Scoffham
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Teaching Geography Creatively offers an innovative approach to geography education in the primary classroom, and is crammed full of practical approaches for bringing the teaching of geography to life. With ideas for exploring physical geography, human geography and environmental issues, it is a stimulating and enjoyable source of inspiration for all training and experienced teachers. Underpinned by the latest research and theory and with contemporary, cutting-edge practice at the forefront, expert authors from schools and universities explore the inter-relationship between creativity and learning and how creativity can enhance pupils' motivation, self-image and well-being. The importance of equipping children for a rapidly changing environment and the need to place learning in a values context are also stressed. With an emphasis on promoting creativity as a key element to developing young children's knowledge, understanding and enjoyment, Teaching Geography Creatively offers a range of practical strategies to enable teachers to take a fresh approach to geography teaching.

Rethinking Children s Play

Author : Fraser Brown
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A thought-provoking re-examination of children's play drawing together insights and experiences across fields such as education, sociology, philosophy and psychology to encourage an inter-disciplinary approach.

Messy Maths

Author : Juliet Robertson
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In Messy Maths: A Playful, Outdoor Approach for Early Years, Juliet Robertson offers a rich resource of ideas that will inspire you to tap into the endless supply of patterns, textures, colours and quantities of the outdoors and deepen children's understanding of maths through hands-on experience. Juliet believes being outside makes maths real. In the classroom environment, maths can seem disconnected from everyday reality but real maths is really messy. Lots of outdoor play and engaging activity along the way is a must, as being outside enables connections to be made between the hands, heart and head, and lays the foundations for more complex work as children grow, develop and learn. Following on from the success of Dirty Teaching (ISBN 978-178135107-9), Messy Maths reimagines the outdoor space through a mathematical lens providing a treasure trove of suggestions that will empower you to blend outdoor learning into your teaching practice. It is not a 'how to' guide, but rather an easy-to-use reference book replete with ready-to-use games and open-ended ideas designed to help children become confident and skilled in thinking about, using and exploring abstract mathematical concepts as they play outside. Many of these ideas and activities are also beautifully displayed in full-colour photographs throughout the book, making it even easier to jump straight into outstanding outdoor learning opportunities. Topics covered include: general advice; exploring numbers; number functions and fractions; money; measurement; time; pattern; shape and symmetry; position, direction and movement; data handling; routines; and the mathematical garden. Each chapter features a section on topic-specific vocabulary and expressions to help you integrate terminology into each area of study, while suggestions for embedding maths into routines are also provided to assist in the development of creative, progressive and flexible approaches to everyday situations. Messy Maths is suitable for early years educators (of ages 3 to 6) who want to shake up their usual classroom practice and make the most of any outdoor space - whether this be a nursery, playgroup, child-minder's back garden or a nature kindergarten as a context for maths. Messy Maths has been named the Gold Winner in the Mathematics category of the Nursery World Equipment & Resources Awards 2019. Messy Maths has been named the Silver Winner in the Outdoor Play category and Professional Books (and authors) category of the Nursery World Equipment & Resources Awards 2019. Messy Maths was a 2017 Foreword INDIES Finalist in the Education category. Messy Maths has been named a 'Gold Winner' in the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards 2018 in the Education category. Messy Maths is a finalist in the 2018 Education Resources Awards in the Educational Book Award category.

The Playful Parent 7 ways to happier calmer more creative days with your under fives

Author : Julia Deering
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The Playful Parent offers a new solution for parents and carers looking for a calmer, happier and smarter way to parent the under-fives.

Play and Learning in the Early Years

Author : Pat Broadhead
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Providing high quality play experiences is an essential part of good early years education, but this can pose a challenge for practitioners who face pressure from a more didactic primary curriculum, and from parents worried that their children will fail to acquire essential skills and knowledge. By helping the reader to develop their understanding of the complex relationships between play and learning, this book examines current theoretical perspectives on play, alongside examples of recent and innovative play research from a range of disciplinary and methodological perspectives. With contributions from leading play scholars, it brings together theory, research, policy and practice in relation to play and learning in early years settings. The emphasis is on the relationship between play and learning, and play and pedagogy, and the need to understand these dimensions more substantially in order to teach with confidence. Included are chapters on: - the influence of play on thinking, problem-solving and creativity - cooperative play and learning - play, risk and outdoor learning - learning to play in cultural context There are chapter objectives, reflective points, reflective tasks and suggestions for further reading throughout, to facilitate critical thinking and encourage independent study. Suitable for early years practitioners, early childhood students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and all those who work with and care for young children, this is an exciting and thought-provoking book.

Playing with Teaching

Author : Antero Garcia
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Considering the complex demands in schools today, Playing with Teaching serves as a hands-on resource for teachers. Focused on how games can shape unique literacy learning experiences for young people, this book provides substantial examples to adapt in classrooms today.