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Playing for Coach Meyer

Author : Steve Smiley
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Playing for Coach Meyer is an original story that shows the amazing bond that a legendary coach develops with one of his players, Steve Smiley, throughout his collegiate career.

Urban Meyer vs College Football

Author : Ben Axelrod
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Urban Meyer is collecting national championships, and he's not slowing down. Wherever he goes, greatness immediately follows, and you can always look for his teams to be highly-ranked contenders when bowl season rolls around. But is Meyer the best college football coach of all time? In Urban Meyer vs. College Football, author Ben Axelrod explains exactly what separates Meyer from his peers and compares his accomplishments to some of the all-time legends like Nick Saban, Bear Bryant, and Joe Paterno. From his playing days at University of Cincinnati to his first Buckeyes stint as an assistant under Earle Bruce, to his victories at at the helm of Florida and Ohio State, Meyer has a ferocious, undeniable talent for coaching that may be unparalleled in football history.

Urban s Way

Author : Buddy Martin
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"Members of the ‘Gator Nation' are going to burn the midnight oil turning these pages because Buddy Martin will be boldly taking them where no Florida fan has gone before." ---Tony Barnhart, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution/CBS To write the Urban Meyer story, Buddy Martin enjoyed a vantage point rarely afforded authors in constructing the authorized biography of the University of Florida's high-profile coach. Martin takes the reader where no other journalist has gone before as he reports the most intimate details about one of the nation's top college football programs and its coach. During the show-and-tell story of the 2007 Gator season, Martin listened on the headsets in the coaching booth, monitored Meyer's locker room speeches, conducted in-depth interviews with assistant coaches and support personnel, ran on Florida Field with the team prior to the Gators game against Tennessee, and gave Tim Tebow his first Heisman Trophy quiz while having dinner together just weeks before he was named as the winner. Urban's Way, however, is much more than a look at the 2007 season. Martin dug deep into Meyer's background, from his growing-up days in Ashtabula, Ohio, under the strict guidance of his father; to his tumultuous days as a young assistant when he almost quit the profession; to the dynamics of his close relationship with mentors Earle Bruce and Lou Holtz; to the ultimate prize as coach of the 2006 national champion Florida Gators. Readers learn how Meyer was encouraged by his father and his wife, Shelley, to keep going; how his career took off at Notre Dame and then as a head coach at Bowling Green and Utah; how the Falcons came together after their historic "Black Wednesday"; and the impressive manner in which he championed diversity among players in Salt Lake City. Florida fans will be surprised to discover how close Meyer came to choosing the Notre Dame job over the one in Gainesville, despite his yearnings as a small boy to someday coach the Fighting Irish. Through his intense research---and talks with Urban himself---Buddy Martin provides an amazingly detailed look into how a football coach is made. This is not simply the authorized biography of one of college football's top coaches; Buddy Martin also gives fans the inside scoop on the 2006 National Championship. In the chapter "The Joy of Winning It All," players and coaches share their stories of that championship season that produced the middle leg of the "Gator Slam," leading to the good life on the so-called Cul de Sac of Champions, which Urban shares with Gators basketball coach Billy Donovan. It is rare that fans get inside the head of a top coach, but here full disclosure is offered about Urban's personal faith, his Plan to Win, and the inner workings of the Spread offense. Readers are also treated to Meyer's own breakdown of the national championship tape, including his Six Key Plays of the game. Buddy Martin shines a bright light on Urban Meyer, the Florida Gators, and one of the top programs in the country. This is a must-have for Florida Gator football fans and one of the most insightful books ever written on college football.

Playing Hurt

Author : Jason Crooks
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Joshua Meyer is like many healthy 12-year old boys. Hes vibrant, fun, full of confidencebutunlike the average boy, hes unusually gifted. His talents show up on the football field, with his love of creative writing, in a knack for business, and with his love and sensitivity to family and friends. However, when Meyers best friend, Travis Smith, is injured during a backyard football game Joshua is forced for the first time to see a harsh side of life. But the difficulties dont stop there; Travis injury is just the beginning of struggles. What is so important about this boys destiny that the universe seems to be trying to take him, his home, and even his hope apart, bit by bit? And will his family survive the attacks? Will he?

Forgotten Father

Author : Larry Simotes
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This is a warming story for all of those who spent a life time attempting to understand their father. It's a story about a father who had many faults and failures, but the love of a son never waviered. In the end, it's a story of a son that finds only love and goodness in his father.

Playing With Purpose Collection

Author : Mike Yorkey
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Meet the “starting lineup” of talented big-time athletes with fascinating faith stories in the Playing with Purpose Collection. This book chronicles the lives of several players who stand strong for their Christian faith on the football field, the basketball court, and the baseball diamond. Veteran CBA author Mike Yorkey, whose biography of quarterbacks Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, and Colt McCoy was a best-seller, also profiles major league stars such as Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton, Clayton Kershaw, Carlos Beltran, Ben Zobrist, and Mariano Rivera and NBA heroes like Kyle Korver, Kevin Durant, Luke Ridnour, Stephen Curry, and Jeremy Lin. The Playing with Purpose Collection will introduce you to talented athletes with compelling faith stories.

Death Row Chaplain

Author : Earl Smith
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A riveting, behind-the-bars look at one of America's most feared prisons: San Quentin-- by a minister to the lost souls sitting on death row. Himself a former criminal, Smith shares the most important lessons he's learned from years of helping inmates discover God's plan for them. Their stories show us that it is still possible to find God's grace and mercy from behind bars, and that it's never too late to turn our lives around.

The Springbok Coaches

Author : Gavin Rich
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Was coach Heyneke Meyer the reason why the Springboks failed at the 2015 Rugby World Cup? And what does the future have in store for the incumbent coach, Allister Coetzee? Find these answers, and many others, in The Springbok Coaches. In this new, updated edition of The Poisoned Chalice, rugby writer Gavin Rich takes us past the disappointment of the 2015 Rugby World Cup right up to the appointment of Allister Coetzee in April 2016, and dissects not only the successes and failures of these two Springbok coaches, but of all the post-isolation coaches who preceded them. If all of them agree on one thing, it is that the job goes hand in hand with tremendous pressure and that, at some point, they all buckled under the strain. This book reveals why André Markgraaff and Rudolf Straeuli came up with some of their weird and controversial decisions, why Nick Mallett dropped Gary Teichmann and how he regrets it now, why Harry Viljoen really quit, and why the pressures on Heyneke Meyer made it so much more difficult for the Springboks to win the 2015 Rugby World Cup. This book chronicles all the post-isolation coaches’ experiences via interviews, articles and stats. From the triumphs to the controversies, the boardroom to the rugby field, The Springbok Coaches will reveal exactly what it takes to be the Bok coach, and why each and every one of them had, at some time or another in the toughest job in South African sport, lost it. A riveting, often revelatory and definitely controversial read!

Handsome Ransom Jackson

Author : Ransom Jackson Jr.
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Millions of America’s youth dream of playing major league baseball or in a college bowl game on New Year’s Day. Growing up in Arkansas during the Great Depression, Ransom Jackson had no idea that one day he would not only play in back-to-back Cotton Bowls for two different colleges—the first and only player to do so—but that he would also become known as “Handsome Ransom,” all-star third baseman for the Chicago Cubs. He was in Chicago in 1953 when Ernie Banks became the first African American to play for the Cubs. He was in Brooklyn in 1956, the year Jackie Robinson retired. In 1957, Jackson was the last Brooklyn player to hit a home run before the team moved to LA. Jackson’s major league career spanned the entire decade of the 1950s, a time when the landscape of baseball changed dramatically as teams moved to new cities, built new stadiums, and integrated their rosters. Handsome Ransom Jackson: Accidental Big Leaguer is an autobiographical account of Jackson’s fascinating journey from his boyhood days in Arkansas to playing in the major leagues, where many of his teammates were future Hall of Famers. It’s a fun and nostalgic visit to the past, with Jackson sharing such memories as spring training with the Cubs on Catalina Island, befriending a Mafia boss in Massachusetts, batting behind Hank Sauer and getting knocked down by pitchers retaliating for Sauer’s home runs, rooming with Don Drysdale on an historic baseball tour of Japan, and sitting in the dugout in LA with Dodger teammates looking for movie stars in the stands. In addition, Jackson remembers being brought to Brooklyn to take over third base for the aging Jackie Robinson, and quickly discovering that nobody replaces a legend like Jackie. While many of the players from the 1950s are no longer with us, Jackson’s invaluable and timeless stories celebrate the greatness of the game and preserve a sliver of history from the heart of the golden age of baseball. Featuring many never-before-published photographs from Ransom Jackson’s personal collection, including photos of Dodger and Cub greats Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Carl Erskine, Ralph Kiner, and Ernie Banks, Handsome Ransom Jackson will take the reader back to an era when baseball was truly the national pastime.

Kicking Adversity Aside

Author : Kim Braswell
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As Coach Dooley alluded to in writing the foreword to this book, oftentimes the relationship between a coach and athlete is a two-way street. Each can be an inspiration to each other. This was the case when Kim Braswell, an exceptional athlete handed many challenges, became a part of the football program at the University of Georgia. This story is not about Kim’s success as an athlete or coach. The goal of this book is that it will provide inspiration to parents and children with handicaps, whatever their issue. As referenced in these pages, many good people contributed to the successes of Kim in sports, coaching, and life. Inspiration can be given and received. If this writing can transmit a sense of positivity to others with any type of adversity, then the author will have a feeling of accomplishment. This accomplishment will be about motivating and helping others just as so many have done for him.