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Poems for Your Pandemic

Author : Gary Alexander
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Take a fresh and humorous look at the 2020 Covid 19 Pandemic year that most of us want to forget. Gary Alexander has created poems to help us remember what we lived through and how our lives were changed forever. While these light-hearted poems make us laugh, they also record how we lived - our story to pass on to future generations. Alexander also opens a door to the past -- with a look at some humorous poems written during the dark days of the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. You can read with a smile the "Spanish Flu Poem of 1918" written by Joe Bogle, a black man from Louisville, Kentucky. Alexander dedicated this book to him. Today, we feel their fear, pain, and suffering, but we also share their uplifting spirit in the face of a worldwide disaster. There are striking similarities of our restricted lifestyles during our pandemic year with those living with the Spanish Flu outbreak just over one hundred years ago. Humor was a common bond, as Americans in two different centuries tried to cope with an out of control, and not fully understood, worldwide health scourge. The year 2020 was a steady progression of bad news with growing virus infections and rising death tolls. The public health guidelines relied upon a series of steps to try limit the spread. Life became isolated, ("hunkered down"), businesses, travel, leisure activities, and the wide range of our "normal" lifestyle was restricted. Learning and the workplace became "virtual" and new words became commonplace like: "zoom", and "flattening the curve" and "herd immunity". All of this was superimposed on a stress filled, very partisan year-long Presidential election. Alexander has captured it all in a collection of short, humorous, and penetrating poems with titles like: "WHY IS TOILET PAPER SO HARD TO FIND?" "LINE UP, LINE UP, IT'S FOR THE TEST!" "MY WIFE'S A BARBER" "WHO IS THIS GREAT GUY FAUCI?" "I'VE LOST MY MASK!" and many, more. They are an easy and fun read; but as you read, you

Pandemic Poetry

Author : C A Ward
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A look at life during the pandemic, often humorous, sometimes thought-provoking, always entertaining. Covering many subjects, from the trials of lockdown to the delights of a teenage boys bedroom, this collection of poems ranges from light-heartedness through to atmospheric romance.This book has been specifically written at this time to help raise money for wild animals in rescue sanctuaries. These animals have often suffered unimaginable abuse before being rescued, and currently risk hardship again as money to feed and house them is less available. Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Wildlife SOS, a charity that have been saving animals for many years and who desperately need help to continue to do so. The final poem gives an opportunity to anyone interested in helping further, by being sponsored to write a poem of your own. This may help to entertain youngsters stuck at home, or people on their own, classroom groups or writing groups.If you buy this book I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it, that it raises a few laughs and maybe a few ideas as well.On behalf of the animals you are helping to save, thank you.

The Light At The End Of The Covid 19 Tunnel

Author : Gwendolyn S Corbett
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Covid-19 was a tsunami of sudden and major disruption on a global scale. Most people around the world experienced immediate and chaotic change. People stopped moving. The earth had a chance to breathe. Early on, people indicated that "there would be life before Covid-19 and life after Covid-19." Life would NEVER be the same. The swelling and welling up caused extreme and explosive forced action for most of humanity and a reaction from earth. There was no warning really. There's been nothing quite as earth-shocking and shattering for the entire world since World War II. Most humans from World War II are no longer here to share the memories of the abrupt and permanent alteration to lives everywhere. Covid-19 served as a reminder as to how precious all of life is. When this global pandemic wave rushed over earth, the impact was of unique proportions and magnitudes. Due to advanced technology and social media, the effects of Covid-19 and the havoc it wreaked on people's emotions, actions, and lives was readily available for the entire world to witness and respond to, or not. Due to the severe measures implemented in my state, the US, and worldwide, the immediate reaction was extreme fear. Close emotional allies of fear, regardless of spiritual and/or political affiliations, were the emotions of criticism, anger, judgment, division, frustration, suspicions, blame, and hopelessness. Basic freedoms that most people around the globe were typically afforded in normal times became forbidden, taboo, shunned. In most places, hand-shaking, hugging, kissing, and close contact were not allowed. In most places, for extended periods of time, restrictions halted physical contact with those outside of one's immediate family. If you were single or an elderly person in an assisted-care facility, there was a great chance of becoming very lonely. The coronavirus basically locked many people up in what would be a prison cell. While in this "prison cell," individuals were forced to reflect on themselves and on the relationships closest to them, mostly their immediate family, whether they were ready to do this or not. Close evaluation of workplace and extended social relationships took place as well. In the state of Ohio where I reside, towards the end of March 2020, the fear of the impending "coronavirus shutdown" was palpable with the extreme measures and restrictions that would affect personal and workplace lives. As an alternative healer and a very sensitive person, I felt the closing in, the locking of the prison cell door, the extreme fear most people felt. The close allies of fear surrounded me and attempted to draw me into the current of negativity. On March 20, 2020, God gave me a message strong and clear. He said, "Gwen, to make it through this pandemic, you must remain positive and hopeful for yourself, your family, community, humanity, and earth." On March 20, 2020, right before Ohio shut down life as usual, the poems started flowing. The first one was inspired by Proverbs 11:25 NIV, "A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed." The poems continued to flow through May 8, 2021, two Mother's Day poems to my mom. These poems are to help heal the wounds of Covid-19. They are a gift to humanity and earth. Certain proceeds from this book will aid poor children in rural Appalachia where I grew up in Southeastern Ohio and hopefully well beyond.

A Dialogue With Grace

Author : Jen Reich
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The poems in this book are a dialogue with life over the course of a year that has affected us in ways we still have yet to process. And while our individual experiences are unique, our shared humanity must be acknowledged. We have seen and heard daily during this time period that COVID-19 is not the only pandemic we are facing. Racism, gun violence, and health disparities are deeply rooted in our systems and we need to do the work to heal these as well. Yet, we have also seen great beauty and kindness in these times. Neighbors and communities coming together to help each other through challenges and through individual and collective grief. We have created art and music and shared our creations with those here and across the world. We have been moved by essential workers who have cared for others in hospitals and nursing homes and cared for those of us staying at home. We are all interconnected, and we have reason to be hopeful. Included at the end of the book are journal pages, which offer an opportunity to engage in personal creative reflection. I hope these poems inspire you to create your own dialogue with grace.

My Interactive Book of Poems

Author : Patsy Dunstan
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This book “ My Interactive Book of Poems” is unique, practical, useful and universal in its presentation and content. The book is divided into 7 sections with over 50 original poems of varying lengths and level difficulty all written by the author. It introduces children to six types of poems; Shape, Haiku, Acrostic, Rhyming, Free Verse and Narrative. Children are encouraged to read the poem aloud at least three times, as they listen to the words the poem comes alive. It is important to note that children do not have to like all the poems. They may begin in any section, with any poem and work backwards or forward. There are no restrictions. The activities which follow will further test children’s understanding of the poem. The 7th section contains additional activities and answers to all questions. This book is compact, will hold in your child’s bag, and easy to read. Your child needs nothing more than a pencil or pen, crayons and a willingness to embark on a very pleasant journey with a friend, parent/adult, teacher, older sibling or alone. “ My interactive Book of Poems” will soon become your child’s companion on a plane, a train , a road trip, the car or bus and at home. The possibilities are endless. Parents then can rest at ease knowing that “ My Interactive Book of Poems” will be a positive, rewarding learning experience.

My City Links

Author : My City Links
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Covid Superheroes: Over A Year Of Caring, Giving And Making A Difference To The Lives Of People The past year or so has thrown up some very unlikely superheroes. These are individuals, groups of persons, or organizations that have played a critical role in tackling multiple dimensions of the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on people and life in general. Covid Warriors, as they have come to be known, have made a difference in some way or the other. In our Cover Story, we bring you some moving stories of determination, commitment, and caring. From India Cares, an organisation formed to help people across the country, to voluntary organizations active in specific cities of Odisha, we take a look at the kind of work that is being done on the ground. We also introduce you to Global Odia Volunteers (GOV), a group which has brought together Odias in different parts of the world to pool in with help. With the pandemic continuing to take a toll, organizations have also come forward to provide a helping hand when it comes to health issues. Some groups are active in the field of mental health and awareness as well. This edition’s Cover Story features their efforts too. The City Lights section catches up with the creative minds behind ‘The Mountain Hockey’, the first Odia documentary to be streamed by an OTT platform. Filmmakers Avinash Pradhan and Debashish Mohapatra tell us about the effort that went into the project and their dream of bringing about a revolution in the Odia entertainment industry. Our CityZen for the edition is Debasis Panigrahi, an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer who has made a name for himself as a writer, poet and lyricist. He opens up about his passion as he talks about his literary journey and the choice of subjects. In ScreenShots, we pay tribute to renowned Odia music director Amaranedra Mohanty who passed away recently. The special feature recalls the high points of an illustrious career spanning nearly 30 years. The section also has an interview with actress Anu Choudhary where she discusses her upcoming film even as she relishes the success of her last two outings. To understand how passion can help one chart a clear course to success, one only needs to look at the career graph of young music composer Abhijit Tripathy. The 25-year-old opens up in a Question-Answer session as he talks about Odia music, his work so far and plans for the future.

Butterfly on Wings

Author : K. Muthuraman
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Butterfly on Wings is a book of poetry in English on varied themes such as beauty, love, desire, dream, affection, mother, wife, daughter, god, nature, racism, death, male chauvinism, old age, and death. When the author Dr K. Muthuraman started writing the poems in March 2020, the whole world was grappling with the exodus of Covid 9 infection and spiking death; hence, its profound influence could be seen in many of the poems. He has chosen Butterfly on Wings as the title of the book because butterflies indeed symbolize romance, rebirth, change, inner beauty, transformation, the essence of one’s true self, dream, human soul, immortality, fertility, triumph, softness, longevity, eternal love, beauty, freedom, blessing, and above all life itself. Can there be any other title suitable to the varied themes he has dealt with in the book? The readers will definitely love to read the poems with utmost interest, and also recommend them positively to all their friends and relatives across the world.

BIS HSS 2020

Author : Muji Setiyo
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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our activities, like teaching, researching, and socializing. We are confused because we haven’t experienced before. However, as Earth's smartest inhabitants, we can adapt new ways to survive the pandemic without losing enthusiasm. Therefore, even in pandemic conditions, we can still have scientific discussions, even virtually. The main theme of this symposium is "Reinforcement of the Sustainable Development Goals Post Pandemic" as a part of the masterplan of United Nations for sustainable development goals in 2030. This symposium is attended by 348 presenters from Indonesia, Malaysia, UK, Scotland, Thailand, Taiwan, Tanzania and Timor Leste which published 202 papers. Furthermore, we are delighted to introduce the proceedings of the 2nd Borobudur Symposium Borobudur on Humanities and Social Sciences 2020 (2nd BIS-HSS 2020). We hope our later discussion may result transfer of experiences and research findings from participants to others and from keynote speakers to participants. Also, we hope this event can create further research network.

Liturgical Entanglements

Author : David Russell Mosley
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In the church year, in prayer, in liturgy we find a comingling of time and eternity. Without leaving our experience of time, we somehow, mystically, enter into God’s eternity. And God, without leaving his eternity, has entered into our time. The poems in Liturgical Entanglements seek to engage with these strange realities. Starting with Advent, the sonnets in this collection look to both the human and the divine, everyday occurrences, and the spiritual realities that uphold all of reality. Read these poems as prayers and let them help you see the world around you in a new way.

Protect the World from Coronavirus

Author :
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Experience poetry that gives hope in this uplifting and inspirational collection of verses.During this fearful and uncertain time brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, words still hold healing power. Poetry can shine a light in the darkness and reveal a brighter future. This book about dealing with coronavirus connects readers with the shared experiences of doctors, nurses, and other frontline workers battling against the disease. Featuring poems for sad and difficult times and poems for compassionate people, Achier Deng Akol's collection offers a balm for those seeking relief and hope. Whether you're a medical professional fighting against the coronavirus, a victim of COVID-19, or a family member of someone affected, this poetry book with a compelling message will touch your heart.Although we may weep for the victims of COVID-19, we can still offer gratitude to those in the trenches, comfort and encouragement to the afflicted families, and help for the victims.