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Political Economy

Author : Barry Clark
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This nontechnical book provides a comprehensive and interdisciplinary survey of political economy that can easily be understood by any reader with an introductory-level background in economics. * Provides in-depth historical analysis of the development of political/economic ideologies and their influence on contemporary debates among social scientists as well as the general public * Gathers ideas and policy proposals from many prominent social scientists representing divergent ideological perspectives into a single volume * Analyzes the roles of science and ideology in the development of political economy * Exposes students to the findings of advanced social science research in easily understood and accessible language

Political Economy

Author : Christian A. Conrad
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This textbook takes a new approach to political economy: it combines the well-known non-quantitative theories with the findings of behavioral science and other disciplines such as psychology and sociology. The question of how people behave and how such behavior can be guided towards moral welfare for everyone is the focus of this book. The knowledge is first derived scientifically, then the results are presented in summaries and conclusions. Case studies provide a link to practice. By means of exercises and behavioral games, readers can apply and deepen their acquired knowledge.

Whither the World The Political Economy of the Future

Author : G. Kolodko
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The study deals with challenging questions of long-term future of global economy and the mankind. Focusing not only on what happens in the economic sphere but also on cultural, social, political, demographic, technological, and ecological processes. It employs a holistic approach to answer fundamental questions about the course of the future.

Political Economy in the Modern State

Author : Harold A. Innis
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Political Economy in the Modern State is Harold Innis's transitional and, in some respects, his most transformative book. Its main themes include the problem of power and peace, the ascent of specialization and mechanized forms of knowledge, and the crisis facing democracy and civilization.

International Political Economy

Author : Thomas Oatley
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Broadly viewing the global economy as a political competition that produces winners and losers, International Political Economy holistically and accessibly introduces the field of IPE to students with limited background in political theory, history, and economics. This text surveys major interests and institutions and examines how state and non-state actors pursue wealth and power. Emphasizing fundamental economic concepts as well as the interplay between domestic and international politics, International Political Economy not only explains how the global economy works, it also encourages students to think critically about how economic policy is made in the context of globalization. New to the Sixth Edition Covers the economic impacts of 2016 electoral events, including new Trump administration initiatives related to TPP and NAFTA; the UK and Brexit, and the European populist wave. Examines the global financial crisis, EU debt crisis, quantitative easing, global capital flow cycles, and currency wars. Probes the death of the Doha Round and explores individual trade preferences, WTO dispute settlement, bilateral investment treaties and global value chains, labor standards, and the role of institutions for economic development. Considers how U.S. monetary and fiscal policy shapes the flow of financial capital into and out of emerging market economies with a focus on the "Fragile Five," whether the Chinese Renminbi can displace the dollar as a global currency, and the newly constructed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Explores the impact of migration on wages and income inequality, and the growing importance of working remittances as a source of capital for developing countries.

Global Political Economy

Author : Theodore H. Cohn
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Praised for its authoritative coverage, Global Political Economy places the study of IPE in its broadest theoretical context. This text not only helps students understand the fundamentals of how the global economy works but also encourages them to use theory to more fully grasp the connections between key issue areas like trade and development. Written by a leading IPE scholar, Global Political Economy equally emphasizes theory and practice to provide a framework for analyzing current events and long-term developments in the global economy.

Incentives and Political Economy

Author : Professor of Economics Jean-Jacques Laffont
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Mainstream economics has recognized only recently the necessity to incorporate political constraints into economic analysis intended for policy advisors. Incentives and Political Economy uses recent advances in contract theory to build a normative approach to constitutional design in economic environments.The first part of the book remains in the tradition of benevolent constitutional design with complete contracting. It treats politicians as informed supervisors and studies how the Constitution should control them, in particular to avoid capture by interest groups. Incentive theories for the separation of powers or systems of checks and balances are developed.The second part of the book recognises the incompleteness of the constitutional contract which leaves discretion to the politicans selected by the electoral process. Asymmetric information associates information rents with economic policies and the political game becomes a game of costly redistribution of those rents. Professor Laffont investigates the trade-offs between an inflexible constitution which leaves little discretion to politicians but sacrifices ex post efficiency and a constitutionweighted towards ex post efficiency but also giving considerable discretion to politicians to pursue private agendas.The final part of the book reconsiders the modeling of collusion given asymmetric information. It proposes a new approach to characterizing incentives constraints for group behaviour when asymmetric information is non-verifiable. This provides a methodology to characterise the optimal constitutional response to activities of interest groups and to study the design of any institution in which group behavior is important.

The Political Economy of Conflict and Violence against Women

Author : Kumudini Samuel
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The Political Economy of Conflict and Violence against Women shows how political, economic, social and ideological processes intersect to shape conflict related gender-based violence against women. Through feminist interrogations of the politics of economies, struggles for political power and the gender order, this collection reveals how sexual orders and regimes are linked to spaces of production. Crucially it argues that these spaces are themselves firmly anchored in overlapping patriarchies which are sustained and reproduced during and after war through violence that is physical as well as structural. Through an analysis of legal regimes and structures of social arrangements, this book frames militarization as a political economic dynamic, developing a radical critique of liberal peace building and peace making that does not challenge patriarchy, or modes of production and accumulation.

The Political Economy of Interregional Relations

Author : Alfredo C. Robles
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The book highlights a number of topics, including: the shifting of production by some Japanese firms to Southeast Asia in response to EC anti-dumping measures; evaluations by the EC, independent consultants and Southeast Asian NGOs of successful and unsuccessful development projects; the ASEAN and EC consensus to ignore human rights violations in East Timor; and ASEAN-EC programmes to encourage investment by European firms in Southeast Asia.

Cultural Studies and Political Economy

Author : Robert E. Babe
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This book addresses the notorious split between the two fields of cultural studies and political economy. Drawing on the works of Harold Innis, Theodor Adorno, Raymond Williams, Richard Hoggart, E.P. Thompson, and other major theorists in the two fields, Robert E. Babe shows that political economy can be reconciled to certain aspects of cultural studies, particularly with regards to cultural materialism. Uniting the two fields has proven to be a complex undertaking though it makes practical sense, given the close interaction between political economy and cultural studies. Babe examines the evolution of cultural studies over time and its changing relationship with political economy. The intersections between the two fields center around three subjects: the cultural biases of money, the time/space dialectic, and the dialectic of information.

A History of Political Economy

Author : John Kells Ingram
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The Political Economy of Press Freedom

Author : Jaw-Nian Huang
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This book offers a political economy analysis of the development and degradation of freedom of the press in Taiwan since 1949, exploring how state-business elites and foreign hegemons interacted to shape the evolution of Taiwan's media. It examines why freedoms increased alongside democratization in the 1990s but deteriorated after the second peaceful turnover of power in 2008 and why significant improvements accompanied Taiwan's close economic connections with the US during the Cold War, only to become eroded as the country developed deeper economic ties with China in the 21st century. Presenting both a domestic and international perspective, this study of the controversial case of Taiwan ultimately argues in favor of three factors. First, state power is not the only threat to press freedom, as corporate organizations and market forces may also play a role in curtailing it. Second, cross-national economic connections do not always improve human and civil rights but may cause damage when they involve more powerful authoritarian countries. Third, just as norms diffuse from liberal contexts to repressive states, repressive norms are also likely to diffuse from powerful authoritarian countries to more liberal but politically and economically weaker ones. Providing a new viewpoint on China's media control overseas, The Political Economy of Press Freedom will be useful for students and scholars of Chinese Studies and Taiwan Studies as well as comparative politics, international relations and Media Studies.

National System of Political Economy

Author : Friedrich List
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If we wish to remain true to the laws of logic and of the nature of things, we must set the economy of individuals against the economy of societies, and discriminate in respect to the latter between true political or national economy... and cosmopolitan economy, which originates in the assumption that all nations of the earth form but one society living in a perpetual state of peace. -from "Chapter 11: Political and Cosmopolitical Economy" One of the most prominent economic philosophers of the 19th century, on a par with-but espousing quite different thinking than-Karl Marx and Adam Smith explores, in the three-volume National System of Political Economy, a reasoned doctrine of national and pan-national management of trade, a global collaboration between government and business. In Volume 2, he delineates his theory of supportive interconnectedness, discussing everything from the value of the individual's ability to produce wealth to the edge established businesses have over new ones. A close reading of this 1841 classic is an absolute necessity for anyone who hopes to understand world economic history of the last 150 years. German economist and journalist FRIEDRICH LIST (1789-1846) served as professor of administration and politics at the University of T bingen, but was later jailed and later exiled to America for his political views. His is also the author of Outlines of American Political Economy (1827).

The Political Economy of Industrial Democracies

Author : Douglas A. Hibbs
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International Political Economy

Author : Robert A. Isaak
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This text introduces the study of international economic and political structures with a social and collective learning approach. Focusing on major international economic organizations, it examines how managers in public and private sectors cope with international change in the 20th century.

Petty the Origins of Political Economy

Author : Alessandro Roncaglia
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Keynes s Vision

Author : Athol Fitzgibbons
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A readable and thought-provoking essay about the ideas of one of the most influential economists of the twentieth century.

Culture and Political Economy in Western Sicily

Author : Jane Schneider
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Global Political Economy in the Information Age

Author : Gillian Youngs
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Introduction: 20th-21st century imaginings and realities Section 1: Time/Space Frameworks 1. States and Markets: understanding geospatial time 2. Virtual Realities: exploring sociospatiality 3. The Political Economy of Time: historical time, speed and mobility Section 2: Borders and Inequality 4. Transcendence and Communication 5. Inequality as Driver 6. Embedding Patriarchy: feminism and inequality in the Internet era Section 3: Technofutures and Power 7. Complex Hegemony in the 21st Century: power and inequality Conclusion

The Political Economy of Terrorism

Author : Walter Enders
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This 2006 book analyzes the political, economic, strategic and historical dimensions of terrorism.