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Positive Security

Author : Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv
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This book critically conceptualises positive security and explores multiple areas in global politics where positive security can be studied as an alternative to the existing understandings and practices of security. Structured through a framework on the practice and ethics of everyday security, the book defines positive security as a focal point of contextual and spatiotemporal moments that emerge through encounters with ‘the other’ in everyday politics. In these moments, an actor can show attentiveness and humility towards ‘the other’. In this book, the authors present their own understandings of positive security, offering an in-depth discussion and analysis of the Global North and South divides, delving into many aspects such as human security, migration, gender, indigenous issues and perceptions of security in the Arctic, and challenges and tensions for and within NATO. The book concludes by reflecting on the significance of positive security, looking at its application for other current issues including how to understand and manage new (in)security challenges including hybrid threats and warfare. This book will be of interest to students and scholars of international relations, critical security and peace studies.

Security and Technology in Arctic Governance

Author : Stefan Kirchner
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Because the impact of climate change is felt acutely in the Arctic, this region has gained increasing global attention in recent years. Since the last days of the Cold War, a particular system of international governance that includes local stakeholders, in particular indigenous peoples, and that transcends political divisions, has been created among the Arctic states. In Security and Technology in Arctic Governance, researchers from different disciplines investigate current and emerging challenges for the governance of the Arctic that are connected to security concerns and the use of modern technology.

Routledge Handbook of Latin American Security

Author : David R. Mares
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This new Handbook is a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge essays on all aspects of Latin American Security by a mix of established and emerging scholars. The Routledge Handbook of Latin American Security identifies the key contemporary topics of research and debate, taking into account that the study of Latin America’s comparative and international politics has undergone dramatic changes since the end of the Cold War, the return of democracy and the re-legitimization and re-armament of the military against the background of low-level uses of force short of war. Latin America’s security issues have become an important topic in international relations and Latin American studies. This Handbook sets a rigorous agenda for future research and is organised into five key parts: • The Evolution of Security in Latin America • Theoretical Approaches to Security in Latin America • Different 'Securities' • Contemporary Regional Security Challenges • Latin America and Contemporary International Security Challenges With a focus on contemporary challenges and the failures of regional institutions to eliminate the threat of the use of force among Latin Americans, this Handbook will be of great interest to students of Latin American politics, security studies, war and conflict studies and International Relations in general.

Journal of Peace Prosperity and Freedom

Author : Hans-Hermann Hoppe
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Articles The State - Errors of Classical Liberalism Hans-Hermann Hoppe Natural Law and the Libertarian Society Ben O'Neill Secession as Political Reform: The Case of Western Australia Sukrit Sabhlok Mises' Apriorism: Tautology or Theory of Praxis? Cade Share Individual Freedom, International Trade and International Conflict Alex Robson McDonaldization: An Analysis of George Ritzer's Theories and Assertions John Engle The Years since 9/11: What Hath Our Rulers Wrought? Chris Leithner Book Reviews The Evil Princes of Martin Place Liberty Defined (Ron Paul) Beyond Politics (Randy Simmons) The Frankenstein Candidate (Vinay Kolhatkar) Trust Your Enemies (Mark Tier) Steve Kates Mark Hornshaw Luke McGrath Sukrit Sabhlok Marc Lerner

Fundamental Rights and Mutual Trust in the Area of Freedom Security and Justice

Author : Ermioni Xanthopoulou
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This book explores the relationship of mutual trust and fundamental rights in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (AFSJ) of the European Union and asks whether there is any role for proportionality. Mutual trust among Member States has long been presumed by the Court in a manner that mutual recognition was prioritised in regard to, but to the detriment of, the protection of fundamental rights. After thoroughly reviewing this relationship, this book offers a comprehensive framework of proportionality and explores its impact on the protection of fundamental rights in a mutual trust environment. It applies a theoretical and a normative framework of proportionality to two case studies (EU criminal and asylum law) by reference to several fundamental rights, enabling a carefully constructed analysis with useful parallels. The book argues that such analysis, based on proportionality, is not always desirable and helpful for the protection of fundamental rights in this area and thoroughly explores its impact on the protection of fundamental rights vis-à-vis mutual trust.

Routledge Handbook of Media Conflict and Security

Author : Piers Robinson
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This Handbook links the growing body of media and conflict research with the field of security studies. The academic sub-field of media and conflict has developed and expanded greatly over the past two decades. Operating across a diverse range of academic disciplines, academics are studying the impact the media has on governments pursuing war, responses to humanitarian crises and violent political struggles, and the role of the media as a facilitator of, and a threat to, both peace building and conflict prevention. This handbook seeks to consolidate existing knowledge by linking the body of conflict and media studies with work in security studies. The handbook is arranged into five parts: Theory and Principles. Media, the State and War Media and Human Security Media and Policymaking within the Security State New Issues in Security and Conflict and Future Directions For scholars of security studies, this handbook will provide a key point of reference for state of the art scholarship concerning the media-security nexus; for scholars of communication and media studies, the handbook will provide a comprehensive mapping of the media-conflict field.

Security and Safety in the Era of Global Risks

Author : Radomir Compel
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The concept of risk in global life has not been fully understood and explored and this book attempts to examine what it entails in the fast changing, interconnected and complex world. As a foundational component of safety systems, risk has been considered relatively simple, predictable, and therefore, assessable and manageable phenomenon. Social and political sciences prefer the terminology of security to capture the dimension of risk which is more complex and more consequential to survival. Risk has become more human-made and intentional today, and this book explores innovative approaches and engages in theoretical and policy debates to capture its political and security dimensions.

Globalization and Armed Conflict

Author : Gerald Schneider
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Globalization and Armed Conflict addresses one of the most important and controversial issues of our time: Does global economic integration foster or suppress violent disputes within and between states? Here, cutting-edge research by leading figures in international relations shows that expanding commercial ties between states pacifies some, but not necessarily all, political relationships. The authors demonstrate that the pacific effect of economic integration hinges on democratic structures, the size of the global system, the nature of the trade goods, and a reduced influence of the military on political decisions. In sum, this book demonstrates how important the still fragile "capitalist peace" is.

The Insurance Times

Author :
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Cyber Warfare and Cyber Terrorism

Author : Janczewski, Lech
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"This book reviews problems, issues, and presentations of the newest research in the field of cyberwarfare and cyberterrorism. While enormous efficiencies have been gained as a result of computers and telecommunications technologies, use of these systems and networks translates into a major concentration of information resources, createing a vulnerability to a host of attacks and exploitations"--Provided by publisher.