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Pride Promiscuity

Author : Arielle Eckstut
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In a pitch-perfect literary parody, Arielle Eckstut and David Auburn claim to have stumbled upon lost manuscript pages from Jane Austen's novels, along with shocking letters to her sister and publisher. The 'excerpts' take readers behind closed doors to behold some very naughty goings-on among the characters of Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma and all of Austen's novels. Emma, it is revealed, takes self-satisfaction to a whole new level; Charlotte Lucas dresses up as Lady Catherine de Bourgh to give Mr. Collins the spanking of his life; and Fanny and Edmund are not the only ones at Mansfield Park flirting with incest. Elegantly packaged and 'authenticated' by a so-called Austen expert, PRIDE AND PROMISCUITY belongs on the bookshelf of Austen fanatics and the millions who have made the films based on her works so popular. Even the most serious literary scholar would bet his tenure at whist to get his hands on this spirited and witty gem that proves Jane is hotter than any of us ever imagined!

Pride and Promiscuity

Author : Arielle Eckstut
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In a pitch-perfect literary parody, the author claims to have stumbled upon lost manuscript pages from Jane Austen's novels, along with shocking letters to her sister and publisher. The 'excerpts' depict naughty goings on among Austen's characters. Originally published: New York: Fireside, 2001; Edinburgh: Canongate, 2003.

Pride and Prejudice 2 0

Author : Hanne Birk
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Austen’s Pride and Prejudice has been adapted, transformed and translated into numerous languages. Thus the classic today constitutes an international, transcultural, transmedial and iconic phenomenon of pop culture that transcends genre boundaries as easily as centuries. The vitality of the book at the crossroads of the literary canon and pop culture is analysed by contributions focusing on its translations, Bollywood adaptations, iconic TV versions or vlog adaptations, on erotic rewritings or generic transformations into Chick-Lit, crime fiction or the Gothic mode, on teaching contexts or on a diachronic analysis of its illustrations. Complemented by a compilation of student essays, this volume affirms and celebrates Pride and Prejudice being perhaps more alive than ever before.

On Second Thought

Author : Debra Taylor Bourdeau
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Every ending marks a potential beginning; every act of reading is, in a very real sense an act of re-writing; and to revise is, literally, to re-see. These bits of conventional wisdom underlie the topic explored in this volume's collection of essays by literary critics who want to know more about the instinct to continue and the impulse to revise an existing text.

Romancing Jane Austen

Author : A. Tauchert
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We celebrate Jane Austen as the mother of the English realist novel, but have you ever wondered why she insists on giving her mature heroines the 'perfect happiness' that can only be realized in the romance? Romancing Jane Austen asks the reader to consider Austen's happy endings as a 'prophetic' rather than merely 'illusory' answer to the contradiction that feminine subjectivity represents for history. A happy ending for the feminine subject? But that would be against all the empirical odds...

Adaptation and Cultural Appropriation

Author : Pascal Nicklas
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“Hamlet” by Olivier, Kaurismäki or Shepard and “Pride and Prejudice” in its many adaptations show the virulence of these texts and the importance of aesthetic recycling for the formation of cultural identity and diversity. Adaptation has always been a standard literary and cultural strategy, and can be regarded as the dominant means of production in the cultural industries today. Focusing on a variety of aspects such as artistic strategies and genre, but also marketing and cultural politics, this volume takes a critical look at ways of adapting and appropriating cultural texts across epochs and cultures in literature, film and the arts.

Everybody s Jane

Author : Juliette Wells
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Explores the importance of Jane Austen and her writings to amateur readers today.

The Monogamy Gap

Author : Eric Anderson
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The Monogamy Gap is a groundbreaking volume that explains why men cheat. Drawing on a range of theories across academic disciplines, the book highlights the biological compulsion of the sexual urge, the social construction of the monogamous ideal, and the devastating chasm that lies between them.

Resisting Arrest

Author : Robert A. Rushing
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A volume in the Cultural Studies Series edited by Samir Dayal An innovative and entertaining look at genre, popular culture, enjoyment, and psychoanalysis. Detective fiction, a category that, broadly defined, runs the gamut from Oedipus Rex to "The Purloined Letter," continues to draw a range of fans and scholars, and to play a pivotal role in popular entertainment, contemporary literature, and psychoanalytic theory. But how do we derive pleasure from reading about or watching a detective’s exploits? Is our enjoyment in the vicarious experience of genius? Or in witnessing the commission of a crime, an equally vicarious experience of violence? Resisting Arrest looks at the detective genre in its many different cultural manifestations, from popular fiction (Christie) to high literature (Eco), from art films (Antonioni) to popular television series (Monk). In each case, Rushing finds that detective stories have less to do with fulfilling our hidden desires, as psychoanalytic explanations have traditionally asserted, than with purposively thwarting them. He argues that the genre is in fact constituted principally by the promises on which it fails to deliver, including the vicarious experience of both genius (readers expecting to play Sherlock Holmes are almost always cast as Watson) and antisocial violence, so that our pleasure is based on what Slavoj Zizek has called "the endless circulation around the always-missed object." Organized around the key ideas that structure the detective genre ("Desire," "Repetition," "Violence"), Resisting Arrest offers a thoroughly new interpretation that will appeal to scholars interested in questions about genre and cinema studies, popular culture, and psychoanalysis.

Jane Austen and Philosophy

Author : Mimi Marinucci
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Generations of readers have fallen in love with Jane Austen’s timeless tales of eighteenth-century English life. Even casual readers comprehend that these classic novels are not just love stories. They offer keen insights into various aspects of the human condition, such as interpersonal relationships, social conventions, and morality. Jane Austen and Philosophy offers all fans of Austen’s work an introduction to the incredible depth of this English novelist’s stories by probing, for example, the struggles of Elizabeth and Jane Bennett, Emma Woodhouse, and Elinor and Marianne Dashwood as they face societal pressures and their own desires. As the second book in the new Great Authors and Philosophy series,Jane Austen and Philosophy explores questions about morality and duty, propriety and dignity, and obligation and happiness that sheds new light on the works of this classic author and reveals deep issues still relevant to the men and women of society today.