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Process Management in Design and Construction

Author : Rachel Cooper
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To deliver a construction project on time, at cost and of appropriate quality, it is critical to manage the design and construction process effectively... This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of process management in design and construction in order to meet the business needs of the construction industry as they change in today’s highly competitive global environment. It identifies the current state of the industry in the process management field, describing trends and developments (including information technology), and demonstrates these through case study evidence. Practical guidance is offered by identifying potential pitfalls, illustrating best practise drawn from construction and appropriate manufacturing applications. The overall approach is a holistic one, based on practical experience gained throughout the past decade both in the academic and industrial environments, including leading a number of research projects on process and IT related topics in construction and manufacturing industries. Process Management in Design and Construction will provide students on construction and project management related courses with a description of the state of process management in design and construction - including current process models – as well as a future vision based on up-to-date research findings and good practice in the construction industry. The book also offers practical guidance to industrial and consultancy organisations on undertaking and implementing process management projects - including re-engineering their customer delivery processes through effective project

eWork and eBusiness in Architecture Engineering and Construction ECPPM 2006

Author : Manuel Martinez
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The task of structuring information on built environment has presented challenges to the research community, software developers and the industry for the last 20 years. Recent work has taken advantage of Web and industry standards such as XML, OWL, IFC and STEP. Another important technology for the fragmented AEC industry is digital communication. Wired or wireless, it brings together architects, engineers and construction site workers, enabling them to exchange information, communicate and work together. Virtual enterprise organization structures, involving mobile teams over distance, are highly compatible with the needs of the construction industry.

Integrated Design and Construction Single Responsibility

Author : Colin Harding
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Manufacturing and service industries have significantly improved their levels of productivity, quality, and profitability over the past 30 years, whereas in the construction industry similar levels of improvement have been impossible to achieve. Numerous reports have identified fragmentation of the industry’s management structures and processes as the underlying cause of the waste and inefficiencies that keep costs high and margins low. Integrated Design and Construction is an integrated yet competitive form of procurement, design and project delivery based on the principle of purchasing any other high value warranted manufactured product. Such an approach would make the construction process more like other manufacturing industries, allowing contractors to make similar improvements to those already seen in other manufacturing industries. Designed for use by experienced construction professionals, familiar and proficient with traditional design and construction system best practice, this Code of Practice provides both client and constructor with the necessary information to adopt this approach to create well-designed and well-constructed products, fully meeting client needs.

Design and Construction

Author : Rick Best
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The design and construction of buildings is a lengthy and expensive process, and those who commission buildings are continually looking for ways to improve the efficiency of the process. In this book, the second in the Building in Value series, a broad range of topics related to the processes of design and construction are explored by an international group of experts. The overall aim of the book is to look at ways that clients can improve the value for money outcomes of their decisions to construct buildings. The book is aimed at students studying in many areas related to the construction industry including architecture, construction management, civil engineering and quantity surveying, and should also be of interest to many in the industry including project managers, property developers, building contractors and cost engineers.

Process Management in Design and Construction

Author :
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Contemporary Problems of Architecture and Construction

Author : Evgeny Rybnov
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Contemporary Problems of Architecture and Construction 2020 includes contributions on various complex issues and aspects of engineering and construction of buildings and structures, protection, reconstruction and restoration of architecture, as well as intellectualization of energy and safety systems functioning urban development. The contributions were presented at the eponymous conference (ICCPAC 2020, St Petersburg, Russia, November 25-26, 2020), and cover a wide range of topics: Urban development: problems of urban construction and architecture Engineering, construction and operation of buildings and structures Implementation of building information modeling (BIM) and geo-information systems (GIS) technologies in the construction industry Energy efficiency of buildings and maintenance systems Engineering technologies of sustainable nature management and environmental protection Intellectualization and algorithmization of large cities road safety systems functioning Economics and management in construction and public utility services. Contemporary Problems of Architecture and Construction 2020 will be of interest to academics and professionals involved in the urban development, engineering technologies, architecture and construction, economics and management in construction industry.

eWork and eBusiness in Architecture Engineering and Construction

Author : Gudni Gudnason
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Since 1994, the European Conferences of Product and Process Modelling ( have provided a review of research, development and industrial implementation of product and process model technology in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Facilities Management (AEC/FM) industry. Product/Building Information Modelling has matured sig

Concurrent Engineering in Construction Projects

Author : Chimay Anumba
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Concurrent Engineering (CE) is a systematic approach to the integrated and concurrent design of products and related processes, including aspects as diverse as manufacture and support. It is only now being carefully applied to the construction sector and offers considerable potential for increasing efficiency and effectiveness. It enables developers to consider all elements of a building or structure's life cycle from the conception stage right through to disposal, and to include issues of quality, cost, schedule, and user requirements. Drawing together papers that reflect various research efforts on the implementation of CE in construction projects, Concurrent Engineering in Construction presents construction professionals and academics with the key issues and technologies important for CE's adoption, starting with fundamental concepts and then going on to the role of organisational enablers and advanced information and communication technologies, then providing conclusions and suggestions of future directions.

Construction Manager s BIM Handbook

Author : John Eynon
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Building Information Modelling (BIM) harnesses digital technologies to unlock more efficient methods of designing, creating and maintaining built environment assets, so the Construction Manager’s BIM Handbook ensures the reader understands what BIM is, what the UK strategy is and what it means for key roles in the construction team. ensure that all readers understand what BIM and are fully aware of the implications of BIM for them and their organisations provides concise summaries of key aspects of BIM ensure that all readers can begin to adopt this approach in future projects includes industry case studies illustrating the use of BIM on large and small projects

BIM Based Collaborative Building Process Management

Author : Bruno Daniotti
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The book reports on the great improvements in the information and knowledge management due to the digitalization of the building sector. By summarizing several research projects addressing the implementation of BIM in different stages of the building process, and the definition of standards at Italian, European and international levels for managing information relying on the implementation of BIM-based processes, it showcases the efforts, especially within the Italian building sector, to build a standardized structure of information and develop tools for collecting, sharing and exchanging information between stakeholders involved in different stages of the building process, so as to enhance the storage, traceability, usability and re-usability of information management. Further, it presents an enhanced use of information that relies on the adoption of the standardized structure of information, and proposes dedicated applications for automating the process of information fruition. Lastly, it features a digital platform for different stakeholders in the building sector, such as manufacturers, producers and construction companies.