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Promoting the Health of Adolescents

Author : Susan G. Millstein
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Foreword. Health Promotion in Historical Perspective, J.B. Richmond1. Adolescent Health Promotion: Rationale, Goals, and Objectives, S.G. Millstein, A.C. Peterson, and E.O NightingalePART I: THE ADOLESCENT, HEALTH, AND SOCIETY 2. Adolescent Development: Health Risks and Opportunities for Health Promotion, L.J. Crockett and A.C. Peterson3. The Influence of Economic Factors on Health-Related Behaviors in Adolescents, L.V. Klerman4. Health Promotion for Minority Adolescents: Cultural Considerations, F. Earls5. The Social World of Adolescents: Families, Peers, Schools, and the Community, C.L. Perry, S.H. Kelder, and K.A. Komro6. A View of Health from the Adolescent's Perspective, S.G. Millstein7. Health-Enhancing and Health-Compromising Lifestyles, D.S. ElliotPART II: TOPICAL AREAS OF INTEREST FOR PROMOTING HEALTH ...

Health Promotion for Older Children and Adolescents

Author : NINR Priority Expert Panel on Health Promotion
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Promoting Health Equity Among Racially and Ethnically Diverse Adolescents

Author : Lisa Barkley
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Racial and ethnic minority youth have less access to health care and experience health disparities that are linked to social determinants that impact their health and well-being. This book is a practical reference for clinicians caring for racially and ethnically diverse adolescents seeking to effectively identify and address the social structures and factors that influence their health and well-being to promote health equity. It provides an overview of key health equity, population health and cultural competency principles and highlights clinical, teaching, and research skills critical to promoting health equity. Clinically oriented chapters provide guidance on strength-based approaches and strategies that clinicians can integrate in their encounters with diverse youth and feature clinical vignettes, clinical pearls and reflection questions to promote the application of concepts to practice. Promoting Health Equity Among Racially and Ethnically Diverse Adolescents is a valuable resource for clinicians across all areas of medicine.

Promoting Health

Author : Institute of Medicine
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At the dawn of the twenty-first century, Americans enjoyed better overall health than at any other time in the nation’s history. Rapid advancements in medical technologies, breakthroughs in understanding the genetic underpinnings of health and ill health, improvements in the effectiveness and variety of pharmaceuticals, and other developments in biomedical research have helped develop cures for many illnesses and improve the lives of those with chronic diseases. By itself, however, biomedical research cannot address the most significant challenges to improving public health. Approximately half of all causes of mortality in the United States are linked to social and behavioral factors such as smoking, diet, alcohol use, sedentary lifestyle, and accidents. Yet less than five percent of the money spent annually on U.S. health care is devoted to reducing the risks of these preventable conditions. Behavioral and social interventions offer great promise, but as yet their potential has been relatively poorly tapped. Promoting Health identifies those promising areas of social science and behavioral research that may address public health needs. It includes 12 papersâ€"commissioned from some of the nation’s leading expertsâ€"that review these issues in detail, and serves to assess whether the knowledge base of social and behavioral interventions has been useful, or could be useful, in the development of broader public health interventions.

Promoting Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Author : Carl I. Fertman
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A Focus on Child and Adolescent Mental Health Promoting Child and Adolescent Mental Health is written for health education students with a keen focus on how to build sustainable support systems across the community, classroom, schools and families to adequately promote positive behavior and mental health for both children and adolescents. The text addresses a wide range of learning challenges and mental health issues and outlines the support needed to provide communities and schools with the proper guidance to create an adaptable system which promotes child and adolescent mental health allowing them to flourish. The text presents mental health as a community-based challenge. By focusing on children and adolescents, it allows undergraduate and graduate students to concentrate on specific populations while acquiring skills that are applicable to a broad spectrum of diverse communities. This innovative text models teamwork across a variety of disciplines and encourages students to develop connections across communities and systems to promote child and adolescent mental health. Key Features • Text and resources draw from real-world experience of professionals who work in schools • Features course material currently used in school curricula • An emphasis on developing individual responsibility through active involvement with diverse communities • Evidence-based methods • A focus on practical application and simple, clear, relatable language • Real-life vignettes that launch each chapter and inspire discussion and further thought • Content that is easily adaptable for both undergraduate students and experienced human services professionals • Extensive instructor resources, including chapter outlines, text-linked teaching tips, test bank and answer key, and chapter-specific PowerPoint presentations • Action-based tips for promoting child and adolescent mental health • Extensive information on networking with other human services professionals to develop a larger framework of support for children and adolescents • Information on referrals, teams, partnerships, and collaborations

Improving the Health of Adolescents Young Adults

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Improving the Health of Adolescents & Young Adults: A Guide for States and Communities is a companion to Healthy People 2010, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' comprehensive, nationwide health promotion and disease prevention agenda. The document helps communities and individuals translate the Healthy People 2010 objectives that are key to adolescent health and safety into a vision for improving adolescent health and well-being. It provides a framework for helping communities to establish priorities, take collective action, and measure progress toward the shared goal of improving the health, safety, and well-being of their adolescents and young adults. We believe this guide will serve communities and States and be an excellent starting point for new and evolving efforts that foster the healthy development of our Nation's youth.

Promoting Health in Children and Young People

Author : Karen Moyse
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Promoting the health and wellbeing of children and young people is a vital part of every child nurse’s role. Promoting Health in Children and Young People provides practical guidance on everyday health issues such as preventing obesity, dental health, skin care and prevention of diseases and infections. It explores best practice for nursing children with chronic illnesses such as asthma, cancer, diabetes and disabilities, and gives guidance on promoting the health of adolescents looking at issues of sexual health, smoking, drugs and alcohol. Each chapter discusses key health promotion messages, relevant government policy and health promotion activities. This accessible text provides nurses with the skills and knowledge to transform the NSF into everyday health promotion practice. • Provides a clear skills-based approach to undertaking health promotion practice • Emphasises the role of the nurse in promoting good health in children and young people • Discusses guidance from recent policy developments including the National Service Framework for Children • Illustrated with diagrams and boxes highlighting key points

Working for a brighter healthier future

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Adolescent Health

Author : Lynn Rew
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Examines theories from a variety of professional disciplines that provide frameworks for understanding adolescent health behavior and health outcomes.

Health Promotion for Children and Adolescents

Author : Maya Rom Korin
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This timely volume surveys the broad spectrum of interventions used in health promotion, and shows how they may be tailored to the developmental needs of children and adolescents. Its multilevel lifespan approach reflects concepts of public health as inclusive, empowering, and aimed at long- and short-term well-being. Coverage grounds readers in theoretical and ecological perspectives, while special sections spotlight key issues in social and behavioral wellness, dietary health, and children and teens in the health care system. And in keeping with best practices in the field, the book emphasizes collaboration with stakeholders, especially with the young clients themselves. Among the topics covered: Child mental health: recent developments with respect to risk, resilience, and interventions Health-related concerns among children and adolescents with ADD/ADHD Preventing risky sexual behavior in adolescents Violence affecting youth: pervasive and preventable Childhood and adolescent obesity Well-being of children in the foster care system Health Promotion for Children and Adolescents is a necessary text for graduate or advanced undergraduate courses in public health, education, medicine, psychology, health education, social work, curriculum, nutrition, and public affairs. It is also important reading for public health professionals; researchers in child health, health education, and child psychology; policymakers in education and public health; and teachers.