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Property Law 2020 2021

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Property Law combines accessible overviews of the conveyancing procedure with a pragmatic approach. Enhanced by realistic case studies, examples, and professional conduct points throughout, this text equips the reader with the knowledge and skills required to conduct conveyancing transactions in practice.

Blackstone s Statutes on Property Law 2020 2021

Author : Meryl Thomas
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Celebrating over 30 years as the market-leading series, Blackstone's Statutes have an unrivalled tradition of trust and quality. With a rock-solid reputation for accuracy, reliability, and authority, they remain first-choice for students and lecturers, providing a careful selection of all the up-to-date legislation needed for exams and course use.

Property Law and Practice 2020 2021

Author : Rodell
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Property Law and Practice provides a detailed examination of the processes involved in freehold and leasehold property transactions, clearly addressing the issues that arise in both the residential and commercial fields. It deals with all the issues confronting the practitioner on a day-to-day basis to provide a complete overview of modern conveyancing practice.

Blackstone s Statutes on Property Law 2021 2022

Author : Meryl Thomas
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Celebrating over 30 years as the market-leading series, Blackstone's Statutes have an unrivalled tradition of trust and quality. With a rock-solid reputation for accuracy, reliability, and authority, they remain first-choice for students and lecturers, providing a careful selection of all the up-to-date legislation needed for exams and course use.

International Yearbook of Soil Law and Policy 2020 2021

Author : Harald Ginzky
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This book presents an important discussion on land tenure rights for the effective implementation of sustainable soil management provisions. It investigates a variety of aspects, such as the clash of modern and traditional tenure concepts, forms of illegal or illegitimate land acquisition, and the preconditions for legal and legitimate investments. In addition, the book analyses the challenges to ensuring secure land tenure rights in Africa and in Germany. Lastly, it provides information on the role of women in this context. This fifth volume of the International Yearbook of Soil Law and Policy is divided into four parts, the first of which deals with various aspects of the theme “Land Tenure Rights and Sustainable Soil Management”. The second part covers recent international developments, the third part presents regional and national reports, and the fourth discusses overarching issues. Given the range of key topics covered, the book offers an indispensable tool for all academics, legislators and policymakers working in this field. The “International Yearbook of Soil Law and Policy” series discusses central questions in law and politics with regard to the protection and sustainable management of soil and land – at the international, national, and regional level.

Property Law 2020 2021

Author : Robert M. Abbey
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Modern Studies in Property Law Volume 11

Author : Sue Farran
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What are the contemporary challenges faced by property law as we enter the 2nd decade of the 21st century? This collection brings together the research and perspectives of an international body of academics and practitioners to consider these challenges and how even familiar topics must develop to meet new demands and developments. As with previous books in the Modern Studies in Property Law series, this volume adopts a broad approach to topics encompassed by 'property law' in the firm belief that the boundaries that divide are shadowy at best and constantly moving in the endeavour to keep up with what is 'modern'. This collection looks at 5 themes: - Comparative perspectives, including a chapter on grazing and cropping rights in Northern Ireland, and analysis of the anomalies of the English trust law as seen from a civil law perspective; - Taking and alienating property, including a chapter on bankruptcy and the family home; - Modern dilemmas, including chapters on trusts in virtual currency and on smart homes; - Old chestnuts – new challenges, including analysis of the mortgage law reform in Scotland and a chapter on the ouster principle in common law jurisdictions; and - Wills, death and other morbid topics, with chapters on English succession law and the role of knowledge and approval in retrospective assessments of capacity. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the 13th biennial conference being held in 2020 as planned but despite this, the authors and co-editors persevered to produce this interesting and diverse collection.

The Palestine Strategic Report 2020 2021

Author : Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh
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Al-Zaytouna Centre is pleased to present to its readers the Palestine Strategic Report (PSR) 2020–2021, the 12th PSR to be published. With an academic methodology and comprehensive objective approach, the report details the developments concerning the Palestine issue and provides the latest information and data available at the endof 2021, along with analyses and forecasts. This report is the result of collaborative work of 15 experts and researchers. In eight chapters, it addresses the internal Palestinian scene; Palestinian demographic and economic indicators; the situation in Jerusalem and the holy sites; the specifics of Israeli aggression, Palestinian resistance and the peace process; the internal situation in Israel, politically, economically and militarily; and Palestine’s Arab, Islamic, and international relations. The PSR now occupies a prominent position as an indispensable reference, integral to Palestine studies and research. Al-Zaytouna Centre hopes the PSR will continue to make valuable contributions in this field.

Intellectual Property Law and Access to Medicines

Author : Srividhya Ragavan
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The history of patent harmonization is a story of dynamic actors, whose interactions with established structures shaped the patent regime. From the inception of the trade regime to include intellectual property (IP) rights to the present, this book documents the role of different sets of actors – states, transnational business corporations, or civil society groups – and their influence on the structures – such as national and international agreements, organizations, and private entities – that have caused changes to healthcare and access to medication. Presenting the debates over patents, trade, and the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS Agreement), as it galvanized non-state and nonbusiness actors, the book highlights how an alternative framing and understanding of pharmaceutical patent rights emerged: as a public issue, instead of a trade or IP issue. The book thus offers an important analysis of the legal and political dynamics through which the contest for access to lifesaving medication has been, and will continue to be, fought. In addition to academics working in the areas of international law, development, and public health, this book will also be of interest to policy makers, state actors, and others with relevant concerns working in nongovernmental and international organizations.

IP Laws and Regimes in Major Asian Economies

Author : Kung-Chung Liu
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This book systematically studies the structural characteristics of IP laws and regimes of major Asian economies, including (but not always) China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. It explores and crystallizes some worthy Asian models which could further help the development of international IP laws. This book begins with an overview of Asian modern history and IP laws. It discusses the three basic IP laws in Asia which are patent law, trademark law and copyright law. It looks at the pre-established damages for copyright infringement and trademark counterfeiting. The book also deals with problems with trade secret and its over-protection. It compares IP laws and four industries in India and China, and examines what role have IP laws played in the development in those industries and how India and China can learn from each other. Finally, it examines one medium and one small-sized Asian economy on its respective struggle (Taiwan’s efforts to build a coherent IP exhaustion regime) and a success story (how Singapore has utilized IP to secure its position in global value chains). This book is a useful reference for law students, scholars, practitioners, IP professionals who are interested in knowing Asia, Asian IP laws and industries, their struggles and finding ways to better global IP laws. The case studies could provide helpful lessons for other Asian economies and beyond.