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The Psychology of Sport Injury and Rehabilitation

Author : Monna Arvinen-Barrow
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"Sport, physical activity and play are key constituents of social life, impacting Athletes routinely use psychological skills and interventions for performance enhancement but, perhaps surprisingly, not always to assist in recovery from injury. This book demonstrates the ways in which athletes and practitioners can transfer psychological skills to an injury and rehabilitation setting, to enhance recovery and the well-being of the athlete. Drawing on the very latest research in sport and exercise psychology, this book explores key psychological concepts relating to injury, explaining typical psychological responses to injury and psychological aspects of rehabilitation. Using case studies in every chapter to highlight the day-to-day reality of working with injured athletes, it introduces a series of practical interventions, skills and techniques, underpinned by an evidence-base, with a full explanation of how each might affect an athlete's recovery from injury. The Psychology of Sport Injury and Rehabilitation emphasises the importance of an holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to sports injury and rehabilitation. No other book examines the psychological aspects of both sports injury and the rehabilitation process, and therefore this is an essential resource for students, scholars and practitioners working in sport psychology, sports therapy, sports medicine or coaching"--

Psychology of Sport Injury

Author : Britton W. Brewer
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From a gymnast hiding ankle pain so she can compete to a basketball player who withdraws from friends after a season-ending injury, it can be argued that every sport injury affects or is affected in some way by psychological factors. Given the widespread importance of psychological issues in sport injury, it is important for those working with athletes—injured or not—to be aware of the latest developments on the subject. Written by a sport psychology consultant and an athletic trainer, Psychology of Sport Injury provides a thorough explanation of the elements and effects of sport injuries along with up-to-date research and insights for practical application. The authors offer a contemporary approach to preventing, treating, rehabilitating, and communicating professionally about sport injuries that takes into account physical, psychological, and social factors. Psychology of Sport Injury presents sport injury within a broader context of public health and offers insights into the many areas in which psychology may affect athletes, such as risk culture, the many facets of pain, athlete adherence to rehab regimens, the relationship between psychological factors and clinical outcomes, collaboration, and referrals for additional support. The book explores the relevant biological, psychological, and social factors that affect given circumstances. The text consists of four parts: Understanding and Preventing Sport Injuries, Consequences of Sport Injury, Rehabilitation of Sport Injury, and Communication in Sport Injury Management. Psychology of Sport Injury includes evidence-based examples and demonstrates real-world applications that sport health care professionals often face with athletes. Additional pedagogical features include the following: • Focus on Research boxes provide the what and why of the latest research to complement the applied approach of the text. • Focus on Application boxes highlight practical examples to illustrate the material and maintain student engagement. • Psychosocial content aligned with the latest educational competencies of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) helps students prepare for athletic training examinations and supports professional development for practitioners. • A prevention-to-rehabilitation approach gives a framework for understanding sport injury, including precursors to injury, pain as a complex phenomenon, adherence to rehabilitation, and communication and management of injuries with other health care professionals as well as the athlete. • A set of chapter quizzes and a presentation package aid instructors in testing student comprehension and preparing lectures. Psychology of Sport Injury is an educational tool, reference text, and springboard to new ideas for research and practice in any line of work exposed to sport injury. Observing and committing to athletes, especially during times of physical trauma and emotional distress (which are often not separate times), are critical skills for athletic trainers, physical therapists, sport psychologists, coaches, and others who work with athletes on a regular basis.

Psychology of Sport Injury

Author : John Heil
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An injury does more than physically limit an athlete; it also challenges the athlete's mental game and emotional equilibrium. This is a comprehensive guide to treating the psychological consequences of sport injuries.

The Psychology of Sports Injury

Author : Adam Gledhill
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The Psychology of Sports Injury: From Risk to Retirement provides a critical overview of the psychology of sports injury, covering the 5Rs of sports injury: risk, response, rehabilitation, return to sport, and retirement. Drawing on a range of expert international perspectives from the fields of sport psychology and sport and exercise medicine, The Psychology of Sports Injury covers the psychological considerations associated with sports injuries, prior to the onset of injury through to supporting athletes with post-injury retirement. In addition to this injury lifespan perspective, the book features special interest topics including anterior cruciate ligament injury, sport-related concussion, spinal cord injury and the role of coaches in achieving athlete and team medical outcomes. Additionally, case studies provide the opportunity to apply learning from each chapter. By covering the sports injury journey from risk factors to retirement and including athlete mental health during sports injury, The Psychology of Sports Injury is an essential text for students, instructors, and practitioners in sports psychology, sport and exercise medicine, and other related fields.

Psychological Approaches to Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Author : Jim Taylor
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This text shows readers how to apply groundbreaking psychological techniques to enhance sports rehabilitation programs. It helps answer such questions as: How do I motivate my patients during therapy sessions? How can my patients maintain a positive attitude in the face of pain and slow progress? What should I do to help my patients overcome their fear of reinjury? What can I do to facilitate the rehabilitation process for my patients?

Psychological Bases of Sport Injuries 4th Edition

Author : Andreas Ivarsson
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The fourth edition of Psychological Bases of Sport Injuries brings together a diverse and global collection of expert chapter authors to provide insight into the complex intersection of sport psychology and sport injury research. Presenting both applied and theoretical recommendations, this comprehensive, updated textbook employs current research, case studies, and contributors real-life experiences to address an array of important topics including sport injury prevention, psychological factors influencing returning to sport, and ethical concerns when consulting with an injured athlete. New chapters examine contemporary concerns such as psychosocial risk factors for traumatic and overuse injuries, depression and mental health issues following a sport injury, mindfulness in injury rehabilitation, and discusses counseling strategies for each phase of sport injury rehabilitation.

Psychological Bases of Sport Injuries

Author : David Pargman
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Experts in their field, the contributors offer their valuable insights into the complex intersection of sport psychology and injury, citing current research as well as real-life experience. New and updated chapters address an array of important topics and are grouped into relevant sections: Preventing athletic injury; Rehabilitating the injured athlete; counselling the injured athlete; Issues for coaches; and Special considerations and case studies.

Psychology of Sport Injury

Author : Brewer, Britton W.
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Written by a sport psychology consultant and an athletic trainer, Psychology of Sport Injury provides a thorough explanation of the elements and effects of sport injuries along with up-to-date research and insights for practical application.

The Psychology of Sport and Performance Injury

Author : Monna Arvinen-Barrow
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"The Psychology of Sport and Performance Injury is the first book to offer students, academic scholars, and practitioners case studies that are grounded in psychological theory and empirical evidence, with a specific focus on addressing psychological aspects of sport and performance injuries in an interprofessional manner. This book presents nine "real-life inspired" fictional sport and performance injury cases. It demonstrates the viability and effectiveness of adopting an interprofessional, person-centered approach to injury, rehabilitation, and return to participation process"--

Sport Injury Psychology

Author : Ross Wadey
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Written by a team of international experts and emerging talents from around the world, Sport Injury Psychology: Cultural, Relational, Methodological, and Applied Considerations challenges the status quo of the field of sport injury psychology and opens new and exciting future research trajectories by critically considering: How to evolve from an individual focused and single, scientific discipline into a cultural and relational focused and interdisciplinary discourse How to shift from the dominant positivist foundation towards a more inclusive scholarship with divergent epistemologies, theories, and methodologies How to replace the attempt to establish ‘best practice’ and desire for ‘clean’ findings with the need for continuous innovation and multifaceted applied experiences Each chapter stimulates debate and encourages theoretical, methodological, and/or applied diversification, and closes with future research directions that provide novel and rigorous programs of research that have the potential to advance the field of sport injury psychology into an interdisciplinary discourse that strives for and embraces collaboration between academic disciplines and with practitioners working in the field. Cutting edge, timely, and comprehensive, Sport Injury Psychology: Cultural, Relational, Methodological, and Applied Considerations is essential reading for undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and more established scholars in the fields of sport communication, sports medicine, sport psychology, sports sociology, and other related sport science disciplines.

Psychology of Sport Training

Author : Boris Blumenstein
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This volume embodies the cumulative results of extensive scientific study and applied work by some of the world's leading experts in the theory and methodology of sport training, and sport/exercise psychology.

Coping with Sports Injuries

Author : Jane Crossman
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Coping with Sports Injuries is unique in examining the way in which an athlete can be psychologically affected by injury, and how they can be fully rehabilitated. It will be invaluable in helping sports physicians and physiotherapists understand the psychological nature of injury, and help them by providing practical strategies for rehabilitation.

Handbook of Sport Psychology

Author : Gershon Tenenbaum
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Endorsed by the International Society of Sport Psychology, this classic reference draws on an international roster of experts and scholars in the field who have assembled state-of-the-art knowledge into this thorough, well-rounded, and accessible volume. It is completely updated to reflect the latest research and is an indispensable resource for any student or professional interested in the field of sport psychology.

Counseling in Sports Medicine

Author : Richard Ray
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Sports medicine professionals are trained to be keenly aware of an athlete's physical state. But what of the athlete's emotional needs? Counseling in Sports Medicineidentifies the special psychological needs of athletes and demonstrates the important role sports medicine professionals play in counseling. The book will help you empower athletes to cope with many psychological issues, including the impact of injury, and will enable you to use appropriate psychosocial interventions. Build your interaction and communication skills while you learn to equip yourself to conduct effective assessment interviews. Counseling in Sports Medicineoffers -counseling concepts and how and when to apply them; -specific case studies, with an extensive glossary and chapter objectives that make the theoretical concepts tangible; -practical recommendations on how to improve counseling skills; -chapters on counseling athletes with specific problems such as substance abuse, eating disorders, stress and anxiety, and catastrophic injury and illness; -examples of situations that warrant a referral to other health professionals; and -documentation issues and ethical considerations. Recognized sports medicine authority Richard Ray joins co-editor Diane M. Wiese-Bjornstal and 20 contributors to offer wide-ranging practical applications drawn from years of hands-on experience and research in athletic training and sport psychology. Helping athletes thrive isn't simply a matter of addressing their physical needs. This handy reference recognizes the importance of athletes' psychological needs and enables you to help them to a healthy outlook.

Psychology in Sports Coaching

Author : Adam R. Nicholls
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Have you ever wondered how athletes learn and make use of the feedback they are given by their coach, or how a coach could make his or her feedback more effective for athletes? Psychology in Sports Coaching has been written specifically for students studying coaching who want to improve their understanding of incorporating psychology into coaching practice. As such, it provides information on how coaches establish the psychological needs of athletes in order for them to provide psychological interventions, such as mental imagery, mental toughness training and coping effectiveness training. This book also provides the reader with information on enhancing the awareness of athletes and the relationships that occur between the coach and the athlete. It explains how coaches can coach children, adolescents, adults and athletes with learning disabilities. These groups of athletes have different learning styles, are motivated by different factors and prefer instructions to be administered differently. So, it is important that coaches tailor their coaching based on the athlete they coach, as this has the potential to enhance the performance and enjoyment of the players that are being coached. Essential reading for all students of sports coaching and sport psychology, and for practising sports coaches, this book will help develop and extend coaching expertise.

The Oxford Handbook of Sport and Performance Psychology

Author : Shane Murphy
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The Oxford Handbook of Sport and Performance Psychology includes the latest research and applied perspectives from leaders in the field of performance psychology. Current and comprehensive, this foundational volume presents sport and performance psychology from myriad perspectives, including: - individual psychological processes in performance such as attention, imagery, superior performance intelligence, motivation, anxiety, confidence, cognition and emotion - the social psychological processes in performance including leadership, teamwork, coaching, relationships, moral behavior, and gender and cultural issues - human development issues in performance, such as the development of talent and expertise, positive youth development, the role of the family, end of involvement transitions, and both youth and masters-level sport and physical activity programs - interventions in sport and performance psychology and counseling of performers in distress including such important issues for all performers as: appearance- and performance-enhancing drug use, injuries, managing pain, eating and weight issues, burnout, and the role of physical activity in maintaining health. The chapters collected here also cover the history of sport and performance psychology; the scope and nature of the field; ethical issues in sport and performance psychology; performance psychology in the performing arts and other non-sporting fields; perfectionism and performance; the role of the performance coach and of the sport psychologist with a coach and team; supervision; and a look ahead to the future of the field.

Sport Psychology

Author : Daniel L. Wann
File Size : 26.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Written from a psychologist's perspective, this text offers a general overview of the application of psychology to sport settings by covering a wide spectrum of sport psychology subject matter.

Doing Sport Psychology

Author : Mark B. Andersen
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Mark B. Andersen examines authentic examples of sport psychologists at work to teach readers how to use their knowledge of sport psychology in an effective and efficient manner.

An Evaluation of an Educational Intervention in Psychology of Injury for Athletic Training Students

Author : Jennifer Lynn Stiller
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Handbook of Research in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology International Perspectives

Author : Dieter Hackfort
File Size : 78.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Presents diverse applied issues and different areas of applied research in sport psychology. This handbook represents science-related practice perspectives from different continents and cultures. It provides a framework for knowledge-founded practices of psychological services to targeted samples within the sport and exercise domains.