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Quality of Life and Technology Assessment

Author : Institute of Medicine
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The field of health care technology assessment focuses on the use of medical technologiesâ€"their impacts on safety, efficacy, and effectiveness; cost-effectiveness and cost benefit; quality; and their social, legal, and ethical implications. This wide-ranging monograph addresses some of the gaps in understanding health status and quality of life, such as the use of quality-of-life measures in technology assessment, organ transplantation, and pharmaceutical trials. One chapter provides basic references for the technical attributes of many established measures and some lesser known ones. The final chapter offers recommendations concerning the appropriate applications of these measures and highlights areas for cooperative research.

Medical Technology Assessment Directory

Author : Institute of Medicine
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For the first time, a single reference identifies medical technology assessment programs. A valuable guide to the field, this directory contains more than 60 profiles of programs that conduct and report on medical technology assessments. Each profile includes a listing of report citations for that program, and all the reports are indexed under major subject headings. Also included is a cross-listing of technology assessment report citations arranged by type of technology headings, brief descriptions of approximately 70 information sources of potential interest to technology assessors, and addresses and descriptions of 70 organizations with memberships, activities, publications, and other functions relevant to the medical technology assessment community.

Health Technology Assessment

Author : MA, MBA, PhD, Robert B. Hopkins
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The term health technology refers to drugs, devices, and programs that can improve and extend quality of life. As decision-makers struggle to find ways to reduce costs while improving health care delivery, health technology assessments (HTA) provide the evidence required to make better-informed decisions.This is the first book that focuses on the s

Technology Assessment 1970

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Science and Astronautics. Subcommittee on Science, Research, and Development
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Technology Assessment 1970

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Science and Astronautics
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Health Technology Assessment and Health Policy Today A Multifaceted View of their Unstable Crossroads

Author : Juan E. del Llano-Señarís
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This book disentangles the issues in connection with the advancement of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and its interface with health policy. It highlights the factors that should shape its progress in the near future. Interdisciplinary and critical views from a number of professionals are put together in a prescient order to cast some light and make recommendations as to the next steps HTA should take to be fit for purpose. A wealth of documents dealing with HTA have been published over the last three decades. HTA allegedly is one of the bedrocks of regulation and medical decision making. However, counter vailing visions contend that geographical variations in the role that HTA is actually playing within countries pinpoints specific room for improvement. Given our social preferences, cherry-picking HTA’s features and successes over the last decades moves it away from its possibility frontier. Some of the most noteworthy hindrances that HTA faces, in several countries, to making headway towards its consolidation as an efficient tool for regulation and decision making are as follows: insufficient resources, delays in assessment, inadequate priority setting, regulatory capture, public distrust, actual influence on regulatory decisions, the need for strengthening international cooperation and harmony, the lack of sound and consistent assessments of diagnostic tests, medical devices and surgical innovations and limited dissemination. Time has come for HTA to take a renewed stand. There is a pressing need to submit HTA to in-depth critical scrutiny.

Minimum Standards for Quality of Life

Author : O. W. Markley
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Science and Society

Author :
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Health and Quality of Life

Author : Gerhard Aumüller
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How could one define health and disease? On what presuppositions, and ought we look for such definitions? Does quality of life inherit a subjective or objective evaluation? Are health and quality of life culture dependent concepts? Under the conditions of technologically advanced medicine and the common tendency towards a hedonistic lifestyle such questions come into focus. Hence, one question is of special relevance: which role does health play in our quality of life? The contributions of this interdisciplinary volume aim at the clarification of the various concepts in use. International scholars and scientists outline the framework for a more comprehensive and demanding concept of health and quality of life including philosophical and cultural aspects as well as medical and psychological dimensions.

Compendium of HHS Evaluations and Relevant Other Studies

Author : HHS Policy Information Center (U.S.)
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