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Raising the Shy Child

Author : Christine Fonseca
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The fear of being judged by others in social activities is a common human experience, especially during childhood. But when the fear becomes all-consuming, it can disrupt daily functioning and the development of social competency. Raising the Shy Child: A Parent's Guide to Social Anxiety takes a fresh look at social anxiety disorder, coupling the latest in research trends with evidence-based strategies and real-world stories to untangle the complexities of this disorder. Presented in an easy-to-read, conversational style, the book uses a combination of real-world examples and stories from adults and children with social anxiety disorder to show parents and educators how to help children find a path through their fear and into social competence. With specific strategies to address school refusal, bullying, and identity issues, Raising the Shy Child is a must-read resource for anyone dedicated to enhancing the lives of children.

Nurturing the Shy Child

Author : Barbara Markway
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A manual for parents of shy children or teens who avoid social situations or experience inordinate levels of stress or self-consciousness when speaking in groups covers such treatment options as exposure therapy, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and writing exercises designed to help children overcome social anxiety. By the authors of Painfully Shy. 20,000 first printing.

Raising a Confident Child

Author : Joanne Oppenheim
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Offers advice on how to aid in the development of a child

Specialized Training for Child Protective Service Workers

Author : National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect (U.S.).
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Raising Happy Children

Author : Javad H. Kashani
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Discusses the basics of building a happy family and offers advice on handling a wide array of psychological and emotional issues

Parents Guide to Raising Kids who Love to Learn

Author : Children's Television Workshop
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Discusses the learning process in children, looks at development in language, math, science, art, and social skills, and tells how to help children succeed in school

Raising Your Child s Inner Self esteem

Author : Karen Owens
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This invaluable guide is designed to help parents and counselors build self-esteem in children from infancy through adolescence, fortifying them with a healthy sense of self-esteem for the rest of their lives. Whereas some professionals are content to teach parents about building only outer self-esteem, as in parents unconditionally praising the children, Dr. Owens believes it is also essential to bolster a child's inner self-esteem. This way a child feels good from within, knows objectively that he's doing a good job, and is not solely dependent on the praise of others. While Dr. Owens believes strongly that parents must give children unconditional love, she is well aware that the world can be a harsh and difficult place. Therefore, she shows that the best gift a parent can give one's children is the tools to acquire the skills and behavior that will enable them to feel good about themselves - from within. This unique book imparts vital information on how parents can instill a sense of pride in their child each step of the way as the child's mind grows in perception and logic. Dr. Owens explains what behavior to expect from children at each developmental stage. She also supplies ample questionnaires so parents can determine the state of their children's sense of self-esteem. Most important, she wisely recognizes the needs of special groups of children. She thus offers specific advice for boosting the self-esteem of children who are shy, aggressive, unpopular, learning disabled, or gifted, as well as adopted children, only children, and children of working mothers, divorced parents, step-families, single parents, and same-sex parents.

The Shy Child

Author : Ward K. Swallow
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Good news! Shyness is not a disorder; it's the personality style of 40 percent of all children and young adults. Shyness has its good side: Your child is probably imaginative, perceptive, and thoughtful. Yet shyness can hinder a child's development. This authoritative, interactive guide is the first book to focus on the problems of shyness and provide parents and children with pragmatic, step-by-step solutions. It will help you achieve wonderful results -- stronger, warmer relationships with family and friends, and, most of all, a happy, empowered, less fearful child who looks confidently to the future. Discover: The signs of shyness in children, from infancy to adolescence How the shy child responds physically and mentally to stress How your child's artwork reveals his or her emotions, and how drawing together can reinforce trust and understanding Scriptwriting, rewriting, role-playing, and rehearsing -- important tools for the shy child Why shy children are so vulnerable to bullies and how best to intervene How to teach your child to cope with anxiety-producing situations and more.

Rules for Raising Kids

Author : Robert I. Lesowitz
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"Rules for raising kids is a book about prevention. It is a guide for parents, teachers, physicians, and will be extremely helpful for anyone who deals with children. This book tells how to raise kids so they won't have problems at a later time. And more importantly, it is a book that shows how to deal with minor problems so that they don't become major problems. Unlike so many that have come before, Rules for Raising Kids is understandable, readable, humorous, and most of all, it is sufficiently concrete and specific to help people deal with the problems of raising children."--Back cover.

Raising Children with Love and Limits

Author : Psyche Cattell
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A clinical psychologist discusses child development and offers parents guidelines in coping with problems that arise in child rearing

Raising kids in the 21st century

Author : Sharon K. Hall
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An easy-to-read guide on raising emotionally healthy children that is based on sound psychological research. The book’s format makes it a good choice for students, parents, or practitioners. Focuses on seven key areas of child development in raising psychologically healthy children Paints an overall picture of the skills children need to become functioning adults through translating the latest scientific research into workable guidelines Explores how early cognitive and social development is linked to universal issues of tolerance, sexism, and racism Written in a language suitable for the student or general reader A useful resource for clinicians to share with families under their care

The Parent s Journal Guide to Raising Great Kids

Author : Bobbi Conner
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Describes how parents can take advantage of every opportunity to nurture their children, teaching them to feel secure, explore their creativity, and develop moral integrity

Raising a Thinking Child

Author : Myrna Shure
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Stressing the importance of developing thinking skills in growing children, a parent's guide introduces the I Can Problem Solve program and explains the difference between teaching children what to think and how to think. Reprint.

Raising Happy Kids

Author : Evelyn Petersen
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Parents who want the nurture the best in their children will find helpful guidance in "Raising Happy Kids".

Raising kids who care

Author : Kathleen O'Connell Chesto
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Parents face many challenges raising their children. Although basic questions about moral behavior, rules, privileges, and respect of others remain primary among these, after 9/11 it has become difficult to talk about morality in the light of what happened and the way it happened. The aftermath of 9/11 is as much an issue of personal morality as it is one of national security. Can we ever trust religion again? Can we ever again talk about a morality rooted in beliefs about God without clearly defining who that God is and what those beliefs are? This revised and updated edition of Raising Kids Who Care looks at morality rooted in beliefs about what it means to be human. More than ever, we need to provide our children with an early and adequate setting for their moral compasses, of offering ample time and support as they practice being guided by them, and of instilling in them the conviction that holiness is a matter of being truly human. That morality can only be built one child at a time. Book jacket.

Raising a Happy Child

Author :
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Describes each stage of development up to age six, offers parents advice on handling behavior problems, and discusses sex, stress, nightmares, divorce, and bereavement

Child Health Nursing

Author : Adele Pillitteri
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Raising Our Future

Author :
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Family support programs have been attracting increased attention, and are at the center of efforts to build systems of integrated, comprehensive, and preventive family-focused services. This handbook, developed by the Harvard Family Research Project (HFRP), profiles 73 school-affiliated family support and education programs in the United States to help principals, policy makers, program directors, evaluators, and teachers make decision regarding such programs. The handbook serves as a national resource guide, describing the scope of programs currently implemented in schools serving families with young children. Following an overview that discusses major factors contributing to the success of these programs, the program descriptions are divided into the following chapters: (1)"Preschool and Early Childhood Programs with Parent Involvement"; (2) "Support for Special Needs Children and Their Parents"; (3) "Parent-School Partnerships for School Readiness and Enrichment"; (4) "Home Visits for Parenting Support"; (5) "School and Center-Based Parenting Support"; (6) "Teens, Parenthood, and Child Development"; (7) "Family Literacy and Intergenerational Skill Development"; (8) "Family Resource Centers"; and (9) "Family, School, Community Parternships." Each of the case studies includes demographic information, program philosophy, features, curriculum, site information, funding and staffing information, and evaluation efforts. Contains a listing and description of 109 resources for information, advocacy, and research for family support programs. (BGC)

Parents as Partners in Education

Author : Eugenia Hepworth Berger
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The Monthly Packet of Evening Readings for younger memebers of the english church

Author :
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