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Real Fighting Real Facts The Report

Author : Darin Waugh
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Few studies have been done to gather even basic information about what happens in real street fights and none are as comprehensive as the ones presented in this book. Martial artists no longer have to make assumptions about what typically happens in street fights...including how long the average fight lasts and what percentage of fights go to the ground, etc. To solve this “assumption” problem and to make sure that instructors are not giving their students false information, author and instructor, Darin Waugh, has analyzed 400 street fights to gather information from 12 different combat categories! This report also offers a new perspective on self-defense and includes chapters with training ideas, resources, and other training and self-defense tips. Stop assuming you know what happens in real fights so that you do not risk the safety of your family, martial arts students, and of course yourself, because to really train effective “self-defense” you need to understand what actually happens in real fights!

Fighting As Real As It Gets

Author : Michael Staack
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Michael Staack’s multi-year ethnography is the first and only comprehensive social-scientific analysis of the combat sport ‘Mixed Martial Arts’. Based on systematic training observations, the author meticulously analyses how Mixed Martial Arts practitioners conjointly create and immerse themselves into their own world of ultimate bodily combat. With his examination of concentrative technique demonstrations, cooperative technique train-ings, and chaotic sparring practices, Staack not only provides a sociological illumination of Mixed Martial Arts culture’s defining theme – the quest of ‘Fighting As Real As It Gets’. Rather further-more, he provides a compelling cultural-sociological case study on practical social constructions of ‘authenticity’.

Get Real Fighting the Mythic Woman Finding Your Authentic Self

Author : Ananya S. Rajan
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Get Real! is a book for all women, from all walks of life. It's basic premise is that women are more than just the roles they play. However the myths and messages passed on to us by our families, the institutions we are involved in, and society often restrict us from thinking for ourselves, finding out who we are, and, in turn, living a more fulfilling life. By maintaining certain standards for women, society continues to promote the perfect woman, otherwise known as the Mythic Woman and unknowingly we follow the Mythic Woman pattern because we know nothing else.This book offers a new way to look at the lives we live and the messages we follow. It also provides insightful exercises to help women start their journey toward discovering their authentic self.

Fighting the War of Ideas Like a Real War

Author : J. Michael Waller
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This ground-breaking monograph departs from the conventional view of public diplomacy and international communication in time of war and argues for deploying messages as weapons of attack against the terrorists and other extremists. Proposing an immedia

Fighting the Flames

Author : Lynn Kathleen Sally
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In Fighting the Flames, Sally contextualizes, historicizes, and theorizes the spectacular performance of fire at turn-of-the-twentieth century Coney Island. The performance of fire included staged exhibits, such as Fire and Flames and Fighting the Flames, and the real fires that plagued its history. While Coney Island placed fire center stage in its fire-based disaster spectacles, fire has continuously burned its own bridge, destroying the producer who wants to make fire the star of his show. The real conflagrations at Coney Island insert precisely what was missing from these staged performances: ephemerality, unpredictability, and newness of the present that serve as metaphors for not only fire but for the development of the metropolis and the advent of modernity.

The First Seven Divisions Being a Detailed Account of the Fighting from Mons to Ypres

Author : Ernest W. (Ernest William) Hamilton
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The Reality of Fighting

Author : R. J. Defaye
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Sword Fighting in the Star Wars Universe

Author : Nick Jamilla
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Unlike most makers of modern or futuristic films, George Lucas turned away from the standard special operatives or secret agents when he created the heroes for his epic Star Wars saga. Part knight, part monk, the Jedi Knights were an order of swordsmen that helped rule the universe in accordance with law and lofty principles of justice and honor. Without the Jedi, there could be no Star Wars, and without the lightsaber sword, there could be no Jedi. This examination of the Jedi Knights, their adversaries the Sith and their lightsaber swordplay throughout all six episodes of the franchise evaluates the ways in which Lucas blended science fiction with the most ancient and epic tales of traditional samurai and Western swordsmen. It presents swordsmanship as a way to better understand the Jedi Knights, focusing on the human movement and activity surrounding the weapon and the ways in which traditional Japanese martial arts were adapted for use in the films. Topics of discussion include the powerful effects of the master-apprentice relationship; the technical choreography used in the lightsaber scenes of the Star Wars films; and the historical precedents for the Jedi order, including the Sohei fighting monks of Japan, the Janissaries and Mamelukes of Islam, and the knights of the Templar, Hospitaller and Teutonic orders.

The Fighting Marshal

Author : Jack D. Coombe
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In Dodge City in 1878, Will Howard, U.S. Marshal, is well-known for his quick reflexes and awesome ability to destroy his enemies with his fists to subdue law breakers and to make the Wild West a little less wild. They call him the Fighting Marshal, much to the chagrin of his devoted wife, Margaret, and completely ignored by his detached son, Tommy. Will is undefeated until he finds himself beaten by a much stronger man. Then, during a chance meeting with the Korean diplomat and martial arts expert, Kim Lee, he learns the ancient fighting technique of Tung Soo Do, which could prove to be the key to his future success. When Will is challenged to a fight to the finish with a famous professional boxer, his reputation as the Fighting Marshal hangs in the balance. It could be a fight to the death. Will he be able to retain his title and his reputation as the one and only Fighting Marshal?

The Fighting Never Stops

Author : Al Sturgeon
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America has always had its enemies, and the fight has always been met with courageous leaders. Some leaders were showered with fame. Others withdrew in the shadows. Jim McVeay is one of the latter. In todays climate when America must face an invisible enemy that may never go away, Jim McVeays story needs to emerge from the shadows. In his story, you will encounter heroism of the highest order. And as you are inspired by his bravery through poverty, Vietnam, and his continued battle with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, you will find strength to press on in battles of your own.

Comprehensive Asian Fighting Arts

Author : Donn F. Draeger
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This guide to all of the main fighting arts of Asia introduces and comparesighting methods and techniques, ranging from the artful Chinese "t'ai chi"nd Japanese "jujutsu", to the lethal "pentjak-silat" of Indonesia.

Fights for the Championship and Celebrated Prize Battles Or Accounts of All the Battles for the Championship

Author : Frank L. Dowling
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The Last Great Fight

Author : Joe Layden
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Meticulously researched, wonderfully written; the untold story of a legendary fight and the two warriors who would never be the same again It is considered by many to be the biggest upset in the history of boxing: James "Buster" Douglas knocked out then-undefeated Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson in the 10th round in 1990 when the dominating and intimidating Tyson was considered invincible. THE LAST GREAT FIGHT takes readers not only behind the scenes of this epic battle, but inside the lives of two men, their ambitions, their dreams, the downfall of one and the rise of another. Using his exclusive interviews with both Tyson and Douglas, family members, the referee, the cutmen, trainers and managers to the commentators and HBO staff covering the fight in Tokyo, Layden has crafted a human drama played out on a large stage. This is a compelling tale of shattered dreams and, ultimately, redemption.

Fighting Back the Right

Author : David Niose
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The political scene is changing rapidly in America. The religious right is on the defensive, acceptance of gay rights is at an all-time high, social conservatives are struggling for relevance, and more Americans than ever identify as nonreligious. What does this mean for the country and the future? With these demographic shifts, can truly progressive, reason-based public policy finally gain traction? Or will America continue to carry a reputation as anti-intellectual and plutocratic, eager to cater to large corporate interests but reluctant to provide universal health care to all its citizens? Fighting Back the Right reveals a new alliance in the making, a progressive coalition committed to fighting for rational public policy in America and reversing the damage inflicted by decades of conservative dominance. David Niose, Legal Director of the American Humanist Association (AHA), examines this exciting new dynamic, covering not only the rapidly evolving culture wars but also the twists and turns of American history and politics that led to this point, and why this new alliance could potentially move the country in a direction of sanity, fairness, and human-centered public policy.

Why I Fight

Author : Jay Dee "B.J." Penn
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Claiming that “the belt is just an accessory,” Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight Champion B.J. Penn explains Why I Fight in this honest, intimate, and fascinating memoir. Written with David Weintraub, Why I Fight is an unforgettable portrait of one of the top and most recognizable mixed martial artists in the UFC and an up-close look at one of the most exciting and fastest growing sports in the world. UFC and Jiu-Jitsu aficionados—and fans of Iceman, A Fighter’s Heart, and Bruce Lee’s classic The Tao of Jeet Kun Do—will want to explore Why I Fight.

The Fragile Absolute

Author : Slavoj Zizek
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Warriors and Worriers

Author : Joyce F. Benenson
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The question of exactly what sex differences exist and whether they have a biological foundation has been one of our culture's favorite enduring discussions. It should. After a baby is born, a parent's first concern is for its physical health. The next concern is its sex. Only in the most modern societies does sex not virtually guarantee the type of future life a new human being will have. Even in modern societies, one's sex usually plays a large role in the path a life follows. Scientists have published thousands of papers on the subject, with the general conclusion being that men and women are mostly the same, whatever differences exist have been socialized, and what differences exist have to do with women bearing children and men being physically stronger. In Warriors and Worriers, psychologist Joyce Benenson presents a new theory of sex differences, based on thirty years of research with young children and primates around the world. Her innovative theory focuses on how men and women stay alive. Benenson draws on a fascinating array of studies and stories that explore the ways boys and men deter their enemies, while girls and women find assistants to aid them in coping with vulnerable children and elders. This produces two social worlds for each sex which sets humans apart from most other primate species. Human males form cooperative groups that compete against out-groups, while human females exclude other females in their quest to find mates, female family members to invest in their children, and keep their own hearts ticking. In the process, Benenson turns upside down the familiar wisdom that women are more sociable than men and that men are more competitive than women.

Don t Be Nice Be Real

Author :
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Making Sense of Social Development

Author : Dorothy Faulkner
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This book explores children's social relationships in and out of the classroom. Chapters focus on the growing importance of children's friendships and how these influence social participation and development later on in life. Issues such as peer rejection, bullying and adolescent development are analysed from both psychological and sociological perspectives. The book concludes with a re-examination of cultural concepts of childhood, child development and the nature of children's autonomy.

Canine Play Behavior

Author : Mechtild Käufe
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Is it possible that what looks like play is something else entirely? German author Mechtild Käufer presents findings from scores of researchers worldwide who study why dogs play, the benefits they get from play and how to recognize the “rules” of play that dogs follow to keep their play behaviors fun and safe. There are dozens of color photographs included to help illustrate the actions of dogs at play.