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Realist of Distances

Author : Karl-Heinz Westarp
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Realist of Distances - Flannery O'Connor Revisited

Hide and Seek

Author : Benson P. Fraser
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As bearers of the divine image, all of us are storytellers and artists. However, few people today believe in truth that is not empirically knowable or verifiable, the sort of truth often trafficked through direct forms of communication. Drawing on the works of Soren Kierkegaard, Benson P. Fraser challenges this penchant for direct forms of knowledge by introducing the indirect approach, which he argues conveys more than mere knowledge, but the capability to live out what one takes to be true. Dr. Fraser suggests that stories aimed at the heart are powerful instruments for personal and social change because they are not focused directly on the individual listener; rather, they give the individual room or distance to reconsider old meanings or ways of understanding. Indirect communication fosters human transformation by awaking an individual to attend to images or words that carry deep symbolic force and that modify or replace one's present ways of knowing, and ultimately make one capable of embodying what he or she believes. Through an examination of the indirect approach in Kierkegaard, Jesus, C. S. Lewis, and Flannery O'Connor, Fraser makes a strong case for the recovery of indirect strategies for communicating truth in our time.

Physical Realism

Author : Thomas Case
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Realistic Idealism in Philosophy Itself

Author : Nathaniel Holmes
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The Gruesome Doorway

Author : Paula M. Uruburu
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Moving from America's Puritan roots through the 19th and 20th centuries, "The Gruesome Doorway" examines the significance of the American Grotesque through an analysis of the works of Hawthorne, Poe, Crane, Norris, Anderson, West, and O'Connor. Dr. Uruburu explores the backgrounds and sources of the genre known as the Grotesque and reappraises the particular application of its -unconventional conventions- in American literature. The study reveals that this genre is peculiarly suited to a nation consistently torn between -high ideals- and -catch-penny realities, - whose inhabitants are pulled through the gruesome doorway into the landscape of the Grotesque."

Ranciere and Literature

Author : Hellyer Grace Hellyer
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These 13 original essays engage with Ranciere's accounts of literature from across his work, putting his conceptual apparatus to work in acts of literary criticism. From his archival investigations of the literary efforts of 19th-century workers to his engagements with specific novelists and poets, and from his concept of 'literarity' to his central positioning of the novel in his account of the three 'regimes' of literary practice, this collection unearths, consolidates, evaluates and critiques Ranciere's work on literature.

Ernan McMullin and Critical Realism in the Science Theology Dialogue

Author : Paul L. Allen
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Scientists, philosophers and theologians have wrestled repeatedly with the question of whether knowledge is similar or different in their various understandings of the world and God. Although agreement is still elusive, the epistemology of critical realism, associated with Ian Barbour, John Polkinghorne and Arthur Peacocke, remains widely credible. Relying on the lifetime work of philosopher Ernan McMullin, this book expands our understanding of critical realism beyond a permanent stand-off between the subjective and objective, whether in science or theology. Critical realism illuminates the subject and the objectively known simultaneously. Responding to criticisms made against it, this book defends critical realism in science and theology with a specific role to play in our understanding of God.

The Realistic Assumptions of Modern Science Examined

Author : Thomas Martin Herbert
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Realistic Philosophy Defended in a Philosophic Series

Author : James McCosh
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Gale Researcher Guide for Realism and American Literature

Author : Laura A. Leibman
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Gale Researcher Guide for: Realism and American Literature is selected from Gale's academic platform Gale Researcher. These study guides provide peer-reviewed articles that allow students early success in finding scholarly materials and to gain the confidence and vocabulary needed to pursue deeper research.