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Reflector and Lens Antennas

Author : Carlyle J. Sletten
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Fresnel Zone Antennas

Author : Y. Jay Guo
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Written by leading experts in the field, this book is a research monograph on Fresnel zone antennas. Readers will find a wealth of novel antenna configurations, first-hand experimental results, and a large number of equations.

Modern Lens Antennas for Communications Engineering

Author : John Thornton
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The aim of this book is to present the modern design principles andanalysis of lens antennas. It gives graduates and RF/Microwaveprofessionals the design insights in order to make full use of lensantennas. Why do we want to write a book in lens antennas?Because this topic has not been thoroughly publicized, itsimportance is underestimated. As antennas play a key role incommunication systems, recent development in wirelesscommunications would indeed benefit from the characteristics oflens antennas: low profile, and low cost etc. The major advantages of lens antennas are narrow beamwidth, highgain, low sidelobes and low noise temperature. Their structures canbe more compact and weigh less than horn antennas and parabolicantennas. Lens antennas with their quasi-optical characteristics,also have low loss, particularly at near millimeter andsubmillimeter wavelengths where they have particular advantages. This book systematically conducts advanced and up-to-datetreatment of lens antennas.

Scattering Two Volume Set

Author : E. R. Pike
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Part 1: SCATTERING OF WAVES BY MACROSCOPIC TARGET -- Interdisciplinary aspects of wave scattering -- Acoustic scattering -- Acoustic scattering: approximate methods -- Electromagnetic wave scattering: theory -- Electromagnetic wave scattering: approximate and numerical methods -- Electromagnetic wave scattering: applications -- Elastodynamic wave scattering: theory -- Elastodynamic wave scattering: Applications -- Scattering in Oceans -- Part 2: SCATTERING IN MICROSCOPIC PHYSICS AND CHEMICAL PHYSICS -- Introduction to direct potential scattering -- Introduction to Inverse Potential Scattering -- Visible and Near-visible Light Scattering -- Practical Aspects of Visible and Near-visible Light Scattering -- Nonlinear Light Scattering -- Atomic and Molecular Scattering: Introduction to Scattering in Chemical -- X-ray Scattering -- Neutron Scattering -- Electron Diffraction and Scattering -- Part 3: SCATTERING IN NUCLEAR PHYSICS -- Nuclear Physics -- Part 4: PARTICLE SCATTERING -- State of ...

Modern Antenna Design

Author : Thomas A. Milligan
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A practical book written for engineers who design and useantennas The author has many years of hands on experience designingantennas that were used in such applications as the Venus and Marsmissions of NASA The book covers all important topics of modern antenna designfor communications Numerical methods will be included but only as much as areneeded for practical applications

Handbook of Reflector Antennas and Feed Systems Volume I Theory and Design of Reflectors

Author : Satish K. Sharma
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This is the first truly comprehensive and most up-to-date handbook available on modern reflector antennas and feed sources for diversified space and ground applications. There has never been such an all-encompassing reflector handbook in print, and no currently available title offers coverage of such recent research developments. The Handbook consists of three volumes. Volume I provides a unique combination of theoretical underpinnings with design considerations and techniques. The need for knowledge in reflector antennas has grown steadily over the last two decades due to increased use in space and ground applications, as well as their high gain and wide bandwidth capabilities at relatively low cost. This volume brings you to the leading edge of developments in the field related to numerical techniques, classical reflector geometries, adaptive reflector antennas, shaped reflectors, bifocal and bicollimated dual reflectors, advanced reflectors, and reflect arrays. A must-have reference for both practicing engineers as well as academic researchers.


Author : Yi Huang
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Practical, concise and complete reference for the basics of modern antenna design Antennas: from Theory to Practice discusses the basics of modern antenna design and theory. Developed specifically for engineers and designers who work with radio communications, radar and RF engineering, this book offers practical and hands-on treatment of antenna theory and techniques, and provides its readers the skills to analyse, design and measure various antennas. Key features: Provides thorough coverage on the basics of transmission lines, radio waves and propagation, and antenna analysis and design Discusses industrial standard design software tools, and antenna measurement equipment, facilities and techniques Covers electrically small antennas, mobile antennas, UWB antennas and new materials for antennas Also discusses reconfigurable antennas, RFID antennas, Wide-band and multi-band antennas, radar antennas, and MIMO antennas Design examples of various antennas are provided Written in a practical and concise manner by authors who are experts in antenna design, with experience from both academia and industry This book will be an invaluable resource for engineers and designers working in RF engineering, radar and radio communications, seeking a comprehensive and practical introduction to the basics of antenna design. The book can also be used as a textbook for advanced students entering a profession in this field.

Antenna Theory and Practice

Author : Rajeswari Chatterjee
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This Book Has Been Designed For Both The Undergraduate And Postgraduate In Electronic Engineering, Electrical Communication Engineering And Electrical Engineering, And For The Postgraduate In Physics Specialising In Electronics. It Is A Compact And Comprehensive Text And It Stresses The Basic Principles Of Antenna Theory And Practice. Starting With Electromagnetics And The Theory Of Radiation Which Forms The Basis Of Antenna Theory, It Treats In Detail Different Types Of Antennas Like The Linear Antenna, The Cylindrical Antenna, The Biconical Antenna, The Loop Antenna, The Helical Antenna, Slot And Microstrip Antennas, Horn Antennas, Reflector Antennas, Lens Antennas, Leaky Wave And Surface-Wave Antennas Including Dielectric And Dielectric Loaded Antennas, Wide Band Antennas And Some Modern Special Types Of Antennas.There Are Also Chapters On Antenna Synthesis, Antenna Practice, Antenna Measurements And Electromagnetic Wave Propagation. The Detailed Coverage Of Electromagnetic Theory Enables The Student To Understand The Theoretical Aspects With Comparative Ease. The Chapters On Antenna Synthesis, Antenna Practice And Antenna Measurements Are Useful For The Practical Antenna Engineer.The Problems At The End Of Chapters, Tables And Numerous Illustrations Add To The Value Of The Text. In This Second Edition A New Chapter On Antenna Impedance And Some Solved Problems Have Been Added. The Book Presupposes Only The Knowledge Of Mathematics Which A Student Of Undergraduate Engineering Or Undergraduate Physics Has Required.

Millimeter Wave Antennas Configurations and Applications

Author : Jaco du Preez
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This book comprehensively reviews the state of the art in millimeter-wave antennas, traces important recent developments and provides information on a wide range of antenna configurations and applications. While fundamental theoretical aspects are discussed whenever necessary, the book primarily focuses on design principles and concepts, manufacture, measurement techniques, and practical results. Each of the various antenna types scalable to millimeter-wave dimensions is considered individually, with coverage of leaky-wave and surface-wave antennas, printed antennas, integrated antennas, and reflector and lens systems. The final two chapters address the subject from a systems perspective, providing an overview of supporting circuitry and examining in detail diverse millimeter-wave applications, including high-speed wireless communications, radio astronomy, and radar. The vast amount of information now available on millimeter-wave systems can be daunting for researchers and designers entering the field. This book offers readers essential guidance, helping them to gain a thorough understanding based on the most recent research findings and serving as a sound basis for informed decision-making.

Basic Principles of Fresnel Antenna Arrays

Author : Igor V. Minin
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Antennas represent a critical technology in any of these wireless systems. Not only do they directly affect the received power of the system, they are also typically the largest and most visible part. Recently, the need for low-cost, low-profile, and lightweight antenna in the frequency range of the microwave/millimeter wave/THz band has regained momentum. "Basic Principles of Fresnel Antenna Arrays" provides us a with the basics of the various Fresnel Antenna approaches, in order to achieve low-cost, low-profile, and lightweight antenna in the microwave/millimeter wave band. A potential solution of the antenna problem lies in using lens technology in an array. The Fresnel zone plate lens (FZPL) antenna is in particular an interesting candidate for the array element. The limiting focusing properties of FZPL including subwave length focus are described in detail. The book further presents a novel hexagonal FZPL antenna which can be more effectively packed in an array due to its shape. Before considering the hexagonal FZPL antenna in an array, the authors investigate two ideas, described as methods to potentially improve the radiation characteristics. The first idea is to change the reference phase of the Fresnel zone radii - a novel free parameter in the usual design of zone plate’s lenses and antennas. To further improve the radiation characteristics of the hexagonal FZPL antenna, a technique involving Fresnel zone rotation is investigated. The book is of interest for designers of optical systems because, taking scaling effects into account, the characteristics of diffractive quasioptical elements are valid for diffractive focusing elements of integrated optics.

Microwave Antennas

Author : A. Z. Fradin
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Microwave Antennas provides a comprehensive discussion on the various areas of concerns in microwave antenna theory and design. The title also presents data from technical journals that cover the advances in the developments of microwave antenna technology. The text first discusses the classification, structure, and operating principles of microwave antennas, and then proceeds to tackling the fundamental problem of microwave antenna theory and methods for its solution. In Chapter III, the selection covers the solution of a number of mathematical problems of diffraction at openings in plane screens. The remaining chapters deal with the various types of antennas, such as horn, lens, slots, and helical. The book will be of great interest to students and practitioners of radio and telecommunications engineering.

Handbook of Reflector Antennas and Feed Systems Volume III Applications of Reflectors

Author : Sudhakar Rao
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This is the first truly comprehensive and most up-to-date handbook available on modern reflector antennas and feed sources for diversified space and ground applications. There has never been such an all-encompassing reflector handbook in print, and no currently available title offers coverage of such recent research developments. The Handbook consists of three volumes. Volume III focuses on the range of reflector antenna applications, including space, terrestrial, and radar. The intent of this book volume is to provide practical applications and design information on reflector antennas used for several communications systems. This book covers recent developments of reflector antennas used for satellite communications, terrestrial communications, and remote sensing applications. New subjects are introduced for the first time, including satellite antennas, Terahertz antennas, PIM, multipaction, corona, deployable mesh reflector antennas, and mechanical aspects of reflector antennas. In addition, this book contains a separate topic on integrated feed assembly for reflector antennas covering analysis, design, fabrication, and test.

Monopulse Principles and Techniques

Author : Samuel M. Sherman
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Monopulse is a type of radar that sends additional information in the signal in order to avoid problems caused by rapid changes in signal strength. Monopulse is resistant to jamming which is one of the main reasons it is used in most radar systems today. This updated and expanded edition of an Artech House classic offers you a current and comprehensive treatment of monopulse radar principles, techniques, and applications. The Second Edition features two brand new chapters, covering monopulse countermeasures and counter-countermeasures and monopulse for airborne radar and homing seekers.This essential volume categorizes and describes the various forms of monopulse radar, and analyzes their capabilities and limitations. The book also devotes considerable space to monopulse circuits and hardware components, explaining their functions and performance. This practical resource features numerous photographs and illustrations drawn from actual radar systems and components. This book serves as a valuable reference for both experienced radar engineers and those new to the field.

Phased Array Antenna Handbook Third Edition

Author : Robert J. Mailloux
File Size : 28.69 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This completely revised third edition of an Artech House classic, Phased Array Antenna Handbook, Second Edition, offers an up-to-date and comprehensive treatment of array antennas and systems. This edition provides a wealth of new material, including expanded coverage of phased array and multiple beam antennas. New modern machine learning techniques used for analysis are included. Additional material on wideband antennas and wideband coverage in array antennas are incorporated in this book, including new methods, devices, and technologies that have developed since the second edition. A detailed treatment of antenna system noise, sections on antenna pattern synthesis, developments in subarray technology, and in-depth coverage of array architecture and components are additional new features of this book. The book explores design elements that demonstrate how to size an array system with speed and confidence. Moreover, this resource provides expanded coverage of systems aspects of arrays for radar and communications. Supported with numerous equations and illustrations, this practical book helps evaluate basic antenna parameters such as gain, sidelobe levels, and noise. Readers learn how to compute antenna system noise, design subarray geometries for given bandwidth, scan and sidelobe constraints, and choose array illumination tapers for given sidelobe levels.

Ultra Wideband Antennas and Propagation Volume 2 Antenna Measurements and Signal Processing

Author :
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In Volume 1 of this report we described the design and predictions for two reflector and lens Impulse Radiating Antennas (IRAs), with 23-centimeter diameters. In this report (Volume 2) we complete the measurements of those antennas, and the data is processed and compared to theory. Antenna measurements were obtained using the two-antenna technique. Using signal processing, we extracted the one-way antenna response. The boresight step response in transmission (impulse response in reception) was measured to be as fast as 25 Ps, Full Width Half Max (FWHM) for the reflector IRA, and 21 Ps for the lens IRA. The impulse response on boresight for the reflector antenna has an impulse area of 87% of the theoretically predicted value, and that for the lens is 101% of the predicted value. The angular dependence of the antennas was measured, and the half-power points for both antenna types occurred approximately four degrees off-axis for step-function excitation. The dielectric-filled lens antenna, while heavier, showed higher performance than the reflector IRA.

Handbook of Defence Electronics and Optronics

Author : Anil K. Maini
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Handbook of Defence Electronics and Optronics Anil K. Maini, Former Director, Laser Science and Technology Centre, India First complete reference on defence electronics and optronics Fundamentals, Technologies and Systems This book provides a complete account of defence electronics and optronics. The content is broadly divided into three categories: topics specific to defence electronics; topics relevant to defence optronics; and topics that have both electronics and optronics counterparts. The book covers each of the topics in their entirety from fundamentals to advanced concepts, military systems in use and related technologies, thereby leading the reader logically from the operational basics of military systems to involved technologies and battlefield deployment and applications. Key features: • Covers fundamentals, operational aspects, involved technologies and application potential of a large cross-section of military systems. Discusses emerging technology trends and development and deployment status of next generation military systems wherever applicable in each category of military systems. • Amply illustrated with approximately 1000 diagrams and photographs and around 30 tables. • Includes salient features, technologies and deployment aspects of hundreds of military systems, including: military radios; ground and surveillance radars; laser range finder and target designators; night visions devices; EW and EO jammers; laser guided munitions; and military communications equipment and satellites. Handbook of Defence Electronics and Optronics is an essential guide for graduate students, R&D scientists, engineers engaged in manufacturing defence equipment and professionals handling the operation and maintenance of these systems in the Armed Forces.

The Handbook of Antenna Design

Author : Alan W. Rudge
File Size : 20.45 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Good,No Highlights,No Markup,all pages are intact, Slight Shelfwear,may have the corners slightly dented, may have slight color changes/slightly damaged spine.

Fundamentals of Antennas

Author : Christos G. Christodoulou
File Size : 87.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Annotation This tutorial explains antenna theory and operation and is intended for students, engineers, and researchers. Basic wire antennas and array antennas are described in detail and other types are introduced, including reflectors, lenses, horns, microstrip, Yagi, and frequency-independent antennas.

Dictionary of Pure and Applied Physics

Author : Dipak Basu
File Size : 67.11 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Clear, precise definitions of scientific terms are crucial to good scientific and technical writing-and to understanding the writings of others. Whether you are a physicist, engineer, mathematician, or technical writer, whether you work in a research, academic, or industrial setting, we all have the occasional need for comprehensible, working definitions of scientific terms. To meet that need, CRC Press proudly announces publication of the Dictionary of Pure and Applied Physics-the first published volume of CRC's Comprehensive Dictionary of Physics. Authored by eminent scientists from around the world, offers concise, authoritative definitions of more than 3,000 terms covering a range of pure and applied disciplines: acoustics biophysics communications electricity electronics geometrical optics low-temperature physics magnetism medical physics physical optics The editor has taken care to ensure each entry is as self-contained as possible, to include terms from the frontiers of technology, and to omit obsolete terms that can clutter a search. The result is a lucid, accessible, and convenient reference valuable to both the novice and the seasoned professional.

Telecommunication Engineering Vol Ii

Author : A Vaidyanathan
File Size : 44.9 MB
Format : PDF
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This Volume Presents The Basic Details Of Digital Integrated Circuits, The Processing Of Signals For Digital Communication, The Working Principles Of Electronic Digital Telephone Exchanges, Fibre Optic Communications And Radio Systems Including Those Working On Microwaves. It Further Describes The Working Principles Of Radar, Telephoto And Tv Systems Including Colour Tv. It Highlights Also The Principles Of Satellite Communication And The Launching Of Satellite Repeaters. In Addition The Book Explains The Working Principles Of Cellular Radio Mobile Telephone System And Paging Services. Several Worked-Out Examples And Model Questions Have Also Been Included For Self-Study.