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Renovating for Profit

Author : Cherie Barber
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Highly illustrated and extremely practical, Renovating for Profit reveals Cherie's secrets to success and equips you with all the tips and knowledge you need to renovate and make a profit. Including information on budgeting, time saving ideas, organization and how to successfully use color and space, Cherie shows you how to avoid common mistakes and make the most out of every renovation project. Cherie's method is a proven, step-by-step approach, personally developed from over 100 renovation projects. With real-life examples and before-and-after pictures, Renovating for Profit will equip you with all the knowledge you need for renovating success!

Renovating for Profit

Author : Michael Holmes
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Property, whether you are buying house to live in or to let, represents an enormous financial commitment. This book, by bricks-and-mortar expert Michael Holmes, will show you how to maximise the value of your investment and will reveal the kind of home improvements that make economic sense. Authoritative and detailed text covers all major aspects of home improvement, including conservatories, loft and basement conversions, double-glazing, central heating, kitchens and bathrooms. With up-to-the minute advice and clear, comprehensive charts and tables, it adds up to an indispensable handbook for any homeowner who is thinking of building on to, extending, altering or selling their property. No other book gives such sensible, practical or authoritative advice on improvements to your home that will really make a difference to the house itself and to its market value.

Profits in Buying and Renovating Homes

Author : Lawrence Dworin
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Lawrence Dworin's guide covers a variety of topics essential to the purchase and renovation of homes for profit. Included are chapters on remodeling for profit, selecting the right house, using real-estate agents, buying a home, getting the appropriate financing, repairing structural and mechanical problems, decorating the interior, selling the house, and keeping rental property.

Nail Your Renovation Without Getting Screwed

Author : Steve Burke
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Nail Your Renovation Without Getting Screwed has everything you need to think about before you get started on your home renovation and then while it’s progressing. Learn from a professional builder and award-winning renovation specialist – Steve Burke – as he shares the tricks and traps to watch out for. The book includes invaluable advice on such topics as: how to make sure every step in your renovation is done in the right order; options for an environmentally sensitive renovation; checklists for kitchens, bathrooms and home extension projects; and how to avoid becoming a building horror story! With more than 20 years specialising in renovations, the authors have amassed a catalogue of stories and lessons learnt, met all sorts of interesting characters, and have discovered the many do’s and don’ts of renovating homes. The book is also full of inspirational before and after photographs.

The Insider s Guide to Renovating for Profit

Author :
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Renovation for Profit

Author : Cherie Barber
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At last a highly illustrated, practical book that renovators will love. Cherie Barber is Australia's leading renovation expert and with over 21 years of profitable renovations under her belt, Cherie practices what she preaches. Renovating for Profit reveals Cherie's secrets to success and equips you with all the tips and knowledge you need to renovate and make a profit. Including information on budgeting, time saving ideas, organisation and how to successfully use color and space, Cherie shows you how to avoid common mistakes and includes real life examples and before and after pictures. Cherie's method is a proven, step-by-step approach, personally developed on over 90 renovation projects, Renovating for Profit will equip you with all the knowledge you need for renovating success!

Renovate to Riches

Author : Mike Dulworth
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Turn weekend home-improvement projects into big money! Did you know you and your spouse can sell your home every two years and pay no taxes on profits up to $500,000? It's true! In fact, you should think of your home as an investment as much as a place to live. Simple renovations can dramatically increase the value of your home, and you can undertake most of them on your own and in your spare time. Renovate to Riches shows you how to turn your sweat into equity and your home into a moneymaker. Millions of people across America are making their do-it-yourself weekend projects pay off-and you can too. This straightforward guide will show you how to secure financing for your home, accomplish the renovations that add the most value, and get the highest price when you sell. It shows you how to design your own custom plan for creating wealth over five, ten, or even twenty years, and includes detailed case studies that help you avoid common mistakes. Renovate to Riches also includes: * An explanation of complicated federal tax codes * Tips on finding great homes at bargain prices * Advice on financing options * Which renovations add the most value * Professional guidance on interior design, landscaping, and other home improvement projects * Which projects you should be able to handle yourself and which will require a professional contractor * How to work with contractors and keep it cheap * Practical advice from the experts-real estate agents, brokers and bankers, tax advisors, contractors and carpenters, landscapers, interior and lighting designers, home inspectors, and appraisers Renovate to Riches is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It's a practical, step-by-step guide to building long-term wealth. You don't need the skills of a contractor or the experience of a real estate agent; all you need is a little extra time, a little extra money-and this unbeatable guide.

The Complete Guide to Renovating and Improving Your Property

Author : Liz Hodgkinson
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The Complete Guide to Renovating and Improving Your Property helps readers make the right decision about every aspect of property improvement - what is worth the effort and what will be a good investment. Informative and enjoyable, it provides expert advice on a wealth of topics, including arranging the finances, finding a good builder, project management and planning regulations. Whether you are planning to undertake major renovation work, home improvements, conversions, or even build a house yourself, this practical book is essential reading. Full of eye-opening real-life stories and a resource section filled with useful addresses and websites, anyone facing the minefield of home improvement will find this book indispensable.

Your Property Success with Renovation

Author : Jane Slack-Smith
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The ultimate guide to investing in property...and making amillion! Everyone's looking to get rich, and a lot of those people arelooking at investing in property as the way to get there. But watchout—making money in real estate isn't always as easy as itmight look. At least, not without Your Property Success withRenovation in hand, that is. Written by Jane Slack-Smith, atrue investment guru who's put together her own multi-milliondollar property portfolio, this is the ultimate guide to making thehousing market work for you. Loaded with no-nonsense advice to help you avoid the traps thatso many would-be real estate investors fall into, Your PropertySuccess with Renovation introduces a unique three-pronged,low-risk investing strategy. Rather than focusing on fast money,the book encourages a low-risk plan—find an area with aboveaverage capital growth, buy below market value, and build valuethrough renovation—that will help you build a strong,profitable real estate portfolio. Introduces "The Trident," a new way of approaching investing inreal estate that focuses on low-risks and high rewards, not fastmoney Written by real estate portfolio expert Jane Slack-Smith, whotransformed an initial investment of $45k into a multi-milliondollar fortune using the techniques outlined in this book Shows you how to get the most out of the real estate market byemphasizing the value of property renovation With just two investment properties and one renovation theaverage Australian can put a million dollars in the bank withinfifteen years, and mortgage broker Jane Slack-Smith is here to showyou how.

Mortgage Stressbusters

Author : Alex Brooks
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Dreaming of being debt free? Wondering what a tumultuous property market will mean for your financial future? Wanting to buy, sell or invest in property without being ripped off or paying a mortgage for the term of your natural life? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then Mortgage Stressbusters is a must-read. This plain-English, Q&A guide to mortgages and residential property will help you to end mortgage stress once and for all. Not only will you learn how to save money -- and time -- on your mortgage, but you'll also learn the tricks, tips and tactics that will get you ahead in the property game. Inside you'll discover: how to get the best mortgage deal how to buy property successfully, no matter what the market is doing how to pay off your mortgage -- fast what to do if you can't pay your mortgage. Whether you're stuck in the mortgage mire or just trying to stay ahead, Mortgage Stressbusters is the book for you!