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Rethinking University Teaching

Author : Diana Laurillard
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Teachers in higher education have had to become more professional in their approach to teaching, matching their professionalism in research. The first edition of this book prepares teachers to do and undergo quality audits and appraisals, and to achieve their personal aims of improving their teaching and their students' learning. The strength of this book is that it provides a sound theoretical basis for designing and using learning technologies in university teaching. This new edition builds upon the success of the first and contains major updates to the information on learning technologies and includes the implications of using technology for the university context - both campus and electronic - which suggests a new approach to managing learning at institutional level.

Rethinking University Teaching

Author : Diana Laurillard
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Teachers in higher education are slowly accepting the fact that they have to become more professional in their approach to teaching, matching their professionalism in research. The notions of quality audit and teacher appraisal are new, and in their existing forms ill-founded, but they represent a challenge that teachers will have to face. The book aims to prepare them for this: both to contribute towards a well-founded implementation of quality audits and appraisal, and to achieve their personal aims of improving their teaching and their students' learning. There is also a growing recognition that the technological media have the potential to improve student learning, or at least teach efficiency, and university teachers are looking for ways of increasing their understanding of what can be done with the new media, and how to do it. This book will inform them about what has been done and what is already known, helping them to think constructively and critically, and building toward a practical methodology for the design, development, and implementation of educational technologies. Part one explores students' learning, and what it is that they need from educational technology; part tow looks at individual teaching methods and media, including non-interactive media (lectures, print, audio, etc.), hypermedia (CD-ROM, etc.), and interactive media (simulations, modelling programs etc.); and part three discussed the design methodology, designing learning activities, setting up the learning context and maintaining quality. Diana Laurillard is Professor of Educational Technology, and Pro-Vice Chancellor for Learning Technology and Teaching, at The Open University. She was a member of the National Committee for the Inquiry into Higher Education, chaired by Sir Ron Dearing.

Rethinking University Teaching

Author : Diana Laurillard
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An invaluable aid in increasing teachers' understanding of the new technological media, showing how it can improve student learning and teaching efficiency.

Rethinking Teaching in Higher Education

Author : Alenoush Saroyan
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This book is intended for faculty and faculty developers, as well as for deans, chairs, and directors responsible for promoting teaching and learning in higher education. Intentionally non-technical, it engages readers reflectively with a process for developing teaching and details the planning necessary to apply this process to teaching within disciplines. The book centers on McGill University's week-long Course Design and Teaching Workshop that the contributors have offered together for more than ten years. It follows the five day format of the workshop - covering the analysis of course content, conceptions of learning, the selection of appropriate teaching strategies, the evaluation of student learning, and evaluation of teaching - in a way that reflects the spontaneity of the debates it has engendered and the workshop's evolutionary changes. The structure shows faculty members conceptualizing new courses or re-examining their teaching of existing courses, and translating the insights gained from the workshop to specific disciplinary content and learning outcomes. In addition four previous participants of the workshop write about its influence on their personal thinking about the practice of teaching. The final two chapters describe the structure and evolving role of McGill's Centre for University Teaching and Learning. The authors describe its objectives in fostering an evidence-based teaching culture and providing a practical support structure with limited resources. They highlight achievements in disseminating teaching expertise across their campus, and their vision for the future role of faculty development. This book provides faculty developers and administrators with valuable non-prescriptive models and challenging ideas that promote faculty development in general and university teaching in particular. It engages faculty members in the process of course design in a way that is learning centered and can lead to deep student learning.

The Musical Experience

Author : Janet R. Barrett
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The Musical Experience proposes a new concept - musical experience - as the most effective framework for navigating the shifting terrain of educational policy as it is applied to music education. Other books that deal with music education reform often concentrate on non-musical topics at the expense of music listening, performance, and composition, or concentrate on only one of these at the expense of the others. This book, however, works with musical experience as a comprehensive framework for all aspects of music education. The editors and their contributors define musical experience as being characterized by the depth of affective and emotional responses that music engenders, and illustrate that its breadth is embodied in the infinite variety of meanings - both personal and communal - that music evokes. The essays map out the primary forms of musical engagement (performing, listening, improvising, composing, etc.) as activities which play a key role in classroom teaching. The chapters also address the cultural dimensions of musical experience, which call for consideration of time, place, beliefs, and values placed upon musical activities, works, and genres. The book discusses how music teachers can most effectively rely on means of musical communication to lead students toward the development and refinement of musical skills, understandings, and expression in educational settings. As a whole, the book expands upon the dimensions of musical experience and provides, from the forefront of the field, an integrated yet panoramic view of the educational processes involved in music teaching and learning.

Rethinking Undergraduate Business Education

Author : Anne Colby
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Business is the largest undergraduate major in the United States and still growing. This reality, along with the immense power of the business sector and its significance for national and global well-being, makes quality education critical not only for the students themselves but also for the public good. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching's national study of undergraduate business education found that most undergraduate programs are too narrow, failing to challenge students to question assumptions, think creatively, or understand the place of business in larger institutional contexts. Rethinking Undergraduate Business Education examines these limitations and describes the efforts of a diverse set of institutions to address them by integrating the best elements of liberal arts learning with business curriculum to help students develop wise, ethically grounded professional judgment.

Rethinking Languages Education

Author : Ruth Arber
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Rethinking Languages Education assembles innovative research from experts in the fields of sociocultural theory, applied linguistics and education. The contributors interrogate innovative and recent thinking and broach controversies about the theoretical and practical considerations that underpin the implementation of effective Languages pedagogy in twenty-first-century classrooms. Crucially, Rethinking Languages Education explores established understandings about language, culture and education to provide a more comprehensive and flexible understanding of Languages education that responds to local classrooms impacted by global and transnational change, and the politics of language, culture and identity. Rethinking Languages Education focuses on questions about ways that we can develop farsighted and successful Languages education for diverse students in globalised contexts. The response to these questions is multi-layered, and takes into account the complex interactions between policy, curriculum and practice, as well as their contention and implementation. In doing so, this book addresses and integrates innovative perspectives of contemporary theory and pedagogy for Languages, TESOL and EAL/D education. It includes diverse discussions around practice, and addresses issues of the dominance of prestige Languages programs for ‘minority’ and ‘heritage’ languages, as well as discussing controversies about the current provision of English and Languages programs around the world.

Teaching and Communicating Rethinking Professional Experiences

Author : Robyn Ewing
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Focusing on the connection between good communication and teaching skills, this practical and user-friendly teaching and learning text can be used by pre-service teachers, supervisors, mentors and academics to make the most of school placement programs.

Rethinking Single Sex Teaching

Author : Ivinson , Gabrielle
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Drawing on classroom observations and in-depth interviews with teachers and pupils, this book illustrates how single sex classrooms operate and the effect it has on learners. 'Rethinking Single Sex Teaching' is thought-provoking reading for teachers, head teachers and policy makers.

Rethinking Heritage Language Education

Author : Peter Pericles Trifonas
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This collection presents new investigations into the role of heritage languages and the correlation between culture and language from a pedagogic and cosmopolitical point of view. Rethinking Heritage Language Education is an edited collection that brings together emerging and established researchers interested in the education field of Heritage Language Education to negotiate its concepts and practices, and investigate the correlation between culture and language from a pedagogic and cosmopolitical point of view. The scholars, who have contributed to the growth of Heritage Language Education as a discipline, reconsider and enrich their findings by drawing new lines across the boundaries of research and practice. It complements the previous work of these theorists, filling a void in the current literature around the question of Heritage Language Education.

Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology

Author : Allan Collins
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The digital revolution in education is well under way, with more and more learners plugged into the online world. How can schools make the most of both the technology and the learning potential of today’s “born digital” students? In this new edition of their groundbreaking book, Collins and Halverson argue that new technologies have transformed our workplaces, our lives, and our culture and it is time we take the next step to transform learning—in and out of schools. The authors show how, over time, public schooling was so successful that it became synonymous with education. But new technologies risk making schools obsolete and this book explains why and how today’s educators, policymakers, and communities must adapt to provide all learners with access to the new learning tools of the 21st century. “Allan Collins and Richard Halverson are not by any means arguing that teachers or schools should go away. Rather, they are saying that they should open their doors and windows, connect to other real and virtual places, be crucial tour guides, and send their children on flights of fancy through our modern memory palaces.” —From the Foreword by James Paul Gee, Arizona State University “The most convincing account I’ve read about how education will change in the decades ahead—the authors’ analyses are impressive, fair-minded, and useful.” —Howard Gardner, Harvard Graduate School of Education (from first edition)

Rethinking Academic Writing Pedagogy for the European University

Author : Ruth Breeze
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All over Europe, universities are moving over to English as the language of instruction. This development has been accelerated by global forces, and its pedagogical consequences have yet to be fully explored. This book examines this situation from the point of view of students and teachers, focusing particularly on the acquisition of English language writing skills in European university contexts. It takes an academic approach, and is firmly grounded in the bibliography on teaching academic writing to second language users in English-speaking countries, as well as in the bibliography on teaching English in Europe in higher education. In addition to providing sound pedagogical guidelines, it also brings together the most recent critiques of current practice and an overview of the innovative approaches devised in the last ten years. This is a book for all those who are involved in the changing European university scenario: English teachers and writing instructors, lecturers faced with the challenge of teaching their courses in English, university administrators and decision-makers.

Rethinking English in Schools

Author : Viv Ellis
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Why should young people study a subject called English? This question lies at the heart of this fascinating monograph, which brings together the diverse perspectives of many leading thinkers about English and literacy education. This meticulously researched and well-written collection takes as its starting point the importance of the history of the subject in the formation of its constitution and its boundaries. First and foremost, it proposes that questions of aims and values have informed these choices. Equally, it suggests that returning to these educational questions helps us to understand curriculum and pedagogy in complex ways that a simple focus on content and methods neglects. Curriculum and pedagogy bring learners, teachers, institutions and the wider society into the debate.

Rethinking Intelligence

Author : Joe L. Kincheloe
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First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Rethinking Contexts for Learning and Teaching

Author : Richard Edwards
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Now that learning is seen as lifelong and lifewide, what specifically makes a learning context? What are the resultant consequences for teaching practices when working in specific contexts? Drawing upon a variety of academic disciplines, Rethinking Contexts for Learning and Teaching explores some of the different means of understanding teaching and learning, both in and across contexts, the issues they raise and their implications for pedagogy and research. It specifically addresses What constitutes a context for learning? How do we engage the full resources of learners for learning? What are the relationships between different learning contexts? What forms of teaching can most effectively mobilise learning across contexts? How do we methodologically and theoretically conceptualise contexts for learning? Drawing upon practical examples and the UK’s TLRP, this book brings together a number of leading researchers to examine the assumptions about context embedded within specific teaching and learning practices. It considers how they might be developed to extend opportunity by drawing upon learning from a range of contexts, including schools, colleges, universities and workplaces.

Rethinking the French Classroom

Author : E. Nicole Meyer
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This volume investigates how teaching practices can address the changing status of literature in the French classroom. Focusing on how women writing in French are changing the face of French Studies, opening the canon to not only new approaches to gender but to genre, expanding interdisciplinary studies and aiding scholars to rethink the teaching of literature, each chapter provides concrete strategies useful to a wide variety of classrooms and institutional contexts. Essays address how to bring French Studies and women’s and gender studies into the twenty-first century through intersections of autobiography, gender issues and technology; ways to introduce beginning and intermediate students to the rich diversity of women writing in French; strategies for teaching postcolonial writing and literary theory; and interdisciplinary approaches to expand our student audiences in the United States, Canada, or abroad. In short, revisiting how we teach, why we teach, and what we teach through the prism of women’s texts and lives while raising issues that affect cisgender women of the Hexagon, queer and other-gendered women, immigrants and residents of the postcolony attracts more openly diverse students. Whether new to the profession or seasoned educators, faculty will find new ideas to invigorate and diversify their pedagogical approaches.

Rethinking Education

Author : Helen Gunter
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Jurassic Management takes a challenging look at educational management and argues that self-organisation and micropolitics are essential to understanding organisational survival and development.

Rethinking College Education

Author : George Allan
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Not a method of turning your degree back in and having your loans forgiven, but an argument that by becoming vocational schools measured by reduced cost and efficient production, colleges and universities are neglecting their essential purpose. The reason for college education, says Allan, is to provide an environment within which students can absorb the moral practices that determine how they can acquire and evaluate knowledge, best conduct their lives, and become responsible adults. He maintains that such learning requires imagination, dialogue, conversation, and cultured intercourse. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Race and Higher Education

Author : Franklin A. Tuitt
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Race and Higher Education shares solutions for addressing increasingly diverse student bodies. These teaching strategies are designed to meet and exceed learning objectives in K-12 classrooms.

Rethinking Thai Higher Education for Thailand 4 0

Author :
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Abstract : Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to discuss gaps and key challenges facing higher education in Thailand with reference to the implementation of the policy of Thailand 4.0 adopted by the Royal Thai Government. Design/methodology/approach: In-depth interviews were conducted with Thai Government officials, university administrators and faculty members to formulate the concept of a creative society in Thailand. Documentary analysis of university policy documents was used to investigate the roles and practices of universities in fostering creativity and innovation. Questionnaire surveys were used to obtain views of university administrators and faculty members on the existing roles and practices of Thai university in promoting a creative society, and their level of expectation toward the roles and practices required to promote a creative society. Priority need index (PNI) and One-way ANOVA were used to identify the gaps and challenges of Thai higher education in promoting a creative society. Findings: The concepts of the creative society found in this study were in lines with the goals of Thailand 4.0, which are to foster creativity, innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability. It was found that development of learning networks, public-private-community engagement, new mind-set and skill-set of lecturers and students, and new technology are required for a successful implementation of Thailand 4.0. Research limitations/implications: Although the author has identified some progress in Thailand toward achieving the goals of Thailand 4.0, it is clear that key factors that contribute to the fostering of creativity and innovation require further investigation. These factors include socio-cultural factors, creative learning and teaching, mind-set and skill-set, new technology and learning networks, and public-private-community engagement. Practical implications: The findings of this paper can be used to identify some of the key challenges of Thai higher education in achieving the aims of Thailand 4.0. Social implications: The findings of this paper have demonstrated that successfully implementation of Thailand 4.0 requires both educational and cultural reform. Originality/value: This research conducted by the author in 2013-2015 showed that some important reforms are being implemented to achieve some of the aims of Thailand 4.0.