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Risk Management in Banking

Author : Joël Bessis
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Never before has risk management been so important. Now in its third edition, this seminal work by Joël Bessis has been comprehensively revised and updated to take into account the changing face of risk management. Fully restructured, featuring new material and discussions on new financial products, derivatives, Basel II, credit models based on time intensity models, implementing risk systems and intensity models of default, it also includes a section on Subprime that discusses the crisis mechanisms and makes numerous references throughout to the recent stressed financial conditions. The book postulates that risk management practices and techniques remain of major importance, if implemented in a sound economic way with proper governance. Risk Management in Banking, Third Edition considers all aspects of risk management emphasizing the need to understand conceptual and implementation issues of risk management and examining the latest techniques and practical issues, including: Asset-Liability Management Risk regulations and accounting standards Market risk models Credit risk models Dependencies modeling Credit portfolio models Capital Allocation Risk-adjusted performance Credit portfolio management Building on the considerable success of this classic work, the third edition is an indispensable text for MBA students, practitioners in banking and financial services, bank regulators and auditors alike.

Operational Risk Management in Banks

Author : Giuliana Birindelli
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This book focuses on several topical issues related to the operational risk management in bank: regulation, organisation and strategy. It analyses the connections between the different key-players involved in the operational risk process and the most relevant implications, both operational and strategic, arising from the implementation of the prudential framework.

Liquidity Risk Management in Banks

Author : Roberto Ruozi
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The recent turmoil on financial markets has made evident the importance of efficient liquidity risk management for the stability of banks. The measurement and management of liquidity risk must take into account economic factors such as the impact area, the timeframe of the analysis, the origin and the economic scenario in which the risk becomes manifest. Basel III, among other things, has introduced harmonized international minimum requirements and has developed global liquidity standards and supervisory monitoring procedures. The short book analyses the economic impact of the new regulation on profitability, on assets composition and business mix, on liabilities structure and replacement effects on banking and financial products.​

Financial Risk Management in Banking

Author : Dennis G. Uyemura
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Presents an in-depth review of the tremendous risk and volatility in bank financial management. This book provides a comprehensive overview of aggressive asset and liability management (ALM) and demonstrates how ALM can strengthen the capital position of a financial institution.

Decision Taking Confidence and Risk Management in Banks from Early Modernity to the 20th Century

Author : Korinna Schönhärl
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This book offers 14 contributions that examine key questions in bank decision-taking,constitution of confidence in banks and risk management practices from Early Modernity to the twentieth century. It explores how the various mechanisms of bank decision taking changed over time. Chapters also analyse the types of risk management techniques used, the contributory factors to the constitution of confidence and the methods that banking historians can use to analyse and describe bankers ́ risk management and decision taking - from system theory to behavioural finance, new institutional economics to praxeology and convention theory to network analysis. The different methodological approaches are put to the test in case studies based on archive material from four hundred years of banking in order to connect banking history more closely to political and cultural history.

Financial Risk Management in Banking

Author : Shahsuzan Zakaria
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As risk-taking is an essential part of the banking industry, banks must practise efficient risk management to ensure survival in uncertain financial climates. Banking operations are specifically affected by fluctuations in interest rates which cause financial imbalance; thus banks are now required to put in place an effective management structure that incorporates risk management efficiency measures that help mitigate the wide range of risks they face. In this book, the authors have developed a new modelling approach to determine banks’ financial risk management by offering detailed insights into the integrated approach of dollar-offset ratio and Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), based on derivatives usage. It further analyses the efficiency measurement under stochastic DEA approaches, namely (i) Bootstrap DEA (BDEA), (ii) Sensitivity Analysis and (iii) Chance-Constrained DEA (CCDEA). As demonstrated in the modelling exercise, this integrated approach can be applied to other cases that require risk management efficiency measurement strategies. Additionally, this is the first book to comprehensively review the derivative markets of both the developed and developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, by examining the differences of risk management efficiency of the banking institutions in these countries. Based on this measurement approach, strategies are provided for banks to improve their strategic risk management practices, as well as to reduce the impacts from external risks, such as changes in interest rates and exchange rates. Furthermore, this book will help banks to keep abreast of recent developments in the field of efficiency studies in management accounting, specifically in relation to hedge accounting, used by banks in the Asia-Pacific region.


Author : R S Raghavan
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"Banking is run on the premise that not all the Depositors would ask for their money back fully, at the same time and not all the borrowers can meet their committed financial obligations, at all times.. There exists cash flow mismatch arising out of primarily borrowing short (Deposits) and lending long (Loans), giving rise to the concept of Risk Management. Understanding Risk is akin to undertaking a boat journey in sea, as the subject is quite vast and depth is unknown. An attempt is made in the book to be comprehensive with an intention to initiate and encourage all to identify, manage and mitigate the risk running across the banking functions. cover almost every topic on Risk in Banking, the Business Driver, that an inquisitive & curious banker might want to know. enable the readers to acquire a firm grip on the fundamentals of and foundations on risk management, while treading on the same. encompass all the aspects on the subject of “Risks in Banks”, and serve as one-point accessible reference, embracing all the dimensions of Risks. sensitise the banking and finance professionals on the subject of “Risk” having immense potentials & huge impact in the financial market. Basel norms are proved to be a moving target, as the goal poles get shifted every now and then, even before covering the entire distance of Basel I, II, III, etc. The Book is a must for all Bankers, be it at an entry level Junior Employee as openings in the banking career are on the rise or an exit level top-ranked General Managers, who are all expected to know Risk to further climb up the ladder. The Book may prove to be a wonderful addition to the Libraries of Management Institutes and financial organisations in general & Banks, in particular and a worthy handbook for students and officials of these two entities. With reading and re-reading followed by internalization of the subject “Risk”, the reader should be able to comprehend risk well. In the words of Mark Twain, a great writer from Florida, Missouri, “The man who does not read a good book has no advantage over the person who cannot read”. The reader-friendly Book, extent of coverage, affordability of price, production and publishing values, etc., it brings along, make it an interesting read for the Banking fraternity."

Bank Risk Management in Developing Economies

Author : Leonard Onyiriuba
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Bank Risk Management in Developing Economies: Addressing the Unique Challenges of Domestic Banks provides an up-to-date resource on how domestically-based banks in emerging economies can provide financial services for all economic sectors while also contributing to national economic development policies. Because these types of bank are often exposed to risky sectors, they are usually set apart from foreign subsidiaries, and thus need risk models that foreign-based banks do not address. This book is the first to identify these needs, proposing solutions through the use of case studies and analyses that illustrate how developing economic banking crises are often rooted in managing composite risks. The book represents a departure from classical literature that focuses on assets, liabilities, and balance sheet management, by which developing economy banks, like their counterparts elsewhere, have not fared well. Contains fifty cases that reinforce risk management best practices Provides a consistent chapter format that includes abstract, keywords, learning focus, and outcomes Summaries, questions, and glossaries conclude each chapter

Risk Management for Central Banks and Other Public Investors

Author : Ulrich Bindseil
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A survey of the fundamental issues and techniques surrounding risk management.

Managing Bank Risk

Author : Morton Glantz
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Featuring new credit engineering tools, Managing Bank Risk combines innovative analytic methods with traditional credit management processes. Professor Glantz provides print and electronic risk-measuring tools that ensure credits are made in accordance with bank policy and regulatory requirements, giving bankers with the data necessary for judging asset quality and value. The book's two sections, "New Approaches to Fundamental Analysis" and "Credit Administration," show readers ways to assimilate new tools, such as credit derivatives, cash flow computer modeling, distress prediction and workout, interactive risk rating models, and probabilistic default screening, with well-known controls. By following the guidelines of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Managing Bank Risk offers useful models, programs, and documents essential for creating a sound credit risk environment, credit granting processes, and appropriate administrative and monitoring controls. Key Features * Book includes features such as: * Chapter-concluding questions * Case studies illustrating all major tools * EDF™ Credit Measure provided by KMV, the world's leading provide of market-based quantitative credit risk products * Library of internet links directs readers to information on evolving credit disciplines, such as portfolio management, credit derivatives, risk rating, and financial analysis * CD-ROM containing interactive models and a useful document collection * Credit engineering tools covered include: * Statistics and simulation driven forecasting * Risk adjusted pricing * Credit derivatives * Ratios * Cash flow computer modeling * Distress prediction and workouts * Capital allocation * Credit exposure systems * Computerized loan pricing * Sustainable growth * Interactive risk rating models * Probabilistc default screening * Accompanying CD includes: * Interactive 10-point risk rating model * Comprehensive cash flow model * Trial version of CB Pro, a time-series forecasting program * Stochastic net borrowed funds pricing model * Asset based lending models, courtesy Federal Reserve Bank * The Uniform Financial Institutions Rationg System (CAMELS) * Two portfolio optimization software models * a library of documents from the International Swap Dealers Association, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, and others

Bank Management and Control

Author : Johannes Wernz
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Strategic planning, including the required quantitative methods, is an essential part of bank management and control. In this book capital, risk and yield are treated comprehensively and seamlessly. And a thorough introduction to the advanced methods of risk management for all sectors of banking is discussed. In addition, directly applicable concepts and data such as macroeconomic scenarios for strategic planning and stress testing as well as detailed scenarios for operational risk and advanced concepts for credit risk are presented in straightforward language. The book analyzes the effects of macroeconomic and regulatory developments such as the set of Basel III rules on planning, and it also presents and discusses the consequences for actively meeting these challenges, especially in terms of capital. A wealth of essential background information from practice, international observations and comparisons, along with numerous illustrative examples, make this book a useful resource for established and future professionals in bank management, risk/return management, controlling and accounting.

Risk Assessment

Author : Georg Bol
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New developments in assessing and managing risk are discussed in this volume. Addressing both practitioners in the banking sector and research institutions, the book provides a manifold view on the most-discussed topics in finance. Among the subjects treated are important issues such as: risk measures and allocation of risks, factor modeling, risk premia in the hedge funds industry and credit risk management. The volume provides an overview of recent developments as well as future trends in the area of risk assessment.

Theory Practice Of Treasury Risk Management In Banks

Author : Indian Institute Of Banking & Finance
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This Book On Treasury And Risk Management In Banks Is A Systematic And Comprehensive Overview Of Modern Treasury And Risk Management Practices In Banks. Treasury And Risk Management In Banks Have Assumed An Increasingly Greater Importance With The Globalization Of Indian Financial Markets. Today, Banks Are Exposed To A Multiplicity Of Risks. Therefore, Officers Working In The Treasury Department Of Banks Need To Retool, Re-Equip And Fully Update Themselves To Meet The Latest Developments Especially In Risk Management And Derivative Instruments. The Book Is Based On The Rich Experience Of The Team Of Authors, Who Are Well Known In Both The Academic World And Banking. The Book Is Mainly Oriented Towards Banks, But It Is Also Useful To Students Of Management

Risk in Banking

Author : Maura La Torre
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Risk Management in Electronic Banking

Author : Jayaram Kondabagil
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This book, based on international standards, provides a one-step reference to all aspects of risk management in an electronic banking environment.

Analyzing and Managing Banking Risk

Author : Hennie van Greuning
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This is the second edition of this book which considers issues involved in the assessment, analysis, and management of financial risks in banking. It highlights risk-management principles and the accountability of key players in corporate governance process, as well as discussing transparency in bank's financial statements. It also contains new material including chapters on the management of the treasury function, management of a stable liquidity investment portfolio, and a discussion of proprietary trading activities and asset management liability components. A hardback version is also available (ISBN 0821354655) containing illustrative prototype software and Excel spreadsheets which can be adapted for banking diagnostic processes.

Analyzing Banking Risk

Author : Hennie van Greuning
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This book provides a comprehensive overview of topics focusing on assessment, analysis, and management of financial risks in banking. The publication emphasizes risk-management principles and stresses that key players in the corporate governance process are accountable for managing the different dimensions of financial risk. This third edition remains faithful to the objectives of the original publication. A significant new edition is the inclusion of chapters on the management of the treasury function. Advances made by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision are reflected in the chapters on capital adequacy, transparency, and banking supervision. This publication should be of interest to a wide body of users of bank financial data. The target audience includes persons responsible for the analysis of banks and for the senior management or organizations directing their efforts.

Risk Management in Banking Insurance and Financial Services

Author : R. K. Mishra
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Operational Risk Management

Author : Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB)
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A practical guide to identifying, analyzing and tackling operational risk in banks and financial institutions Created for banking and finance professionals with a desire to expand their management skill set, this book focuses on operational risk and operational risk events, as distinct from other types of functional risks. It was written by the experts at the world-renowned Hong Kong Institute of Bankers, an organization dedicated to providing the international banking community with education and training. Schools you in techniques for analyzing the operational risk exposure of banking institutions and assessing how operational risk impacts on other types of risk Provides expert guidance on how to design, plan and implement systems for operational risk management and quality control Describes a comprehensive approach to operational risk management that includes data collection, modeling and an overall risk management structure Shows you how to develop operational risk management solutions to help your company minimize losses without negatively impacting its ability to generate gains Offers expert guidance on various regulatory frameworks and how the latest Basel II and Basel III requirements impact a bank's operational risk management strategy and framework

Risk Management and Shareholders Value in Banking

Author : Andrea Sironi
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Risk Management and Shareholders' Value in Banking provides an integrated framework for risk measurement, capital management and value creation in banks covering interest rate risk; market risk; credit risk; operational risk; capital regulation; capital management; and value creation. Updated to include coverage of the most recent developments in banking regulation, including comprehensive coverage of the new Basel III regulatory framework the book is structured in six parts. Part I covers the measurement and management of the interest rate risk and liquidity risk on all assets and liabilities of a banking institution. This includes a discussion of gapping models, presented critically through numerical examples and solutions, internal transfer rates, gapping techniques, liquidity risk management. Part II presents portfolio models for market risks, including the “variance/covariance” approach, Monte Carlo / historical simulations, backtesting, alternative risk measures (e.g. expected shortfall) and volatility estimation techniques. Part III addresses credit risk measurement, first on a stand-alone basis, then at a portfolio level; it also includes chapters on scoring models, rating systems, recovery risk, counterparty risk for OTC derivatives, and practical applications of credit risk models. Part IV deals with operational risk before part V goes on to illustrate the main pieces of regulation on bank capital issued by the Basel Committee, the main focus being on Basel 2 (insofar it has not been changed by the latest regulatory wave) and Basel 3. Part VI presents the link between risk and capital in all its implications, and provides the reader with the technical models needed to allocate capital to risk-taking units, set risk-adjusted profitability targets, and optimize the amount and composition of bank capital. By bringing together the core aspects of risk management in banking - models and algorithms, regulation, process engineering and management, and strategic planning – the book provides a unique and consistent framework showing how financial risks can be understood, measured, managed and covered with capital. The book is accompanied by a website which includes a series of excel files with detailed explanations of all the numerical examples shown in the book, as well as solutions to the end of chapter exercises.