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Road Safety Performance National Peer Review Russian Federation

Author : European Conference of Ministers of Transport
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This review examines why the Russian Federation has the highest road death rate of all ECMT member countries and what can be done about it.

Road Safety Performance National Peer Review Lithuania

Author : European Conference of Ministers of Transport
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The ECMT's comprehensive peer review of road safety in Lithuania.

Environmental Performance Review

Author : Economic Commission for Europe
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This programme assesses progress made by individual countries, in this case Albania, in reconciling their economic and social development with environmental protection, as well as in meeting international commitments on environment and sustainable development. It assists countries to improve their environmental policies by making concrete recommendations for better policy design and implementation. The reviews help to integrate environmental policies into sector-specific policies such as those in agriculture, energy, transport and health.

Road Safety Audits

Author : Eugene Madison Wilson
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TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis 336: Road Safety Audits examines the state of the practice of road safety audit (RSA) and road safety audit review applications for U.S. states and Canadian provinces. This synthesis also reviews international RSA practices. RSAs were first introduced in the United Kingdom more than 20 years ago and have been applied in New Zealand and Australia since the 1990s.

Road Safety Performance Review Georgia

Author : Gela Kvashilava
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Road safety is an important sustainable development goal, yet relatively underappreciated and greatly underfunded. Every year, more than 1.2 million people are killed globally while another 50 million are injured as a consequence of road traffic accidents. Approximately 90% of all road accidents now happen in low- and middle-income countries.Recognizing the need to support member States in urgently and effectively addressing road safety challenges, three of the United Nations regional commissions initiated the project: "Strengthening the national road safety management capacities of selected developing countries and countries with economies in transition". The project aimed to assist four countries to enhance their national road safety management capacities and to effectively address and improve their national road safety records. The project was implemented in Albania, Dominican Republic, Georgia and Viet Nam. The Road Safety Performance Reviews assessed the current road safety situation, helped the Governments concerned to identify the most critical road safety issues and recommended actions to be taken. Based on the identified priority needs, capacity-building seminars and workshops for national road safety stakeholders were organized. Additionally, the project raised public awareness on road safety issues and sensitized national experts, as well as the public and non-governmental sectors to the need to set ambitious road safety targets and implement specific measures to improve road safety.

Road Safety Annual Report 2016

Author : Collectif
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The IRTAD Road Safety Annual Report 2016 provides an overview for road safety performance for 2014 in 40 countries, with preliminary data for 2015, and detailed reports for each country. It includes tables with cross country comparisons on key safety indicators. The report outlines the most recent safety data in IRTAD countries, including detailed analysis by road user, age group and type of road. It describes the crash data collection process in IRTAD countries, the road safety strategies and targets in place and information on recent trends in speeding, drink-driving and other aspects of road user behaviour. Contents Chapter 1. Road safety performance in 2014 and 2015 Chapter 2. Argentina Chapter 3. Australia Chapter 4. Austria Chapter 5. Belgium Chapter 6. Cambodia Chapter 7. Canada Chapter 8. Chile Chapter 9. Czech Republic Chapter 10. Denmark Chapter 11. Finland Chapter 12. France Chapter 13. Germany Chapter 14. Greece Chapter 15. Hungary Chapter 16. Iceland Chapter 17. Ireland Chapter 18. Israel Chapter 19. Italy Chapter 20. Jamaica Chapter 21. Japan Chapter 22. Korea Chapter 23. Lithuania Chapter 24. Luxembourg Chapter 25. Malaysia Chapter 26. Morocco Chapter 27. Mexico Chapter 28. Netherlands Chapter 29. New Zealand Chapter 30. Nigeria Chapter 31. Norway Chapter 32. Poland Chapter 33. Portugal Chapter 34. Serbia Chapter 35. Slovenia Chapter 36. South Africa Chapter 37. Spain Chapter 38. Sweden Chapter 39. Switzerland Chapter 40. United Kingdom Chapter 41. United States

Road Safety

Author : Milenko Čabarkapa
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This book is dedicated to all road users, highlighting their responsibility to do everything to protect their own safety and that of others. It is also dedicated to all road designers to do everything in their power to adapt the system to the opportunities and constraints of road users. At this moment in time, this book is needed to affirm the role and importance of the coordination and sharing of responsibilities at all levels of road traffic safety management, from global, regional, national, to local levels. Its key finding is that vertical coordination should be two-way: from global to local and from local to global, in both reflection and action. The book shows that, at the researched levels of organization the EU, Great Britain and Montenegro, it is possible achieve the goal of zero deaths in road traffic accidents by 2050.

Rapport Annuel S curit Routi re

Author : Canada. Road Safety
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Recommended Procedures for the Safety Performance Evaluation of Highway Appurtenances

Author : Jarvis Dale Michie
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World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention

Author : Organisation mondiale de la santé
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Every day, thousands of people are killed and injured on roads around the world, with the costs of this growing, but largely preventable, public health concern disproportionately affecting vulnerable social groups and developing countries. In order to address these issues, the World Health Organization and the World Bank have produced this joint report on road traffic injury prevention, based on the collaborative contributions of experts and institutions, from all continents and different sectors, including transport, engineering, health, police, education and civil society. It presents a comprehensive overview of the magnitude, risk factors and impact of road traffic injuries, and about ways to prevent and lessen the impact of road crashes.