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Rousseau Nietzsche and the Image of the Human

Author : Paul Franco
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"In Rousseau, Nietzsche, and the Image of the Human Paul Franco explores the relationship between Nietzsche and Rousseau and their critique of modern life. Franco begins by arguing that "among philosophers, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Friedrich Nietzsche are perhaps the two most influential explorers and shapers of the moral and cultural imagination of late modernity." And yet Nietzsche was often highly critical of Rousseau. Indeed, their critiques of modern life differ in important respects. Rousseau focused on the growing political and economic inequality in modern society and proposed a more egalitarian politics. Nietzsche decried the inability of society to take account of the exceptional individual and found Rousseau's political ideas wrong-headed. It is Franco's objective to explore their critiques of the modern life they observed--in the mid 18th century of the French Enlightenment and the late 19th century of industrializing and increasingly secular and scientific Europe--and show how they differed and how the earlier thinker formed the basis of much of the later thinkers' ideas"--

Rousseau Nietzsche and the Image of the Human

Author : Paul Franco
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Rousseau and Nietzsche presented two of the most influential critiques of modern life and much can still be learned from their respective analyses of problems we still face. In Rousseau, Nietzsche, and the Image of the Human, Paul Franco examines the relationship between Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Friedrich Nietzsche, arguably the two most influential shapers and explorers of the moral and cultural imagination of late modernity. Both thinkers leveled radical critiques of modern life, but those critiques differed in important respects. Whereas Rousseau focused on the growing inequality of modern society and the hypocrisy, self-division, and loss of civic virtue it spawned, Nietzsche decried the democratic equality he identified with Rousseau and the loss of individual and cultural greatness it entailed. Franco argues, however, that Rousseau and Nietzsche are more than mere critics; they both put forward powerful alternative visions of how we ought to live. Franco focuses specifically on their views of the self and its realization, their understandings of women and the relation between the sexes, and their speculative conceptions of politics. While there are many similarities in their positive visions, Franco argues that it is the differences between them from which we have most to learn.

Nietzsche s Culture War

Author : Shilo Brooks
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This book is the first comprehensive interpretation of Nietzsche’s Untimely Meditations. It argues that the four Meditations—which Nietzsche said “deserve the greatest attention for my development”—are not separate pieces, but instead form a unified philosophic narrative that constitutes his first attempt to diagnose and cure the spiritual ailments whose causes he traced to modern culture and science. Taking Nietzsche’s commentary on the four essays in his autobiographical work Ecce Homo as its interpretive guide, this book also shows that the Untimely Meditations contain early expositions of concepts like the last man, the overman, the new philosopher, the creation of values, and the malleability of nature—all staples of his later philosophy.

Nietzsche s Culture of Humanity

Author : Jeffrey Church
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This book argues that Nietzsche is a meritocratic thinker, not, as many have argued, an aristocrat or a democrat.

Rousseau s Exemplary Life

Author : Christopher Kelly
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In this stimulating reading of Rousseau's Confessions, Christopher Kelly breaks down the artificial distinction traditionally made between this autobiographical work and Rousseau's overtly philosophical works. At the same time, Kelly provides us with the most complete commentary on the Confessions written in any language.

Rousseau and Nietzsche

Author : Katrin Froese
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Rousseau and Nietzsche: Toward an Aesthetic Morality offers a vivid depiction of the problems and potential of modernity through the words of two of its most poignant voices. The book focuses upon the modern self's desire to individuate while facing the ethical responsibility to integrate into the world. Katrin Froese elegantly juxtaposes Nietzsche's drive for extraordinary individualism with Rousseau's call for the dependable citizen, demonstrating that where Nietzsche's aestheticism embraces the limitless and irreconcilable longings of a divided being, Rousseau's approach emphasizes the imposition of limits to ensure that harmony and contentment prevail. Going beyond conventional scholarship, the work emphasizes the similarities at the heart of Rousseau's notion of morality and Nietzsche's aestheticism: the moral vision that underlies Nietzsche's notion of art and the aesthetic understanding prevalent in Rousseau's moral system. This stunning new work of political philosophy will be of great use to scholars of political thought and readers seeking to understand what made Rousseau and Nietzsche's thought so decidedly modern.

Nietzsche Contra Rousseau

Author : Keith Ansell-Pearson
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This book takes a serious look at Nietzsche as political thinker and relates his political ideas to the dominant traditions of modern political thought. It also demonstrates Rousseau's crucial role in Nietzsche's understanding of modernity.

Making Sense of Nietzsche

Author : Richard Schacht
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In these essays by an acclaimed Nietzsche scholar, Nietzsche emerges as no mere polemicist and iconoclast but rather as a ''genuine philosopher''--one of those rare thinkers whose thought opens the way to new understanding of things of great importance, particularly with respect to human life and its enhancement.''Clearly explains some of the ......

The Moral Menagerie

Author : Marc R. Fellenz
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The Moral Menagerie offers a broad philosophical analysis of the recent debate over animal rights. Marc Fellenz locates the debate in its historical and social contexts, traces its roots in the history of Western philosophy, and analyzes the most important arguments that have been offered on both sides. Fellenz argues that the debate has been philosophically valuable for focusing attention on fundamental problems in ethics and other areas of philosophy, and for raising issues of concern to both Anglo-American and continental thinkers. More provocatively, he also argues that the form the debate often takes--attempting to extend our traditional human-centered moral categories to cover other animals--is ultimately inadequate. Making use of the critical perspectives found in environmentalism, feminism and post-modernism, he concludes that taking animals seriously requires a more radical reassessment our moral framework than the concept of ‘animal rights’ implies.

The Parent as Citizen

Author : Brian Duff
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How ideas about parenthood undermine politics.